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The government of Uttarakhand has released a new advertising sticker that is doing the rounds of social networking sites like face book and whats app apart from advertisements in the media released by Uttarakhand’s directorate of information and publicty under the title ” Saal Vishwas ka, Sankalp Vikas ka” and Uttarakhand simply heaven.

The advertisement with the colourful picture of Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat and historic Kedarnath Temple mailing highlights four major points enticing tourists frim various parts of India and abroad assuring them of the various high budgeted tourism develooment in the hilly regions of Uttarakhand.

The first point of the advertisement highlights about the governments initiative to encourage Home stay planning / scheme so as to enable development and inducements/ incentives to new torism destination in Uttarakhand. It also tries to impress upon the people of the sate and tourists about the up side down hi tech reconstruction and innovation of the entire Kedarnath vicinity with latest facilities, conveniences and modern outlook.

The cost involved in this whole exercise has been mention as Rs. 100 crores. The work seems to be in full swing and the prime minisyer of India Narendra Modi has few months ago assured the nation about the developmental KAYA KALP of the Kedarnath shrine vicinity called Kedar puri when he visited there to have Lord Shiva’s Darshan on the closing of the temple doors. The advertisement also mentions about the spending expenditire of Rs 40 crores in the entire facekift of Badrinath Dham for the convenience of the tourists and the pilgrims.

The fourth point mentions about the already started work on the ropeway at the famous religious Temples, Surkanda Devi and Poorna Giri while also assures about the proposed work to be started in the near future to connect the entire religious destinations with the hi tech ropeway facilities.

However, it still remains to be seen whether these advertised schemes would really be implemented on the ground level transparently to the satisfaction of the tourists and the state’s populace who had been waiting for years for these schemes to be completed. Let’s hope for the best.


The surprising and shocking results of the Gorakhpur and Phulpur parliament byelections have shaken the ruling BJP in the state as well as at the centre right from inside. It’s indeed a huge setback for the ruling BJP. This victory for the Bahujan Samajwadi Party backed SP candidates in both these seats considered to be the traditional strongholds of the saffron party earlier held for almost three decades by the UP CM Yogi Adityanath and the former state president and the present Deputy CM Maurya is an unambiguous indication that the saffron party’s popularity and the charisma of PM Modi and UP CM Yogi is on the downward slide with majority of the electorates, particularly those hailing from the minority sections, backward and down trodden classes, especially dalits are no more under the influence of saffronisation nor believing in their rhetorics of so called development and ache din repeatedly and forcefully being fed into their ears.

What seems to be the major worrisome factor for the BJP high Command after these two defeats is the fact that both these parliamentary constituencies were Saffron’s strongholds for several years and Yogi Adiyanath as well as Maurya are the incumbent CM and deputy CM of the largest state, which won 73 parliamentary seats and 325 assemblies in UP respectively during the previous national and state elections.

At the time when prime minister Narendra Modi’s charisma is at the peak compounded with Amit Shah’s outstanding organisational election winning skills, having incessantly won 21 states since 2014 putting Congress, BSP and SP including the left to immense quandry and of no where, these shameful defeats have made one thing absolutely crystal clear that all is not well for the ruling BJP lead NDA and in particular prime minister Modi.

While on the one hand the extremely popular saffron clad seer turned chief minister Yogi Adityanath is becoming more and more popular and people friendly by his, “eradicate criminalism and criminals,” from the crime infested state of UP, including making the government extremely people friendly by announcing several developmental projects and eradicating corruption, on the other hand his party’s two candidates’ loose badly against their immediate political rivals hailing from a party which was just a year ago uprooted from power in the state at the hustings.

Such downsliding trends definitely send a very wrong signal across the country for a party which is ruling at the centre as well as in 21 states of the country. In Bihar as well, out of the two results one of Jehanabad and Babua seat and the party(BJP) could make only in one seat whereas the RJD of Lalu Prasad Yadav retained its Jehanabad seat with a good margin THUS GIVING A STRAIGHT JOLT TO BJP- JDU ALLAINCE.

What makes the situation even more worse is the fact that the percentage of voting in both the parliamentary constituencies was below 40 to 45% and still the BJP lost whereas in usual cases lower percentage polling in considered to be favourable to the ruling party. This ambiguously speaks of the fact that majority of the Hindu voters have not come out for polls, clearly indicating that they were unhappy and disillusioned with the performance of the ruling party at the centre as well as the state.

However, the results also speak of the dooms day ahead for the Congress party, whose both the candidates in the Gorakhpur and Phulpur constituency even lost their security deposits similar to their zero performance in the recently concluded Tripura and Nagaland elections.

Conclusively, we can say that the results of these two byelections have made one thing absolutely unambiguous and transparent that unity of the non BJP opposition with SP and BSP as main and essential partners can put a strong and sizeable dent to the image, popularity and charisma of Narendra Modi at the national level as the minorities, dalits, backwards and the people of the backward strata of the society seem to have been totally disillusioned with them due to increasing unemployment, deteriorating agrarian sector, appaling condition of farmers and agricultural sector, sky rocketting prise rise of essential commodities, widening of gab between the haves and have nots and degenerating living standards of the rural and suburban populace of the country.

In short its the real time for full soul searching for both the BJP led NDA as well as the entire non BJP opposition of the country. What do you say friends?



The education system and the schools in Uttarakhand are passing through an extremely pitiable phase with tentatively over 2000 schools either closed or near closure due to the increasingly decreasing students’ addmissions in the rural areas, dilapidated conditions of school buildings, lack of teachers or the diminishing teaching standards.

However, the government says that the its happening because there is tremendous dearth of students where as the number of teachers is more in several primary and middle schools. Whatever, but one thing is absolutely clear that the successive state governments have literally failed in upgrading the standard of primary, middle, secondary and intermediate schools and colleges in entire Uttarakhand resulting in schools in dilapidated conditions with shattered roofs, leaking walls, students sitting on mats, non availability of quality mid day meals, absense of desks, furnitures, science labs, lavatories, computers, uniforms, staff and even teachers of English and science in particular.

In all there are approximately 17000 schools in entire Uttarakhand with 2300 primary schools financed by the government of the state. Out of these, about 2000 schools have already been closed due to shortage of students as per the logic of the state government. Though there had been tremendous tall claims by the state education minister and the secreyary education of improving the quality of education and providing the latest infrastructure to improvise the education system but if one visits in the majority of the schools situated in the interior villages the situation is tragically appalling.

After the influx and exodus of over 30 lakh people from villages to the cities, towns and metroplises of the state andthe country due to the absence of decentralised development and lack of basic health, jobs and educational facilities the conditions of the educatiin system and government schools have become bad to worse thus opening doors for more and more english medium high profile private schools and institututions in the hills who are minting handsome profits in collusion with the state authorities.

It may be recalled that even the High Court of the State has in 2016 while expressing serious concern over the appaling condition of the primary, middle and Secondary schools of the state has issued clear directions to the state government to improve the deteriorating standards of schools in Ittarakhand by providing mid day meals of high quality, renovating all the dilapidated buildings, arranging computers, adequate science labs, providing free winter and summer dresses, arranging adequate number of toilets in schools, especially for girl students, providing desks and furnitures and sports facilities to the students but of no avail.

Not only this but the Uttarakhand Child Rights Commission too has in 2018 written to the chief secretary about the sorry state of affairs in government schools of the Uttarakhand hills after conducting in depth surveys and have given them seventeen points about the various inadequacies with which the students are suffering. But despite all this nothing fruitful seems to have been done except hollow promises and mere cover ups despite the governments tall claims of allocating maximum budget to the education sector of the state.

The point is had there been quality education in the schools of Uttarakhand and availability of the minimum basic facilities why would 2000 schools witness the tragic end of closure. It’s really shocking that on four important sectors of rural health, education, employment and agricultural development the successive governments of Congress and BJP has literally failed thus encouraging uncontrollable exodus of peoole from the villages to plains.

This unambiguously speaks of the fact that while Uttarakhand lacks leaders and planners with accurate developmental vision there seems to be an urgentand mandatory need for shifting the state capital from Dehradun to Gairsain to enable a clear cut decentralised village oriented development, the actual concept for which separate Uttarakhand state came into existence 18 years ago. The main reason behind the lack of an overall development and the environmental friendly scientific innovation in the interior hills is due to the non participation of our lawmakers, planners, engineers and bureaucracy etc in the core hill development issues like health, education, agriculture, improving water augmentation, sewer system, horticulture and the small and cottege industries etc.

And thisis because no one wants to climb the hills or becomeparticipatory in the developmental process by living in the interiors with their families. They have become prone to comfirts and luxuries of the capital Dehradun. The declaration and contruction of the new capital right between the hills equidistance from Kumaon and Garhwal districts will inculcate in them an urge and necessity for the decentralised development and as such Gairsain is the need of the hour. It will also lead with reverse migration on a massive scale opening a new chapter of a vibrant and resurgent Uttarakhand. What’s your take friends?


The recent visit of the Canadian Prime minister Tradeau and his family to India on gracious invitation, of course had been marred by several controversies. Though, the Trudeaus’ have been given an impression of having been given full veneration and protocol wise respect during their seven days visit in the country but the newspapers and electronic channels were full of news of the Canadian PM and his family having been snubbed occassionally.

The relations between Canada and India are undoubtedly smooth except for the fact that there had definitely been few silent differences on the formers support to the Khalistan extremists and there sponserors living and active in Canada. The sikhs in Canada form a sizeable number of voters who play a vital role in Canada’s politics. Its usually said and assumed that 50% of the population there comprises of the Indian Sikhs who play a mojor role in deciding the fate of the polity of Canada. It’s therefore believed that the Canadian government is soft towards even the hardcore Khalistani Sikhs who are considered to be India’s enemy. But the question is would the problem be resolved if the Canadian PM and is family is snubbed and the Canadians given an impression that their PM and his family has not been accorded that protocol wise treatment as other prime ministers of foreign land were accorded in India.

In an article in HT on February 25 the veteran journalist and eminent coloumnist Karan Thaper writes that when the Canadian PM arrived at the Palam Airport it hardly matters that the Indian Prime minister wasn’t there to receive him but even a full fledged union cabinet minister was not made available to receive the PM Tradeau and his family and a junior state level, quite an unknown minister of state was send sending a wrong message globally. The usual enthusiastic tweets to welcome foreign Prime ministers and presidents were missing this time. What made things even more worse and sent wrong messages across is the fact that when Trudeau and his family visited Agra and Gujarat the chief ministers of both the states din’t had time to meet him whereas in the case of the Israel prime minister Benjamin Yetanyahu’s visit both the chief ministers were there with full team of powerful ministers and bureaucrats. If we go back and peep into the past, prime minister Modi himself gave full time to the Japanese and Chinese head of the states in Gujarat and ensured that there is not the minutest of the lapse in there hospitality.

Moreover, the union minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj too was conspicuous by her absense during the visit of the Trudeaus who also could not take out the time to welcome the Canadian PM at the Palam international airport. The point is why was such a lapse ? Was it a deliberate attempt or just a casual mistake. The moot point is even if the Canadian PM and his family, who despite all these protocol failures were happy to enjoy their visits to New Delhi, Gujarat, Agra and Mumbai, was it really in the fitness of the things to give the newspaper and electronic channels of the country an opportunity to raise and point the lapses, thus making mockery of our hospitability and protocol lapses. Is it not true that Canada is housing millions of Indians and giving them jobs, comfortably with full social and economic security than the Americans, who day in and day out threaten NRIs and Indians working there with job loss threatenings and strict regulations of HI B Visa policy going against the Indians and India companies functioning there since long.

The point in question is the recent pronouncements of the US president Donald Trump threatening to squeez the US policy on HIB Visas asking Indian Companies to limit their job contracts etc. Moreover, if Canada is not suiting or serving out diplomatic foreign policy interests there are several other ways to directly bringing our teserbations into their knowledge and lodge protests at diplomptic level than given newspapers and TV channels an opportunity to raise a hue and cry. What’s your take friends?


The union minister of heavy industry and public enterprises and renowned bollywood singer Babul Supriyo has while responding to a question of a senior film journalist expressed his strong desire rather demanded that the Pakistani movie actors and singers like Fawad Khan and Fateh Ali Khan etc should be forthwith banned to perform in India movies and repatriated to Pakistan immediately as now enough is enough since Pakistan is not relenting and incessantly attacking India via Kashmir and killing our soldiers and civilians in Kashmir.

Bollywood singer turned politician and now minister Babul Supriyo said banning of the Pakistan actors and singers in India will send a strong message through out the country and the world that India is now extremely serious on the issue of Pak sponsored terrorism and will no more tolerate any Pakistani in the country. He said when Indian Cricket Association can ban Pakistan’s entry in the IPL why can’t Bollywood be devoid of the Pakistani actors and singers who handsomely earn here but support and safeguard the interests of Pakistan when they go back. Babul Supriyo asked how far is it correct or fair that on the one hand in Kashmir our brave, patriotic and brave soldiers are being martyred and their wives becoming widow and in India we are happily listening or enjoying their songs.

While debating in News 18 India channel tonight with other panelists of Congress, CPI, RSS, civil right activist and senior journalist viz Rashid Alvi, John Dayal and Vinod Sharma of HT etc Babul Supriyo said that he fails to understand as to why my demand for banning the Pak actors and singers in India is being given so much of political colour when our contrymen are unambiguously witnessing continuous killing of our brave soldiers by the Pak sponsored hard core terrorists who are hell bent upon disintegrating India and creating havoc in the peaceful atmosphere of the country.

He said: I am an Indian first than a minister and being the duty bound and a patriotic citizen would outrightly oppose Pakistan and the Pakistani actors and singers in India as for me and our 125 crore Indians the interest, integrity and unity of the nation is first and firemost. Banning Pakistani actors in India will not only enhance the morale of our brave armymen but will also send across a strong anti Pak message nationally as well as globally. Controvertial BJP leader Dr. Subramaniam Swamy also supported Babul’s statement but asked being a minister why is he issuing statement? He should have write to the PM and resign if the demand is not met.


Uttarakhand is in the news again these days for four major reasons. One, the movement for the new capital of the state, Gairsain which gained tremendous momentum due to widespread protest demonstrations and hunger strike protests in various parts of Uttarakhand acknowledging extensive media coverage. Second, the visit of the nationally acclaimed crusader against corruption Anna Hazare. Third, the most sensitive issue of Pancheshwar Dam likely to be built over the Saryu and Mahakali rivers in Champavat district posing grave danger to more then 30 thousands families of the three districts of Uttatakhand including 130 villages. Fourth, the issue of collection of Funds of Rs 25 crores on the directives of the national BJP chief Amit Shah creating ripples and controversy in the political corridors of Dehradun and fifth, the rumours regarding the possible change of state chief minister.

To be very frank though this himalayan state does not hold much political significance in the central politics, particularly in the making or dethroning of the union government as it gives only five Lok Sabha MP’s to the parliament but it has always been at the centre of controversy in terms of corruption, change of 8 chief ministers in just 18 years and several other reasons whereas a small state like Himachal had been governed by merely 5/ 6 CMs since attaining statehood during the protracted tenure of 57 years.

What a difference of political character between both the Himalayan states. Well, the issue of Gairsain is still hot and the government of the day has relented to some extent by agreeing to hold the budget session in Gairsain in order to appease and asuage the feelings of the movement activists. Anna has also made his mark by holding few well attended rallies in Garhwal, Srinagar and mobilising people in favor of the new capital.

Pancheshwar issue being the central subject is being taken care by the union government with the state BJP government trying to work on the better compensation formula to appease the affected families and village population. The issue of 25 crore fund raising has also not gained much momentum despite little coverage in print and electronic media.

But it seems that the most controvertial and sensitive matter of the possible change in state leadership is spreading like a wild fire though there is no definite or authentic feedback on this pivotal issue except rumor mongering and speculations by the political analysts.

Even social networking site like facebook and several newspapers and electronic channels are carrying stories about the possible change in leadership with Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank as a prospective alternative. While as of now, I personally deny this speculation as merely a cooked up story but am also of the opinion that nothing is impossible in politics.

The present CM incumbent Triverndra Singh Rawat is considered to be the first hand most reliable and trusted man of national party chief Amit Shah and a trusted RSSite. Apart from this, he is trying his best to do whatever he can in a phased manner for the development of the state say his ardent followers. He’d satisfied the high command by collecting the requisite fund for the party to the tune of 25 crores in record time and had also been visiting Delhi very often to keep the central leadership happy and in good humour. Then what’s the problem.

The problem actually is that there are many over ambitious leaders in UK BJP who are still not able to tolerate the upgradation of their junior on the top slot of the state. These detractors are Satpal Maharaj, Harak Singh Rawat, Vijay Bahuguna, Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank and even Bhagat Singh Koshiyari including Major General Khanduri.

It is being said that since Satpal Maharaj, Harak Singh Rawat and Vijay Bahuguna are old Congressmen and do not fit in the trusted catagory of being CM the choice is non other then former CM and Haridwar MP Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank. As far as Koshiyari and Khanduri are concerned they have already crossed 75 years of age and are considered to be misfit for being the state’s CM.

Moreover, if the news making the rounds of the political corridors in Delhi and Dehradun are to be believed the recent meeting called by Dr Nishank at his Dehradun house had good number of BJP MLAs present who pledged to support him in the event of the prospective change in leadership in the state.

Meanwhile, one of the strong and powerful MLA earlier in Congress, a protege of former cm Vijay bahuguna from Mangalore and now in BJP has already met Amit Shah in Delhi and presented him a memorandum demanding immediate change in the state leadership possibly favoring Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank.

Though nothing concrete can be predicted as of now but one thing is for sure that a spark of change has started spreading giving a clear signal that some development of a new kind may perhaps take shape in the coming future in the himalayan state of Uttarakhand.



There are primarily two main issues that are prominently being highlighted in various parts of Uttarakhand and even in Delhi, the national capital and the pivotal issues are: one connected to Gairsain to be declared as the permanent capital of the 17 and a half year old state and another relaing to the contruction of a 315 meter high altitude dam over the Mahakali and Saryu rivers of Nepal and Uttarakhand likely to fully submerge about 64 villages of three districts of Uttarakhand and displace about thirty thousand families.

In order to provide fillip to the ongoing movements in Uttarakhand on these pivotal twin issues and mobilise the right thinking progressive people outrighty standing for Hairsain and against 480 billion worth of Pancheshwar dam, the intellectuals and social activists of Delhi and NCR collectively gathered at Press Club of India yesterday irrespective of the party, political and ideological affiliations and discussed at length the afore mentioned burning issues finally reaching to the conclusion that they will in the form of a unified conglomeration hold a protest demonstration from the Raisina Road, Press Club of India premises and present a memorandum to the prime minister of India on the burning issue of Gairsain to be made the capital of Ittarakhand undisputably and without any further delay. In a seminar cum meeting held at Press Club of India on 3rd of February the eminent literateur, poet and writer Manglesh Dabral hailed the ongoing movement for Gairsain capital and appealed to the progressive, secular and right thinking peoole of the country and Uttarakhand in particular to stand united and relentlessly struggle to reach to the final conclusion of the Gairsain demand as Gairsain according to him is not just an emotional and passionate demand but also significant from the point of view of its correct technical feasibility by being equidistance from both the Garhwal and Kumaon regions but also the birth place of the outstanding revolutionery of the country late Chandra Singh Garhwali.

Expressing his serious concern over the sorry state of affairs in the 18 year old Uttarakhand state Manglesh Dabral said that its most unfortunate that all the chief ministers of Uttarakhand right from Nityanand Swamy till date are functioning under the influence and directions of the bureaucracy which is utmostly against the demand of Gairsain to be ade the capital of Uttarakhand as their unholy nexus with land, illegal mining, builders and big dam mafias is very much protected and flourishing in Dehradun and they would never want to go inside the hills of Gairsain which is the symbol and embodiment of the decentralised over all development of the state. Speaking on the incessant plight of the inhabitants of Uttarakhand from interior villages to the plains Manglesh Dabral said today hundreds of villages have become empty and the spate of influx to the city is myriad which needs to be stopped at all costs and declaration of Gairsain as the permanent capital of Uttarakhand is the sole and only necessity of the present time.

He equated the the Mahakali and Saryu rivers as the pious Ganges and said that its highly deplorable that the present government is building a massive dam on it thus displacing thousands of the local inhabitants and spoiling the environment by binding the rivers and deforesting the heavy jungles considered to be our lungs and oxygen givers. Manglesh Dabral asked the agitationists to beaware of the anarchist and communal elements and said that the reactionery, divisive and communal forces including anti dalits should be kept away from such movements. He expressed his unhappiness and displeasure that intellectials, historians and movement activists like Dr. Shekhar Pathak and Dr. Shamsher Singh Bisht are not contributing to these pivotal movements of the hills.

The meeting was convened by All India Uttarakhand Mahasabha and presided by its national president Vinod Nautiyal whereas nicely conducted by the president of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum Sunil Negi. Prominent amongst those who spoke on the occasion were literateur and writer Dr. Hari Suman Bisht, Puran Dangwal, Colonel Dimri, sr journalists Gyanendra Pandey, Umakant Lakhera, Charu Tiwari, Avtar Negi, Suresh Nautiyal, Vyomesh Jugran, Sunil Negi, Vinod Nautiyal Kusum Kandwal Bhatt, Hansa Amola, Anita Nautiyal, Sushma Jugran, journalist, Subhash Traan, Dr. Surya Prakash Semwal, Pratap Shahi, Udai Mamgain Rathi, Chandan Gusain, Bhagat Singh Negi, Shiv Prasad Gaur, Umesh Pant and others.


I was just going through the highly thought provoking detailed article of Sanjay Bhartiya in facebook and was greatly impressed and influenced by his writing on the lifestyle and the simplistic way of living of the chief minister of Tripura Manik Sarkar and his wife who just retired as secretary of the social welfare board. Manik Sarkar who is the chief minister of Tripura since 1998 draws a meagre salary of merely Rs 9200 every month which is deposited in the CPM party fund and the party allocates him Rs. 500 for the entire month.

He washes his own clothes and so his former Secretary wife. Manik Sarkar has now crossed 65 and after tremendous reluctance as the age does not permit him to wash his own clothes his wife has bought a washing machine out of her own pension. The total expenses of the chief ministers house that includes washing of clothes to curtains etc are borne by his wife from her pension. Manik Rao and his wife travel by rickshaw and lead the life of a commoner with the bank balance of just 10 to 15 thousand Rupees at the most.

The total assest declared by this left CM of Tripura since 1998 is merely 2.5 lakh that includes a dilapidated tin shed accomodation of his late mother. Both the husband and wife have no house, no personal or government vehicle, no air conditioner, no cooler and nothing luxurious which may give an impression of a comfort living. While the chief minister is engaged for most of the hours with piles of files on his table, his wife works and stays with Asha workers for the upliftment of the poor and the economically deprived women and children.

Just imagine on the one hand you have chief ministers like Manik Sarkar believing and practising the notion of KHALI HAATH AAYE THE, KHAALI HAATH JAYENGE and working tirelessly for the overall welfare, well being and development of a backward state like Tripura and its inhabitants including tribals for the last 19 years winning every election with majority hands down and gaining peoples’ faith and confidence incessantly, on the other hand you have politicians and Yogis amassing myriad wealth and properties worth thousand and thousand of crores wearing saffron robes and appearing on television channels given hollow sermons to countrymen.

Just imagine on the one hand you have a CM with just 10 thousand Rupees as bank balance despite at the helm of the state for the last 20 years while on the other hand you have politicians and Yogi’s in saffron robes minting the assest worth more than a lakh crore in just 4 years of a little time. What a tragedy of an open democracy?
Manik Rao’s example is indeed the rarest of the rare one not only in India but globally as well.


The prime minister of India Narendra Modi has termed the union budget of 2017-18 as people friendly, farmer friendly, business and investment friendly, youth friendly and poor friendly and has emphasised that the Health assurance policy AYUSH would directly benefit about fifty crore people of the country from the middle class to those living at the lowest ebb of the society.

Hailing this newly introduced health assurance scheme of his government and terming it as first initiative in the whole world benefitting 500 million people, prime minister Modi said that any person suffering from illness particularly the critical illness would be able to receive free treatment/ surgery etc worth five lakh rupees free of cost, every year.

He further said that under the Ujjwala scheme lakhs of poor and economically deprived people, particularly those living under poverty line would get free gas connections and lakhs of houses in the rural areas would be provided free electricity. He said the government would not charge a single paisa tax in Rs one lakh treatment amount of a patient and also on the premium of Rs fifty thousand.

The new Shramik” labourer would get the EPF contribution to the tune of 12% from the government’s side. About 24 new medical colleges cum hospitals would be constructed in various parts of the country to provide free treatment to the poor. However, no mention has been made on employment front and non relief to the salaried government and private sector employees on annual tax exemption. The government will provide 8% annual interest on the deposit of Rs 15 lakhs.

The former finance minister of India P Chidamram however termed the budget at mere JUMLA and said that peoples’ expectations have been fully belied on all counts especially on job generation front, health sector, slashing of funds on majority of important schemes for the welfare of the poor, tax front and farm sector.
About 700 districts of the country are being fully developed with infrastructural development and road connectivity as per the provisions made in the budget added the prime minister.



A cross section of the people of the country and Uttarakhand in particular are badly annoyed and disenchanted over the arbitrary registration of murder charges against the major and another trooper of 10 Garhwal Rifles over the firing on the stone pelter crowd in self defence in Shopia, Kashmir by the Mehbooba Mufti led government of Jammu and Kashmir in a first ever attempt by any state police in the history of Indian Army who are tirelessly safe guarding our sensitive borders round the clock and countering the Pak sponsered terrorists hell bent upon vitiating the peaceful atmosphere of the border state and killing our Armymen, the local police and the innocents incessantly.

It’s a well known fact that several hundreds of our army Jawans, para military personels and innocent Kashmiris have fallen to the bullets of these Pak sponsored terrorists during the last several years while bravely and courageously fighting these anti national elements hell bent upon vitiating the traquil and peaceful communal fabric of J&K and the country. However, our valiant Armymen have killed hundreds of these terrorists in Kashmir and destroyed over 150 terror launch pads functioning in Pakistan in its most succesful terror strike.

These Pak sponsored terrorists have been instigating the stone pelters and local youths to act against India and the Army in the name of Jihad through Hawala financial networks and suppying them arms and ammunitions. The Army, Garhwal Rifles and other commands have been relentlessly fighting these terrorists, stone pelters and fidayeens to protect the local Kashmiris in an attempt to rid this strife torn state of these anti national elements.

While in the line of duty the Major and Jawans of 10 Garhwal Rifles were petrolling the strife torn Shophia area in Kashmir valley and were surrounded by a heavy mob of stone pelters and one of the stones’ hit the trooper, causing grievous injury. Seeing the situation going out of control and having been surrounded by the heavy crowd of stone pelters the Garhwal Rifle troopers were compelled to fire in air and self defence purely unintentionally leading to two casualties.

Sources say that had the jawans not fired in self defence their life would have been in total danger having been surrounded very closely by the stone pelting crowd. The Army spokesman said that it was purely the reflex action in self defence with no deliberate intention to harm anybody. But the Mufti Mohammed government and its police arbitrarily registered cases under murderous sections against two personels of 10 Garhwal Rifles, a first ever cowardice attempt against Armymen in India’s history. Though everyone has the sympathy for those killed in this action of self defence but the right thinking people of the country and those who know, how our patrotic Armymen by risking their lives every second in strife torn J&K and the tense borders are 24×7 gaurding our nation and safeguarding countrymen, are badly annoyed, disenchanted and furious over the arbitrary and politically motivated action of the PDP – BJP government led by Mehbooba Mufti.

The Bhartiya Janata Party has also expressed its serious concern and reservation on this issue and is trying to revoke the decision. There is overall resentment and annoyance all over the country and in Uttarakhand over this most uncalled for act against the Armymen of 10 Garhwal Rifles who are protecting our borders and fighting dreaded terrorists day and night risking their lives for our nation’s safety, security and unity.

The Indian Army is standing solidly with the Garhwal Rifles in this hour of crisis and has taken a stand that the firing was entirely in self defence and the situation warranted so. It may be recalled that the Indian Army stood solidly behind Major Lithul Gogoi also last year who tied one of the local Kashmiri youth, stone pelter over his Jeep’s bonnet and petrolled the area which was full of stone pelters. There was tremendous hue and cry all over India, particularly in Kashmir but the Army patted the Major and felicitated him with honours. The case of 10 Garhwal Rifles is now under the charge of the Deputy collector and its being said that an indepth impartial enquiry would be conducted in the matter expeditiously and all the cocerned parties would be heard before arriving at the final verdict.
According to eminent literateur, poet and linguist of Uttarakhand Dr. Satish Kaleshwari: It is shameful act. The Garhwal Rifles is the glory and honour of Indian Army. Discouraging Major Aditya with his ten brave soldiers is insult of the Indian Army. Jai Badri Vishal.