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If you are young, ready to explore and live in Delhi, the world is your play area. The social capital of the nation is overflowing with bars, bistros, mixed bazaars and social spots with no limit to intriguing spots you can spend your day. 24 hours can simply transform into a couple when you are at the perfect spot with the right individuals. Add to that the never ending list of fun spots in Delhi that would give the close by coffee joint a run for its money.

To be honest, not all that matters is a breeze to accomplish in India and that goes for the capital as well. It’s not a compulsion that the things will happen like the way you want them to be, some frustrations will arise while touring. However, don’t let the inconveniences get you down, keep an inspirational state of mind. No need to wear anything excessively luxurious and in case you are a female, it is recommended for you to dress very modestly and possibly even wear a head covering/ scarf.

Book Cafes:

Want to spend some time alone and have nowhere to go? Opt for the book cafes. The book cafes serve as the unique place in Delhi to chill. These cafes will allow you to experience value-for-time amidst modern as well as comfortable settings.

Where to go?

Cha Bar: Also known as the Bookworm’s heaven, Char Bar is one of the best places to seek time and space for oneself. Providing over 100 types of teas and all the Oxford books, the hub maintains a favorable environment for the readers.

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Cafe Turtle: Apart from the usual coffees and books, the Cafe Turtle facilitates its customers by offering a full-fledged menu too.

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Ivy & Bean: Having out of the ordinary interior, free wifi, and a modest menu, it is an immaculate spot for a day with your book.

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Various other best book cafes include “May Day Coffee & Bookstore” and “CMYK Bookstore”.

Amusement Parks:

Whenever thinking for fun, how can someone forget the great amusement parks?  They are surely the best places for one to enjoy either with their families or friends. These amazing parks will never miss a chance to make your day a “fun” tastic outing. Imagine spending a day on wild rides and water games, it would surely be an unforgettable experience.

Where to go?

Adventure Island: An amusement park in Rohini, ensuring a wonderful experience for you with your family and loved ones. Take pleasure in its wonderful rides like Aqua Bump Bump, Splash Down, H2o and Rain dance. Visit the ideal place for entertainment with your loved ones and quench your adventure, retail and eatery thirst all at one place

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Fun n Food Village: One of the best amusement and water parks in Delhi and NCR, the Fun n Food Village is located on the Old Delhi-Gurgaon Road. Enjoy your day with a great variety of water slides, games, and rides that are available for people of all age groups with wholesome entertainment for the whole family.

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Worlds of Wonder: Situated in Noida, Worlds of Wonder is a fascinating destination to have an unforgettably extravagant time with your family and friends and feel the monotony fade away as you enjoy the rides and slides that it offers.

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What about some delicious paranthas as a feast? Well, the idea is not bad. The menu in Delhi is never ending. Apart from the street food of Old Delhi or the funky chat stalls outside malls, it’s the time for Murthal.

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Delhi Haunted:

The haunted places in Delhi totally belong to you. These places are meant for those who loved Ghostbusters. Delhi has got some on its list enough for you to get goose bumps and your blood runs cold. Places to roam around and visit in Delhi are many. The list is endless. When it comes to tourism, Delhi has something for everyone. The capital city reflects a perfect blend of modernization and traditional architectures. With so much to choose from the city of Delhi is the perfect combination of culture, old and new to turn any day into unique and unforgettable. So what are you waiting for? Go out and explore!

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