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After the declaration of the results of the Gujarat elections which is the home turf of both prime minister Narendra Modi and BJP supremo Amit Shah and the saffron party’s strongest bastion, acheiving 99 seats i.e. sixteen seats less than the previous tally definitely speaks of fact that the ruling party at the centre as well as in 19 states of the country is on the downward sliding trend.

According to political analysts: one can conveniently come to the conclusion even a lay man can, they believe, that a party like Congress which has been constantly losing after Narendra Modi assumed the top slot of the country at the hustings has at least this time, though lost but improved its last terms tally from 61 to 77/ 78 thus enhancing its 16 MLAs and also the vote share compounded with bagging maximum seats in the rural areas sending a clear message that the people of Gujarat’s rural belt are not happy with the agrarian policies of the BJP led NDA government.

Not only this but the saffron party’s 5 ministers also lost elections to Congress candidates and also lost four seats in the religious oriented Somnath temple area where all the lawmakers belonged to BJP. What make things even more worsening for the BJP is the fact that even in the prime minister’s home seat of Vad Nagar the BJP’s sitting lawmaker lost to the Congress candidate. While there is no doubt that the BJP won for the sixth consecutive term in Gujarat after incessantly ruling for 22 protracted years but the prime minister Modi, BJP supremo and the entire state and central cabinet and leaders had to work hard on 24×7 basis to counter the Congress president’s powerful jaggernaut.

It may be recalled that the Nehru Gandhi scion had addressed 135 public meetings in Gujarat and eas involved in the hectic campaigning for over two months. This is the first time since Narendra Modi and his party gained power at the centre in 2014 that the PM and his entire party had to work so hard to counter Rahul Gandhi’s single handed political invasion including holding of seven public meetings on the last leg of campaigning. If the political analysts are to be believed, the expeditiously increasing political clout and anti BJP potential and attacking posture of the Congress president Rahul Gandhi that exhibited its positive result in the Gujarat elections bringing the BJP down by 16 seats and Congress up by the same number of law makers, the indications give an unabiguous impression that all is not good for the BJP in the incoming future.

The dynamic and befitting performance of Rahul Gandhi in the Gujarat elections single handedly makes one thing absolutely clear that he is emerging as a strong force to reckon with in the near future and if the Nehru Gandhi scion really reorganises and resurrects the entire party from the block to district to state to national level and makes sincere efforts to unite the entire anti BJP opposition things can definitely materialise favorably in 2019. Political analysts further add that the undesirable statements from the suspended leader of the Congress party calling the prime minister” Neech” and issuance of the statement by the senior leader and advocate Kapil Sibbal asking the apex court judge to defer the matter of construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya till 2019 election have cause much harm to the party and Rahul’s untiring efforts. Had these two incidents been avoided the party would hane performed more better and perhaps immensely favourable.

On the other hand after being belied by Rahul Gandhi’s influence that led to Congress increasing its previous tally from 61 to 78, and subsequently decreasing the tally of BJP to mere 99 from the previous 115, the disturbed Amit Shah is putting the entire blame on the former for stooping at the lowest ebb like propagating castism and other manipulations to bag votes while answering the queries of media. In fact earlier over confident Amit Shah claiming to bring 150 seats now have no option but to give such unconvincing reasoning. What’s your take, friends?



After the lynching of the left oriented progressive and outspoken journalists like Gauri Lankesh of Bengaluru and Shantanu Bhowmik of Tripura in a short duration of a month including brutal killings of KJ Singh, news editor of Indian Express, his old mother and a journalist of a Hindi daily in Bihar, the country has witnessed a widespread national outrage amongst the right thinking, intellectual and the media fraternity of the country against the right wing and fanatically fundamentalist ideology thus directly or indirectly pointing fingers at the political parties and ideologues believing in politics of religious faith and majoritarianism.

In this war of opposition to right wing ideology the entire United Progressive Alliance led by Congress have given fuel to fire to the protests of the media fraternity, intellectuals of left leanings and the Communist parties, particularly the CPM. The direct head on collision between the Communist Party of Marxists in Kerala and the Bhartiya Janata Party has already started after the latter’s untiring efforts to make solid and concrete inroads in the traditional political bastion of the CPM in this southern state and West Bengal where the Communists (the CPM) had incessantly and unreluctantly ruled for 34 protracted years.

After seeking absolute historic majority at the Centre by prime minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah taking over the cudgels of BJP nationallyinto his own hands as itsnational chief, the party high command has devised a special strategy to take on the CPM strongly exposing it nationally for the 12 murders of the BJP and the RSS leaders and workers in Kerala allegedlyat the behest of CPM. The way a massive national outrage erupted after the lynchings of few people of the minority community in the name of cow vigilantism right from Akhlaq in UP to Chotu Pehalwan in Rajasthan to young Junaid in Haryana followed by the despicable killings of Gauri Lankesh and three others against the ruling dispensation of the BJP at the centre allegedly accusing the right wing environment of poisioning the otherwise secular fabric of the country and the increasingly deteriorating law and order situation compounding with attempts to stifle the freedom of speech and expression, it’s quite obvious for the ruling political dispensation to react strongly and credibly.

The Bhartiya Janata Party chief who’ve proved himself to be invincible after the party’s resounding victory in several states of the country including Uttar Pradesh, compelling the powerful SP and BSP parties and their supremoes ‘ Mulayam Singh Yadav, his son Akhilesh and Mayavati, all former chief ministers to bite the political dust, is now ferociously after and against the increasing onslaught of the left wing ideologues, the CPM, CONGRESS and the entire NDA against it, on the anti UPA, particularly the CPM campaign spree to effectively and credibly counter their anti BJP, RSS and anti right wing propaganda. While in view of the fast approaching 2019 elections, AMIT SHAH is already visiting various states of the country to re energise and activate the BJP and RSS cadre in order to strengthen the party cohesively but after the recent dramatic enhancement of an incessant anti right wing campaign of the left particularly the CPM, worried AMIT SHAH have involved the complete party’s top brass to tighten their belts and nationally counter the poisionous anti BJP, RSS campaign by exposing it on the issue of the lynching of 12 right wing leaders and volunteers in Kerala who happened to be fromthe BJ and RSS, where the Communist Party of India (MARXISTS) are on the ruling political saddle. While flagging off the HINDU RAKSHA YATRA of the BJP from Jantar Mantar on 8th October, BJP supremo Amit Shah blamed the CPM government of Kerala for killing 12 BJP and RSS activists and also protecting the killers as they belonged to the former party.

He emphatically announced that the BJP will expose them nationally and demanded immediate arrest of the culprits who all happen to be the hard core CPM activists. Amit Shah’s anti CPM tirade mission is expeditiously on the move with Kerala to to be his next immediate target.









Trivendra Singh government is doing excellent in Uttarakhand and has shown positive results during the last six months assured the BJP’ s national chief Amit Shah while addressing a largely attended press conference on the concluding day of his two day vist today afternoon.
When questioned by a journalist as to how much number would he accord to the state Chief minister on his last six month’ s performance a smiling BJP chief said he’s is too weak in statistics but would assure all that Trivendra Singh Rawat and his government is performing excellently.
After praising the BJP led Narendra Modi government after the completion of three and a half year of rule Shah said that this is is for the first time in India that a party that came to power after dethroning the previous government accused of various scams to the tune of 12 lac crores could not be accused of a single blot of corruption.
He incessantly praised prime minister Modi for being outrightly succesful on many fronts such as granting employment to a whopping 7.5 crores youth in various sectors and through financial intrest freehigly subsidise loans, electrication
14 thousand villages out of total 19000, distribution of 2.5 crore highly subsidised or free gas cylinders to the poor, marginalised and economic deprived classes, opening of 28 crore Jan Dhan Bank accounts and bringing immense foreign investments in the country componded with increase in growth rate of the Indian economy.
Answering to the volley of question to the local journalists after highlighting his government’s national achievements uninterruptedly, Amit Shah said his government has increased 15 thousand crores in the 14th 5 year plan including 18000 crores additionally from other sources for Uttarakhand’ s development. Looking too confident he preferred to just give unsatisfactory answers to few unwanted queries.
On the question regarding giving up of farmers loans on the lines of Uttar Pradesh Mr. Amit Shah said that situation or policy regarding loan waiver to farmers differs from state to state giving clear indication that the Uttarakhand government has for now no plans for loan waivers of the UK farmers.
On the question of corruption charges and scams Amit Shah assured that no body will be spared however big or mighty he or she would be but charged the former govt of majority of the scams. The press conference lasted for half an hour with no questions posed to the chief minister who seemed to be in quiet a piquant situation thinking that no untoward question is posed to put his or his government’s position in quandary and he was lucky enough that all went well.


News are pouring in that while the BJP leaders, lawmakers and ministers in Uttarakhand are being asked about their respective performances during the last six months of BJP rule by party chief Amit Shah, particularly in view of rumours about the intracine squabbles in the state party unit and non cooperation of few ministers annoyed with the chief minister’ s functioning etc there’ s also lot of annoyance being expressed by the majority of journalists for not allowing them to cover the proceedings of Prabudh sammelan as well as other important deliberations of the BJP chief with the CM and the state lawmakers and posing questions to Amit Shah.
The journalists have complaint that while selective and pro party ideology protagonists were allowed to cover things, majority of the press was kept aloof and at the distance to restrain them from posing questions to the national BJP chief. The question is, never ever in a democracy the fourth important pillar of Indian constitution is disallowed the facility of posing questions to a leaders however big he or she in status is..This is against the norms of free speech and expression.
If the journalist would not report what would he write for the readers consumption in newspapers he works for. Moreover, why and for what were the state ruling party leaders frieghtened for not allowing the media to cover the proceedings and question its top leaders on political developments.
Were they afraid that the media will ask about the stoppage of a CBI inquiry into the NH 74 episode or were fearful that they may complain or pose questions on supplying of liquor at the peoples’ doorstep to bridge the fiscal deficit or were apprehensive that questions pertaining to the non performance of the state’s political and administrative CEO could be asked to Amit Shah and the CM and the party doesen’t want to put themselves in the state of quandary and disarray.
The issue of setting up of Lok Ayukta within 100 days of the governments’ formation was the main poll plank and pledge of BJP and am sure this may also be one of main reasons for avoiding media deliberately. Well its good that a party chief Amit Shah has come to revamp his party organisation and he has every right to do so but keeping curious journalists at bay, except the selective ones’ thus disallowing them to cover important political developments on the ocassion of the ruling party chief is something indigestible and uncalled for.
Uttarakhand and its people have accorded historic mandate to BJP in both the elections viz. national and assembly polls and the media of the state vernacular as well as national has played the pivotal role in exposing the scams, ill doings and the non performance of the previous Congress government as result of which the current political dispensation was able to ride saddle of power in the state. Why should therefore the fourth estate be devoid of their right to report and cover the political developments and pose questions to the top boss on various issues, on account of Amit Shah’ s political visit.