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Uttarakhand, in the eyes of BJP high command dosen’t hold any political relevance and it has been reflected by the fact that this Himalayan state has got only a single representation of the state cabinet rank whereas in the past it was represented by several ministers.

Anyways, but being a separate state it does hold significance in other contexts, at least to be counted as a state in the BJP’ s list of ruling provinces amongst other. Uttarakhand is especially contributive to BJP poltically as it not only gave all the five MPs’ into its lap in the general election last time but has also accorded a historic tally of 57 lawmakers’ out of total seventy ammounting to a historic majority, never ever witnessed during the previous years in the last 17 years after the state achieving separate statehood.

The present CM incumbent Trivendra Singh Rawat a politically not so experienced administrator, though soft and affable in nature, but BJP chief Amit Shah’s stooge was sworn in to the utter surprise and shock of everyone in the BJP. After six months of his assuming office nothing much of peoples’ expectation has been achieved resulting in tremendous factionalism and silent opposition within the party.

The crucial issues such as construction of permanent capital Gairsain, formation and appointment of State Lokayukt and crushing of land, sand, illegal liquor and mining mafia has taken a back seat whereas other unimportant and less relevant issues are being taken care of.

Though the low profile chief minister of RSS background,Trivendra Singh Rawat has publicly announced about eradicating corruption being his first and foremost priority but the way liquor is being allegedly supplied to the door steps of the people in order to generate economy to tide a pain of the whopping fiscal deficit of Rs 40 or more thousand crores, the electorates of the state seem to be disenchanted.

People want employment, better schools and fully equipped hospitals including roads, civic facilities and food items at resonable rates with other basic options of free treatments and decentralised socio economic, agricultural, horticultural and employment oriented economic development. But things seem to go awry on all these fronts.

As a sequel to his preparations to strengthen the BJP organisations of the BJP and non BJP states, the party’s hard working and dedicated NATIONAL CHIEF Amit Shah is visiting Dehradun, Uttarakhand to take stock of the poltical situation in the context of the state BJP government’s and organisations ‘ functioning. The entire Dehradun city is being given an upside down face lift with a special cleanliness drive and erection of life size hoardings of Amit Shah and Trivendra Rawat welcoming the former and highlighting the achivements of the state government.

Amit Shah will stay at Dehradun till 21st,Sept for two days, and is expected to examine the CMs performance report card by interacting with the rank and file of the party. There is tremendous factionalism in the state BJP with separate factions of former CMs Bhagat Singh Koshiyari and Dr. Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank not ready to see each other eye to eye, come what may and both are also CM Rawat’s detractors as well. Similarly, both Harak Singh Rawat and Satpal Maharaj who were themselves’ eyeing on the CM’ s chair are Trivendra Singh Rawat’ s bete noire and hardly attend his cabinet meetings. The chief Secretary of the state who is too much into controversy as a result of his misdoings has also gone on leave pre strategically to avoid controversies, and would be back on duty a day after Amit Shah leaves’ Dehradun.Though CM Rawat’ s choice of the present tainted CS is also a root cause of Chief Minister confronting the wrath of his detractors within his own party andthe government.

Let’ s see what comes out of BJP CHIEF AMIT SHAH’S Dehradun’ s visit being looked by political analysts very keenly. Let’ s keep our fingers crossed till then. What do you say friends?


If crowd is really any definite indication of exhibiting any political leader’s political say or any political conglomerates political future than Rashtriya Janata Dal Chief tainted Lalu Prasad Yadav’s rally in Gandhi Maidan, Patna is surely a warning to the BJP led NDA and its undisputed leader and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah.
What is surprising about this rally is that despite  Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s rebuff to RJD chief and his family for their involvement in money laundering and multi crore Railway scam and shaking hands with his one time arch political rival Narendra Modi and BJP thinking that Lalu Yadav will meet the political dead end is in for a huge shock today when lakhs of people and Lalu supporters literally filled the historic Gandhi Maidan beyond the expectations of one and all. Never before perhaps in the history of India has any tainted leader and family ever been successful in enticing such an uncontrolled crowd of millions of people and party supporters in a state where its CM has done his best to see that the rally fails by all means and people do not make their presence felt at the venue.
Political analysts say that this historic rally at Gandhi Maidan convened by RJD and Laloo Prasad Yadav has not only been successful in sending a wake up call to BJP led NDA and its key leaders like PM Modi and Amit Shah but has also while opening doors for the forthcoming non BJP national grand alliance of opposition parties fully ensured that days of Bihar CM and his so called alliance government of the state are also numbered. The call of JD(S) leader Sharad Yadav a bete noire of Nitish Kumar these days for a new grand anti BJP led NDA alliance amid thunderous applause of lakhs of anti Nitish and BJP crowd has unambiguously made it clear that a new chapter of a strong political national alternative is in the offing shortly. Lalu Yadav along with the 18 opposition parties including TMC vowed to unitedly fight the communal, divisive and vindictive BJP and give it a huge rebuff nationally in the 2019 general elections. Though the rally was highly successful but the important Congress leaders like Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and BSP supremo Mayawati were conspicuous by their absence.
My senior journalist friend Anupam Trivedi HAS RIGHTY SAID – Bihar is atypical, unpredictable and 2 some extent change maker! What do you say, friends ?