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Dr. Ambedkar Hospital situated in Rohini under the jurisdiction of Government of NCT of Delhi having been approved by the Medical Council of India on the strong recommendation of the previous and the current govts of Congress and AAP to be the Delhi’ s new medical institute, is catering to the medical needs of hundreds of thousands of patients of Rohini and the surrounding vicinities like Mangolpuri, Sultanpuri, Rithala, Vijay Vihar, Naharpur and the entire sectors of Rohini up to far fledged, sector 25 . Majority of the patients treated here on daily basis hail from the poor and economically deprived and lower middle class sections of the society.

The casualty of this hospital is operative on 24×7 basis and deals with a good number of emergency cases. During the previous regime of the Congress, the services of this hospital were on an average rather on the decline and cases of corruption were also registered against the then Medical Suprintendent to the tune of more than 60 lakhs in a medicine scandal. But after the arrival of AAP government in Delhi the condition of health sector has improved considerably with improvement in services and provision of infrastructure of the modern kind in various Delhi hospitals and dispensaries, for the convenience of the patients.

But despite all this, the increasing number of patients hailing from the lower and lowest echelons of the society due to the free treatment and distribution of medicines the situation is becoming highly complex and beyond the reach of the hospital administration. The Out Patient Departments are full of patients and queues in a never ending mode. In view of the increasing number of patients and limited number of registration and medicicine disbursement counters and pharmacists not only has the quality of treatment suffering but the patients have to wait for hours together for their turns to come with senior citizens, disabled and those with ailments suffering badly.

There is chaos and panic all around. The wheel chairs and medicines are in short supply. A single xray, ultrasound machines and test clinics too are in limited numbers with shortage of various other facilities like adequate sanitation, fans, coolers and chairs. The shortage of doctors and pharmacists n distribution counters have also added to the vows of the poor and hapless patients. Though the Delhi government of AAP needs to be complimented for comparatively improving the lot of Delhi hospitals and dispensaries but lot more is required to be done. Ambedkar hospital of Rohini needs immediate enhancement in the strength of pharmacists from the present 5 to atleast thirty and subsequent numbers of the counters pertaining to delivery of medicines and registration, if the crowd at the medicine delievery counter is to be really lessened and the patients given relief against the tremendous amount of inconvenience confronted by them on daily basis.

The numbers of medical doctors is also required to be enhanced and medicine for serious ailments like cardiac deseases, diabities, lungs abnormalities and asthama etc made available in ample quantity to ameliorate their grievances. There have been usual instances and cases that after being in queue for several hours when the turn of the patient finally arrives, he or she is told that the prescribed medicine in unavailable. The chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejrival and Health minister Satyendra Jain should make emergency secretive visits to such hospitals and ensure that the poor and underprivileged patients are given the best and due medical treatment. Special emphasis should be made that the staff is sober, soft and affable in behaviour with the patients and there is no dearth of medicines in the hospital, particularly of the critical illnesses and life saving drugs.