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Air pollution in Delhi has crossed all the levels which no one expected. Is it a fault of Government or general public? Who is responsible for the situation which arises every year and the environment is worsening with each passing day reaching dangerous levels.

What would happen to our younger generation who are breathing this poisonous air?

They will not be healthy as our generation is or our grandparents generations who were lucky to breathe fresh air.

The major cause of this air pollution and gas chamber situation is number of vehicles in the Delhi city. You won’t get a space to walk properly on the road because of so many vehicles and traffic jams.

When we know that this situation arises every year then why not everybody is doing something about it and do their part to reduce the air pollution in Delhi which has made lives hell in the city.

Delhi Government sleeps for the whole year and wakes up in the winters making the situation more badly and by taking steps which are of no use. Even the Diwali cracker ban has not helped to overcome this horrifying situation forcing all Delhi ties to breathe poisonous gases locked in a chamber like thing.

Is this what we expected our lives to be in Delhi which was beautiful just 15 years back and now has become unbearable? People of other cities are circulating jokes on social media about the situation in the Delhi city and the alarming pollution levels.

We all have to do something urgently and should not depend upon the Government.

What can be done to fight pollution in Delhi?

Well Delhi Government has planned to sprinkle water on roadside and trees which are choked from pollution but this is a just a temporary solution which will last for some hours only and no fixed solution has been found by the Government. In fact the NGT has told to the Delhi Government that they will not take over from here and will take some preventive steps.

Till now no one has been able to provide a solution for the current pollution level in Delhi.

If you have any suggestions please suggest


Unique is politics and unique are its ways and obviously unique are our politicians, particularly the one who has seen political power in the recent and for the first time and that too in the form of a full fleged cabinet minister in the Uttarakhand government. There is a saying in Hindi when somebody unexpectantly achieve more than what he or she deserves, then his or her unmitigated urge or lust to beseige more power or publicity develops by leaps and bounds and in this process to seek cheap publicity the politician at the helm forgets or pretend to forget the basic norms of the system. It’s true that in politics the ruling BJP and the opposition Congress are ideologically, the two distant opposite poles who can’t in any case ever think for each others welfare. But in certain official dealings, norms have to be followed to maintain official protocol and descipline. When there is official inauguration of any scheme or project by any VIP, the name of the area MP and MLA is always and usually mentioned in the inauguration plates alongwith the name of the VIPs executing the projects or cutting the ribbon. But in Uttarakhand it’s not the case. Just today our honourable prime minister Narendra Modiji was the chief guest at historic Kedarnath temple where he launched certain projects for the upside down upgradation and development of Kedarnath Temple sites. About four inauguration plates were fitted at the site of the launching by honourable PM but to the utter dismay, surprise and shock of the local MLA Manoj Rawat who happens to be a non BJPite, his name was abruptly missing from the name plates despite the fact that he is the duly elected MLA of Kedarnath constitiency and instead the name of Uttarakhand’s Education Minister Dhan Singh Rawat was decoratively mentioned alongwith the prime minister and chief minister in golden letters . If sources are to be believed the earlier inauguration plates were re prepared n fixed over the old frame and the name of Uttarakhand Education Minister was added to it abruptly and deliberatedly sidelining the name of the local MLA Manoj Rawat. This sounds absurd, arbitrary and unconstitutional and also speaks of the fact as to how badly the political power has pierced into the heads of the Uttarakhand ministers who have become so power and publicity hungry that not even care for protocols and fellow lawmakers. This attitude of the minister concerned also reflects the fact that he wants to make every government programme related to to development of the state as his party’s affair and do not want to give even the minutest of the credibility to the non BJP lawmakers, even if the schemes or projects are being launched in their constituencies. This sqieezed attitude is being slammed everywhere in Uttarakhand’s socio political circles. What’ s your intelligent take on this friends?



The air quality has been “severely affected ” as pollution levels touched a new high. Levels of particulate matter finer than 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5) crossed the 900 mark in some areas, recording almost 15 times the safety limit. With air pollution levels rising to dangerous levels deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodiya has called for a high level meeting with all concerned to discuss ways to fight this pollution on war footing.  The meeting will be held in the Secretariat where all cabinet minsiters and high level officials will assemble to discuss ways to combat air pollution.

PM2.5, tiny particles suspended in the air can enter into the lungs and can cause a lot of deadly diseases. World Health Organization recommends that PM2.5, is kept below 10 as an annual average..a concentration level of 35 and above can increase the mortality rate by 15% in the long term.

What is leading to this air pollution in Delhi ?

  1. Vehicular pollution.
  2. Buring of crop waste in neighbouring states and other waste inside the state of Delhi.
  3. Dust and construction debris from construction sites and from upcoming metro stations.
  4. Industrial pollution from thermal plants in and around Delhi.
  5. Burning of crackers.

Green body Centre for Science and Environment has observed that this time the pollution from crackers was much worse and toxic from the previous years due to the emission of more poisonous gases and particles.

News Delhi is among the top 10-11 most polluted cities in the world. Smog has engulfed Delhi leading to dangerous health hazards.


What are the foods that will help fight air pollution ?

The polluted air that we breathe introduces ozone, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter, diesel exhaust particles into our lungs. The antioxidants present in the protective layer of our lungs fight it out until they are outnumbered by these intruders weakening our immune system and causing inflammation of the lungs and other diseases.

Vitacin C is the most important potent antioxidant in our body. Please take foods rich in Vitamin C  such as amala and guava, intake lemons in your daily diet. According to a research people having foods rich in Vitamin C during the days of high air pollution are less likely to be hospitalized.

After Vitamin C it is Vitamin E, Omega -3 Fats and Beta Carotene that go a long way in warding off pollution impact on the body. Almonds are good source of Vitamin E. One can find rich sources of Omega 3 in kala chana and nuts and seeds like walnuts. Even green leafy vegetables are rich source of Omega 3. Beta Carotene can be found in spinach and coriander.

Eat tomatoes and avocados..they are good in fighting pollution. Tulsi, Ginger, Magnesium rich diet like cashews are also very helpful.

Apart from food, regular exercise, pranayam for the lungs, adequate intake if water and proper sleep will help immensely as a fit body is able to ward of any adversity.

Other safety measures such as sprinkling of water around the main door will also help as moisture absorbs dust substantially and reduces pollution. Even reducing the number of trips made in cars and reducing or eliminating fireplace and use of stoves as well as burning of less leaves and other materials and trash also will help greatly. Even avoiding use of gas powered lawns and similar equipments to bring down pollution levels.

Please share these tips and keep your family healthy. The Delhi government has announced 3 days of school holidays and has halted all construction works in the meantime to bring down pollution as far as possible.