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affects of using smartphones on brain


We have become so obsessed with our mobile phones that we use them in our beds also and keep checking the mails and messages or surf social networking sites. We should not use smartphones before going to sleep as this has been explained by some studies also which suggests that it is not a good idea to carry mobile phone everywhere.

Smartphones Phones changes sleeping cycle

It is because smartphones releases blue light which is fine for daylight but when we use it during night then it has different effect when you are in bed because during daytime blue light mimic sunlight and when you use it before sleeping then the mind gets confused and stops producing melatonin, an important hormone that tells your body about the sleeping time. So this blue can change the natural sleeping pattern, making it difficult for you to fall asleep and stay asleep. So if you do not have a good sleep then it means that rest quality is also not good which can ultimately lead to major health problems.

Effect of blue light on Brain

When you use smartphone in bed then the blue light changes the sleeping cycle and next day you feel have fatigue and distraction it is because you memory can actually be impaired and your learning ability will also be effected. So it is best to put your smartphone aside before going to bed and have a good night sleep to give proper rest to the body and mind. When we do not take proper night sleep then the body starts building up neurotoxin that prevents you from getting good sleep.

In some research it was also found that people who continually not able to get a good night sleep and exposed to blue light of mobile phones during night have chances of depression. It is because your internal clock it constantly under pressure and biological patterns are also changed, including blood pressure and body temperature. There are certain hormones which are released during night only when you sleep also go awry.

Blue light can affect your vision

Blue light of smartphone can negatively impact your vision and this fact has been proved by the American Macular Degeneration Foundation which has warn that macular degeneration can be caused  by the retinal damage initiated by blue light, you can also lose the ability to see what’s literally right in front of you.

I know it is quite scary but it is scientifically proven and we should take precautions by reducing the use of smartphone for long hours especially in bed before sleeping.

Several researches are also being done on whether blue light contributes to the development of eye cataracts and not just this long use of smartphones are also have been linked to higher cancer risk, particularly prostate and breast cancer.