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Since high school, I have been waiting to enter college. I always wanted to be a college student; a serious student who would decide what to be in his life. It wasn’t just my first day at college; it was the start of a journey. During my school days, I had a glimpse of college life from my elder brothers and sisters. I was most curiously waiting for the day when I would start my college life, thought that the college life would offer me a free life; here restrictions would be few and threat of teachers would be little. At last that day came. I entered the college with new hopes and aspirations. It was a day full of new experiences. I got into a new educational building, was exposed to a different style of learning and met new people.

As soon as I entered the college campus, the high school atmosphere was over and a serious period of my life began. I did not use to change from high school to college, thus, was a little scared while entering the college premises and witnessed so many students whom I did not know. At first, I was lost and confused; I really did not know where to go. I had to ask around to figure out where the new students had to report. All the new students in the college seemed to be very happy and excited for their first day. Everyone was mingling, goofing around and was having a good time. I walked down the main walkway and was amazed at the size of the campus. Grass and trees surrounded it. People were studying sprawled on the grass with their books. I walked into a big hall with chairs, tables, and video games. People were eating, playing video games, and doing their homework. I soon discovered that it was the cafeteria. However, I told myself, “You just have to be brave”. I reached my first class much early so that I could get a seat close to the teacher to record the class and meet my classmates. The first thing that every teacher did on the first day was introducing themselves to the children and getting the introduction from the students, also asking them about their areas of interest. I noted down the time table of my class from the notice-board. I found that the method of teaching in colleges is very different from that in schools. I had some very strange experiences on the first day of my college. I was truly astonished to see students playing indoor games and listening to music in the middle of the lectures in the classrooms. There is no restriction on the uniform; you are free to wear whatever you want. I observed that the students were free in their movements. They can do things according to their choice. There are no time restrictions. A student can enter the college premises at any time and leave the college premises any time. Our seniors also came to interact with us. They told us many interesting things about the institution and their tremendous experiences in the college. I got a chance to get introduced to many new people, some of whom are my best friends now.

I felt a new rhythm of life and returned home with a mixed sense of duty and liberty.