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The prime minister of India Narendra Modi said that Handloom and Khadi promoted by father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi has increased in sale to a whopping 90 % more than a previous year and he was really surprised to hear that a Khadi Gramodhyog store in Delhi did an outstanding bussiness of Rs 1.20 crores in a single day of Dhanteras. Prime minister Modi was addressing the people of the country on his 37th address in his popular monthly programme MANN KI BAAT. Congratulating the sportsmen and football players of under nineteen successful FIFA event held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi inaugurated by him, prime minister Modi said though the Indian team has not won in this tournament but they deserve to be complimented for performing outstandingly.

He also lauded the Indian Hockey team for winning the Gold in Olympics and said that India is proud to see our sportsmen and athletes bringing laurels for the country by their outstanding performance in international sports competitions. Showing his immense concern for increasing trend of diabities in the country the prime minister urged the citizens to give more n more impetus to Yoga exercises and daily walk and appealed to parents to inculcate the habit of walking, physical exercise and sports in children to avoid desease like diabities which at time becomes fatal if not given heed.

Mentioning about his efforts and initiatives of celebrating Deepawali with the patriotic and courageous Indian Army Jawans and paratroopers valiantly fighting the enemy and terrorists to safeguard our borders, PM Modi said how certain people have appreciated his initiative and asked if sweets send by them on festivals like Deepawali can reach these valiant fighters at the borders, where they are performing their challenging duties.

He praised reverred Gurunanak for his message of amity and harmony amongst various sections of the society and appealed the countrymen to spread the same for maintaining peace and tranquilty. He also dwelt on number of other issues such as the efforts of UN peacekeeping force and the contribution of Indian Jawans in maintaining global peace.

HE catagorically praised Sardar Patel saying that he was the one who connected the whole nation in one SUTR/ knot and is in true sense the real inspiration for the NEW INDIA marching rapidly towards the 21st century. The nation should imbibe his ideals, principles and inspiration and move forward with renewed energy and enthusiam.