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The anouncement of superstar Rajnikant to join active politics and form his new political party on the advent of the new year 2018 has sent shock waves to the two regional political outfits AIADMK and DMK which have been ruling the southen state Tamilnadu turn by turn for a long time. Entry of the highest TRP carrying 67 year old superstar in Tamilnadu politics and south India fans around the globe, Rajnikant with an announcement to form his own political outfit is bound to pose a direct political threat to both the seasoned parties of the South as corruption and accumulation of excessive wealth through unfair means by these parties and their families over the past several decades and promoting dynastic politics is the prime and foremost election plank of the superstar likely to contest the state elections in all the 2014 seats.

Rajnikant’s announcement to enter active politics was on the air for quite sometime with his millions of fans and well wishers putting on him tremendous pressure to join active politics or form his own party. He had just four days ago while addressing the meeting of his fans in Chennai assured that he will make his decision clear on 31st December and finally made up his mind to do so. The decision of super star Rajnikant has been welcomed by the super star of Indian film industry and Rajnikant’s close friends Amitabh Bachchan, prominent star of the South and Hindi films Kamala Hassan as well who’d wished him all the very best but the BJP and Congress leaders were conspicuous by their absence in congratulating the southern super star.

However, one of the national BJP spokesman PVR Narsimha Rao did congratulated him by saying that Rajnikant is undoubtedly the super star of the south but further tweeted that one should not forget that prime minister Narendra Modi is the national and international superstar loved and adored by one and all. This is not the first time that Rajnikant as a popular actor is forming a new political party in Tamilnadu but the seasoned regional parties, the DMK and AIADMK have also been formed by eminent filmstars of the south namely MG Ramachandran and M Karunanidhi, though the popular actress J Jayalalitha later on carried forward the leadership of AIADMK after MGR’s death and ruled the state charismatically for several years undisputedly.

It may be recalled that after the death of J Jayalalitha a most popular charismatic leader of AIADMK and CM, the the party has been divided into two factions with her one time closest associate Shashikala in jail on several corruption charges while the DMK led by ninety year old leader M Karunanidhi is in the opposition with his family members embroiled in several charges of corruption. The people of the state are fed up with with the dynastic politics of DMK led by M Karunanidhi who is usually seemed entangled in promoing his sons Stalin, nephews, daughter Kanimozhi, son in laws etc in state politics while the other regional party AIADMK after J. Jayalalitha’s demise has been divided in two factions with their leaders in no match to their deceased charismatic leader’s towering image.

The two national parties Congress and BJP have little or negligible say in state politics despite the prime minister Narendra Modi trying to make in roads by meeting M Karunanidhi recently and also participating in the funeral of late J. Jaya lalitha, a year ago. In view of the fluid political situation in the state and the electorates having become fed up by the widespread corruption in both these parties and its leaders behind jail and embroiled in several money laundering charges, there is a huge political vaccum of a charismatic leader in the state politics. Therefore, super star and most popular iconic personality of the South Rajnikant’s entry in active politics by way of forming his own political party and contesting in the forthcoming state elections would definitely pave a way for new political alternative in this southern state with the former forming his government by all means.

In Tamilnadu’s politics change seem to be inevitable and Rajnikant seems to be all set to achieve the top slot of the state. Come 2019 or before he is a sure sort winning bet for the chief minister’s post, come what may say the political analysts.


Renowned film star of the South Indian films carrying the myriad TRP and billions of fan following in India and world particlarly amongst the south Indian movie goers Rajnikant is all set to join actice politics and is likely to clear his mind on 31st December, 2017 the last day of the advent of the new year 2018. Super star Rajnikant said he knows lot about politics and is sure to make his mark if he really joins active politics but would clear his mind on 31st December.

He however said that despite tremendous pressure on him to join active politics and his being well versed in it is still too reluctant to may his foray in politics. The sixty seven year old super star of the having acted in myriad number of southern films including several super duper hits like Andha Kanoon and Robot etc with outstanding beautiful and gorgious heroines like Hema Malini and Aishwarya Rai Rajnikant said that he is not new for politics but have to see when would the actual war of elections take place.

When we’ll participate in the election war we’ll have to ensure that victory becomes mandatory with no ifs and buts. And for the confirmed triumph or victory no only is relentless struggle and courage is essential but a planed stratwgy is inevitable too. He said the media of the south and the country is more curious and interested about my joining active politics than my billions of fans. He was welcomed by tumultuous raising of pro Rajnikant slogans in Chennai while addressibg a large gathering of his ardent fans. He also cautioned his fans for not to be misled by the rumours in the social networking sites. Rajnikant’s speculation about entering the politics in the South has perturbed several politcal parties, particularly the DMK and AIDMK.

The national party BJP is trying to woo him at its best by sending him feelers and the regiinal political outfits badly perturbed of losing their political say once this Super star makes a credible entry into active politiics. He was even invited by PM Narendra Modi personally at his official residence.