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Delhi University student and daughter of martyr has given interview in the morning in which she claimed that she do not want to be a part of the march and in fact want to leave the city.

She has been claiming that ABVP has been threatening her of being raped and beaten very badly if she continue to talk like this but on the same hand she clearly told that she is not afraid of anyone and has a fundamental right to speak.

She also announced that she is not anti-National and can speak freely.

On this Minister of State Kiren Rijiju said that she is free to say and do what she wants and should be left alone as per her wish.

Kiren also hit back at those people who criticized him for asking who was polluting her mind. He said that he stood by his tweet and was only speaking his mind and when he said somebody, he meant Leftists.

He further said “It were these Leftists who celebrated when Indian Army personnel were martyred in the 1962 (Indo-China) war and raised anti-national slogans. But now, whoever makes anti-national statements will be dealt firmly under the law. Everybody has freedom of expression but must act as per the laws of the country.”

We think that this matter has been politicized and there is no role of ABVP in this whole scenario because it seems that she has been misguided and she is just a 20 year old student who faced media without any script and just spoke what she was told to her by somebody as told by Kiren Rijiju.

Gurmehar has now backed from her decision to oppose the ABVP march and this seems to be the right decision as everything can be sort out by talks.

Anyways FIR has been lodged in this case against those who threatened her of facing dire consequences.