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A new political tremor has erupted in the politics of Delhi with the ruling party AAP, the direct victim of this tremor and the BJP and the Congress becoming more and more offensive. The election commission of India has declared all the 20 MLAs of AAP as illegal and unconstitutional for arbitrarily and illegally holding the posts of the Parliamentary secretaries and has recommended their case for disqualification to the President.

It may be recalled that the honourable high court has already in its verdict of 12th September 2012 had declared the posts of parliamentary secretaries of 20 AAP lawmakers as illegal, arbitrary and unconstitutional terming the posts as office of comfort or profits as in the constitution there is no such provision of the posts of parliamenatry secretaries and that too to the tune of 21 in a state assembly of merely seventy MLAs.

The election commision has send its recommendations to the President of India for final approval asking for theirabrupt disqualification as MLAs and as per the constitutional experts the president usually gives his or her consent on such recommendations of EC, particularly when there is no stay in the matter from any court of law in the country.

Meanwhile the Delhi high court has also refused the petitions of 6 MLAs who’d approached the court for relief today. The court said since the lawmakers have not been officially declared unlawful and unconstitutional, except recommended to the president there is no case to be addmitted for now. Hence is turned away.

However, the actual position in the matter would be known by Monday and as such, till then things have been kept in abeyance. Political analysts say that in case the president acts on the advice of the Election Commision and dittoes’ the EC’s decision of disqualification of the assembly membership of 20 AAP lawmakers, the strength of the AAP in Delhi assembly would recede to 46.

Presently the AAP has the strength of 66 MLAs in Delhi Assembly. The chief minister Arvind Kejrival and the AAP leaders are badly furious and annoyed over this decision terming it a conspiracy to destabilise the Delhi government by misusing the power and position of the election commision. They emphatically argue that when not a single MLA out of the 20 parliamentary secretaries have not taken a single rupee as a salary that how can they be termed as holding the office of profit whereas the Congress and BJP charge them of incessant corruption and misusing of the official machinery under the guise of holding the post of parliamentary secretaries.

The chief minister Arvind Kejrival said this is the result of his government’s pro people actions and being honest on all counts. When you do good works honestly for the welfare and well being of the poor, down troddens and the people of the lowest ebb of the society you are met with such conspiraorial actions by the ruling party at the centre and the PM says Arvind Kejrival.

Kejrival said: there are always bottlenecks in the way of honesty.


After the face off of one of the most prominent poet, eloquent speakers and a high spirited campaigner of AAP Kumar Vishwas with the Delhi chief minister and party supremo Arvind Kejrival after the earlier expulsions of main pillars such as senior advocate and think tank Prashant Bhushan, renowned psephologist and transparent leader Dr. Yogendra Yadav, eminent legal luminiary and octogenerian former union law minister Bharat Bhushan, former minister Kapil Mishra , professor of JNU Anand Kumar and several others, it now seems that the party that was born out of the crusader against corruption Anna Hazaare’s nationwide movement is slowly and gradually losing leaders of eminence and reputation on whose efforts, intelligence, strategy and cumulative potential AAP had been able to secure a resounding and historic majority of 67 lawmakers, an outstanding record of sorts in the political history of Delhi.

The party which once had these charismatic founders with the special ability to expose corruption of major parties like Congress and BJP thus giving AAP a positive exposure is today totally devoid of them and it seems that those faithful to Arvind Kejrival and the coterie of sort is ruling the roost not at all in need of vote catchers or charismatic leaders like the one it had earlier for the future elections.

Today AAP is left with only few leaders with little eminence as compared to the above who can really make a mark on the electorates of NCT of Delhi or the country in future elections favouring AAP, except Kejrival himself, deputy CM Manish Sisodia, Sanjay Singh and to some extent a journalist turned AAP politician Khaitaan, including health minister Satyendra Jain, though he himself is allegedly involved in one of the CBI case of massive money landering.

There is no doubt that the government of Kejrival through its various financial reliefs and concessions to the middle and lower middle class in health sector, water, electricity and education has proved to be successful in enjoying the support and confidence of the majority of the vote bank of the lower and lowest ebb of the society that matters in elections but losing important leaders gradually and steadily is equally doing tremendous harm to this party, say political news analysts.

It may be recalled that the differences between Arvind Kejrival and Kumar Vishwas have started erupting since the last year when the latter had differences with the Okhla MLA Amanullah Khan who had then accused Vishwas of hobbnobbing with BJP to weaken the AAP. But after today’s finalisation of the three Rajya Sabha tickets and non inclusion of one time most trusted aide of Kejri and now his bete noire Kumar’s name in this RS selection a deeply hurt poet turned AAP’s founder accused Delhi CM for punishing him for his honesty and accepting the martydom.

Vishwas said once Arvind Kejrval had verbally warned him laughingly that he will kill me politically but not make me the martyr and that is what he has done by not sending me to upper house. Thank you Arvind for making me a martyr and I accept this martydom said he while talking to reporters in New Delhi.

The Delhi AAP has 64 MLAs now and as such is eligible for 3 Rajya Sabha seats. Arvind Kejrival nominated two Guptas’ with good financial background one Sushil Gupta an affluent businessman running 14 schools in Haryana and another a renowned chartered accountant. The third nominee is the important party functionery Sanjay Singh who’d been with AAP and Kejrival since the inception.


The AAP government in Delhi led by chief minister Arvind Kejrival who is usually at loggerheads with the union BJP led NDA government is taking one by one credible decisions in order to impress the Delhi electorates, particularly those hailing from the lower middle class and lowest strata of the society. After failing to establish its sufficient political ground outside Delhi except to a certain extent in Punjab Kejrival has now confined himself to Delhi and is busy concentrating on Delhi affairs in order to consolidate the party’s influence in the capital especially in view of the next assembly election drawing near. Just today the Delhi health minister has taken an extremely pro people decision announcing that the state’s cabinet has approved with unanimity that any person in Delhi meeting with vehicular accident if injured grievously or with any nature of injury would be accorded free treatment in majority of the private hospitals of Delhi and the entire expenditure of the treatment would be borne by the Delhi government.

The cabinet decision has also made a provision for giving Rs 2000 to those who help the accident victim reach the hospital in time in order to save his or her life. According to the health minister Satyendra Jain , the state government has finalised official arrangements with majority of Delhi government hospitals who will provide timely and adequate treatment to the accident victim and would ensure that their lives could be saved subsequently. The necessary charges in this respect would be borne by the state government. The approval of the state cabinet chaired by chief minister Delhi Arvind Kejrival has been sent to the Lt governor of Delhi Anil Baijal for final stamping. This pro people decision would go a long way to anticipate the full support of the Delhi electorates as it is not restricted to any particular class or section based on income disparity but is applicable unequivocally for all the victims of accidents across gender and economic considerations.

Prior to this the Delhi government has declared a scheme for free treatment/ surgery in private hospitals for those whose income is below 2 lac rupees per annum and are not being able to get operated in government hospitals due to heavy rush and paucity of time, keeping in view the severity of the ailment of critical illness and urgency for surgery. In addition it had opened Mohalla clinics in vast numbers and also made massive arrangements for free distribution of medicines to all patients irrespective of economic disparity. Just two days ago the state government has cancelled the license of the MAX hospital situated at Shalimar Bagh for its negligence in declaring a living child infant as dead and its complacent and arbitrary attitude towards the poor patients. It also had a tussle with union government as well as the lt governor of Delhi over the regularisation of the services of over 15000 adhoc and contractual teachers of Delhi whom.the government of Kejrival want to regularise and had also got the bill passed in the state assembly but is still lying postponed at the LG’s level.

Arvind Kejrival also came to the rescue of the Delhites when his party and the government outrightly rejected the union government’s arbitrary proposal to increase the metro fares manifold and offered to bear the fifty percent escalated cost to the tune of 750 crores but could not succeed and finally the Delhi metro commuters have to bear the brunt of the centre and are constrained to pay exorbitantly. Let’ s see , the nominee of the BJP led union government Delhi’s LG Anil Baijal clears the AAP government’s pro people proposal or keeps it in abeyance or withheld as is the case with the earlier proposal of regularisation of the services of 15000 contractual teachers of Delhi. The governments of the other states of the country should take cue from the Delhi AAP government and replicate this pro people decision in their states as well.As per the latest statistics of Delhi traffic police accidents in Delhi are on the rise and the Delhi police is finding out innovative techniques to counter this menace of accidents with renewed vigour and vitality.

The majority of the accident victims either die on the spot, on the way to hospitals or for want of timely and better treatment which usually is not available in government hospitals due to variety of reasons and lack of attention and this latest decison of the government of NCT of Delhi will work as a catalyst in increasing the safety of the accident victims due to timely and adequate treatment in high profile private hospitals. What’s your take on this, friends?

SUNIL NEGI, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum


The confrontation between the Delhi BJP, revoked and going on a collision course with the government thinking of the good of patients and their aggrieved families.

The Delhi BJP chief Tiwari said that when the fake degree of the AAP government was revealed, the CM Delhi has not resigned neither any action initiated against him for his suspension then why should the license of the MAX hospital got cancelled when the erring doctors have been terminated, already. Similarly, the Delhi Medical council, threatening to go on strike asked the same question that for the wrong doings of the erring docters why have the current patients and the hospital has been made to suffer.

While the confrontation between the Chief minister, Delhi BJP chief and the Delhi Medical Council is on, the people of Delhi are asking what about the exploitative attitude of the private hospital managements who have been charging exorbitantly from patients and minting excessive profits unjustifiably? What about the case of Adya an eight year old girl who died of Dengue and her father was charged a sum of whopping 18 lacs and several other such cases?

It is therefore mandatory that a strong deterrent against these hospitals is the need of the hour and what the Kejriwal government has done in respect of the MAX hospital, Shalimar Bagh has been and is being appreciated and lauded all around. The private hospitals have no right what so ever to hold the poor, under privileged and economically deprived patients at ransom and insult the noble profession.

India is a democratic country and everyone has the right for medical treatment at reasonable costs but these private hospitals have in fact become the privilage of the few allfuents and rich and patients of middle class and the lowest ebb of the society are being denied the priviledge of even 25% free or concessional treatments as facilitated by the honourable apex court of India. This is shameful and fully uncalled for.


The decision of the Government of NCT of Delhi led by Aam Admi Party to cancel the license of the private high profile hospital MAX situated in Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi will definitely work as a strong deterrent against the anti people attitude of these so called shops in the name of providing best treatments thus literally looting and exploiting the patients and their families by not only charging highly exorbitant and hefty fees beyond their capacity to pay but also showing extreme leniency and complacence towards patients, particularly those hailing from the poor, economically deprived and underpriviledged sections of the lowest ebb of the society including those from the middle class.

After liberalisation of our economy hundreds of such hospitals have come up in the metrolpolises and even rural areas of the country leaving no option for the patients of critical illneses but to go to them under compelling circumstances and cough up with heavy medical charges, thus selling their lands, properties or the entire life savings under extreme pitiable condition. This happens so because of the dearth of government hospitals in the country and subsequent non availability of adequate hi tech medical facilities or even if there are facilities they are not at all at par with these so called hi profile private hospitals.

Not only this, but the negligence and complacense of the union and state health authorities in not implementing the health and medical regulatory acts against the arbitrary and high handed actions of the private hospitals has resulted in their becoming dictatorial and anti people just believing in a single objective of minting huge profits at the expense of the patients and their already disturbed families by charging inflated medical bills.

What makes things and situation even more worse is when they openly flout the directives of the apex court and don’t even provide free or concessional treatments and surgeries for critical ailments to the poor and the economically deprived patients of the country. The harrowing cases of declaring a living child as dead recently and charging a hefty amount of rupees 18 lakhs from the father of an eight year old deceased suffering from Dengue including a whopping 31 lakh from the family of another patient who also died later on are some of the most shocking and horrifying examples of the high handedness and DADAGIRI of these sharks who are least bothered for the best treatment and safe recovery of the patients but only wanted to spin huge profits profits by exploiting the already traumatised patients and their families.

This decision of the Delhi government to cancel the license of one of the so called high profile hospital of the capital is therefore a welcome initiative which will in turn send a strong message across as a strict deterrent against the erring private hospital managements functioning as sharks than serving the people through a noble profession. What do you say friends?


In politics giving sops to electorates and launching populist schemes at the cost of public exchequer, particularly before the elections is a common feature but the government of Aam Admi Party in Delhi under the chief ministership of confrontationist Arvind Kejrival is steadily but gradually trying to launch such populist schemes for the benefit of the backward and down trodden sections of the society, despite the fact that elections of Delhi Assembly are still twenty eight months ahead, even later than the national elections of 2019.

As per the latest news, a policy have been prepared by the Delhi government giving high economic concessions/ facilities to the students of the SC and ST catagory of NCT of Delhi for private coaching in prestigious instititions or coaching centre for future career making in various fields. To start with this policy will be applicable for the first batch of 1000 students of the SC, ST catagory, hailing from the lowest ebb of the society.

As per the guideines the SC/ST students whose parents’ income would be below 2 lakhs annually, the government will bear the full fee expendidure while these who will come under the slab of 2 to 6 lakhs will have to bear the 25% expenditure of the fee where as the government would bear the rest 75 percent.

These concessions to the students of the unprivileged and economically deprived students of the SC, ST catagory will definitely benefit AAP to gain the support base of the dalits of the lowest ebb of the society in Delhi. The AAP chief Arvind Kejrival has earlier too granted reliefs to the Delhites in water, electricity, health and educational sector thus regaining the faith of Delhi populace, particularly those belonging to the lower middle class living in unauthorised colonies, Jhuggi Jhopri clusters and low and medium traders and government servants.

The minorities of Delhi also seem to be happy with him due to its secularist policies and pro minority stand. This has put tremendos dent on the traditional Congress vote bank while BJP claims of its vote bank still being intact.

Through such sops and concessions including passing of a bill for the regularisation of the services of 1500 adhoc n contractual teachers Arvind Kejrival is gradually trying to succed in making solid and credible inroads in the actual vote bank of Delhi i.e the middle, lower middle class and those at the lower and lowest ebb of the society.



It is now clear that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal lied about wedding of BJP MP Mahesh Sharma’s daughter and today he has faced lot of criticism and embarrassment but till now he has not apologize for his misbehaving on twitter.

He was so disturbed from the demonetisation drive of BJP Government that he focused his energy on wedding of daughter of Mahesh Sharma and without checking any facts he asked on twitter whether Mahesh Sharma has performed all wedding tasks with cheques and how did he managed to exchange the notes he also asked that how Mahesh was able to manage the entire wedding with Rs 2.5 lakh.

Later Mahesh Sharma clarified on Twitter that his son was getting married and not his daughter and further told that all the payments for the wedding were made with cheques.

Kejriwal is famous for creating unnecessary drama by always attacking Narendra Modi and Central Government. He keeps on blaming the Central Government and tries to hide his in capabilities because he is only CM who is facing all the problems from Narendra Modi and Central Government whereas other cities are working fine and their chief ministers are focusing in their tasks.

This is not the first time he has circulated a fake news about BJP but earlier also he claimed that a youth committed suicide due to demonetisation but later it was found that the youth committed suicide after a failed bank robbery.

This time in Mahesh Sharma’s son wedding case he has been caught red handed that he is clearly not focusing on his work and without knowing the facts trying to create mass around by simply blaming anyone who is in BJP or supports the demonetisation decision.

He even claimed that Narendra Modi took bribe from some industrialist when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. He also showed some documents to the media as proof to support his claims. He even filed a case against Narendra Modi with help of senior lawyer Prshant Bushan in the apex court but the court rejected the evidences against PM Narendra Modi.

A small advice for him is that he should focus on various pending issues and development of Delhi instead of chasing Modi and Central Government.

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Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal very well knows how to remain in news and this time as usual he has alleged Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he had already told his friends about ban on Rs500 and Rs1000 notes and since morning he has been speaking on TV news channels that Modi has done a scam by stopping the use of Rs500 and Rs1000 notes.

He alleged that the whole move was a huge scam by the NDA Government because other players already had information about this move and that is why they transferred their money in the banks.

Maybe he is hurt because he did not receive any prior information about this great and historic move  where general public seems to be happy in spite of having temporary trouble everybody knows that how this decision will help the nation in future. Whereas, Arvind Kejriwal, Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati are the people who are not happy at all by this decision and Rahul Gandhi is also trying to grab this opportunity and make a publicity stunt by standing the queue in front of Bank.

Kejriwal also alleged that in previous quarters in banks were negative but in the July to September period quarter, such large amounts were deposited in the banks and he asked that who had deposited all this money in the banks?

He feels that lot of money will come into the system and the only thing is going to happen is that a lot of money is merely going to change hands causing lot of inconvenience to the general public because they are the one who are standing in the large queues in front of banks and post offices.

He also made a point that Government is going to impose penalty on those people who will deposit their black money as they will have to face 200% penalty which means 90% of the money will lost and he asked that who will deposit his black money and the Government is indirectly trying to make the holders not to deposit black money.

He further alleged that the Government’s intention and implementation was not good as they already knew that the present ATM systems are not configured to dispense the new Rs2000 notes.

Kejriwal also believes that only, Adnani, Ambanis, Subhas Chandras and Badals hold the black money.

All this drama created by Arvind Kelriwal came after when Amit Shah asked Kejriwal , Congress and Mayawati to give explanation on their motives for opposing the demonetization.


Senior leader of Aam Admi Party Somnath Bharti one of the most controversial lawmaker was arrested over assault charges in Thursday. He is the second leader of AAP who has been arrested after Amanatullah Khan in two days.

Last year also he was arrested over the charges filed by her wife in a case of domestic violence and currently he is out on bail.

This times AIIMS has filed a case against him alleging that he and his 27 supporters misbehaved with hospital guards on 7th September.

It is also alleged that Somnath Bharti provoked his supporters to damage the fence of the hospital and entered the hospital premises without permission and when security guards tried to stop them he misbehaved with them.

When contacted Bharti said that the charges are false and claimed that AIIMS had denied legitimate access of people and the wall will have to go in larger interest of residents, come what may.

Earlier Somanth Bharti was appointed as the law minister when AAP was came into power for 49 days and later left the party after facing criticism from public and other political parties. Earlier he was also accused of conducting midnight raid during which Nigerian Women were attacked by public that accused them of running a sex racket.

This time he has tweeted about his own arrest and said “Im in hauzkhas police station under arrest in gautam nagar kalah.”It seems that he likes to be news and that is why he keeps doing these things which so that he always have hope to be popular among his supporters no matter whether he choose the legal way to do things maybe the things which he wants to point out are correct but not his way of trying to correct them as he should follow the law to highlight them and not to take matters in his own hands.