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aadhar verification for airtel SIM


Airtel made a statement in which the Company has made it very clear that they are ready to give competition to Reliance and it was further told that on daily basis; over 50,000 subscribers from rural and urban areas in India are activating their Airtel mobile SIMs by using Aadhaar card as the basis of digital verification or Adhaar e-KYC.

According to Airtel the initiative has received a positive response from customers as it enables instant activation of Airtel mobile SIMs. This new digital verification method is fully secured and it also eliminates the paperwork which is good for our environment.

Airtel is expecting that the number of customers using this digital service for quick activation of SIMs will increase and their customer base will definitely increase.
How does this Adhaar e-KYC on boarding works?

In normal scenario when customer buys a SIM that he has to wait for some time after his documents gets submitted to the company and verification takes some time but if he chooses to buy SIM then he just have to provide his biometrics (iris scan fingerprints) at the store or wherever the SIM is being sold then details of customer will be matched with the Adhaar database and validation SIM will instantly get activated.

Director of operations (India and South Asia), Ajai Puri told that they are planning to deploy this solution in majority of their general trade stores, including those situated in the rural areas.

It is a good step taken by the Indian Government to make the verification process faster and reduce the paperwork which is need of the hour. Last year Government issued a guideline to all mobile companies that they have to use the process of e-KYC to make online application and authentication faster and a simple process for mobile subscribers.