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After making the alleged  controvertial Rafale deal and banking fraud of Rs 15000 crores as its main election plank for the coming general elections of 2019, the mother and son duo i.e. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi has now come out of parliament as well to ensure that the issue is highlighted to the most in the media inorder to make it infilterate into the peoples’ mind repeatedly and it was in the run up to the general elections and the elections likey to be held in Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh that Sonia Gandhi despite are not so good health registered a physical protest alongwith her party MPs outside the parliament house vociferously raising anti government slogans on Rafale dealand other corruption issues slamming the BJP led NDA government at the centre.

Holding the nicely written colourful playcards having made for this demonstration the sloganson themm read : Rafale cover up, out in the open, Modi corruption exposed, No farm loan waiver,Rs 1,30, 000 crores to Rafale scam, Farm loan waiver with cross on it and Rafale to Ambani and Rafale scam, we demand JPC. There was huge uproar inthe house today with the entire opposition demanding the papers of the entire Rafale deals to be tabled in the house and Joint Parliamentary Probe be held to ensure transparancy and probity in the entire excercise of the deal which the opposition termed as fishy.

It may be recalled that during the no confidence motion the Congress president Rahul Gandhi has openly accused the prime minister and the government for encouraging crony capitalism and helping the private players like Ambani having no experience in defence production being obliged with the offset contract of Rafale jets thus allegedly according them profit of several thousand crores to which prime minister Narendra Modi has taken Rahul Gandhi to task for being childish in matters of the nation’s security deals and leading to country’s mockery, globally. Modi has challenged Rahul Gandhi on Rafale deal saying that it’s a transparent and honest deal, all on papers and records and is fully unchallengeable.

Recently, the strong bete noires of the prime minister Narendra Modi n the NDA government former ministers in Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s govt. veteran journalist Arun Shourie, Yashwant Sinha and senior advocate Supreme court and leader of Swaraj Party Prashant Bhushan had also addressed a press conference accusing the PM n the defence minister for dramatically reducing the number of Rafale jets from 126 to 36 and enhancing the cast of each fighter jet fron 660 crores to1660 crores thus leading to the alleged fiscal loss of one hundred thousand crores to the public exchequer. They also questioned the defence minister and the PM’s integrity on transferring the offset contract from Hindustan aeronautics ltd to Anil Ambanies new defence company which posseses no previous experience in the field of defence manufacturing.

They demanded that the deal be made transparently public in parliament so as to win the confidence of the people of the country that nothing is fishy in it.

Meanwhile, the political morale ofthe BJP led NDA is too high after it defeated the entire non BJP opposition during the no confidence motion and in the recent election of the Deputy Chairperson of Rajya Sabha.


A Rare Gesture of inner conscience for a true statesman



Hundreds of leaders of BJP and other political parties paid their homage and adieu to the the legend of Indian politics and the former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee today at the latter’s residence. But seeing the member of parliament and the son of late union minister Madhav Rao Scindia, Jyotiraditya Scindia , hailing from a Family of the kings of Gwalior literally laying down of the floor paying his true tributes which was aired by almost all the news channels of the country was unique and outstanding giving a real feel of passionate reverence to the great leader of the masses.

Sounds good. Gives the impression of an extremely genine, conscientious and concerned homage. A rare gesture indeed. Being from the diametrically opposite party ideologically and a core Congressman Jyotiraditya Scindia’s kind gesture has really impressed one and all. There may be several leaders of BJP who are today on elevated positions only because of him and his kind blessings but never had anybody exhibited their gesture like Vijay Raje Scindia ?

Both these gestures, one of Rahul hugging PM in parliament, visiting Vajpayeeji in AIIMS twice and then participating in his funeral and Jyotiraditya’s lying down on ground to pay homage to this great leaders are the best examples of greatness but thrashing of Swami Agnivesh by the saffron party, who joins other to pay homage is highly condemnable and uncalled for. What’s your take friends?

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The Bharat Ratna and former prime minister, rather a statesman Atal Bihari Vajpayee has been kept on the life support system in the ICU of All India Institute of Medical Sciences as his condition is extremely critical, not responding to the treatment.

The Vice President Venkaiyya Naidu Prime minister Narendra Modi, union minister Piyush Goyal, Textles minister Aruna Irani, Harsh Vardhan, Suresh Prabhu and several other prominent figures went to AIIMS to enquire about his health condition.

The prime minister Modi was in AIIMS for about fifty minutes consulting with the senior doctors to revive the ailing leader.

Mr. Vajpayee had been addmitted in AIIMS, ICU about nine weeks ago and had been there since then.

He was suffering from the age related ailments like infection in the urinary tract, complications in the Kidney and lungs.

Former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee is the tallest leader in the Bhartiya Janata Party who’s credited with founding the saffron party during the eighties.

He was also the president of Jana Sangh and is the first non Congress PM to have run the BJP led NDA government for full five year term.

A leading poet, writer, thinker, orator and a veteran leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee had been the most acceptable and popular opposition leader of the country who for the very first time addressed the United Nation’s Assembly in Hindi in his capacity of Indian External Affairs minister earning tremendous applaud in the country as well as abroad.

He was bestowed with the highest honour of the land, the Bharat Ratna, by the then president of India who personally went to Vajpayee’s house to deliever it to him as he was not in good health ailing since long.

We wish him speedy recovery. Atalji’s anxious followers from all over the country have started collecting outside AIIMS. The former PM is not all responding to the treatment says AIIMS MEDICAL BULLETIN. CONDITION EXTREMELY CRITICAL.

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The Aam Aadmi Party led by Arvind Kejrival has suffered an another huge jolt today as one of its vociferous leaders’ and journalist turned politician Asutosh resigned from the Aam Admi Party citing personal reasons and requesting the media friends not to ask for any byte. Formerly AAP’s senior leader and one of the important pillars’ the senior journalist Asutosh has also announced his permanent retirement from the party that was formed in Delhi as a byproduct of the national movement against corruption led by the crusader of reforms and a seasoned fighter against corruption Anna Hazaare against his wishes to form any political party in the country.

The journalist turned politician who’d been with the AAP’s national convenor Arvind Kejrival in his thick and thin, had never given any impression of his resigning from the party though he had been in low profile in the party during the last few months nit given any political statement on issues of national significance against BJP as he used to speak to the media earlier. Asutosh has expressed his desire to resign through a tweet in his twitter handle with the chief minister Arvind Kejrival outrightly rejecting while replying to the former’s tweet in Hindi as: ISTIFA KO ACCEPT KARNE KA SAWAAL HI PAIDA NAHI HOTA.

In his twitter handle Asutosh has tweeted : Every journey has an end. My association with the AAP which was beautiful / revolutinery has also an end. I have resigned from the party/ requested the political affairs committee to accept the same. It is purely from.avery very personal reason. Thanks to the party who supported me throughout. Thanks.

He further requested his media friends, not to take any byte from him as his resignation is entirely on the personal reasons. The tweet of Asutosh acknowleged nearly 10000 likes, about 900 retweets and about 3, 200 comments. Sounds interesting that a politician who was diametrically opposite ideologically to the saffron party has in the morning , just before the tweet of resignation has tweeted, advising the BJP workers and leaders to take a pledge on the 71st Independence day to atleast adopt three cows to give them a new lease of life. Cow is the mother ofevery BJPite and the RSSite. How can they leave her on the roads to die of starvation. There can’t be a bigger service than this in the Hindu religion.

It may be recalled that this is the 7th major political tragedy for Aam Admi Party after well known leaders like the former union law minister Shanti Bhushan, sr advocate Prashant Bhushan, former minister Kapil Mishra, Psephologist and now Swarajya party’s national chief Dr. Yogendra Yadav, an MLA and a renwned crowd puller and poet Dr. Kumar Vishwas had left the party in a huff accusing Arvind Kejrival as s dictator not allowing anybody to raise their voice of dissent in the party. Not only this but the former minister Kapl Mishra had accused him of corruption in favoring his brother in law in various Jal Board contracts thus leading to the loss of crores of rupees of the tax payers money.

Not only this but during the nomination of party MPs for the three Delhi Rajya Sabha seats Kejrival was allegedly blamed for giving RS nominations to two new unknown rich political entities that obliging the senior hard core AAP leaders like Asutosh n others who had been with him in.the party’s thick n thin.

There is a general perception in the media that nobody in the AAP dares to raise his or her voice against Arvind Kejrival and the deputy CM Manish Sisodia who are literally running the show. If anyone dares to do show he/ she is shown the door.

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Just two days before the Independence day a student leader of JNU facing charges of sedition Umar Khalid (alongwith CPI’s Kanahiya Kumar, the former JNU student’s union president ) was today fired upon by an assailant in front of IENS building where the newspaper offices are located when the former had come out of the Constitution Club for tea and snacks alongwith his three colleagues.

According to Khalid and his friends they had come to Constitution Club at Rafi Marg, New Delhi to participate in a seminar titled ” KHAUF SE AZAADI” but since the programme had not started by then, Umar Khalid alongwith his friends came out at the nearby tea stall of NDMC to have tea n snacks at around 2.10 / 2.30 afternoon.

But when they were returning back a tall healthy man, as described by his friend Lahiri grabbed him ( Umar ) from behind who tried to resist. During the physical struggle with the unknown assailant when Umar noticed a pistol in his hand he applied full strength to catch hold of his hand with pistol.

Meanwhile his friends raised an alarm and tried to over power him but the assailant was successful in losing the grip and ran away firing from the distance.

In the confusion and perhaps desperation, hurry and huff, he left the pistol on the road. There was terror, chaos and anxiety all around.

The police reached the spot and took Umar Khalid in its custody for his safety. The crime branch officials have prepared the sketch of the assailant on the basis of the description given by Khalid’s friend accompanying him at the time of the alleged attack. They have also taken the CCTV footage of the cameras fixed in the nearby locations and are trying to examine them minutely and with precision.

Umar Khalid is fully secured and unhurt. This broad day light firing and attack on a person in the heart of the city just few metres away from Parliament house has raised a question mark on the bandobast of the law enforcing agencies just two days before the independence day say the people around.

It may be recalled that cases of sedition had been registered against the two student leaders viz Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar in June 2016 on the charges of raising anti India slogans in a programme organised in JNU to oppose the hanging of Afzal Guru, the convict of the parliament attack. They are currently on bail.

However even after the lapse of two years the charge sheets have not been filed against both of them for sedition reveal sources. Just a few metres away another function of the ruling party was being held in which Ms Meenakshi Lekhi, MP was the chief guest.

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The former skipper of the Indian Cricket team Sunil Gavaskar has refused to attend the swearing in ceremony of his old friend, the former Pakistan Cricket Captain and the twenty first prime minister elect of Pakistan to be sworn in at Islamabad on 18th August.

The reason given by him was his pre occupation in the test matches as a commentator on 18th in England. Sunil Gavaskar’s denial to attend this historic swearing in of Imran Khan in Pakistan is being highly appreciated and lauded by one and all in India especially the saffron party and the present political dispensation at the centre and about twenty states of the country.

Though the reason given by the former skipper of the Indian team is quite genuine and true as Sunil Gawaskar would be in England on 18th of August due to his being the commentator in the India versus England test series starting on 18th till 22nd August political analysts say that by refusing to accept the invitation of the the Pakistan’s prime minister elect’s swearing in ceremony Gawaskar has also given a huge rebuff to the enemy country and its anti India policies thus winning the hearts of billions of Indians around the globe.

Since it was the invitation from a friend ex captain of Pakistan cricket team to the former Indian skipper on extremely personal terms, Sunil Gavaskar could have easily obliged the former by cancelling his trip to England but he did’ nt do so proving himself to be a true nationalist in the language of the saffron party that rules the country at the centre and in over twenty states of the country.

Meanwhile the former Indian batsman, MP and now minister in the Congress government of Punjab has created a furore by saying that if allowed he will be extremely pleased to attend the swearing in ceremony of the former Pakistan skipper and the PM elect Imran Khan’s swearing ceremony in Islamabad, Pakistan to usher in a new chapter offriendship between the two neighbouring countries always at loggerheads.

On being questioned by journalists about his intention to visit Pakistan after the former Indian skipper Sunil Gawaskar refused to oblige Imran Khan, Navjyot Singh Sidhu said that he would love to go to Pakistan, if permitted as this would usher in opening the doors for a renewed friendship between the warring nations who are at loggerheads for a long time. Sidhu even gave Imran Khan a certificate terming him a man of character to the utter dismay, surprise and shock of all.

There had also been reports that the Indian Ambassador to Pakistan would be presenting a cricket bat to Imran Khan as a diplomatic goodwill gesture for reopening of the friendship dialogues between both the nations who could not see each other eye to eye since long with incessant killings going on in the Indo Pak border and Kashmir at the behest of Pakistan Army and the ISI since long.

The refusal of Sunil Gavaskar and the interest of Navjyot Singh Siddhu to attend the swearing in ofTehrike Insaaf chief Imran Khan has opened serious debates in various television channels of the country with some appreciating Sidhu’s move as a purely friendly gesture while his antagonists terming it as an initiative to supportthe India’s hardened enemy nation and its prime minister.

However, the another Indian skipper Kapil Dev and Bollywood actor Amir Khan have not yet issued any statement in this context whether they intend to go to Pakistan on 18th August in Imran Khan’s swearing in ceremony or not.

It may be recalled that the Tehrike Insaf chief and former Pakistan skipper Imran Khan who had been extremely critical of India during the entire election campaign to beget votes had after scoring the victory over his immediate political rivals like PML-N and PPP has said in the media interviews that he is looking forward for the better friendly relations with neighbouring India and if India puts one step forward his government will come out with two steps forward sunce he has lots of friends in India especially in the cricketing fraternity.

He even said that the Indian media has made him the villain of Bollywoofd for no reason. But on Kashmir issue he never relented and said that its the core issue of Pakistan where human rights violations have become the order of the day. He extented four specific invitations for his swearing in to his Indian crickter friends viz. Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev and Navjyot Singh Sidhu ( all cricketers) and  Bollywood actor Amir Khan.

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The prime minister elect of Pakistan Imran Khan is likely to be sworn in as the 21st PM of the neighbouring country on 18 th August with the support of few regional parties and independents.

If we view his ascendence to power in Pakistan from the point of view of our future cordial relationships with this religious nation we should not be too much optimistic about improvement in relations as being given us to believe or understand from the recent statements of Imran Khan that if India puts its one step forward, Pakistan under his
leadership will move two steps ahead.

The reason behind my logic is unambiguosly simple. Imran Khan’s party Tehrike Insaaf climbed to power with the sole support, help and dictates of the Pakistan Army and the latter’s prime and sole objective is to ensure that relations between India and Pakistan should always be in disarray so that the control of Pak Army in the internal affairs of Pakistan including its foreign policy matters go on unhindered.

If the anti India statements and poisionous outbursts of the former cricket champion and Tehrike Insaaf Chief Imram Khan during the general election campaign in Pakistan are assesed or analysed one will come to an unambiguous conclusion that his horrible anti India stance and criticism of the former PM Nawab Sharif calling him a traditional friend of India and prime minister Narendra Modi selling Pakistan’s interests to India has played a pivotal role in his victory in the general elections.

The way Pakistan Army has rigged the elections in several constituencies and favoured Imran Khan’s Party seek majority ensuring the deadly defeat of the major opposition parties viz Sharief’s PML – N and Bilawal Bhutto’s Pakistan Peoples’ Party it has become absolutely clear that the future of Pakistan despite the duly elected government of PTI under Imran Khan’s prime minister ship is going to be remote controlled by the Pakistan Army from behind the scene.

The reason behind launching of corruption cases and putting the former prime minister behind bars is the Army, as the former was not working under their dictates and was in favour of maintaining and improving better relationships with India, but the Pakistan Army would not like that to happen.

Nawab Sharief was also against the Mumbai attack and was interested to start penalisation of those responsible for the Mumbai misadventure but the Army was deadly against these actions. The Kargil war too was the brain child of the Pak Army and it is believed that the then prime minister Nawab Sharief was not brought into confidence who had no option but to follow the Army’s dictates.

In fact, through the election of a political novice like Imran Khan who is just a cricketer having no knowlege or experience about running the administration or foreign policy matters of Pakistan, the Army of the neighbouring country has got a real pawn or a stooge who is all set to act on the dictates of the latter failing which they will pressurise the regional parties and the independents supporting him, under coercion to with draw support or pull the rug from under his feet thus dethroning him from power. Imran Khan knows all this, but has no option but to act on the Army’s dictates.

Becoming prime minister of Pakistan was a long cherished dream of the former Pakistan Captain who brought the world cup for the country. The husband of four wives, divorced with three, have been active in Pakistan’s politics struggling for the last two and a half decades in order to reach the top. But, a sportsman in true sense and a politician, who would never accept defeat, Imran Khan finally made it after 25 years of incessant struggle starting from the ground and crushing the seasoned political parties PML-N and PPP who ruled Pakistan for years together.

Imran is overwhelmned that he is the prime minister of a nation like Pakistan which was his long cherished dream, it hardly matters who operates the remote control.

Moreover, hardly 7 days are left for his swearing in but Imran has not shown courtsey to invite India’s prime minister Narendra Modi to the swearing in despite the fact that the latter had invited the then Pakistan PM Nawab Sharief and other heads of all the SAARC nations in New Delhi in 2014. What does this indicate? Leaving it on you friends to respond?

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Lord Shiva devotees Kaanvariyas go on rampage and violence in broad daylight, damage car. Police a mere spectator?



It seems as if there is no law and order in the capital of India. Anyone or a group of vandals can go heywire at any point of time and vandalise the government or private property in the name of being the devotees of God or wearing saffron and the law enforcing agencies or the police behaves like mere spectator, allowing the rampage to go on unabatedly despite the fact that the entire traffic becomes jammed and hundreds of people put to inconvenience.

Yes , I am talking about the shabby, uncalled for, a most shameful and aterrorising  incident of an open rampage and vandalism that took place today morning at the main road of Moti Nagar where a women driving her car touched a Kanwariya passing by in a group without physically harming him.

The enraged one of the Kanwariya resorted to open violence using his hockey stick damaging the front and rear window panes of the new car and thereafter calling other fellow Kanwariyas who amid chanting of Har Har Mahadev not only damaged the entire car by forcibly hitting it with hockey sticks and trying to remove the doors hitting it badly with hockey sticks n kicks but finally also turning it upside down in the middle of the road.

Somebody from the crowd rang the 100 number and called the police. After sometime two policemen in uniform reached the scene but instead of feeling apprehensive or terrorised to see these uniformed policemen the highly enraged Kanwariyas, about 30 to 40 in numbers started hitting the car more angrily and grievously n finally turned it upside down damaging it completely and creating a ruckus on the main road leading to the complete traffic jam for hours together amid chanting of slogans Har Har Mahadev.

The two policemen who arrived on the scene were mere spectators witnessing helplessly the mob violence. It was by chance that the woman driver and her son got off the car, otherwise they would have borne the brunt of these enraged Kanwariyas. After creating so much of destruction and terror the Kanwariyas dissapeared by the time the police party arrived on the scene.

The police has registered the case under the relevant sections of the law for vandalising the car and violence and are trying to nail the real culprits by examining the CCTV footage as well as the video clicked by some passers by which have become viral on social media, after some time.

Similarly, in Bulandshahr too on 7th August, several enraged and angry Kaanvariyas have damaged a police vehicle hitting it with hockey sticks amid the slogans of Har Har Mahadev. The police also seemed to be scared as there was no action whatsoever from their side thus encouraging them to continue the rampage and vandalism.

Sounds really shocking that in the name of worshipping Lord Shiva , the Kaanvariyas who are reverred and worshipped for their good deeds are involved in such a shameful act of vandalism and rampage in a broad day light. The police is confident of bringing the guilty Kanvariyas to law book.

There had been number of complaints of such acts of vandalism and violence against Kanwariyas during the Sawan season,  but of no awail.

It is usually believed that the believers in God and the worshippers are usually patient believing in high degree of tolerence but the incident of the broad daylight vandalism today has broken this belief or myth, sadly. What’s your take friends?

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The Aam Admi Party seems to have tightened its belt for the national and well as the Delhi state elections slated for 2019 and 2020 and this can be substantiated by the three major cabinet decisions and approvals the Delhi government led by chief minister Arvind Kejrival and his cabinet has taken yesterday i.e. on 7th August pertaining to about one hundred and twenty percent hike in the MLA development fund from Rs 4 crores annually to Rs 10 crores, establishment of 15 new academies in Delhi and approval of the pensions for the handicapped etc. The 120% staggering increase in the MLA annual fund is going to put an additional burden of 420 crores on the states’ exchequer for which the chief minister Delhi Arvind Kejrival says there is no need to seek the central approval nor for opening 15 new academies as the apex court had already made it transparently clear that except the police, law and order and land subjects, the government of NCT Delhi is not legally or constitutionally bound to seek the centre permission or approval. The Bhartiya Janata Party which has merely three MLAs in the Delhi assembly however has badly opposed the increase saying that unless the developmental procedures pertaining to the execution of various schemes are not simplified, there is no use of such a gigantic enhancement of the MLA fund. The Delhi chief minister on the other hand has said that the government of NCT of Delhi are giving full discreation to the Delhi lawmakers to use the budget without any deterrent ot bottlenecks. It may be recalled that this enhancement in the MLA annual fund is the biggest in India as no other state has such a huge budget in terms of MLA development funds. There are number of complaints about the non use and alleged misuse of these funds in majority of the MLA constituencies in several states including Delhi hence such a huge increase is considered to be arbitrary as per the BJPs stand. The Aam Aadmi Party on the other hand is in a perpetual hurry to carry out various developmental projects in all the 66 constituencies being represented by the AAP lawmakers. Siurces reveal that though the AAP government has done remarkable work in the water, electricity, health care, education, social welfare and transport sectors by giving several concessions and free services to the Delhi electorates hailing from the lower middle class, minorities, backward and Dalit sections of the society it has badly lacked on the infrastructural and constituency wise development front at the decentralised level. Hence this rapid increase in the MLA fund from 4 crores annually to 10 crores. The enhanced fund will be officially delivered to every MLA by the end of this year or the starting of 2019. The AAP government strategically wants that the massive development activities gets started in the initial months 2019 in all the constituencies and goes on for the year so that the electorates of Delhi keep the constituency wose decentralized development fresh in their minds and vote for the party enmasse during the 2020 state elections. Moreover, by opening new academies of Garhwali- Kumaoni, Bangla, Kannada, Bengali, Kashmiri, Assamese, Telegu, Malyali, Tamil, Prakrit Pali languages etc it is trying to captire the vote bank of all these communities living in Delhi. What is surprising and shocking part of the whole episode is that the Congress party has not criticized Arvind Kejrival n AAP either on the formation of new academies and increase in the MLA fund despite it not having a single MLA in Delhi. The reason is unambiguous that Rahul Gandhi has a bigger motive of opposition unity against BJP in mind and therefore he do not want to annoy Arvind Kejrival. It may be recalled that Arvind Kejrival was present in the opposition conglomeration at Jantar Mantar with Rahul Gandhi in the protest Dharna against the mass rape of women n girls in Muzaffarpur, Bihar shelter home.What’s your take friends?

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The Delhi government of Aam Aadmi Party is expeditiously moving ahead with fulfilling its various pre poll and post poll promises in view of the fast approaching national and thereafter Delhi elections in the initial months of 2020.

The Aam Admi Party government and its chief minister Arvind Kejrival has been in direct confrontation with the centre and its nominee, the Lt governor of Delhi for almost three years after it assumed power in the state in 2013 after badly defeating the Congress party at the hustings in which the AAP secured 67 seats, a historic mandate giving merely three seats to BJP and none to Congress that ruled Delhi for 15 long years under the chief ministership of Shiela Dikshit, who herself lost from the Gole Market Assembly constituency to the Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival.

Since then the AAP government had been at constant loggerheads with the centre blaming prime minister Narendra Modi off and on and the then LG Nazeeb Jung and later on Anil Baijal for creating deliberate obstacles and bottlenecks on its way in order not to let it implement the pro peoplespolicies and programmes in Delhi. However, the party and the AAP government has despite sp much of obstacles, as claimed by it, has done tremendous good job in the water, power, education, health and transport sector.

Now since, the AAM Admi party government is left with only one and half years or even less it is trying to use every moment an opportunity to please the Delhi voters, the minorities, the backwards, the down troddens and the lower middle class. It also wants to please every community living in Delhi as well. Delhi has a sizeable population of Poorvanchalies and Uttarakhandies apart from other communities. It has therefore made good efforts to please the inhabitants of Bihar in Delhi by sanctioning a handsome budget for Chat puja arrangements and improving the condition of Chat Puja Ghats and ponds in good number of areas in Delhi. Similarly, the deputy chief minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia publicly announced in a rally of Uttarakhand Ekta Manch at Ram Lila Maidan about two years ago that the AAP government will ensure that an Academy of Garhwal n Kumaon is established in Delhi alongwith other academies like Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Mithila and Sindhi academies who are less in numbers as compared to the Uttarakhandies in Delhi.

The inhabitants of Uttarakhand has been since long demanding the establishment of Uttarakhand Academy in Delhi keeping in view their sizeable numbers say 25 to 30 lakh. The Aam Admi Party knows very well that the communities of Bihar, UP and Uttarakhand who in total comprise of fifty percent or more electoral strength in Delhi can tilt the political.balance of any party while forming the government.

Moreover the deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia’s constitiency Mandavli also comprises of more than fifty percent of Uttarakhandi voters. As a result, the AAP government last year sanctioned over a budget of Rs one crore to organise Uttarayini programmes in all the seventy constituencies of Delhi thus making the AAP’s solid inroads in the Uttarakhandi vote bank. According to the latest revelation by Manish Sisodia, the Delhi’s CM in one of his tweets has declared that theDelhi government’s cabinet has today taken a unanimous decision to establish 15 new Academies in the capital which include Kashmiri, Garhwali n Kumaoni, Asaamese, Kanada, Nangla, Telugu, Malyaali, Tamil, Prakrit Pali languages academies and an additional academy of foreign languages.

If this really happens the AAM ADMI Party in Delhi would be in a position to please all the communities of Delhi who may in turn respond by voting in favour of AAP in the Delhi election slated to be held in 2020. But it remains to be seen whether the central government ruled by the BJP would give the state government the necessary permission or legal sanction or not? A moot question indeed?

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There are millions of die hard fans of Rajesh Khanna aka Kaka in India and abroad and so am I who worked as his media advisor for over a decade or so but Vipin Oberoi is a unique die hard fan of his who and who’s entire family have been in so close proximity during Kaka’s thick and thin that after the super star of the millenium Kaka’s leaving for the eternal home Vipin acknowledges the same affection and love from Dimple, her daughters and even the super star of today Akshay Khanna, late Kaka’s son in law.

Vipin Oberoi my close trusted friend and Kaka’sdie hard fan, had tremendous obsession and admiration for Kakaji since beginning but actually came in his direct and regular contact when Kaka arrived in Delhi to contest the parliamentary election from New Delhi on Congress ticket on the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi’s insistence.

I however had joined Kaka from day one as his media advisor and met Vipin thereafter. Vipin was then a businessmen dealing with electronics gadgets like televisions and other items but was so badly involved in Kaka’s election that he has to give away that profitable business unwillingly.

He has a lovely family, with both the daughters having settled abroad after doing their law. Vipin then had no option but to start a chef cart/ van in Cannaught at Janpath that he got with Kaka’s support and blessings. It later on was shifted behind the prestigious Jesus and Merry college in Chanakyapuri, a prestigious Diplomatic Enclave.

Fully studded with Rajesh Khanna’s pictures and his superhit songs going on round the clock makes the environment in and around the vicinity fully glamorous and pleasent.

Kaka used to very often visit this chef cart called The Treat with the intent to help Vipin increase his sale. He loved and blessed Vipin Oberoi always and used to visit the place during night time after 9 till 11 or 12, sometime with Bollywood stars as well.

Kaka’s wife and a popular actress Dimple and children Twinkle and Rinki if in Delhi also casually visit the place and bless Vipin who’d been in Kaka’s close proximity for more than three decades, taking care of his eating requirements and other things whenever the star turned MP used to be in Delhi.

Vipin travelled with Kaka in several political campaignings as well in Delhi and other parts of the country. I myself had also visited the van, the Treat number of times and met Kaka there and had dinner with him who fortunately always held me in high esteem.

The Treat prepares fantastic and delicious non veg items consumed by good number of customers and Kaka’s fan who visit the place every alternate days with family and friends from various nooks and corners of Delhi. Vipin Oberoi alongwith Kaka’s colleagues and fans in Delhi every year celebrate and remember this great legend by organising a Bhandara and prayer meeting at the venue of THE TREAT in Chanakyapuri.

The treat is the best address for individuals and family goers for dinner non vegetarian n vegetarian delicacies where Kaka used to usually dine while he was alive.




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