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Release of the Talwar couple in Arushi muder case throws a huge challenge to the investigative agencies



The permanent reprieve, as of now, accorded by the Allahabad High Court to the husband wife and parents of late Arushi Talwar by releasing them from jail for non existence of credible evidence speaks of the fact that any influential, highly linked, rich or affluent, over intelligent or genius killer or the supari giver can allegedly go scot free after any amount of killings.

It’s not that the murderers are not being brought to justice in India or not being punished. Be it late but the killer ultimately falls into the legal trap and gets due punishment for his or her crime however big or influential they are.

But the way after so much of national and international media hype and several lie detector tests, hundreds of enquiries and cross examinations by the Uttar Pradesh police first and then by the Central Bureau of Investigation, considered to be one of the best in the world the actual culprits behind this most trivial and complex murder has not been caught till yet unambiguously points a finger of alleged suspicion or incompetitiveness over the outstanding capabilities of the crime branch, the Uttar Pradesh police and finally the most talked about investigative agency the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Here the moot point is now who is going to be held responsible and answerable for the undue and unmitigated harrasment, victimisation, torture and humiliation suffered by the already traumatised parents of the lonely daughter whom they have not only lost so treacherously but also confronted public insult number of times by being handcuffed and taken to jail including their behind bars for so many years with media blitz, after literary becoming bankrupt leaving behind their chequered and bright business career as reputed Dentists.

What about their physical, mental and phychological battering and incessant torture. If they are no more the culprits where is the real one ? Would he/ she go scot free for ever? or would not be brought to justice, ever. People are questioning if the way deceased Arushi Talwar’s parents had been tortured and punished behind bars and then let off after so many years in the absence of any credible evidence, is it not true that in our country hundreds of such uninfluential Talwars’ might be allegedly undergoing illegal sentences for years’ .WHAT ABOUT THEM.

Would the machinery concerned also give a serious thought to such cases of innocent criminals who are actually not, but have been allegedly labelled or branded on false pretexts. It may be recalled that the infamous ARUSHI TALWAR murder case hit headlines inviting national and international media attention with the DGP level officers of UP police throwing their own imaginative theories in front of Media and arresting wrong persons to brand them as killers without any relevant evidence, ( finally released) the case thereafter going to CBI in the end, which too failed after undergoing every best and precision oriented outstanding investigation.

In the history of Indian investigation this would be rated as the most failed case bringing bad name to the premier investigative agency of India say the legal news analysts.









Twenty labourers feared dead under the collapsed illegal six floor building in Noida. 9 bodies retrieved so far



An illegal under construction six floor building was on Tuesday in Noida known as Shahberi building has collapsed killing near twenty persons of some families who are still under the debris being cleared by the Noida authorties as well as the NDRF. Most of those killed are the labourers.

So far about nine bodies have been retrieved from beneath the huge debris of the collapsed building. The 6 floor Shahberi building and many such buildings are being arbitrarily and illegally build in Noida and greater Noida allegedly in league with the corrupt officials of Noida authority and the local police without getting the proper building plan duly passed.

Many such building without the official sanctions of the Noida authority are coming up seamlessly with the sole intent to earn heavy profits by the builder mafia thus risking the lives of the occupants and the labourers in most of the under construction buildings.

In the Shahberi building matter that collapaed like the pack of cards killing about twenty or even more persons, the builders concerned have not followed the adequate building norms and had used substandard material with no solid pillar support to the building.

There is tremendous corruption in the Noida Authority with the builders having their fullest say after allegedly bribing the officials of the building department.

Hundreds of such six or more floor risky buildings have come up by the builders with the intent to earn handsome profits in clandestine collaboration of the corrupt officials of the authority.

The question is : are the lives of the occupants or the labourers and their poor families so cheap that they can be led to death trap at any point of time.

In the Shahberi building collapse case several families have been wiped out. There is no pronouncement of any suitable compensation for the deceaseds’ particularly the only earning members of the aggrieved poor families.

The builders are still at large and the Noida police has registered cases against the erring builders against the necessary sections of the law.

There is tremendous anger, disenchantment and frowned tempers against the killer builders and people are demanding stringent punishment for them.

But will our system really punish the guilty under the strictest sections of the law is a moot question.

Yogi Adityanathji, people are dying under your rule and you are watching silently. Do something to punish the guilty and adequately compensate the victims and the bereaved poor families financially as well.

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The senior journalist and chief editor of The Print, formerly the editor of Indian express Shekher Gupta has released a video of his own speech expressing his immense disenchantment over the complacent attitude of the BJP leaders not issuing a single statement condemning the severe physical attack on the great Arya Samaj leader, social activist and a reformer Swamy Agnivesh after the latter was attacked brutally in Pakud, Jharkhand over his remarks challenging the existence of Hindu Gods.

Expressing his serious concern Shekhar Gupta said the he too have differences with the saffron clad Arya Samajist leader Agnivesh and had even pronounced him as a publicity hunter but never stooped to the low level as was done in Pakud Jharkhand to him. He said having difference of opinion in a democracy does not give any body a license to physically thrash or assault one’s opponent as shamefully done to Swamy Agnivesh by the Hindu bigots and what is more shocking is the fact that not a single BJP or RSS leader has come out in condemning this most obnoxious incident of an open physical attack on an innocent octogenerian saffron clad Arya Samajist as well as a social activist.

However he had all the praise for Jayant Sinha the union civil aviation minister and son of prime minister Narendra Modi’s betenoire Yashwant Sinha who has in unequivocal terms condemned the incident and demanded the arrests of the culprits. He said : he is appreciating and lauding Jayant Sinha because he is the only leader in the entire BJP who’d outrightly condemned this incident that happened in his home constituency despite the fact that a few days ago he has been outrightly reprimanded by the country’s media for lionising and garlending the accused of lynching in Jharkhand after they were set free by the courts on bail.

He questioned does this not amount to patronising such attacking mobs of Hindu bigots who take law into their hands and go on rampage and hurting an 80 year old Arya samajist just because his ideology dose’nt suit their style of thinking.

Veteran journalist Shekhar Gupta was even more amused and anguished over the neutral attitude of the external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj, whom he said he respected the most as he brought the issue into her notice as well expecting that there will be a word of condemnation from her side as Swamy Agnivesh according to her was a deputy minister in Haryana several years ago when she was one of the cabinet ministers.

Expressing his deep concern, shock and anguish over the increasing incidents of mob attacks and lynchings in the country in the name or under the guise of polarisation Shekhar Gupta said: this trend needs to be curbed at all costs as democracy and our constitution does not give anyone right or license to physically assault or  lynch anyone in the name of religion, or food habits and further said that the present laws are fair  enough to stringently counter this dreaded menace and punish the guilty stringently, provided they are implemented vigorously and with a heavy hand.

He gave an instance of his recent visit to a function of Malyalam Manorama in Kerala where during the dinner buffet party various non vegetarian items were served including the big meat but not a single person or leader even of the BJP and RSS  who were present there, raise any voice of dissent.

He asked how can we object to the eating habits of the people and create chaos in the name of Hinduism and eating habits.

He added: India is a nation of diverse culture, caste and creed which believes in the principle of unity in diversity.

By not condemning the shameful attack on the octagenerian Arya Samaj leader in Jharkhand, Pakud by a single leader of BJP, except the union minister of civil aviation it seems as if these religious bigots are being indirectly sheltered or shielded.

How can a voice of dissent and difference of opinion be curbed or stifled by mob attacks and lynchings questioned Gupta.

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Eminent social reformer Swamy Agnivesh physically thrashed and his clothes torned at Pakud, Jharkhand. No action against hooligans?



Two major incidents that happened today compel us to hang our heads in shame in acountry which boasts of an open and liberal democracy. Intolerance in the society has crossed every limit of decency and people of eminence or even woman are being phsically assaulted and subjected to extreme extreme and mental torture.

In one incident the prominent social reformer and a liberar thinker whose entire life has been dedicated for freeing the bonded child labours and serving the poor, hapless and the down troddens of the society n who was also instrumental in safeguarding several innocent lives during the1984 anti Sikh roits putting his own life in danger, alongwith the then socialist leader Chandra Shekhar and journalist Habib Akhtar erc, Swamy Agnivesh was today allegedly physically beaten and attacked by hoodlums and workers of the saffron party after showing him black flags in a vociferous deminstration.

According to seniour journalist Habib Akhtar, Swamy Agnivesh aged 78 years who lives at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi had gone to Pakud in Jharkhand to participate in the 195 th anniversary of Daamin festival in Litpadha. While he had left his hotel for the festival venue an enrazed mob showed him black flags,raised highly provocative slogans against him and torn his clothes after physically assaulting him.

This is the version of the police given to the BBC correspondent. This is indeed shameful and highly condemnable an act which demands stringent action against the culprits responsible for Swamy Agnivesh’s thrashing who isa peace loving social activist havingcome to LitpadaJharkhand to participate in an ancient festival.

In yet another shameful incident a woman in a debate in the Zee Hindustan studio was during a debate literally slapped by a person participating in the TV interaction. While the live debate was in the air on Zee Hindustan TV studio at Kaipur city, the discussion between the woman and the man took a vociferous turn with both of them shouting at each other.

Attempts were made by the anchor and other participants to pacify both of them but the maulana becameso furious and irritated that he publicly during the live show slapped the woman to the utter shock, surprise and dismay of the TV crew as well as the audience. The show had to be thereafter brought to an abrupt end. Sounds shocking, after all whats happening to the tolerencelevel of the people.

While the mob psychology is at work in some states physically harming, injuring or even lynching others the women are not safe even in Television studios.

Just yesterday the three Judge bemch of the apex court of the country led by honourable justice Dipak Mishra has taken an extremely serious view of these increasing incidents of individual and mob lynchings and had asked the union government to devise a new law to put an end to these horrendous killings under various false pretexts and rumour mongerings in cases like cow vigilantism and child liftings.

It is hightime that the various state governments and the union government should seriously look into these ill concieved designs and credibly counter these hate oriented attacks and killings.

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Supreme court intervenes. Directs union government to make a new law on lynchings to stringently punish the guilty



The media of the country and the progressive intellectuals, writers, journalists and even socio political activists have been expressing their grave concern over the incessant, unstoppabe and uncontrolled obnoxious incidents of human lynchings in various parts of the country in the nameof so called cow vigilantism or child abductors n against the eating habits of a particular community and very little, rather negligible had been done by the various state governments, particularly the political dispensations in states like UP, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Haryana and Maharashtra where coincidently the saffron party governments are on the power saddle.

This trend of continuing hatred in the society with diverse culture, religions and caste considerations has literally shaken the confidence of the people at large. After the abysmal failure of the central and the state governments to effectively counter this dreaded menace of human lynching which has so far killed about 27 people in all, all over the country, the apex court was finally compelled to intervene strongly on the writ petition filed by the grandson of late father of the nation, namely Tushar Gandhi requesting and pleading the court to stringently punish the guilty and bring complete halt to this deadly menace.

The three judge bench of the supreme court of India led by the chief justice Deepak Mishra while strongly casting aspersions on the centre and various state governments as above has taken an extremely serious view of these critical situations and obnoxious incidents and have asked the centre to devise or frame a new specific law to punish the guilty of these lynchings to the core, in order to stop these sequential lynchings in various parts ofthe country.

The chief justice Dipak Mishra and other two judges while taken an extremely serious view said that such mob violence in the name of cow vigilantism and child lifting or in any form can’t be allowed to happen in the future.

Our constitution does not permit any one to take the law into his or her hands and lynch anybody in the name of social policing. Such criminals and murderors should be brought to justice at the earliest and this deadliest menace stopped as early as possible.

The court has also taken an extremely serious views about the rumours being spread in the social media like whatsapp, facebook and twitter and asked the centre and states to do something concrete and credible to put an end to this practice of rumour mongering through the social networking sites which ultimately result in provoking peoples’ minds and sentiments leading to such horrendous lynchings.

The apex court has asked the states of Haryana, Rajasthan and UP in particular to file a detailed report on these incidents to the court and also enumerate as to what credible and construtive n coercive actions it has has implemented or executed to stringently punish the guilty and bring end to such horrendous mishappenings.

Today’s verdict seems to be a historic one, which I think would go along way to counter and control this menace once for all particularly the fishy tactics of some parties to use these incidents to derive capital mileage during the elections in the near future. What’s your take friends?

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List of 29 Pak sponsored hard core terrorists prepared ! Security forces to eliminate them. Govt’s foremost priority!



After the imposition of president’s rule in strife torn Jammu and Kashmir with the snapping of ties by the Bhartiya Janata Party with PDP, the state administration has been geared up to the fullest with the state governor M. M. Vohra convening an all party meeting on 22nd June and exploring the possibilities of dealing stringently n with extreme precision with the hard core domestic as well as the Pak sponsored terrorists.

Just after the state assembly having been brought under suspended animation and proclamation of the president’s rule the octogenerian governor of the trouble torn state who is at the helm of the state for the last ten years also deliberated with top officials of Army, Security forces, Central and State Intelligence and police to find out ways and means to crush the ongoing invasion and attacks of the militants who are day in and day out claiming the lives of citizens and security forces troopers seamlessly and without any fear or Army terror.

Yesterday, in Navshera village of terrorist infested Anantnag district the Indian Army killed four hard core local terrorists believing in the ideology of the ISIS and responsible for several deaths of civilians and Armymen. About 20 civilians were seriously injured in the hectic exchange of cross fire which lasted for several hours.

After the imposition of the president’s rule in the state this is the biggest action by the security forces who are seriously combing the jungles and living human settlements in the four highly terrorist infested districts of J&K namely Anantnag, Pulwama, Sopore and Bandipura etc.

The union government and the Indian Army have now made up it full mind to eliminate the terrorists who have wrecked havoc in Kashmir for the last decade.

It is believed that the National Security Advisor Ajit Dobhal is directing the operations from behind with immense precision and perfection.

Meanwhile, as per the latest news pouring in on television channels, the state administration and Indian Army has prepared a list of about 29 hard core terrorists being aided and abetted by neighbouring Pakistan active in Kashmir for elimination.

The list include 11 Laskare Tayyeba, two hizbul mujahiddeen and some ISIS supported militants. The security forces have vowed to find and kill these hard core terrorists in the near future.

After the beef up of the security appratus in the state and elimination of terrorists as a one point programme of the state and central administration the terrorists are running helter and skelter in the state trying to get holed up in their clandestine hide outs badly terrorised of the Army action.

After the incessant killings of the civilians and the army troopers in Kashmir and increase in the incidents of stone peltings for the last four years since prime minister Narendra Modi assumed power at the centre there have been tremendous amount of resentment and disenchantment amongst the people and opposition parties in the state of J&K as well as nationally.

The recent anti India derogatory UNHCR report holding India responsible for massive human rights violations in Kashmir, outrightly rejected by India and 6 other countries joining it in the United Nations expressing pro India solidarity, has finally compelled the Modi government to snap ties with the PDP government led by Mehbooba Mufti who was considered to be soft towards the stone pelters on Indian army jawans and terrorists including the separatists Hurriyat conference.

The national elections of 2019 are also nearing fast and the BJP led NDA could not take any chance by being non serious on the sensitive Kashmir issue which has serious international repurcussions and ramifications, as well. Hence, this action plan to eliminate all hard core terrorists from the soil of Kashmir and bring it back on rails as a peaceful and tranquil state.

Meanwhile, there are speculations that the central leadership is looking for a highly matured political leader for the post of the J&K governor instead of a retired Army officer or a civil servant as the Kashmir issue is more of political nature than an issue of law and order.

There had been eminent civil servants and IPS including retired Army chiefs having been governors but the situation in trouble torn J&K has not improved even an inch ahead.

The toll has risen tremendously and no way out could be found to this vexed imbroglio except bloodshed n incessant casualties till date.

While the present incumbent who is 82 years old N. N. Vohra has been on the post for the last ten years since 2008, Krishna Rao, Girish Saxena and IAS Jagmohan and others have been the governors, in the past bringing little relief to the situation.

Kashmir being a political imbroglio, the union government is interested in the appointment of a veteran political person with credibility, than any retired Army General, IPS or a civil servant.

But the the Kashmir situation has come to such a sorry pass with Pakistan and its sponsored terrorists, hell bent upon creating havoc in Kashmir.

The trouble torn state now needs a perfect and highly experienced Armyman with full discreationery powers to act freely as was the case with IPS, Gill who resolved the insurgency in Punjab with a heavy hand finally bringing peace and tranquility which was badly infested with Khalistan problem having taken heavy toll of innocent citizens and security forces at the hands of terrorists demanding separate KHALISTAAN.

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Open gang rivalry at Burari in broad daylight take three tolls in a shootout



Delhi has become a hub for hardened criminals and the incidents of gang wars, chain snatchings and assault of women are on the rise with people of the capital city having no option but to be at the mercy of these anti social elements.

Not a single days goes when the newspapers are not full of news of gang wars or incidents of chain snatching, killings, women assaults, rapes and physical violence.

If one goes by the statistics of the Crime records bureau it is beyond his or her expectation to find the statistics of gangwars, chain snatchings and physical assaults and incidents of rapes and women assaults increasing day by day and beyond the capacity of the law enforcing agencies to bring them under control.

Just today at Burari Chowk two gangs fought each other in broad day light killing two gangsters of the rival group and an innocent women.

In all about five rounds were fired in this violent gangwar with three on the spot casualties with severely injured two gangsters.

The entire incident was caught on CCTV camera displaying the gangsters flashing pistols openly and firing at each other now being shown on television news.

The public around went helter and skelter to seek refuge while the Delhi police petrol party or policemen from the nearest police stations were conspicuous by their absense.

The warring gangsters were so undeterred or least worried by the police that they conveniently fired, roaming around, as if they have no fear of the police.

The residents of Burari are badly shocked and shaken by this broad day light gang war that killed three lives including an innocent woman with no fault of hers.

The police arrived after everybody fled the scene. However, the CCTV footage has captured the scenes of the crime showing each n every gangster waving their pistols, and killing three with injuries to two gangsters.

The majority of the unauthorised colonies situated in Delhi’s outskirsts have become the major hub for the perpetuation of the criminal activities and gangsterism and the police is doing very little to control the situation. The Mitraon village, Najafgarh’s protracted gang war that started with a disputed piece of land has so far claimed several lives of the families in dispute and is still on.

Today’s Burari shootout in North Delhi which claimed three lives with grievous injuries to two has shaken peoples’ confidence on police uthorities as their saviour or custodian.

The Crime Branch of Delhi police have already taken the crime scene in its possession and its collecting the finger print, the bullet covers and
every possible clue with precision to solve the case and arrest the culprits. The police is extremely confident to bring the culprits to justice at the earliest.They have also taken the CCTV footage in their possesion.


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Army kills four hardcore terrorists in Baandipura within hrs of ending the ceasefire



The prime minister Narendra Modi has vowed to teach a stringent lesson to the terrorists who killed the army troopers including Aurangzeb and a senior journalist Shujaat Bhukhari during Ramzan ceasefire in Kashmir a few days ago.

These terrorists would not be spared at any cost and should be killed within 72 hours to avenge the death of our patriotic brave heart soldiers said the rime minister.

Meanwhile, four hardcore terrorists have been killed by the Army in Baandipura sector on the first day of the government’s ceasefire.

The union government has also lifted the one month old cease fire deadline today . The home minister Rajnath Singh said that after the lifting of ceasefire the Army has resumed its counter terrorists operations as before but with more vigour and vitality.

Sources reveal that the Army operation has been intensified further and every effort is being made to kill maximum number of terrorists cladestinely operating from Bandipura forests and other areas being aided and abetted by ISI.

The Indian Army chief Vipin Rawat today visited the house of slained soldier Aurangzeb and expressed his heartfelt condolenses to the bereaved family. Genl. Rawat assured the bereaved family of all possible help including the adequate financial compensation. He said that the brutal killing and sacrifice of Aurangzeb would not go waste and the Army would not spare a single terrorist involved in the murder.

The Army has enhanced the combing operation and there are unambiguous indications that not a single militant will be spared in the near future.

It may be recalled that despite the union government announcing the ceasefire during the holy Ramazan the terrorists never relented and continued their attacks on a journalist and four army troopers who succumbed to the militants’ bullets including the incidents of massive stone throwing on the Armymen and security forces in Anantnag.

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Brave heart Aurangzed preferred death than lying to militants



Brave heart Aurangzed preferred death than lying to militants

A video released by the Hizbul Muzahiddeen militants who first abducted and then brutally killed a young Army soldier in retaliation , posted in Shopean district of Kashmir involved in the encounter of three Pak sponsored terrorists with Major Shukla namely Aurangzeb whose father and brother had been in Army answered all the queries of the militants bravely without telling a single lie despite knowing the severe consequenses. Brave heart Aurangzeb could have lied and asked for reprieve but he told the truth and preferred the deadliest death. Salutes.

The vedio which has become viral in the social media is showing the deceased brave heart, Aurangzeb having been tied to a tree with the vedio camera focussed on him facing volley of questions from his captors pertaining to the killing and thereafter allegedly mutilating the bodies of hard core terrorists Sameer Tiger, Talaa and one more.

These Hizbul Mujahideen militants were killed in an encounter a few days ago by a team of Armymen led by Major Shukla whom late Aurangzeb was also acompanying as his personal security guard. Aurangzeb had in the past too killed number of militants and was very much in the hit list of the hardcore militants of HM in Kashmir. Aurangzeb was abducted on 14th June while he was going on leave to his family on the eve of Eid.

It is believed that it might be the jungles of Pulwama where the Army trooper was tied before being killed brutally. It was the same fateful day when one of the leading journalists’ of Kashmir and the editor – in – chief of Rising Kashmir was gunned down alongside his two body guards in their twenties.

In the vedio late Aurangzed was shown tied to a tree in a jungle and being questioned by his abductors. He was asked whether he was in the killing party. The answer from the deceased soldier was in affirmation. The second question posed was : Was he the guard of Major Shukla protecting him during or before the encounter. The answer was yes.

The third question was : Did they got the official permission for the encounter. Aurangzeb replied in yes again. Did you killed one of the terrorists ? Yes, said the brave soldier. Did you killed terrorists earlier as well, asked the person in vedio? Yes came the answer. Did you mutilated the bodies? No , said Aurangzeb adding that he had gone away after the firing as his hand was injured.

He further said that it was not he or Major Shukla who mutilated the bodies but it was because of the gun fires. The terrorists never agreed on his honest replies and killed him brutally thereafter on the spot, though the killing vedio wasn’t shot or exhibited publicly.

Meanwhile even on the day of Ramzan hundreds of misguided angered youths are being showened pelting stones on security forces on television channels in Srinagar and Anantnag.

On the other hand hundreds of thousands of people raising anti establishment , anti militant and pro Bukhari slogans demanding death for the culprits, covered one kilometre distance on foot with the body of slained journalist Shujaat Bukhari in his native village Kreeri 37 kms away from the state capital where he was creamated with grief and tears in the eyes of countless friends, supporters and well wishers of the deceased journalist.

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Shujaat Bukhari murder during Ramzan ceasefire is an open challenge to the peace lovers by Pak sponsored terrorists



The brutal gunning down of the senior journalist, an eminent peace activist and the editor in chief of Rising Kashmir, Shujaat Bukhari alongwith his two armed body guards in strife torn Kashmir yesterday proves beyond doubt that Jammu, Kashmir is not a safe haven for journalists any more. Shujaat Bukhari was one of the most reputed journalists of J&K having worked in prestigious Kashmir Times, The Hindu and thereafter starting his own newspaper The Rising Kashmir in 2008 after quitting The Hindu, spanning a jouralistic career of more than three decades.

A true champion of peace and relentless fighter working hard to resolve the vexed Kashmir imbroglio he was the target of the Pak sponsored terrorists and the ISI in particular having been attacked earlier as well, for which he was accorded the armed security of two state police guards. His brother Basharat Bukhari is the minister of Horticulture in the current PDF BJP government led by Mufti Mehbooba.

Though killings of civilians, armymen and security forces troopers including militants have become the order of the day in the strife torn Kashmir which has witnessed more than 65 thousand kilings since 1990 what’s even more worrisome and anguishing is the fact that now the representatives of the fourth estate, the scribes like Shujaat Bukhari who were really championing the peace process between Pakistan, India and the Kashmiries including the militants since a long time are also being eliminated paraticularly at a time when the state was witnessing a month long ceasefire imposed by the union government during pious festival RAMZAN, with the earnest hope to regain peoples’ confidence in the valley and acompany peace and tranquility in the extremely strife torn J & K.

But the gruesome murder of the champion of the peace who was relentlessly involved in bringing tranquility to the area suffering from core militancy since several decades resulting in heavy bloodshed has once again proved home the point that the enemy nation Pakistan, its ISI and its’ aided and abetted terror organisations like Laskare Tayyeba, Hizbul Mujahiddeen and other outfits are in no mood to reconcile giving unambiguous signals that its ready to wage a war with India or is trying to provoke us to go for a serious misadventure with it i.e. Pakistan.

The issue has now adopted serious proportions and dimensions. How long will the Indian government wait now and what for, ask the people of the country?

The militants in Jammu and Kashmir are emerging out of unknown caves clandestinely in unlimited numbers and not hesitating to kill civilians, security force personels, Army troopers and now journalists. Hundreds of thousands of young jawans have so far lost their precious lives.

However, our forces have so far killed thrice the number of militants and Pak sponsored terrorists, undoubtedly i.e more than 32 thousand militants since 1990 but they are still erupting seamlessly and continuing their killing spree. When it comes to the killings of the journalists in Jammu and Kashmir the figures are no less staggering.

Since 1990, 19 journalists have been killed in Jammu and Kashmir, including Bukhari.

Their deaths have been at the hands of militants, paramilitary forces, state police and the Indian armed forces.

Under the threat perception of the state, one must also not forget how much self censorship a journalist in a conflict-afflicted state like Jammu and Kashmir has to practice.

Compare this to the Committee to Protect Journalists’s numbers from across India – 27 journalists in India have been killed since 1992 for their work, and in all, over 77 journalists and media workers have been killed in India between 1992 and 2018 and several hundred injured.

Though the motive has been established in some cases, the investigation in most cases remains as just so many loose ends.

What happens ultimately ? Messages of condolenses with crocadile tears appear in newspapers and television channels from ministers, senior police officers, big wigs and those at the helm of affairs. Some financial compensation also arrives simultaneously. Even jobs to the next of the kin are granted in exceptional cases.

And finally we are again at square one after few days, ready to confront such anguishing casualties and stereotype of the same tradition of condolenses and shedding of crocadile tears. Just ask the parents who lose their loving son, wife a beloved husband, children, their affectionate bread giver father.

Would the honourable prime minister, Home minister and Defence minister guarantee peace to the citizen of strife torn Kashmir and India is a moot question for which everybody is awaiting for a suitable answer ? What’s your take friends?

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MAN EATER casualties on the rise in Uttarakhand. Govt should formulate a concrete policy to save human lives !



The prominent shooter and killer of 90 maneaters in the forests of Garhwal and Kumaon himalayas, about 8 decades ago, is again remembered today after the incessant horrifying killings of human beings in the villages of Uttarakhand, spreading terror around and the government agencies, particularly the forest department doing literally nothing to protect the precious lives of the inhabitants living in interior villages.

There was a time when these leopards and tigers used to roam and confine themselves within the highly dense jungles and would harm the human beings only when they posed them any sort of danger.
These predators, then used to attack human lives in retaliation to protect themselves.

But unfortunately, during the last two decades, especially in the previous five years after the increasing construction activities like road constructions, construction of dams and infrastructural developments around and in the forests, the wild life has been badly disturbed, displaced and are coming nearer to houses for want of prey.

The jungles of Uttarakhand are bereft of the wild life and the leopards, tigers whose main food is flesh find it difficult to arrage food as increasing jungle fires have also imbalanced the ecology resulting dearth of wild animals shifting elsewhere.

According to a confirmed statistics there are about 150 maneaters in Uttarakhand and the government and the wild life still seems to be more concerned to protect the maneaters than the lives of the inhabitants living in villages despite so much of human killings.

In just last one year, good number of brutal killings of Uttarakhand villagers have come to the fore in Garhwal and Kumaon regions and the death involves those of children, old aged persons and women who go for fodder in the jungles. Majority of these maneater killings have been noticed from roadsides and near the human settlements.

Just fifteen days ago a man eater brutally killed a 65 year old man near a bus shed in Pauri Garhwal’s Chowbatta khal area followed by two killings in Manila, Kumaon area where two children aged 7 were dragged to the jungles several metres away by these maneaters n brutally killed on the spot. But the forest division could not do anything to avert these incidents despite so much of hullaballoo and concern.

On 11 June in Bageshwar a seven year old boy named Deepak son of an eighty percent handicapped Dalit Diwane Ram became the easy prey of the maneater who dragged the boy from his house till the nearby jungle and ate half of his body.

In retaliation the angry villagers in Harinagari area of Uttarakhand’s Bageshwar district set a forest on fire Monday evening. The boy’s half-eaten body was found in the nearby forest area on Tuesday morning.

A crowd of over a thousand gathered in the village due to which the foresters could not go into the affected area during the night, forest officials said. Harinagari is around 25 kms from the district headquarters.

There is terror all around and the local residents including the traumatic parents of the deceased are demanding adequate financial compensation including killing of the maneaters at all costs.

The moot point is as to how long will the inhabitants of Uttarakhand, particularly the villagers live under the terror of maneaters’ unpredictable attacks which can happen at any unknown place and time.

Hundreds of such predators are roaming freely near the roadsides and the human settlements in Uttarakhand and clandestinely look for human flesh.

It has almost become an order of the day as such terrorising incidents of leopard attacks appear in newspapers after every three days with the hapless and ignorant forest department literally doing nothing to chalk out a concrete strategy to counter this increasing menace.

Since Uttarakhand comprises of 70 or more % of the forest cover Tigers, leopards and Panthers roam in these jungles freely and in view of the dearth of animal prey they usually remain in search of human meat near villages and even isolated houses in towns.

Finding an easy prey they attack on human beings on roadsides, houses near jungles and lonely places and fulfill their hunger.

Though there is no definite statistics available in government records about those killed by maneaters but it is believed that the number has crossed thousands.

The government should hire the expert shooters and grab these maneaters physically and if not possible to catch them physically, should get rid of them as human life is more precious than these dreaded maneaters who’d let loose their reign of terror in entire Uttarakhand. An expert and specialised shooter like Jim Corbet of the British area is the need of the hour.

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