Rahul alleges that transfer of Rs 284 crores to Reliance proves complicity of wrong doings in Rafale deal



The Congress president Rahul Gandhi who is completely in unrelentless mood on his attacks on prime minister Narendra Modi and his government on the most controvertial Rafale imbroglio terming it as a biggest scam of the history has today once again castigated aspersions on the prime minister Modi of unleashing corruption in the Rafale deal by promoting industrialist Anil Ambani of Defence Reliance who’d acknowleged a kickback of Rupees 284 crores from French Dassault Company for buying land in Nagpur which was actually its own since beginning.

Addressing a press conference at the Congress headquarter in New Delhi alongwith Randeep Singh Surjewala, the chief spokesperson of the party, Rahul catagorically accused the Dassault CEO for telling lies and helping Anil Ambani by way of arbitrarily transferring Rs 284 crores in the account of Reliance defence thus accepting the very fact that the prime minister, NDA government, Dassault and the Defence ministry is directly or indirectly allegedly hand in glove in this fishy business deal at the cost of the public exchequers’ money.

Eloquent and extremely confident Rahul Gandhi said that this fact that Rs. 284 crores have been transferred to Anil Ambani’s company unambiguously establishes the reality that kick back’s first instalment has been paid to a company which is in financial doldrums and suffering from heavy losses and much more to follow in the near future.

Answering volley of questions from the reporters covering the Congress beat over confident Rahul Gandhi said that that no meeting of the Cabinet Committe on Security Affairs was ever called nor the earlier defence minister Pariker taken in confidence while the deal was changed n finalised and Anil Ambani’s company allegedly benefitted to the tune of 30 thousand crores.

Answering the questions of keen and curious journalists on the so called secrecy clause and the government’s reservation on declaring the rates of the Rafale Jet Fighter Deal under the guise of security breach constraints as claimed by the BJP led NDA government, Rahul Gandhi said that when he spoke to the French president Macron on this aspect he very clearly revealed that the secret clause does not mentions about the rates of the Jet fighters and as such the government’s logic and claims of not revealing the price of the Aircraft are just false and a pack of lies.

Pronouncing Rafale Jet Fighter deal as the open and shut case Congress chief Rahul Gandhi said that it’s unambiguously a huge scam with the complicity of the Chowkidaar of the country, honourable prime minister and there is outright involvement of Dassault as a complicit collaborator with the NDA govt according a direct benefit to Anil Ambani and his company to the tune of Rs 30000 crores.

He also answered questions pertaining to the CBI imbroglio and said that Rafale scam is in the root of this episode as well.

What’s your take friends?


Pak badly frustrated after US, France and United Kingdom come to India’s rescue against the terror sponsoring nation PAK



India has won diplomatically at the global level against Pakistan. The three countries of the world, super power United States of America, France and England have credibly stood in favour of India and against Pakistan by supporting India’s anti Pakistan stance and move a resolution in the United Nation’s demanding declaration of brutal n obnoxious Jaish chief as international terrorist in the UN list n pronouncing Pak a terrorist state responsible for engineering umpteen despicable murderous attacks in the Indian soil on several ocassions. This is a huge setback to coward Pakistan n its cricketeer turned flamboyant PM Imran Khan.

This is the right, opportune and most apt time for the world communities especially the western nations n the Europeon union to come forward to help n support India in their fight against global terrorism.

The entire world n humanity has already suffered tremendously at the hands of these divisive, reactionery n murdurous forces who’ve wrecked havoc in the entire global scenerio and India seems to be worst victim of this despicable murdurous n destructive trend at the hands of Pakistan who’d since decades been harbouring, aiding and abetting the terror sanctuaries, killing unfinite number of people within n outside Pakistan despite warnings from US n the peace loving countries.

It’s really shocking that even the United Nations have not been successful in its efforts to declare Pakistan as a hardcore terrorist state despite it’s unambiguous involvement in the US twin Tower attack, Mumbai attack, Pathan Kot attack and hundreds of other misadventures in strife torn Kashmir resulting in the most abominable unprovoked killings of innocent civilians n the army troopers making thousands of children fatherless n mothers widow.

There have been about 1800 or more cross border violations by Pakistan of the Indo Pak peace accord and shockingly over 80 thousand civilians, troopers n extremists have been killed in Kashmir during the last three decades.

There have been several instances of decapitating the heads of Indian Army soldiers at the LOC and Pak sponsored terror blasts in various parts of Kashmir n India.

The Pakistan Army, its ISI n the political dispensation are in league to ensure that India is destabilised from all angles having lost all wars fought with India till date.

The Chinese government is the one that is fully backing bankrupt Pakistan against India n had till date opposed the India’s entry into the elite Nucleur suppliers group as well as India’s every initiative to declare Azar Mehmood as the International terrorist in the UN list.

Entire world knows that the major culprit of 1992/ 94 Mumbai Bomb Blast mastermind Davood Ibrahim is in Karachi being protected by the ISI.

Who does not know that LET chief n mastermind of twin tower attack in US n Mumbai that killed about 6000 innocents obnoxious Hafiz is in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Are people n politicians of the world not aware that Jaish E Mohammed’s chief Azar Masood the mastermind of Pulwama attack n several other attacks in Kashmir lives is Bhawalpur, Rawal Pindi in Pakistan under full police protection.

Who does not know that Burhan Wani killed by Indian Army was the LET n Jaish’s proxy who killed hundreds of innocents in Kashmir and on who’s honour the govt of Pakistan released a postage stamp giving him an honourable status of a martyr.

Is it not true that after the dastardly killing of 41 CRPF troopers in Pulwama, Kashmir the Jaish chief Azhar Masood himself claimed the responsibility of the Avantipora massacre.

There are hundreds of well established proofs with America n India n the UN is still not able to declare Pak as the terrorist state n catch hold of these two dreaded terrorists masterminding terror operations n killing myriad number of innocents worldwide .

Time has arrived when all the peace loving countries of the world should sideline China n Pakistan in the global scenerio and apply sanctions against it including carrying out of flushing operations to arrest Hafiz Sayeed n Azhar Masood out of the Pak territory dead or alive. This is the only n most relevant solution to give a formidable stop to terrorism in Asia n the world. What’s your take friends?

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Startling disclosures on Rafael provide extra leverage n ammunition to Congress party n the non BJP opposition?



Rafale jet fighters, and PM n Rahul shaking hands, pic from FB

The Rafael fighter Jet issue is becoming more and more controvertial day by day providing enough leverage and opportunity to the Congress Party which is already on the job of firing salvos after salvos on the NDA government on various other burning issues but concentrating its cumulative efforts on Rafale very much, particulary ensuring that it does not die down at any cost.

After the recent supreme court’s directives to the union government about submitting of the entire details of the Rafael deal to the apex court on 29th of October against the petion filed by advocate Vipin Handa and ML Sharma outrightly opposed by the attorney general that it may amount to the breach of the clause of secrecy n would also impact the national security, has further given extra political ammunition to the Congress party n the non BJP opposition to target the ruling party government and all those allegedly connected with the dubios deal.

The latest bombshell of a startling disclosure by the French news portal about term, “compensation” meaning that it was allegedly mandatory for the French company Dassault to grant offset contract to Reliance Defence as allegedly asked by the government, though denied by Dassault n the Indian side, has also enthused the print media to plant banner news thus giving an unambiguous impression that something dubious of a very serious nature is definitely there which has arbitrarily helped the Ambani family bag the contract replacing the public sector defence undertaking Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, highly experienced in the production and assembly of fighter aircrafts like Tejas’ Sukhois’ and Mig 21 etc since long.

Not only this but the Congress party chief Rahul Gandhi is also visiting the HAL factory and is likely to meet hundreds of engineers and workers who are allegedly likely to go unemployed thus making another news of headlines n breaking news in the entire print and electronics channels of the country.

What is the most interesting part of this whole episode is that despite the government’s trouble shooter finance minister Arun Jaitley and the eloquent law minister Shiv Shankar Prasad outrightly rejecting all the charges of the Congress party and its chief Rahul Gandhi as frivolous, fabricated and biased associating it with the national security of the country and claiming it as the pure and transparent government to government deal with nothing fishy involved in it, the opposition parties especially the Congress are not ready to relent but have rather made the Rafael issue as one of its primary plank of the elections in five states as well as in the forth coming general elections of 2019.

Actually the Rafael matter got the extra sensitivity and blew out of proportion when the former French President Francois Hollande, in whose presence the deal was okayed had made a startling disclosure to the French news portal that it was actually on the insistence of Indian side referring to a high up that his government was compelled to accord the Rafael offset deal to the Ambani group led by Anil Ambani and that they had no option but to do it at any cost.

This revelation created havoc in the Indian media and the political circles of the country encouraging Congress party to design good number of Rafael models and exhibit in protest demonstrations in all the states of the country symbolising alleged high level corruption in the controvertial deal n alleged favour granted to Anil Ambani’s company at the expense of the public sector undertaking HAL which actually was the original offset contractor in the deal finalised by the UPA government in 2014.

Now the crux of the matter is India is going for the national election in 2019 n elections to the five states are already due till November, the result of which will come out on 11th December.

The Congress party and the other non BJP outfits do not want to get rid of this important issue which they think is a main trump card to cash in these forthcoming elections. That’s the reason that the BJP led NDA government seems to have come on the backfoot especially on three major counts (1) the startling disclosure of the former French President Francois Hollande (2) the Supreme Courts direction to the centre to reveal the details of the deal in the apex court and the third : recent disclosure by the French portal about the government’s alleged mandatory and affirmative condition to accord the contract of the Rafael offset deal to Reliance defence as the pre condition for the finalisation of the deal, though denied and rejected by the Dassault Corporation n the NDA government as absurd n baseless.
What’s your take friends?

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Are there similarities between Bofors and Rafale controversies ? After all both are defense deals ?



The Rafale imbroglio is repeating the once most controvertial bombshell of merely 60 crores Bofors kick back that not only haunted the Congress party and the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi for long but also led to his political dethroning leading to his own one time stooge Raja of Manda Vishwanath Pratap Singh climb to power with the help of the then non Congress opposition.

Though politically embattered Rajiv Gandhi finally got acquitted of the charge, but after his sad assasination. Then the ruling Congress party was on the back foot but today on the similar lines the current BJP led political dispensation under the prime ministership of Narendra Modi is in an unambiguous defensive, putting its several union ministers as trouble shooters on the job to counter the impending Congress invasion on Rafale.

While the Bofors kick back deal revolved around a petty amount of Rs 60 crores the current loss in the controvertial Rafale deal of France with Dassault aviation is in several thousand crores, say over 60 thousand crores, according to Congress chief Rahul Gandhi.

In the Bofors deal it is said that the then Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was not directly involved but there were allegedly middleman like Quaterrochi of Italy who were named as the recipient of the bribe through the former but in the present case the Nehru Gandhi scion, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on the basis of the startling disclosure of the former French president Francois Hollande and later on by the Dassault Aviation’s technical heads followed by the wife of the present president Brigate Macron has allegedly pinned the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi as directly helping Anil Ambani of Reliance Defence bag the offset contract worth 30 thousand crores, out rightly rejected by the government and its ministers as completely baseless, frivolous, biased and fabricated.

While the former President Francoise Hollande on whose tenure and presence the deal was finalised has unambiguously revealed that after he was told for the favor, the France govt n Dassault had no choice but to accept it.

Similarly the wife of the present president Macron’s wife ( as per the article published in one of the dailies, Dainik Bhaskar written by its editor Gyanendra Pandey) said that the magnitude of the scam done in the Rafale deal and the staggering amount involved in it could have conveniently improvised/ altered the diminishing economy of a country in financial mess/ doldrums.

The first woman of France and its president Macron’s wife even went to the extent of shockingly questioning as to how a prime minister of any country betray the people of his own country by committing such a blunder.

As a result the most vociferous Congress president Rahul Gandhi and his entire media team that include former minister n youth Congress president Anand Sharma, AICC’s communication incharge n chief spokesman Randeep Singh Surjewala, Jairam Ramesh, Abhishekh Manu Singhvi, Kapil Sibbal and Manish Tiwari etc have got enough ammunition who’ve tightened their belts and enhanced attacks on the ruling party dispensation at the centre and PM Modi through holding repeated press conferences, tweet attacks and addressing public mertings in the states likely to go to polls viz. Rajasthan, MP and Chattisgarh n even in Uttar Pradesh.

The BJP who’d fielded intelligent n eloquent Sambit Patra, Union ministers Ravi Shankar Prasad, Arun Jaitley and even the national party supremo Amit Shah are also doing their best to counter the Congress party’s onslaughts but after the startling disclosures of the former French president Hollande they seem to have come under defensive posture say political analysts.

Everybody know that the way prime minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah duo have been leading the saffron party’s jaggernaut towards incessant n seamless victories in state after state demolishing Congress party and the Samajwadi party’s strongholds in over twenty states after 2014 despite some failures on the demonetisation, GST, inflation, farmers suicides and banking fraud fronts, it looked as if the BJP is all set to te climb to the power saddle in 2019 and stage a comeback with the same enthusiasm as it had been doing in all the states of the country, but unfortunately eruption of conyrovertial issues like Rafale, banking frauds, incessant increase in petro product prices, LPG etc – highest since the last 70 years, and subsequent inflation, the party’s expeditiously forward moving juggarnaut seems to have developed serious flaws and defects finding itself difficult to continue its winning spree.

The continuous demand of the Congress led opposition for the JPC, CAG or CVC probe has also been turned down thus allegedly giving an unambiguous impression that something is definitely wrong and arbitrary in the French deal despite every condemnation by the union ministers in the government and saffron party leaders.

The best way to come out of this ever deteriorating situation is to go for an impartial JPC probe as demanded by the opposition as the country wants to know the truth threadbare say political analysts. What’s your take friends?

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Rahul Gandhi furious, asks if the govt is really honest why is it shying to order the JPC probe in the Rafale deal?



The Congress president Rahul Gandhi has accused prime minister Narendra Modi of helping industrialist and owner of Reliance defence in committing a theft while procuring the offset contract of Rafale Jet Fighters worth thousands of crores.

Replying to the queries of the reporter/ correspondent of Asia News International today and the video of which has been posted in the agency’s twitter handle, the vociferous Congress president Rahul Gandhi on the controvertial Rafale deal said that it’s is clear that by not agreeing to the demand of the Congress for the Joint Parliamentary Probe in the arbitrary Rafale Jet Fighter’s deal the prime minister do not want to bring the real picture to the peoples’ domain/ knowledge.

Rahul said the prime minister Narendra Modi, Arun Jailey’s boss is visiting Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh and addressing people but is not uttering a single word of the Rafale deal which unambiguously explains or proves that he was in complicity with Anil Ambani of Reliance defence to commit the theft not naming him but addressing him as Chowkidaar of the country.

ANI tweeted: Congress president Rahul Gandhi says set up JPC ( Joint Parliamentary Committee) & the truth will come out. But Arun Jaitley’s boss Narendra Modi can’t do this work. Narendra Modi gives big speeches but never speaks a word on Rafale or Anil Ambani.

The moot question is: the people of the country has the right to know the truth behind the Rafale deal. If the deal is really honest and transparent what’s the hitch in instituting the JPC probe, question people of the country ? And the Congress president Rahul too.

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JPC probe could satisfy the countrymen at large. What’s the hitch then ?



The issue of controvertial Rafale deal is not ready to die down but its rather gaining tremendous momentum day by day with the opposition Congress and the ruling BJP firing salvos after salvos on each other.

The Congress president Rahul Gandhi and his young firebrand team seems to be most vociferous in their attacks against the prime minister while finance minister Arun Jaitley has now come out in the open as a trouble shooter on behalf of his government, trying to put the Congress as well as the former Frence President Francois Hollande in the dock by not only condemning him for coming forward to help the Congress and Rahul Gandhi but also posting his views on Rafale protecting his govt in his face book page accusing Rahul of frivolous charges and lies.

In a way the BJP led NDA seems to be in a defensive mode particularly after the startling disclosure of Hollande about the ruling party’s alleged pressure on French government to replace the offset contract norms in favour of the new entrant Defence Reliance.

If we go into the details of the deals and the claims and counter claims of both the ruling and the opposition parties on Rafale deal there are broadly three points which have led to the controversy go on air.

The first point was regarding the overvaluation of the cost of the Jet Fighter to three times in comparison to the cost fixed during the UPA tenure, from 560 crore rupees per aircraft to about 1700 crores during the current regime.

The second bone of contention was the arbitrary repalcement of the public sector undertaking HAL by the unexperienced and new private company Reliance defence and the third point was the government’s exposure after the startling disclosure by the former French President Francois Hollande about the Indian government’s alleged interference in the deal by asking for giving the offset contract of Rafale to Anil Ambani’s company withdrawing the old HAL’s contract which is having quite an experience in defence production n assembly of fighter planes with the vital hi tech components imported from abroad.

What is important in the whole episode is the fact that the government has till date been denying that it was ever instrumental in favoring the private Company Reliance to bag the contract and that it was purely the discretion of Dassault to award the contract followed by lessenning the numbers of the Jet fighter aircrafts from 126 to 36, increasing the costs’ thrice the previous value and denial by the current French government, the Indian government and Dassault of any complicity in this regard, except the fact that it’s a clear cut govt to govt deal.

While the Congress president has been repeatedly accusing the prime minister and his defence minister of deliberate attempt to oblige the Ambani family keeping the HAL out of the contract, thus charging them with irregularties and alleged corruption, the defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman and finance minister Arun Jaitley have been trying their best to put the ball in the Congress and Rahul’s court saying that it was not the BJP led NDA government but the UPA’s tenure in 2012 that the Ambani’s Reliance was given the contract at Congress’s behest.

While it is true that the deal was signed in 2016 after getting the cabinet committee’s due approval but what is most shocking and unusual is the fact that it was cleared in 2015 when the prime minister visited France already finalising the Reliance Defence company as the offset Indian partner of Dassault Aviation inlieu of the public sector undertaking, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited having built Mig 21, Sukhoi’s and Tejas etc.

Moreover the demand of the Congress and entire non BJP opposition for a Joint Parliamentary Committee probe into this vexed issue has been turned down leaving more scope for doubt and suspicion.

The elections of the four states and 2019 are near and Rafale is going have a negative impact on the chances of the saffron party provided the decision for the Joint Parliamentary Committee probe with held by the ruling party is not reconsidered and revoked.

The people of the country want to know the true facts of the deal failing which it may acompany the same political implications n sufferings for the ruling party as confronted by Congress on the Bofors kickback imbroglio during the late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi’s regime.

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Dassault Aviation clarifies its stand vindicating the contract to Reliance !



The Rafale Jet fighters embroglio has reached to such an extent after the startling disclosure of the former French president Francois Hollande about the complicity of the ruling political dispensation in the allotment of the offset contract of Dassault Aviation to Reliance India at the cost of the Indian public sector undertaking having expertise in defence production the HAL has ultimately compelled the French Defence Company Dassault Avitation to issue a press release vindicating its stand in the deal trying to come out clean of the impending controversy.

In a press release issued with a date line of September 21st September, 2018 with a headline ” About the Rafale Contract For India,” the French company in the first paragraph explains that this contract is government to government agreement. It provides for a separate contract in which the Dassault Aviation commits to make compensation investments( offsets) worth 50% of the value of the purchase clearly indicating about half of the value of the total deal of the contract.

The para two of the press release specifically states verbatim: This offset contract is delivered in complaince with the Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) 2016 regulations. In this framework and in accordance with the policy of Make in India, Dassault Aviation has decided to make a partnership with INDIA’S RELIANCE GROUP. This is Dassault Aviation’s choice as CEO, Eric Tappier has explained in an interview published in MINT newspaper on April 17, 2018. This partnership has led to the creation Dassault Reliance Aerospace.Ltd ( DRAL) joint venture in February 2017.

Dassault Aviation and Reliance have built a plant in Nagpur for manufacturing parts for Falcon and Rafale Aircraft. The Nagpur site was chosen because of the availabilty of land with direct access to an Airport runway, an essential activities. Para third says : Other partnerships have been signed with other companies such as BTSL, DEFSYS, Kinetic, Mahindra, Maini, SAMTEL…… Other negotiations are ongoing with an hundred odd other potential partners. Para four adds: Dassault Aviation is very proud that the Indian Authorities has selected the Rafale fighters.

There are no signatures in the press release that raises a doubtful question mark? In the end of the press release under the head of ABOUT DASSAULT AVIATION, the French company boasts itself as: With over 10, 000 military and civil aircraft delivered in more than 90 countries over the last century. In 2017, Dasault Aviation reported revenues of € 4.8 billion. The company has 11, 400 employees with built up expettise worldwide.

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Fracois Hollande’s revelation on Rafale give new ammunition to Rahul Gandhi



The controvertial Rafale Jet Fighters’ issue gaining momentum day by day has taken a new and interesting turn putting the current ruling political dispensation in a real dock after the former French President Hollande’s recent revelation that it was not the Dassault Aviation but allegedly the Indian government that has recommended or favored the Indian private Company of Anil Ambani for the offset contract in place of the traditional and experienced public sector undertaking the Hindustan Aeronautics limited.

The country’s newspapers are full of banner news today highlighting this new revelation of the former French President with whom the MOU was signed in 2016 when he was was the chief guest on the prestigious Republic Day function.

The new exposure allegedly belying the BJP led NDA government and the Anil Ambani’s Reliance defence’s earlier statements that the ruling party dispensation has nothing to do with the allocation of the Rafale offset Contract and that this is all unfounded and biased have given a fresh political ammunition to the main opposition party Congress and its rest of the alliance partners who are these days quite desperate to find hot issues of national significance that go against the saffron party, particularly in view of the likely elections in the four states and the fast approaching national election of 2019.

After being constantly and consistently attacked by the youthful Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Rafale jet fighter deal and banking frauds including the skyrocketting petrol prices and other factors like inflation, unemployment and agrarian crisis, this new revelation of the former French president Hollande to a French website Mediapart about the alleged alleged favor granted to Reliance Defence thus pre strategically keeping out the HAL from the Rafale offset contract by the Indian govt has provided an extra ammunition and opportunity to Gandhi Nehru family scion Rahul Gandhi who’d be openly and vociferously accusing the BJP led NDA and prime minister as well as the Defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman of misguiding and betraying the 135 crore people of the country thus asking for her resignation.

Political analysts say that this recent revelation has opened the pandoras box as the saffron party leaders have now become defensive having been exposed in the eyes of the countrymen of favouring an inexperienced private player in a sensitive defence deal having no expertise or past experience in defence production as compared to HAL that has the distinction and outstanding abilities to produce different defence aircrafts and fighters like Mig 21, Sukhoi Jet Fighters  etc etc. in the past.

It’s a new political bombshell which to a great extent vindicates the accusation of the non BJP parties and the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who had been shouting on Rafale deal for the last ywo years and the saffron party leaders and the PM replying to his accusations calling them childish, baseless, fabricated and concocted terming it as a purely honest and transparent govt to govt deal with nothing fishy into it.

Being the election year and the ruling saffron party’s preparations going on in full swing with prime minister Narendra Modi and BJP supremo visiting several states addressing good number of public meetings, highlighting its outstanding achievements and allocating massive funds for various developmental projects to impress upon its electorates for the good works executed by them, it seems that this latest bombshell of Hollande pinning the NDA government for arbitrarily favoring the Anil Ambani company instead of HAL may badly go against the ruling party government, particularly the top bosses in whose presence the entire deal was allegedly signed and formalised.

The Congress president Rahul Gandhi had number of times accused the ruling party of committing deliberate blunders on this deal by not only escalating the prices of Rafale Jet fighters three time more that the original price but has also accused the government of reducing its numbers from 126 to merely 36 and thus escalating the total cost to 59000 crores including arbitrary allocation of the offset contract to the Anil Ambani’s unexperienced and non existent company in defence production matters with the alleged unambiguous intent to give him monetary benefits on a large scale, denied and outrightly condemned by the BJP and its government.

The former uninon ministers in BJP government of late AB Vajpayee including the senioractivist and advocate, a crusader against corruption viz Arun Shourie, Yashwant Sinha and Prashant Bhushan respectively have also trained their guns towards the BJP government and its political and administrative CEO accusing him on the Rafale deal incessantly by holding several press conferences.

This controversy reminds one and all of the previous Bofors kickback deal in which Rahul Gandhi’s father late Rajiv Gandhi was haunted till he was alive and had to pay a huge price by way of being dethroned from power by the country’s electorates , finally to be acquitted, but after his tragic assasination n confrontong so much of trials and tribulations. Now, it’s Rahul’s term to prove his mettle by exposing the wrong doers in Rafale controvertial deal, say political analysts.

Meanwhile Congress president Rahul Gandhi has in a more offensive posture today tweeted that the PM has looted the country with a deal of130000 crores Rafale deal and misled the people of the country. It is the open insult and indignation of the Armed forces of the country.

Rahul accused the BJP led NDA government saying that the Rafale deal was signed in a closed door room and the deal was manipulated to favor Anil Ambani. He thanked the former French presidentfor bringing the truth of the deal to the fore.

The exact words of the tweets are: (1) The PM and Anil Ambani jointly carried out a one hundred thirty thousand crores surgical strike on the India Defence Forces.Modiji you dishonoured the blood of our martyred soldiers. Shame on you.You betrayed India’s soul. This tweet was issued just 40 minutes ago of filing this story.
What’s your take friends?

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Rafale issue gaining momentum in three state elections likely to go to polls in December! Rahul in an offensive mode



The controvertial issue of Rafale is gaining momentum day by day with the Congress Party and its chief Rahul Gandhi not ready to relent at any cost, making it his main issue of propaganda in all his public meetings being addressed in the states going for election in December.

The Congress Party has already made Rafale, inflation and banking frauds its main election plank for 2019 elections on the same lines as was Bofors kick back issue tactically used by Rajiv Gandhi’s bete noire and the then PM Vishwanath Pratap Singh and the rest of the non Congress opposition including the BJP resulting in ousting Rajiv n the Congress party at the hustings during past decades.

However, despite so much of hulla balloo and the media hype including filing of several court cases and demeaning of the late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi image, the former PM was finally acquitted but after his sad and tragic assasination and so much of trials and tribulations.

It seems now that the Congress party president and the Nehru Gandhi scion is in no mood to relent on Rafale jet fighters issue thus avenging the Bofors attack of the anti Congress opposition that resulted in immense harm to the 135 year old party during Rajiv Gandhi’s era.

The systematic and relentless anti Rafale campaign by the entire party and its president Rahul Gandhi compounded with the ongoing attacks by the old BJP stalwarts, now PM Modi’s arch rivals and former ministers Arun Shourie, Yashwant Sinha and Prashant Bhushan, senior advocate and leader of Swaraj party through incessant press conferences and public meetings has finally compelled the BJP led NDA and the top party leadership to adopt a somewhat defensive posture though they are trying their every best shot to counter the Congress attack. The war of words on Rafale between the Congress and the BJP has reached to such a pass that now the prime minister Narendra Modi, Defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman, Law minister Shiv Shankar Prasad and the most vociferous and law expert former union minister Subramaniam Swamy has taken the ruling party cudgels in their hands to counter the most vociferous onslaught of the Congress leaders viz. Rahul Gandhi, for defence minister A.K. Antony, Randeep Singh Surjewala and others accusing the saffron party government of misleading the entire nation of Rafale Jet fighters deal with French Company Dassault Aviation by not only increasing the cost of the jet fighters three times from 526 crore per aircraft to 1700 crores but also lessening tbe numbers of the Jet fighters and pre strategically keeping out HAL inlieu of Reliance defence, the private company allegedly accorded favours for offset contract despite possessing no experience in defence production.

The Congress led entire non BJP opposition has demanded the joint parliamentary probe into the whole episode as was asked for by the then anti Congress opposition on controvertial Bofors kick back issue while Rajiv Gandhi was the prime minister of the country.

The non BJP opposition leaders led by Rahul Gandhi say that if the deal is really honest and transparent then why and what’s the hitch for the ruling party to allow the JPC probe into the controvertial Rafale deal , which has been outrightly denied bythe rulingparty govt tillnow.

The Defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman instead, has now fired a fresh salvo accusing the then UPA government for ousting the HAL out of the Rafale deal saying that it was actually the Congress government that has kept the HAL out and not the BJP led NDA government as being falsely accused by the Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

The former defence minister and member of the party’s CWC A. K. Antony has rebutted the charges of Dr. Nirmala Sitaraman saying that the latter is blemishing the transparent image of Hindustan Aeronautics limited.

Last week the defence minister said that the previous negotiations for 126 jet fighters had collapsed as the HAL was not posessing the requisite capacity and capability to produce the fighters in collaboration with Dassault.

Antony asked the present government, praising and vindicating the deal finalised during the UPA regime, as to why had it not purchased the entire lot of 126 aircrafts instead of 36 and that too at the cost going up by three times.

However, Rahul Gandhi in all his addresses whether in Karnool Andhra Pradesh or Bhopal yesterday n few days before has accused the PM n the BJP for irregularities in the Rafale deal demanding the Joint Parliamentary probe forthwith.

Political analysts say that while the issue of Rafale is a hot topic in the ensuing four state elections in addition to the banking frauds and increasing prices of petroleum products, the issue of farmers suicides and agrarian crisis is also gaining ground in the states likely to go to the polls with the anti incumbency factors adding to the woes of the ruling BJP. What’s your take friends?

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The Congress party which has made Rafale fighter jets’ purchase deal as one of its main election plank accusing the union government of escalating the cost per fighter jet from 600 crore to 1700 crores and keeping out the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited for assembling and other services of the fighters by bringing in the Reliance defense arbitrarily is holding protest demonstrations in different parts of the country and states in order to mobilise the nation’s electorates against the deal which has been outrightly denied by PM Modi insideand outside parliamentof several ocassions terming it as anhonest and transparent govt to govt deal.

Under its anti Rafale mobilisation campaigns the central state observers are being sent to various states PCCs’ who give lectures to the state party cadres on various negative points of the deal with the Dassault Aviation of France and motivate its party cadres to further disseminate the movement at the district and block levels to aware the people of the various pros and cons of Rafale deal.

As a sequel to these ongoing demonstrations against Rafale Jet Fighter deal with France a huge demonstration cum rally was organised by Congressmen at Laxmi Nagar Trans Yamuna which led to the heavy traffic snarls in the morning and afternoon hours with processionist raising anti government and anti BJP slogans.

What was interesting about this demonstration was that a huge model of Rafale Jet was fitted on the truck which moved on the main road of Trans Yamuna Lakshmi Nagar and Shakerpur alongwith hundreds of Congress workers renting the air with anti BJP slogans demanding an enquiry into the whole episode. The passers by looked at the model of the Rafale jet extremely curiously and also moved along with the processionists expressing their solidarity with the cause.

The procession was led by the DPCC president Lalit Maken participated by good number of senior Congress leaders including the area delegate and youth leader Rajesh Pandey. It may be recalled that just a few days ago the senior journalist and former union minister Arun Shourie, Yashwant Sinha and senior Advocate and activist Prashant Bhushan had also addressed a press conference at Press Club of India castigating the BJP led NDA government on the Rafale deal posing questions about the lessening of the jet fighter numbers from 136 to 36, arbitrary increase in the cost from 3600 to 1740 crores per jet fighter aircraft and ousting of the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited after bringing in the inexperienced Reliance defence into the deal.

Even during the no confidence motion in the Lok Sabha the Congress president has vociferously raised the issue demanding answers from the PM and the defence minister on the alleged arbitrary and highly expensive deal with the Dassault Aviation Ltd of France.

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After making the alleged  controvertial Rafale deal and banking fraud of Rs 15000 crores as its main election plank for the coming general elections of 2019, the mother and son duo i.e. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi has now come out of parliament as well to ensure that the issue is highlighted to the most in the media inorder to make it infilterate into the peoples’ mind repeatedly and it was in the run up to the general elections and the elections likey to be held in Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh that Sonia Gandhi despite are not so good health registered a physical protest alongwith her party MPs outside the parliament house vociferously raising anti government slogans on Rafale dealand other corruption issues slamming the BJP led NDA government at the centre.

Holding the nicely written colourful playcards having made for this demonstration the sloganson themm read : Rafale cover up, out in the open, Modi corruption exposed, No farm loan waiver,Rs 1,30, 000 crores to Rafale scam, Farm loan waiver with cross on it and Rafale to Ambani and Rafale scam, we demand JPC. There was huge uproar inthe house today with the entire opposition demanding the papers of the entire Rafale deals to be tabled in the house and Joint Parliamentary Probe be held to ensure transparancy and probity in the entire excercise of the deal which the opposition termed as fishy.

It may be recalled that during the no confidence motion the Congress president Rahul Gandhi has openly accused the prime minister and the government for encouraging crony capitalism and helping the private players like Ambani having no experience in defence production being obliged with the offset contract of Rafale jets thus allegedly according them profit of several thousand crores to which prime minister Narendra Modi has taken Rahul Gandhi to task for being childish in matters of the nation’s security deals and leading to country’s mockery, globally. Modi has challenged Rahul Gandhi on Rafale deal saying that it’s a transparent and honest deal, all on papers and records and is fully unchallengeable.

Recently, the strong bete noires of the prime minister Narendra Modi n the NDA government former ministers in Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s govt. veteran journalist Arun Shourie, Yashwant Sinha and senior advocate Supreme court and leader of Swaraj Party Prashant Bhushan had also addressed a press conference accusing the PM n the defence minister for dramatically reducing the number of Rafale jets from 126 to 36 and enhancing the cast of each fighter jet fron 660 crores to1660 crores thus leading to the alleged fiscal loss of one hundred thousand crores to the public exchequer. They also questioned the defence minister and the PM’s integrity on transferring the offset contract from Hindustan aeronautics ltd to Anil Ambanies new defence company which posseses no previous experience in the field of defence manufacturing.

They demanded that the deal be made transparently public in parliament so as to win the confidence of the people of the country that nothing is fishy in it.

Meanwhile, the political morale ofthe BJP led NDA is too high after it defeated the entire non BJP opposition during the no confidence motion and in the recent election of the Deputy Chairperson of Rajya Sabha.

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