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The prime minister elect of Pakistan Imran Khan is likely to be sworn in as the 21st PM of the neighbouring country on 18 th August with the support of few regional parties and independents.

If we view his ascendence to power in Pakistan from the point of view of our future cordial relationships with this religious nation we should not be too much optimistic about improvement in relations as being given us to believe or understand from the recent statements of Imran Khan that if India puts its one step forward, Pakistan under his
leadership will move two steps ahead.

The reason behind my logic is unambiguosly simple. Imran Khan’s party Tehrike Insaaf climbed to power with the sole support, help and dictates of the Pakistan Army and the latter’s prime and sole objective is to ensure that relations between India and Pakistan should always be in disarray so that the control of Pak Army in the internal affairs of Pakistan including its foreign policy matters go on unhindered.

If the anti India statements and poisionous outbursts of the former cricket champion and Tehrike Insaaf Chief Imram Khan during the general election campaign in Pakistan are assesed or analysed one will come to an unambiguous conclusion that his horrible anti India stance and criticism of the former PM Nawab Sharif calling him a traditional friend of India and prime minister Narendra Modi selling Pakistan’s interests to India has played a pivotal role in his victory in the general elections.

The way Pakistan Army has rigged the elections in several constituencies and favoured Imran Khan’s Party seek majority ensuring the deadly defeat of the major opposition parties viz Sharief’s PML – N and Bilawal Bhutto’s Pakistan Peoples’ Party it has become absolutely clear that the future of Pakistan despite the duly elected government of PTI under Imran Khan’s prime minister ship is going to be remote controlled by the Pakistan Army from behind the scene.

The reason behind launching of corruption cases and putting the former prime minister behind bars is the Army, as the former was not working under their dictates and was in favour of maintaining and improving better relationships with India, but the Pakistan Army would not like that to happen.

Nawab Sharief was also against the Mumbai attack and was interested to start penalisation of those responsible for the Mumbai misadventure but the Army was deadly against these actions. The Kargil war too was the brain child of the Pak Army and it is believed that the then prime minister Nawab Sharief was not brought into confidence who had no option but to follow the Army’s dictates.

In fact, through the election of a political novice like Imran Khan who is just a cricketer having no knowlege or experience about running the administration or foreign policy matters of Pakistan, the Army of the neighbouring country has got a real pawn or a stooge who is all set to act on the dictates of the latter failing which they will pressurise the regional parties and the independents supporting him, under coercion to with draw support or pull the rug from under his feet thus dethroning him from power. Imran Khan knows all this, but has no option but to act on the Army’s dictates.

Becoming prime minister of Pakistan was a long cherished dream of the former Pakistan Captain who brought the world cup for the country. The husband of four wives, divorced with three, have been active in Pakistan’s politics struggling for the last two and a half decades in order to reach the top. But, a sportsman in true sense and a politician, who would never accept defeat, Imran Khan finally made it after 25 years of incessant struggle starting from the ground and crushing the seasoned political parties PML-N and PPP who ruled Pakistan for years together.

Imran is overwhelmned that he is the prime minister of a nation like Pakistan which was his long cherished dream, it hardly matters who operates the remote control.

Moreover, hardly 7 days are left for his swearing in but Imran has not shown courtsey to invite India’s prime minister Narendra Modi to the swearing in despite the fact that the latter had invited the then Pakistan PM Nawab Sharief and other heads of all the SAARC nations in New Delhi in 2014. What does this indicate? Leaving it on you friends to respond?





The former skipper of the Indian Cricket team Sunil Gavaskar has refused to attend the swearing in ceremony of his old friend, the former Pakistan Cricket Captain and the twenty first prime minister elect of Pakistan to be sworn in at Islamabad on 18th August.

The reason given by him was his pre occupation in the test matches as a commentator on 18th in England. Sunil Gavaskar’s denial to attend this historic swearing in of Imran Khan in Pakistan is being highly appreciated and lauded by one and all in India especially the saffron party and the present political dispensation at the centre and about twenty states of the country.

Though the reason given by the former skipper of the Indian team is quite genuine and true as Sunil Gawaskar would be in England on 18th of August due to his being the commentator in the India versus England test series starting on 18th till 22nd August political analysts say that by refusing to accept the invitation of the the Pakistan’s prime minister elect’s swearing in ceremony Gawaskar has also given a huge rebuff to the enemy country and its anti India policies thus winning the hearts of billions of Indians around the globe.

Since it was the invitation from a friend ex captain of Pakistan cricket team to the former Indian skipper on extremely personal terms, Sunil Gavaskar could have easily obliged the former by cancelling his trip to England but he did’ nt do so proving himself to be a true nationalist in the language of the saffron party that rules the country at the centre and in over twenty states of the country.

Meanwhile the former Indian batsman, MP and now minister in the Congress government of Punjab has created a furore by saying that if allowed he will be extremely pleased to attend the swearing in ceremony of the former Pakistan skipper and the PM elect Imran Khan’s swearing ceremony in Islamabad, Pakistan to usher in a new chapter offriendship between the two neighbouring countries always at loggerheads.

On being questioned by journalists about his intention to visit Pakistan after the former Indian skipper Sunil Gawaskar refused to oblige Imran Khan, Navjyot Singh Sidhu said that he would love to go to Pakistan, if permitted as this would usher in opening the doors for a renewed friendship between the warring nations who are at loggerheads for a long time. Sidhu even gave Imran Khan a certificate terming him a man of character to the utter dismay, surprise and shock of all.

There had also been reports that the Indian Ambassador to Pakistan would be presenting a cricket bat to Imran Khan as a diplomatic goodwill gesture for reopening of the friendship dialogues between both the nations who could not see each other eye to eye since long with incessant killings going on in the Indo Pak border and Kashmir at the behest of Pakistan Army and the ISI since long.

The refusal of Sunil Gavaskar and the interest of Navjyot Singh Siddhu to attend the swearing in ofTehrike Insaaf chief Imran Khan has opened serious debates in various television channels of the country with some appreciating Sidhu’s move as a purely friendly gesture while his antagonists terming it as an initiative to supportthe India’s hardened enemy nation and its prime minister.

However, the another Indian skipper Kapil Dev and Bollywood actor Amir Khan have not yet issued any statement in this context whether they intend to go to Pakistan on 18th August in Imran Khan’s swearing in ceremony or not.

It may be recalled that the Tehrike Insaf chief and former Pakistan skipper Imran Khan who had been extremely critical of India during the entire election campaign to beget votes had after scoring the victory over his immediate political rivals like PML-N and PPP has said in the media interviews that he is looking forward for the better friendly relations with neighbouring India and if India puts one step forward his government will come out with two steps forward sunce he has lots of friends in India especially in the cricketing fraternity.

He even said that the Indian media has made him the villain of Bollywoofd for no reason. But on Kashmir issue he never relented and said that its the core issue of Pakistan where human rights violations have become the order of the day. He extented four specific invitations for his swearing in to his Indian crickter friends viz. Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev and Navjyot Singh Sidhu ( all cricketers) and  Bollywood actor Amir Khan.

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The former Indian Hockey team captain Mir Ranjan Negi is extremely optimistic about the Indian Women as well as the Men Hockey team of exhibiting their outstanding performance and win Gold medals for the country thus bringing laurels for the nation in the Asian Games in Jakarta terming it an extremely positive sign.

Mir Ranjan Negi says come what may its a most opportune and great time to revive the Indian Hockey expressing his gut feeling that this is going to be the celebration time for Indian Hockey where Indian Hockey team will surely win in another an epic India Pakistan Final expressing the hope that not only the Indian men’s team but the women team will also win the Gold.

He is extremely sure that the golden days of Indian hockey team will be back again. A one time popular India Hockey team captain and goalkeeper decades ago on whose inspiration and guidance the Indian Bollywood super star Shahrukh Khan produced the movie CHAK DE INDIA, a box office hit Mir Ranjan Negi has also acted in the popular regional Garhwali film,” Subheru Gham,” and is also working in another Garhwali movie of the Snowy Mountain productions BATHAAOUN. He had also acted in several Pahari Song CDs n performed in prominent cultural shows in India and abroad.

A down to earth human being having served in the Department of customs in Mumbai as a class one gazetted officer Mir Ranjan Negi says that the Women’s Hockey team has acknowleged Gold medals at the Asian Games in 1982 in New Delhi, hence it’s now generations that the women hockey team has seen gold at ASIAD.
Therefore the competetion in the women hockey seems to be much more as compared to the men’s hockey in Jakarta Asiad.

According to him the women hockey team has performed extremely outstandingly despite all odds during the last two years and has exhibited steady progress. To substantiate his point of contention Negi says that the women’s team has not only qualified for the last Oympics but had also won the prestigious Asian Champions’ Trophy. Prasing Rani Rampal as one of the exceptionally outstanding players of the Indian Hockey team Mir Ranjan Negi says that she is genuinely and probably the only world class player Indian women’s hockey team posseses.

Despite his being a sportsman Mir Ranjan Negi is held is high esteem amongst the native Uttarakhandi community for his love and affection for its culture and dialect. His dexterity in acting and dancing in regional films and folk songs is highly laudable.

Negi has penned down his detailed views on Indian hockey teams after a long time. I asked him if our newsviews network can publish it and he readily accepted hence this article.

Negi adds :Men’s team by far is the best team in India and rightly so they are the highest ranked team in Asia. But as always in sports, one can not take things lightly and for granted.

For both Men and Women hockey teams, its a very big and easiest opportunity to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 writes Ranjan. Mir Ranjan Negi is of the view that: It is probably happening for the first time that the quality of talent and our bench strength we have in both our teams is absolutely fantastic. He adds in his write up: I can say with pride and keeping my head high that in Asia no other team has got that and it was not there four years ago for us too.

Praising the goalkeepers as one of the best in India’s women and men hockey team Negi said: both our goalkeepers Sreejesh P Raveendran and Savita Punia are ranked for the first time in the top five goalkeepers of the World. And both of them have played a big role in India’s gallant performances in the last couple of years. The goalkeeper of the Indian Hockey team Mir Ranjan Negi catagorically said that in modern hockey, one can win with a mediocre defence line, may be with an average mid field or even a moderate forward line but if you do not have a World class goalkeeper, trust me, you can never win.

He further says in his write up: But then, there is lot of churning going on in the other Men’s teams too. Roelant Altmans has been reappointed as coach of the Pakistan Team. He has been with the Indian Hockey in some capacity or the other for the last 8 years or so and knows all senior and junior players inside out.

Having praise for the rival hockey team Mir Ranjan is of the view that we have also witnessed the performance of the Pakistani team in the last champion’s trophy. Though they’d lost to India by 1-4, they gave some very significant results and even went on to beat Olympic champs Argentina. One can see Roelent’s imprints in their game.

Negi adds in his detailed write up: Remember, we had a very narrow escape against them in the last commonwealth games. On the strength of paper strength, I will say that our team can beat Pakistan any day by 4 goals but again its the going to be Roelent and our coach Harendra’s strategies and genius which will ultimately decide the fate of the game. We have not only defeated them in the last 3-4 years but we have literally thrashed them. So they also looking at Tokyo for revenge and some significant victory.

Malaysia on the other hand has appointed Terry Walsh as High Performance Director. According to Negi, Terry was one of the best coaches India had whom we could not hang on to. The difference in fitness and performance levels of the Indian Team had not seen such a quantum leap under any other coach rather than him.

Negi adds: Japan of course is the host and South Korea is the neighbouring country. As the Asian Games are being organised in their back yard, it will be very important to give their best. Harendra as we all know starts pepping the players even one day before a game against them. The talk in the hockey and sports circle is about master stroke being played by coach Harendra by giving Sardar Singh one last opportunity to prove his critics wrong. Sardar Singh was almost in wilderness and nobody gave him a chance. In fact lot of people including me thought that his days are numbered now. But Harendra bestowed his faith in him. Show me what you can do.. could be his words. And who knows, the strategy may pay off. Less than six months from now, India is hosting the World up. Just imagine … this is one great opportunity where we go with a bang, win Asian Games Gold and get a medal at the Wold cup. Imagine, Sardar Singh named the best player of the tournament and ends his outstanding career. A dream which could be true. But what if he falters. People will blame the coach Harendra. So it’s a big gamble which only time will decide in a few days from now.

Highly optimistic of India’s exemplary performance Mir Ranjan Negi is highly confident that : Come what it may, it is a great time to revive Indian Hockey. I have this gut feeling that it is going to be a celebration time for Indian Hockey where we will win the gold in another an epic India Pakistan final and not only that even Women hockey will win the gold. And the golden days of Indian hockey will be back. Till then keep supporting the decisions and instincts of coach Harendra Singh and Sjoerd Marijne.

With permission from Mir Ranjan Negi, former Indian Hockey team’s captain n goalkeeper for news views network

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The NRC issue of Assam though have been reverberated in the Rajya Sabha which did’nt allowed even the home minister to speak after the BJP supremo Amit Shah, due to the opposition parties’, including the vociferous Mamata didi’s strongest criticism for sidelining 40 lakh people in Assam from the list of National Register of Citizens, majority of them muslims of Bangladeshi origins, the non Congress led saffron rivalled parties in and outside parliament are actually making the BJP led NDA’s chances of returning to power in 2019 more easier and convenient say political analysts.

The Bhartiya Janata Party is lucky and may be its well caliberated or orchestrated move to implement and execute the NRC right few months before the national elections thus enabling the non BJP opposition to raise the controvertial issue of sidelining 40 lakh Bangladeshi Muslims by not including their names in the National Register of Citizens due to one reason or the other.

Despite this matter , the unfortunate incidents of mob lynchings under the guise of cow vigilantism in various parts of the country have added fuel to fire to the increasing trend of hatred and communal animosity in various parts of the country unambigously helping the right wingers to propagate their ideology thus riding on the passionate and emotionally surcharged factor of majoritarianism.

Simply speaking, the Bengal chief minister Mamata Didi has actually felled into the trap of BJP’s issue of exclusion of majority of Bangladeshi muslims n others from NRC and mob lynchings, as the more she will shout against the BJP on the excluded Bangladeshi muslims issue n lynchings and assure them of patronising the discarded citizens in Bengal, not only will the Saffron Party be beneffited politically in 2019 through a mass hindu reorientation and polarisaion but will also strengthen itself in West Bengal and other states , especally in Rajasthan, MP and Chattisgarh where anti incumbency factor is strongly at work, likely to go against it .

The issue of Bangladeshi muslim migrants have been the core issue of the Bhartiya Janata Party since long and had been importantly included in its central as well as every states’ election menifesto alongwith the Ram Mandir issue and that of uniform civil code, including the Kashmir issue with emphasis on abrogation of article 370.

These issues have been helping the saffron party arrive to power at the centre n states despite the fact that it could not construct the Ram Temple at Ayodhya and thus played with the sentiments of billions of the people worldwide. The issue now got trapped in the court. Similarly it failed in the context of abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir etc as its entirely and absolutely not possible.

After the saffron party assumed power at the centre and rode on the power saddle in over 20 states of the country individually as well as on the support of its Allies, today, it’s more or less in a defensive position than offensive as it used to be a year ago.

The party’s consistent defeats in the byelections of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan Maharashtra, Bihar etc and the increasing attack of the non BJP opposition blaming the once highly charismatic PM Narendra Modi as the PM with rhetorics having been not up to the mark on employment generation front, bringing back black money from foreign banks, on inflation, eroding agrarian sector with mass farmers’ suicides on the rise, gailing to improve the lot of the poor, encouraging crony capitalism and being in foreign lands most of the time at the expense of public exchequer etc the BJP led NDA government seems to be more on the back foot politically and administratively losing its popularity graph slowly n steadily than on an ascending order.

The anti incumbency factor likely to affect it in three states having lost its credibility amongst the dalits, minorities and the backwards communities is also a matter of immense concern for the saffron party sa6 political analysts.

Moreover, the way, seventeen political parties of the country and states opposed to the BJP and NDA are trying to unite credibly before 2019 the BJP n NDA has a definite reason to worry. In the face of all these mounting challenges the BJP has a great task ahead to stage a come back in 2019 and its in a need for an issue that may overshadow all its shortcomings and demerits and I think by raising the issue of the 40 lakh excluded Bangladeshi Muslims from the Assam NRC by Mamta Bannerjee and her o0position colleagues, though it may be necessary for them, has actually accorded the sinking NDA ship a new lease of life for wider and large scale polarisation in the ensuing general elections.

Today, about 80% of the people of the majority community, may be even more are deadly against the Bangladeshi muslim and Rohingya migrants as the general perception about these migrants is that these outsiders are not only involved in various kinds of illegal and criminal activities including working for terror outfits but are also eating the larger share of the indians by being in jobs, businesses and other works.

Allowing them to stay in a country like india where lacs and lacs of youth are already unemployed is beyond anybody’s expectation and consideration.

It is usually believed that even in the capital city of Delhi there are about ten lakh Bangladeshi muslims living in various slum clusters having proper voter and adhar cards etc.

Whether the BJP led NDA government at the centre and in states would be ever able to identify and extern these illegal migrants out of the country remains to be seen but one thing is for sure that this issue will for sure polarise the communities viz majority and minority during the 2019 elections as Bangladeshi migrants and Rafale are going to be the core issues ( of the entire non BJP opposition parties ) combined with other defficiencies of the ruling party at the centre and the BJP ruled states of the country.

The ruling party on the other hand would also raise this pivotal issue highlighting their muslim appeasement and pseudo secularism gesture thus emphasising as to how setious they ate to throw the illegal migrants out of the country but the Congress, TMC n others are not allowing them to do so.

Meanwhile the controvertial BJP leader Kailash Vijay Vargeeya has issued a controvertial communal statement as reported in Economic Times assuring the hindus and the non muslim voters and those excluded from the NRC that the government will fully take care of their intrests, whatsoever, raising another storm in the political scenerio of the country. WHAT’S YOUR TAKE FRIENDS?

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The former wife of the globally famed cricketer and the would be prime minister of Pakistan, a journalist and author of the controvertial book Reham Khan, exposing Imran Khan on various counts termed the cricketer turned politician as an ideal puppet of the Pakistan Army who will follow the Army line while being the prime minister of Pakistan.

In an exclusive interview published on Sunday edition of 29th July in “The Hindu”, Reham Khan accuses her former husband of winning the Pakistan elections through alleged unfair means and with the complete support of the Army failing which he and his Party Tehrike Insaf would have never been on the power saddle as today.

In an interview given to Suhasini Haider on telephone from London highly critical of Imran, senior journalist Rehan revealed that there had been hell of the pressures and even life threats by her former husband and her protege who very unambiguously threatened her to blow her up incase she comes in the way of the Tehrike Insaf Party chief Imran Khan and as such she had to give up her idea at that very point of time to bring out the book.

She added that that Imran’s people also called my friends to convey me, very specifically that I have two daughters and that non will be safe if I proceed further with my idea to write the book. My entire staff were bribed and intimated and clearly told that anyone who stood in the way of the PTI chief would be blown to pieces ( Uda Diye Jaoge).

On a question, that she wrote the book with a politically motivated intention to have an adverse impact on the chances of her ex husband’s party in the elections, Reham answered that people in Pakistan traded charges on her for having complicity with the PLM- N chief Nawaz Sharif saying that it was he who actually sponsered the book but its not true n absolutely unfair, as I came in the contact of the former PM while he was the PM of Pakistan and had interviewed him as a journalist on earlier ocassiins. However, it would be flattering for me to think that I could have had any impact on the election campaign. I was told very clearly that this would happen in the elections, but I authored my book anyway she added.

She however being critical to Jemina, Imran’s former wife who congratulated him on his victory said that she don’t want to be like Jemina for sure. She added : I married Imran when he was’nt in power or winning elections. I am a Pakistani, a self made woman, an anti social nerd, and entirely a non socialite.

Reham feels greatly relieved that she dosen’t have to stand with her ex husband Imran while he touted blasphemy laws and his party targetted minorities. I would’nt want to justify the indefensible she added.

Levelling open charges of being the Army stooge who will in all earnestness follow the Army line in future, the strict and strong bete noire of Imran Khan speaking against the future Pak PM, Reham agrees that every political establishment in Pakistan toed the Army’s dictates and so did the ex prime minister Nawaz Sharief but when the latter started asserting himself and defying the army’s dictates while praising or following the pro India policies or raising his voice on China Pakistan Economic Corridor, the Army started supporting the PTI and its chief Imran Khan whole heartedly and let Nawab Sharief go out of power.

She also accused Imran and the Tehrike Insaaf Party of not allowing the previous Pak regime to accord India the status of the most favoured nation. The interview dwells on many other significant issues.

Meanwhile, after the prime minister Narendra Modi’s return to India from his three nation African tour the Indian government has, for the very first time welcomed the outcome of the general elections held on 25th July and expressed optimism that a new political dispensation would work constructively to build a new, safe, secure and developed South Asia free from violence. India desires a prosperous Pakistan at peace with its neighbours.

It may be recalled that the would be Pakistan PM Imram Khan had been extremely critical of India during his entire election campaign in Pakistan but after getting the largest number of seats as an individual party neligibly short of majority with a guarantee to fom the government with the support of the few outside parties, he lent a hand of friendship with India saying that the initiative should come first from the Indian side.

He added: if India raises the first step ahead towards Pakistan, the latter will put forward two steps with higher spirits but on the issue of Kashmir his stand was on the same lines as was that of his predecessors.

What’s your take, friends?

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Now, that the popular international cricketer and Pakistan Tehrike Insaf Party chief Imram Khan is going to be the prime minister of the neighbouring country, his long cherished dream, after 22 years of incessant struggle to grab power in Pakistan it remains to be seen as to how would he view the Indo Pakistan relations in the near future.

While every one know that Imran Khan who had the Army backing all along and had been extremely critical of India, its anti Pakistan stance and the Kashmir issue on which he catagorically said about the human rights violations thus accusing India straightaway despite the very fact that he is well aware about Pakistan’s repeated cease fire violations (of the peace pact)  on the Indo Pak border, the Hafeez Sayeed and ISI sponsered Mumbai attack claiming 162 lives and hundreds of mis adventures by the Pak Army, ISI and its openly aided and abetted terror outfits in Jammu and  Kashmir and ther parts of India.

It’s an open secret and an unabiguous fact that keeping the vexed Kashmir issue alive, creating disturbances and executing unabated killings in Kashmir and other parts of India to destabilise its economy and tranquilty through the Pak sponsored terrorism and arbitrarily raising the Kashmir issue and repeating the  stereotype of fabricated human rights violation suits every leader, political party and the ruling establishment of this notorious nation to divert the attention of its already exploited and suffering people from the core issues of employment, inflation, education and health. Today Pakistan’s economy is in doldrums and total disarray.

There is literary no rule of law, the socio economic conditions of women, youth, peasents and the middle class and those at the lowest ebb of the society is extremely worrisome as terrorism, religious fundamentalism and anti India stance has dominated the entire scenerio. People are being kept involved in religiously fundamental practicises so that they are  not able to think of raising the voice of revolt in the country aga8nst the ruling establishment. The anti India bogey keeps the people intact in various myths.

There is a wide gap between the haves and have nots. Those highly educated and connected with elite classes or the ultra rich are controlling the political system with unacounted properties abroad, infinite wealth and are literally fooling the electorates, eighty percent of whom are illiterate and uneducated.

Take for instance the case of Asif Ali Zardari, former president of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, the former PM, now jailed, his brother Shahbad Sharif, Bilawal Bhutto, the young president of Peoples’ Party of Pakistan and late PM Benazir Bhutto’s son, the current would be PM of Pakistan and Tehrike Insaf Chief Imran Khan, all of them are educated in foreign land and born with a silver spoon in their mouths, all of them have properties and mansions in England, US and Saudi Arabia as well as in Dubai, all of them are multi millionaires rather billionares.

Not only this but have amassed excessive and huge wealth while being prime ministers of Pakistan by being involved in corrupt practices. The previous prime minister Nawaz Sharief is in Jail alingwith her daughter Mariyam and son in law on huge corruption charges in the disproportionate assets case and for owning four highly expensive mansions in the United Kingdom.

The former president Zardari who is Bilawal Bhutto’s father had been charged for huge corruption who’d fled to UAE where he had tremendous business interests.

While all the above prime ministers have been tested by thepeopleof Pakistan,  the Tehrike Insaf Party chief Imran Khan is still an untested politician and it was because of this very factor that  the people of Pakistan gave him and his party a chance to rule the country which is today in shatters economically as well as from the point of view of the deteriorating law and order situation as well as having an ugly international reputation for being a country with the hugest debt from World bank, Asian bank and countries like United States of America and China.

It is in no position to pay these heavy debts as the economy of Pakistan is already running in heavy fiscal deficit worth billions of dollars.

Now, Imran Khan promises to change the present Pakistan into a NAYA Pakistan by doing something revolutionery for its people in terms of jobs, development, controlling the sky rocketting inflation and improving relations with its immediate neighbour India, the US, UAE, Iran but considering China as its most trusted friend and a God father Ally.

He will have to bank on China by all means as Pakistan has no other way out as its relations with its one time traditional friend and a super power US  are in doldrums due to Pakistan being a country openly supporting and abetting the hard core terrorists and the terror sanctuaries creating incessant dusturbances, deaths and distruction in India, US, Afghanistan and also destroying the US missions abroad through bombings.

And in this hour of crisis when this Islamic country has been completely isolated in the global scenerio its only the expansionist China that is coming to its rescue through the economic and military support.

The point is , for Imran Khan, the way ahead as the prime minister of Pakistan is a thorny path and not so easy as he must be thinking.

Khan is an unexperienced political entity literally having no experience of an able administrator to govern a complex country like Pakistan, particularly in view of the fact that he had never been either a minister or a bureaucrat with  sufficient experience behind, except becoming a prime minister after 22 years of relentless struggle as a celebrity after lifting the world cup for Pakistan in 1992.

Now, despite his several anti India poisionous speeches during the last few months especially during the election campaigning, Imran Khan has lent a hand of friendship towards India saying that the initiative should be from the Indian side first. He further says : if India takes a one step forward Pakistan will take two steps ahead in a bid to strengthen friendly relations with us.

Imran accuses the Indian media for making him a villain against India whereas he is all for the good and healthy relationship with India.

But despite all this, the notorious Pakistan Army and the ISI who had been immensely instrumental in ensuring the resounding victory of Imran Khan and his Tehrike Insaf Party by various foul plays, as having been accused by the PML (N) AND THE PPP,  would never let the new incumbent PM do so.

Moreover Imran’s stand on the core Kashmir issue is the same as was of his political predecessors and above all he will under no circumstances even think of going against his primary God fathers, the Pak army and the ISI.


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Internationally designated hard core Terrorist Hafiz Sayeed n his militant candidates badly lose in Pak elections



While the popular international cricketer Imran Khan and his party is all set to form the government of Tehrike Insaf Party in Pakistan , though with the support of some other political party preferably the Pakistan Peoples’ Party of Bilawal Bhutto and become prime minister there is one good news that the chief of the Jammait Ul Dawa and an internationally declared hard core terrorist Hafiz Sayeed and his candidates have not won in a single seat thus having been completely rejected by the electorates of Pakistan being considered as a good sign in the so called democratic election process in Pakistan.

The United States of America had already expressed its serious reservations, apprehensions and disenchantment over the participation of these terrorists and terror outfits and had warned the Pak administration of possible consequences in case they win the elections. But as was not expected, the electorates of Pakistan have completely rejected them as not a single candidate of infamous dreaded terrorist Hafiz Sayeed responsible for the Mumbai attack and subsequent 161 killings including the internationally designated terrorist in the high alert wanted list of US and UN have won at the hustings.

This is a very welcome news for the US, India and even Pakistan as had they won and entered the Pakistan General Assembly they would have influenced the Pakistan’s foreign policy against india and US and would have been more closer to the political power at the helm including the Army.

It may be recalled that the hard core terrorist Hafiz Sayeed and the leader of the Harkat Ul Muzahiddeen Fazrul Rehman Khalili and many more had made their good number of hard core terrorist candidates contest under different organisations called Allah ho Akbar etc as the Pakistan Election Commission has not accorded recognition and permission to the most infamous Jamaait Ul Dawa or Jarkat Ul Mujahiddeen etc to contest, but all lost, many of them even losing their security deposits. Even the Pakistan’s politicians had raised an alarm few days ago over these large number of members of the militant organisations contesting the general elections.

As per the senior journalist based in Islamabad Imtiaz Ahmed many of the hardcore militants including those belonging to the Jamaait Ul Dava and the Tehrike Labbaik were permitted by the PAK election Commission to contest the polls after their names were removed from.the fourth schedule – a list of proscribed individuals who are suspected of terrorism or sectarianism under the Pakistan’s terror laws.

The PML- N leaders and the leaders of Awami league had raised outright objection saying that hundreds of such millitant candidates are contesting from various assembly seats which may doom the future of Pakistan, if they are elected. The leader of PML-N wondered how these militants could manage to clear their names from the list of hard core terrorists who were banned from participating in any democratic elections in Pakistan.

Even Washigton expressed its severe and serious concern over the participation of individuals affiliated to the Lashkare Tayyeba and conveyed its strong apprehension to Islamabad.

The Election Commission of Pakistan had established 83,307 polling stations and about 7 lac 70 thousand police and army personels were involved to maintain the law and order during the general elections in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the internationally popular cricketer and former Pakistan cricket captain and president of the Tehrike Insaf Party Imran Khan is all set to become the prime minister of Pakistan which was his long cherished dream.

Married five times and having played 88 international test matches Imran Khan’s party is the single largest winning political outfit having secured 117 seats individual near to the majority of 137 .

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31 die in Quetta on the election day. Imran heading for victory but could form govt with PPP, predict analysts



Thirty one died in Quetta in a bomb explosion today while 67 grievously injured. Imran Khan all set to become Prime minister with the Army’s support. His party Tehrike Insaaf Party is leading quite ahead with 107 seats, Nawaz Sharif’s PML (N) with 70 n Bilawal Bhutto’ s PPP with 39 seats. The others have secured 54 seats.The Pakistan National assembly’s total seats are 342 and elections are held in 272 seats . The total results are expected by early morning. The counting is in progress. Political analysts predict that chances of one sided majority seems to be dim and as such Imran may go for a coalition government. If it happens so Bilawal Bhutto the arch rival of Nawab Sharief and the ( PML N) may opt for supporting PTI and share power with Imran’s party by becoming the deputy prime minister. For forming the government the majority required is minimum 137 seats which Pakistan Tehrike Insaf Party would not be able to muster if one goes by the current tally. So far the party of the dreaded terrorist Hafiz sayeed has not bagged a single seat which is termed as a good sign in Pakistan’s politics. Imran Khan whose party’s victory is certain with the Army’s full backing and also with support from certain terror outfits would amount to be great headache for India say political analysts. Imran Khan would be for sure the remote controlled stooge of the Pakistani Army who is in league with the terror outfits and its leaders like Hafiz Sayeez etc. The interesting part of this election is that about 60 women candidates are contesting in the national assembly elections from all the parties as 60 assembly seats out of total 272 have been reserved for women in Pakistan. Sounds good and would be better if atleast our Indian political parties learn a lesson from our immediate nature n provide 33% reservation to women n Indian parliament, at least before the 2019 general elections. The next prime minister in the offing international cricketer Imran Khan who been spitting poision against India during the entire election camaign would ruin Pakistan’s already not so god relationship with India as he would be merely a pawn of the Pakistan Army and ISI working and acting on the dictates of the terror organisations and the strictly anti Indian Pak Army hell bent upon creating disturbances and destruction in Kashmir and the Indo Pak border. Meanwhile while the counting was in progress in Pakistan the brother of former jailed prime minister Nawaz Sharief, Safdarn his daughter Marium have addressed the press conference, openly accusing the Pakistan Army, administration and the Tehrike Insaf Party of rigging the elections and influencing the entire media to ensurethe one sided victory of Imran Khan’s party. Both Bilawal Bhutto, president of the PPP and the top office bearers of PML (N) have declared the elections as farce as the agents of these parties had been forcibly ased to leave the counting venues by the Army n police manning the election process. They said that they don’t acceptthese verdicts and asked for re election in.major part of the country. The PPP and PML(N) leaders have openly accused the Army of fully aiding and abetting Imran Khan and his party PTI come to power in Pakistan

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Sunil Chhetri, who’d been recognised as one of the India’s most favorite and liked as an outstandingly best footballer for 2017 and 18 by the National SOCCER FEDERATION ( AIFF) on Sunday has further extended his professional tie up with the prestigious Football Club of Bengalore now Bengaluru.

This extention till 2020 – 21 by Sunil gives an unambiguos indication that he would finally finish his professional career as an outstanding footballer in a state which is too dear and sort of a home for him.

Sunil Chhetri was the captain of the Indian Football team. Likely to turn 37 Sunil Chetri who is at present abroad enjoying holidays would be rejoining the prestigious Bengaluru Football Club for pre season in Spain on August 1st.

Sources reveal that Chhetri will return to India on August 15 just few days earlier to the start of their AFC Cup Inter zonal semi finals against Turkmenistan’s Altyn Asyr Football Club.

Likely to played on a Home and Away basis, the Double leg Tie Up would be played on 20th and 22nd August respectively. It may be recalled that an outstanding and highly demanding footballer Sunil Chetri, the India’s most appreciated and lauded highest goal scorer amongst his millions of fooball fans and fraternity in India and abroad has so far scored 64 goals in 101 games.

He is associated with the prestigious Bengaluru Football Club since it came into existence in 2013. Sunil Chetri is credited for being the exclusive Indian footaller of outstanding calliber to have played two significant Asian Cup matches when India plays the 2019 finals to be held in Dubai in 2019.

Highly lauding n appreciating his over enthusiastic fans and moral boosters and the Bengaluru Football Club with whom Chhetri had an incessant association says that the Bengaluru footbal Club and the fans there off have neen the the most loving experiences of his life and finalising a new contract till 2020, 21 with the CLUB is a sort of his renewed gesture to repay his thousands of fans by his outstanding performance in the future as the club and the fans have given so much to me during all these years.He added that : I have made some excellent memories here and I think: there are several more to make said the press release issued by Sunil Chetri.

It may be recalled that born on 3rd August 1984 Sunil Chhetri is an Indian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Indian club Bengaluru FC and the Indian national team. Popularly known as Captain Fantastic, he is both the most-capped player, and all-time top goalscorer for Indian national team, with 64 goals in 101 appearances.

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Pakistan is in an election mode today. Voting has already started at 8 in the morning to be concluded at 6 in the evening where about 106 million voters are going to cast their votes with the 3 lakh 60 thousand military personels manning the elections having their dominant say than the electoral officers.

As per the news pouring in from various sources including media reports this time’s election sounds to be more hectic and pro Imran Khan and his Tehrike Insaaf Party as the Pakistan Army seems to be fully backing Imran’s party come to power. Pakistan has witnessed many fatalities in this election in bombing sequences in several public meetings killing hundreds of innocents for no fault of theirs.

The Islamist nation though under the democratic system has so far seen two parties coming to power in Pakistan simultaneously, the Pakistan Peoples’ Party led by Benazir Bhutto and later on by Zardari n now by her son Bilawal Bhutto and  other being that of the former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharief.

Both the parties have been accused of seamless and huge corruption with Bilawal Bhutto’s father, the former president accused with serious corruption charges and Nawaz Sharief, his daughter Marium and son in law already going to Jail thus offering an open and unambiguous opportunity to the former cricket star of Pakistan Imran Khan acknowledge power this time with the unstinted Pakistan Army’s full support.

The major advantage with Imran Khan and his Tehrike Insaf Party is that he has not been tested by the people of Pakistan and as such is a politician with clean and immaculate image as compared to the severe corruption charges levelled against the previous PM’s and regimes during PPP n PML(N) governments.

Moreover the Pakistan Army and good number of hard core terrorist outfits are also supporting him directly or  indirectly.

Imran Khan says that though he would like to maintain friendly ties with India but not at the cost of Kashmir which unambiguously speaks of the fact that Imran with the Pakistan Army’s support, if comes to power, would be even more dangerous for India.

The fact of the matter is, the eighty percent politics of Pakistan takes a favourable tilt in favour of those politician and parties who are deadly against India and its policies and who labeled it as anti Pakistan and this has been going for years since 1947 after Pakistan got separated from India.

The strict anti India stance is considered as the most important element and pivotal tool of the Pakistan’s foreign policy and this had been the core factor leading to political victories of the parties that rule Pakistan.

Then how can Imran Khan and his Tehrike Insaf Party violate the tradition. While Imran has so far been clear of corrption tag that is helping him tremendously to gain power in Pakistan for which voting is in progress today,  his reputation as a womaniser is eroding his image but in this election his immense popularity has actially overshadowed this womaniser charge.

It may be recalled that Imran has married for the fifth time in Pakistan with a woman half of his age, may be even less younger to him but the people of the country hardly took it in the negative perhaps because its religiously applicable in Islam n because of his being a celebrity of eminence, globally.

Though the voting in various parts of the country is in full swing and chances of Imran becoming the prime minister of the country seem to be bright, several countries of the globe such as US, China, India, UK eyc are keeping their serious watch on the outcome of the results as there are reports that the army is also helping Imran’s party in the supposed rigging of elections.

This time one more factor may bother the future government of Pakistan in case some hard core terrorists win the elections and enter the Pak parliament as good number of hard core terrorists are contesting the polls in Pakistan. What’s your take friends?

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Shooter of 90 maneaters, legendary hunter and conservationist Jim Corbett buried his 3 Rifles and 2 pistols befor leaving India for Kenya



I got a significant opportunity to visit the 135 year old historic house of the globally renowned hunter, conservationist, author and a lifelong bachelor Col Edward Jim Corbett in Nainital, who has to his credit killing 90 maneaters and several wild elephants in the jungles of Kumaon and Garhwal, Uttarakhand before leaving for Kenya with his sister Mary James Corbett before 1947, selling his fascinating Bangalow to the Dalmiya’s for few thousand rupees.

The magnificient bungalow known as “Gunray House” named after his father, situated in a sprawling two acre land with beautiful garden is being maintained and owned by the Dalmiya’s who very often visit and stay here. Jim Corbett stayed in this house for several years before departing for Kenya, Africa and never married during his lifetime. He gave up hunting in the later years and worked on safeguarding n protecting the tigers. He had another house in Kaladhungi, near Nainital which has been converted into a museum.

A vivacious reader and an author on wild life, particularly on various species of tigers in the Himalayas, Col Edward Jim Corbett digged a big hole and cladestinely buried his three shooting rifles and two pistols covered by mud, near his house in Nainital at an unknown destination before giving up hunting forever and leaving for Kenya.

Built in 1881, Jim stayed in the Gunray House for several years till 1947 with his mother and sister.

Gurney House was Jim and Maggie Corbett’s house in Nainital when their parent’s house had been damaged by landslides. They lived in this house for several years until they had to move to Africa to live with relatives in their old age as they had no other relatives in India.

Jim is reputed to have been a great voice on the Municipal Board of Nainital and walked 20+ miles for meetings. He loved the area very much and would be devastated by the destruction that has occurred. Indians have nothing to be proud of with what has occurred in Nainital.

Jim however was not allowed to join the Boat Club at Nainital by the Britishers, as he was merely a “domiciled European” and not of authentic British blood.

Gurney House is still owned by the Indian family who bought it from the Corbetts. They now live in Ashoka Road in Delhi but come up to the “summer house”. The male caretaker Joshi opened up the house for us and gave certain vital information about the history of the place. According to Joshi the entire furniture is in the original shape being 135 to 140 year old and every thing has been maintained and retained to give the house the archival look.

All the original artefacts, Corbett books, his drawing room furniture, steel beds, dining room table, wooden chairs, study room and the building are all in original shape and stature, immaculately clean and bearing fresh look.

The original furnishings have been retained nicely and decently maintained. There is a single black and while photograph of Jim and his dog , some of his books, fire side chairs, his bed and other odds and ends.

Thanks to the Dalmia’s for having so meticulously n immaculately maintained the entite bungalow with original artefacts and furnitures including the 135 year old books which Jim used to read.

The walls are fitted with original antelope heads and horns and elephant tusks brought by Jim from African countries. It was indeed a great pleasure and priviledge to be in the midst of the belongings and the interiors of the 135 year old original house n pose for photographs, where once lived this iconic personality, a legendary hunter, wild life conservationist, anthropologist and an author, known n remembered for his outstanding contribution for protecting the people of Uttarakhand from maneaters, conserving the forests and then saving the significant spieces of Himalayan tigers for years together.

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