The prime minister elect of Pakistan Imran Khan is likely to be sworn in as the 21st PM of the neighbouring country on 18 th August with the support of few regional parties and independents.

If we view his ascendence to power in Pakistan from the point of view of our future cordial relationships with this religious nation we should not be too much optimistic about improvement in relations as being given us to believe or understand from the recent statements of Imran Khan that if India puts its one step forward, Pakistan under his
leadership will move two steps ahead.

The reason behind my logic is unambiguosly simple. Imran Khan’s party Tehrike Insaaf climbed to power with the sole support, help and dictates of the Pakistan Army and the latter’s prime and sole objective is to ensure that relations between India and Pakistan should always be in disarray so that the control of Pak Army in the internal affairs of Pakistan including its foreign policy matters go on unhindered.

If the anti India statements and poisionous outbursts of the former cricket champion and Tehrike Insaaf Chief Imram Khan during the general election campaign in Pakistan are assesed or analysed one will come to an unambiguous conclusion that his horrible anti India stance and criticism of the former PM Nawab Sharif calling him a traditional friend of India and prime minister Narendra Modi selling Pakistan’s interests to India has played a pivotal role in his victory in the general elections.

The way Pakistan Army has rigged the elections in several constituencies and favoured Imran Khan’s Party seek majority ensuring the deadly defeat of the major opposition parties viz Sharief’s PML – N and Bilawal Bhutto’s Pakistan Peoples’ Party it has become absolutely clear that the future of Pakistan despite the duly elected government of PTI under Imran Khan’s prime minister ship is going to be remote controlled by the Pakistan Army from behind the scene.

The reason behind launching of corruption cases and putting the former prime minister behind bars is the Army, as the former was not working under their dictates and was in favour of maintaining and improving better relationships with India, but the Pakistan Army would not like that to happen.

Nawab Sharief was also against the Mumbai attack and was interested to start penalisation of those responsible for the Mumbai misadventure but the Army was deadly against these actions. The Kargil war too was the brain child of the Pak Army and it is believed that the then prime minister Nawab Sharief was not brought into confidence who had no option but to follow the Army’s dictates.

In fact, through the election of a political novice like Imran Khan who is just a cricketer having no knowlege or experience about running the administration or foreign policy matters of Pakistan, the Army of the neighbouring country has got a real pawn or a stooge who is all set to act on the dictates of the latter failing which they will pressurise the regional parties and the independents supporting him, under coercion to with draw support or pull the rug from under his feet thus dethroning him from power. Imran Khan knows all this, but has no option but to act on the Army’s dictates.

Becoming prime minister of Pakistan was a long cherished dream of the former Pakistan Captain who brought the world cup for the country. The husband of four wives, divorced with three, have been active in Pakistan’s politics struggling for the last two and a half decades in order to reach the top. But, a sportsman in true sense and a politician, who would never accept defeat, Imran Khan finally made it after 25 years of incessant struggle starting from the ground and crushing the seasoned political parties PML-N and PPP who ruled Pakistan for years together.

Imran is overwhelmned that he is the prime minister of a nation like Pakistan which was his long cherished dream, it hardly matters who operates the remote control.

Moreover, hardly 7 days are left for his swearing in but Imran has not shown courtsey to invite India’s prime minister Narendra Modi to the swearing in despite the fact that the latter had invited the then Pakistan PM Nawab Sharief and other heads of all the SAARC nations in New Delhi in 2014. What does this indicate? Leaving it on you friends to respond?


Sarfaraz annoyed with father’s co stars, says Bollywood is hypocrite and selfish



Late Kader Khan with his sons in Canada

It is indeed a tragedy of Indian film Industry that an iconic personality of Bollywood who’d acted in about 700 films and impressed his billions of fans worldwide by his humorous histrionics n also scripted dialogues n stories for about three hundred movies with several of them being super duper hits, had to breath his last thousands of miles away from India, his actual Karmsthali, though born in Afghanistan on 31st December, 2018.


A heart throb of billions of his die hard fans acting  legend Kader Khan who’d acted in myriad number of movies with Super star Amitabh Bachchan, ever green hero Govinda , Shakti Kapoor, Johnny lever including late Super star Rajesh Khanna etc none of them, who called him a fatherly figure, remembered him during his critical days in complete isolation n loneliness when the veteran actor n dialogue writer was seriously ill counting his last days in pain.


Kader Khan had taken the Canadian citizenship as all his three sons, the eldest being Sarfaraz were already settled in Canada. Had Kader Khan acknowledged the  adequate n due attention in Mumbai, by his five decades old film fraternity, while ill n in bad health things would have been different and the former would have preferred leaving for his eternal home in India itself.


But after his severe knee surgery having gone away n his health condition gone heywire, the lonely Kader Khan who was expecting moral, psychological and physical support from his earlier co actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Shakti Kapoor, Johnny lever, Asrani, Govinda and his other co stars whom he remembered a lot during his last time while in crisis he was literaly morally dead while alive in total isolation n bewilderness.


According to his son Sarfaraz Khan who looked after his father very minutely n with due care had a deep grudge against his father’s co stars like Amitabh, Govinda n Shakti Kapoor who though always talked very high of Kader Khan n termed him as their fatherly figure n even God father, never ever called him either on phone or personally to know about his welfare n welbeing nor bothered to visit him either in Mumbai n later in Canada.


Sarfaraz said Kader Khan was morally extremely heart broken n felt lonely  while being ill during his last days of life in hospital in Canada who dedicated his five decades to Indian film industry.


He said, however Kader Khan was lucky to have three responsible sons who’d looked after him in his critical days and baded him good bye at the age of 81 cheerfully, who were near him in the hospital even while he breathed his last.


On the contrary, veteran film actors like Parveen Babi, Sadhna, Mohan Choti, Lalita Panwar and several others met a very sad end is extreme financial and emotional jeopardy in complete isolation as well.


Sarfaraz who was badly annoyed by the non cooperation of the film fraternity  in the context of not remembering his late father Kader Khan even once during his critical days says that this is how the Bollywood has become these days  as everybody honours n respects a star while he or she are on the rise or in news but the moment they are on the descendence or downslide all the co stars forget them which is indeed quite a distressing trend.


There was a time in the 70s n 80s when decency, amity n ethics ruled the Mumbai Film Industry. I fondly remember to have read in one of the  news reports that when Kaka was on his peak of stardom and music legend Pancham Da was operated in England for a severe heart ailment, Pancham Da’s friend  Rajesh Khanna flew to London all of a sudden and surprised the ailing  music director, when the later visited the former in hospital to know about his health condition after the surgery.


Kaka then in the peak of his super stardom used to keep Pancham Da happy and used to crack jokes to keep him in good humour while convalescing after the surgery in London. The cardiac surgeon who happened to be an Indian born was extremely pleased, enthralled and thrilled to see Kaka the then super star in front of him and invited him to dinner at his house. Kaka used to be with Pancham Da in the hospital during the day n in clubs in the night. Such was the bond between the Bollywood fraternity those days which has changed upside down now with stars now being selfish n hypocrites.


Kader Khan Sahab’s sad end in isolation with not a single co star trying to know about his well being while he was in critical days of his life unambiguously speaks of the fact that Bollywood no longer believes in emotions n passions but pure business. That’s it.

It may be recalled that being the Canadian citizen and no love, affection, support or cooperation acknowleged from Bollywood despite Kader Khan’sfove decades service to the Mumbai Film Industry as a legendary star, author, comedian n a role model, this veteran Bollywood star was constrained to be cremeted in Canada thousands of miles away from India his KARMSTHALI N AFGHANISTAN his Birth place. He was 81. What’s your take friends?

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Imran Khan’s friendly initiatives have no meaning till he does not rid Pakistan of terror santuaries n terrorism



The issue of Kartarpur corridor which seemed like opening the doors of a new chapter of friendship between India and Pakistan, particularly after the elevation of renowned cricketer Imran Khan as the new prime minister of Pakistan has taken a topsy tervy turn with India and Pakistan still engaged in mudslingling and accusations on each other giving an unambiguous impression that keeping the confrontation between the two nations’ alive suits both the ruling partys’ political dispensations to keep on their governments running smoothly and politics intact.

There is no doubt that the successive governments in Pakistan since they achieved separate nationhood always stood against India as its arch enemy , attacked India number of times, lost all wars but always kept the Kashmir issue alive by making Pakistan a fertile sanctuary of terrorists and infilterating them in Kashmir killing thousands of innocent civilians and Armymen including the paramilitary troopers.

While the Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan is making number of statements regarding extending two steps forward incase India initiates’ one step ahead, the Kartarpur corridor initiative between both the countries does not seem to serve any suitable purpose of renewed efforts of friendship dialogue despite the decision being historic as politics of Congress and BJP has cropped in to take credit of this historic intiative.

While the Punjab state minister of Congress party government Navjyot Singh Sidhu is claiming the credit for opening of the Kartarpur Pakistan and Nanak Dera India corridor being the old and trusted friend of Pak PM Imran Khan, the BJP led NDA government pats its own back and blames Sidhu as the die friend of India’s traditional enemy.

There have also been accusations and allegations of Pakistan aiding and abetting the Khalistani terrorists in its own soil particularly Gopal Singh Chawla who was shown most cordially and merrily talking to the Pakistani general Bajwa at the ground breaking ceremony in Pakistan by Indian TV channels and the print media.

The Indian external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj has already refused to initiate talks with Pakistan despite Imran’s initiative for dialogues, saying that inview of the increasing killings of Indians and Pakistan’s not giving up its stand on sponsoring and abetting terrorists including closing down of terror sanctuaries the friendship parleys can’t go hand in glove.

Similarly the prime minister’s visit to the SAARC conference to be held in Pakistan has also been cancelled for the second time, as India wants complete stoppage to terror funding and support to terrorists from the Pakistani soil.

The rigid stand of India despite the Kartarpur intiative seems to be a logically genuine decision as Pak PM Imran Khan has never committed to give up shielding and abetting terrorists n terrorism from the Pakistani soil and had not mentioned even for once while speaking on the ground breaking ceremony in Kartarpur, Pakistan his commitment to do so, though he did raised the Kashmir issue.

He did’nt even uttered a single word on 26/11 attack in Mumbai in which 160 innocents died. He did not say a single word on the dreaded terrorists like Hafiz Sayed etc who are roaming freely in Pakistan and spreading venom against India n killing hundreds of people in Kashmir.

Instead Imran Khan tries to skip these questions by putting the blame on previous governments and terming them as an inherited issue thus standing non committal on counteting terrorism in the Pakistan soil.

It’s not only India but the entire world which unambiguously knows – how Pakistan is sponsering and funding the hardened terrorists as a terrorist nation. Even in UN and the US list Hafeez Sayed n other terrorists are registered as International terrorits with heavy awards on their heads but the Pak government is not playing any vital role to penalise n hand them to the US and India.

The US president too has warned Pakistan number of times to clear its soil of terror sanctuaries n have even stopped the huge financial aid but instead of obliging US its traditional friend it preferred to wholly side with expansionist China given a clrar impression that the PAK military, political leadership n the ISI are not interested to counter or eliminate terrorism from its soil either willingly or for fear of polotical implications n repurcussions.

The crux is, unless Pakistan gives up the killing spree in Kashmir and clears its soil of terror sanctuaries and terror funding activities, any historic initiative between the two countries will have to be looked or assesed in isolation as rightly said by the Indian Army chief Genl. Vipin Rawat in the context of the Kartarpur, Corridor.

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Kartarpur India corridor, a potential hope for revival of friendly Indo Pak ties



At a critical juncture, when the relations between Pakistan and India are at its low, worsening day after day, particularly in view of the increasing bludgeonings by the Pak sponsored, aided and abetted terrorists n rangers at the LOC and strife torn Jammu and Kashmir , the recent announcenent by the Pak and Indian government to operationalise the seamless visa free corridor of 4 kilometers between the historic Dera Baba Nanak in Indian Punjab and Kartarpur Sahib in Pakistan, a protracted demand of the Sikhs in India, has infact opened a new credible hope of revival of friendly relations between the two countries.

The issue of construction of corridor between the Dera Baba Nanak in India n Kartarpur in Pakistan is paramount because it will not only be a great boost for about 12.5 crore Sikhs believing in their God Guru Nanak Dev who passed his 18 long years of his last life span in this historic Gurudwara then in Kartarpur India and now in Pakistan but will also open doors of good frienship bonding between the two warring neighbours who’d been at leggerheads since 1947 after India and Pakistan attained freedom and separate entity as two nations.

There had been lot of controversy on this pivotal issue pertaining to the visit of the Punjab minister in the Congress government and former cricketer Navjyot Singh Sidhu who’d recently visited Pakistan during the swearing in ceremony of his old friend and Pak’s premier Imran Khan embracing the Pakistan Army chief Bajwa for his alleged assurance for opening n operationalising the corridor.

Sidhu had then been accused as anti Indian and a friend of Pakistan. Today, Novjyot Singh Sidhu is claiming the credit for this positive development saying that it is he, who had personally requested to Pakistan PM n his old friend Imran Khan for operationalising the corridor thus opening the new historical chapter in starting friendship with India, which as on date is at loggerheads.

Meanwhile, another controversy has now erupted regarding sticking of several posters in Gurudwara Nanka Sahib in Pakistan by Khalistan Cammando Force propagating the demand for separate Khalistan at the alleged behest of the Khalistani extremists having taken safe refuge in Pakistan.

There are apprehensions that if this corridor will start functioning after few years and the seamless visits of Indian Sikh community will take place uninterruptingly these anti Indian pro Khalistani forces may try to influence youngsters with their anti India n pro Khalistan stance.

Therefore the Pakistani government should first and foremostly take stringent action against these anti Indian Sikh extremists active in Pakistani soil before starting the corridor.

It may be recalled that during the recent grenade attack in the Nirankari Sant congregation (Samagam) in Amritsar which killed three people and grievously injured 20, hands of the Sikh militants who’d unfiltrated into India were found to have been allegedly involved in these bombings and the picture as well as the anti India n pro Khakistan speeches of some Sikh Khalistani leaders praising Pakistan and Hafiz Sayeed were also telecast on the Indian TV channels pledging to allegedly disintegrate India.

However, despite all this the final arrangements for the opening of this corridor has been made by both the governments and the Indian President Ram Nath Kovind and the Pakistan’s prime minister lmran Khan are inaugurating this friendship project on 26th and 28th November respectively.

This announcement is welcome particularly in view of the 550th Birthday of Guru Nanak Sahib in the month of November.

While the proposal to operationalise this Ino Pak corridor is a heartily welcome initiative but it remains to be seen as to when will it be credibly opened for the free and seamless flow of visiters from India n Pakistan.

In the meanwhile the government under Imran Khan, his Army and ISI should take all possible initiatives to give up killings of Indian soldiers and civilians going unabated since long at the strife torn J and K n LOC border. The incessant sponsering and abetting of terrorists by Pakistan Army and the ISI at the LOC has made things worse with about 1800 incidents of cross border violations since the last for years.

If Imran Khan and his government is really serious on establishing friendly bilateral talks and relations with India it will have to excercise serious restraint on cross border firings and shall have give up sponsering the cross border terrorism genuinely and with conviction . What’s your take friends?

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Rajnath Singh’s cryptic remark ? Hints about a strong surgical strike against Pak to avenge the brutal death of the BSF jawan.



The home minister of India Rajnath Singh has made a startling disclosure that something very good and big has happened two three days ago. Believe in us.

But I don’t want to reveal. He added: something very good has happened. I can’t reveal and don’t want to. I won’t reveal. Some of the people might be knowing.

The BJP claimed that Pakistan has been taught a stringent lesson. Home minister Rajnath Singh was smiling and in a satisfactory as well a good mood while stating this in a function/ rally organised while celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of the Surgical strike across the LOC in Pakistan territory destroying several terrorist launch pads and killing good number Pak sponsered terrorists on its land in 2016.

The home minister Rajnath Singh’s indication raised speculation about a second surgical strike against Pakistan across the LOC to stringently avenge the grusome and barbaric assasination of the BSF Jawan just a few days ago whose badly mutilated body was found by the Indian paramilitary after the BSF jawan was gruesomely and diabolically bludgeoned across the border by the Pakistani rangers.

The non Congress opposition especially the Congress, National Conference and the NCP has assailed and condemned this bravado of the BJP led NDA government as fake and biased accusing it of misusing the sacrifice of the patriotic armymen for narrow and squeezed political interests.

The BJP led NDA government at the centre has organised the 2nd Anniversary of the Surgical strike in the capital city Delhi as well as in the BJP ruled states of the country especially in the three states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh and the entire non Congress opposition led by the Congress party has opposed this governmental move tooth and nail accusing it of playing politics with the Indian Army and the martyrs giving their precious lives across the borders and in Kashmir.

The National Conference leader Nawab Kamal asked why is the government playing politics in the name of the military. What have they achieved? What’s the need of such celebrations in the name of the military for political advantage.

In Delhi the government is celebrating the the 2nd anniversary of surgical strike with full fanfare in the lush green sprawling lawns of India gate for three days till 30th September.

The Indian Army, Airforce and the Navy has displayed their arms and ammunitions including the models of the latest planes, fighter jets, well decorated pictures of the martyrs having sacrificed their lives in action in various anti insurgency operations as well as in various wars against neighbouring Pakistan.

The most controvertial Borfors guns of Sweden, the latest hi tech rocket launchers, machine guns and the arms and ammunition captured from the Pakistan army have been displayed in the exhibition.

A running commentary with visuals about the 2016 surgical strike is also being played and exhibited on this occassion. The visitors are allowed to click pictures of all the defence equipments put on display with army personels giving full description and explanation about them.

In the evening the prominent cine personalities and popular Bollywood singers Kailash Kher and Sukhvinder Singh are performing everyday till 30th September with their patriotic melodious songs infusing a sense and feeling of patriotism in the hearts and minds of the audience attending the musical evening in large numbers and to also impress them with the laudable valour of our brave army jawans always ready to take the enemy head on against the highly challenging and odd situations across the LOC n in the strife torn Kashmir.

While the government is all set to organise such shows n events of the valour of all the three wings of our defense forces the Indian Army chief General Vipin Rawat too has recommended for such events to accquaint the people of the country about our defense services, especially the Army’s all round preparedness to counter the enemy forces and their subsequent laudable outstanding in manning our poroys borders and keeping the 125 crores Indians safe and sound from the increasing misadventures of the Pak forces as well as their well trained hard core terrorsts.

However the Indian Amy veterans, the retired officers have opposed the government’s move to politicise the army n use their valour to meet the narrow political ends.

However war veterans n retired senior Army officers like Brigadier Sandeep Thapar and Lt General Vinod Bhatia etc has opposed the move as political exercise using the military’s valour for pokitical ends. In a tweet Lt. Genl. retired Bhatia said : Overhyped commemoration of surgical strike for political mileage counter productive as it foreclosed future options for such strikes. Surgical strike a threat in bring & work in progress to raise the costs for Pakistan low cost high effect proxy war.

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Are there similarities between Bofors and Rafale controversies ? After all both are defense deals ?



The Rafale imbroglio is repeating the once most controvertial bombshell of merely 60 crores Bofors kick back that not only haunted the Congress party and the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi for long but also led to his political dethroning leading to his own one time stooge Raja of Manda Vishwanath Pratap Singh climb to power with the help of the then non Congress opposition.

Though politically embattered Rajiv Gandhi finally got acquitted of the charge, but after his sad assasination. Then the ruling Congress party was on the back foot but today on the similar lines the current BJP led political dispensation under the prime ministership of Narendra Modi is in an unambiguous defensive, putting its several union ministers as trouble shooters on the job to counter the impending Congress invasion on Rafale.

While the Bofors kick back deal revolved around a petty amount of Rs 60 crores the current loss in the controvertial Rafale deal of France with Dassault aviation is in several thousand crores, say over 60 thousand crores, according to Congress chief Rahul Gandhi.

In the Bofors deal it is said that the then Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi was not directly involved but there were allegedly middleman like Quaterrochi of Italy who were named as the recipient of the bribe through the former but in the present case the Nehru Gandhi scion, Congress president Rahul Gandhi on the basis of the startling disclosure of the former French president Francois Hollande and later on by the Dassault Aviation’s technical heads followed by the wife of the present president Brigate Macron has allegedly pinned the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi as directly helping Anil Ambani of Reliance Defence bag the offset contract worth 30 thousand crores, out rightly rejected by the government and its ministers as completely baseless, frivolous, biased and fabricated.

While the former President Francoise Hollande on whose tenure and presence the deal was finalised has unambiguously revealed that after he was told for the favor, the France govt n Dassault had no choice but to accept it.

Similarly the wife of the present president Macron’s wife ( as per the article published in one of the dailies, Dainik Bhaskar written by its editor Gyanendra Pandey) said that the magnitude of the scam done in the Rafale deal and the staggering amount involved in it could have conveniently improvised/ altered the diminishing economy of a country in financial mess/ doldrums.

The first woman of France and its president Macron’s wife even went to the extent of shockingly questioning as to how a prime minister of any country betray the people of his own country by committing such a blunder.

As a result the most vociferous Congress president Rahul Gandhi and his entire media team that include former minister n youth Congress president Anand Sharma, AICC’s communication incharge n chief spokesman Randeep Singh Surjewala, Jairam Ramesh, Abhishekh Manu Singhvi, Kapil Sibbal and Manish Tiwari etc have got enough ammunition who’ve tightened their belts and enhanced attacks on the ruling party dispensation at the centre and PM Modi through holding repeated press conferences, tweet attacks and addressing public mertings in the states likely to go to polls viz. Rajasthan, MP and Chattisgarh n even in Uttar Pradesh.

The BJP who’d fielded intelligent n eloquent Sambit Patra, Union ministers Ravi Shankar Prasad, Arun Jaitley and even the national party supremo Amit Shah are also doing their best to counter the Congress party’s onslaughts but after the startling disclosures of the former French president Hollande they seem to have come under defensive posture say political analysts.

Everybody know that the way prime minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah duo have been leading the saffron party’s jaggernaut towards incessant n seamless victories in state after state demolishing Congress party and the Samajwadi party’s strongholds in over twenty states after 2014 despite some failures on the demonetisation, GST, inflation, farmers suicides and banking fraud fronts, it looked as if the BJP is all set to te climb to the power saddle in 2019 and stage a comeback with the same enthusiasm as it had been doing in all the states of the country, but unfortunately eruption of conyrovertial issues like Rafale, banking frauds, incessant increase in petro product prices, LPG etc – highest since the last 70 years, and subsequent inflation, the party’s expeditiously forward moving juggarnaut seems to have developed serious flaws and defects finding itself difficult to continue its winning spree.

The continuous demand of the Congress led opposition for the JPC, CAG or CVC probe has also been turned down thus allegedly giving an unambiguous impression that something is definitely wrong and arbitrary in the French deal despite every condemnation by the union ministers in the government and saffron party leaders.

The best way to come out of this ever deteriorating situation is to go for an impartial JPC probe as demanded by the opposition as the country wants to know the truth threadbare say political analysts. What’s your take friends?

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Rahul Gandhi furious, asks if the govt is really honest why is it shying to order the JPC probe in the Rafale deal?



The Congress president Rahul Gandhi has accused prime minister Narendra Modi of helping industrialist and owner of Reliance defence in committing a theft while procuring the offset contract of Rafale Jet Fighters worth thousands of crores.

Replying to the queries of the reporter/ correspondent of Asia News International today and the video of which has been posted in the agency’s twitter handle, the vociferous Congress president Rahul Gandhi on the controvertial Rafale deal said that it’s is clear that by not agreeing to the demand of the Congress for the Joint Parliamentary Probe in the arbitrary Rafale Jet Fighter’s deal the prime minister do not want to bring the real picture to the peoples’ domain/ knowledge.

Rahul said the prime minister Narendra Modi, Arun Jailey’s boss is visiting Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh and addressing people but is not uttering a single word of the Rafale deal which unambiguously explains or proves that he was in complicity with Anil Ambani of Reliance defence to commit the theft not naming him but addressing him as Chowkidaar of the country.

ANI tweeted: Congress president Rahul Gandhi says set up JPC ( Joint Parliamentary Committee) & the truth will come out. But Arun Jaitley’s boss Narendra Modi can’t do this work. Narendra Modi gives big speeches but never speaks a word on Rafale or Anil Ambani.

The moot question is: the people of the country has the right to know the truth behind the Rafale deal. If the deal is really honest and transparent what’s the hitch in instituting the JPC probe, question people of the country ? And the Congress president Rahul too.

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Dassault Aviation clarifies its stand vindicating the contract to Reliance !



The Rafale Jet fighters embroglio has reached to such an extent after the startling disclosure of the former French president Francois Hollande about the complicity of the ruling political dispensation in the allotment of the offset contract of Dassault Aviation to Reliance India at the cost of the Indian public sector undertaking having expertise in defence production the HAL has ultimately compelled the French Defence Company Dassault Avitation to issue a press release vindicating its stand in the deal trying to come out clean of the impending controversy.

In a press release issued with a date line of September 21st September, 2018 with a headline ” About the Rafale Contract For India,” the French company in the first paragraph explains that this contract is government to government agreement. It provides for a separate contract in which the Dassault Aviation commits to make compensation investments( offsets) worth 50% of the value of the purchase clearly indicating about half of the value of the total deal of the contract.

The para two of the press release specifically states verbatim: This offset contract is delivered in complaince with the Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) 2016 regulations. In this framework and in accordance with the policy of Make in India, Dassault Aviation has decided to make a partnership with INDIA’S RELIANCE GROUP. This is Dassault Aviation’s choice as CEO, Eric Tappier has explained in an interview published in MINT newspaper on April 17, 2018. This partnership has led to the creation Dassault Reliance Aerospace.Ltd ( DRAL) joint venture in February 2017.

Dassault Aviation and Reliance have built a plant in Nagpur for manufacturing parts for Falcon and Rafale Aircraft. The Nagpur site was chosen because of the availabilty of land with direct access to an Airport runway, an essential activities. Para third says : Other partnerships have been signed with other companies such as BTSL, DEFSYS, Kinetic, Mahindra, Maini, SAMTEL…… Other negotiations are ongoing with an hundred odd other potential partners. Para four adds: Dassault Aviation is very proud that the Indian Authorities has selected the Rafale fighters.

There are no signatures in the press release that raises a doubtful question mark? In the end of the press release under the head of ABOUT DASSAULT AVIATION, the French company boasts itself as: With over 10, 000 military and civil aircraft delivered in more than 90 countries over the last century. In 2017, Dasault Aviation reported revenues of € 4.8 billion. The company has 11, 400 employees with built up expettise worldwide.

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Fracois Hollande’s revelation on Rafale give new ammunition to Rahul Gandhi



The controvertial Rafale Jet Fighters’ issue gaining momentum day by day has taken a new and interesting turn putting the current ruling political dispensation in a real dock after the former French President Hollande’s recent revelation that it was not the Dassault Aviation but allegedly the Indian government that has recommended or favored the Indian private Company of Anil Ambani for the offset contract in place of the traditional and experienced public sector undertaking the Hindustan Aeronautics limited.

The country’s newspapers are full of banner news today highlighting this new revelation of the former French President with whom the MOU was signed in 2016 when he was was the chief guest on the prestigious Republic Day function.

The new exposure allegedly belying the BJP led NDA government and the Anil Ambani’s Reliance defence’s earlier statements that the ruling party dispensation has nothing to do with the allocation of the Rafale offset Contract and that this is all unfounded and biased have given a fresh political ammunition to the main opposition party Congress and its rest of the alliance partners who are these days quite desperate to find hot issues of national significance that go against the saffron party, particularly in view of the likely elections in the four states and the fast approaching national election of 2019.

After being constantly and consistently attacked by the youthful Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Rafale jet fighter deal and banking frauds including the skyrocketting petrol prices and other factors like inflation, unemployment and agrarian crisis, this new revelation of the former French president Hollande to a French website Mediapart about the alleged alleged favor granted to Reliance Defence thus pre strategically keeping out the HAL from the Rafale offset contract by the Indian govt has provided an extra ammunition and opportunity to Gandhi Nehru family scion Rahul Gandhi who’d be openly and vociferously accusing the BJP led NDA and prime minister as well as the Defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman of misguiding and betraying the 135 crore people of the country thus asking for her resignation.

Political analysts say that this recent revelation has opened the pandoras box as the saffron party leaders have now become defensive having been exposed in the eyes of the countrymen of favouring an inexperienced private player in a sensitive defence deal having no expertise or past experience in defence production as compared to HAL that has the distinction and outstanding abilities to produce different defence aircrafts and fighters like Mig 21, Sukhoi Jet Fighters  etc etc. in the past.

It’s a new political bombshell which to a great extent vindicates the accusation of the non BJP parties and the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who had been shouting on Rafale deal for the last ywo years and the saffron party leaders and the PM replying to his accusations calling them childish, baseless, fabricated and concocted terming it as a purely honest and transparent govt to govt deal with nothing fishy into it.

Being the election year and the ruling saffron party’s preparations going on in full swing with prime minister Narendra Modi and BJP supremo visiting several states addressing good number of public meetings, highlighting its outstanding achievements and allocating massive funds for various developmental projects to impress upon its electorates for the good works executed by them, it seems that this latest bombshell of Hollande pinning the NDA government for arbitrarily favoring the Anil Ambani company instead of HAL may badly go against the ruling party government, particularly the top bosses in whose presence the entire deal was allegedly signed and formalised.

The Congress president Rahul Gandhi had number of times accused the ruling party of committing deliberate blunders on this deal by not only escalating the prices of Rafale Jet fighters three time more that the original price but has also accused the government of reducing its numbers from 126 to merely 36 and thus escalating the total cost to 59000 crores including arbitrary allocation of the offset contract to the Anil Ambani’s unexperienced and non existent company in defence production matters with the alleged unambiguous intent to give him monetary benefits on a large scale, denied and outrightly condemned by the BJP and its government.

The former uninon ministers in BJP government of late AB Vajpayee including the senioractivist and advocate, a crusader against corruption viz Arun Shourie, Yashwant Sinha and Prashant Bhushan respectively have also trained their guns towards the BJP government and its political and administrative CEO accusing him on the Rafale deal incessantly by holding several press conferences.

This controversy reminds one and all of the previous Bofors kickback deal in which Rahul Gandhi’s father late Rajiv Gandhi was haunted till he was alive and had to pay a huge price by way of being dethroned from power by the country’s electorates , finally to be acquitted, but after his tragic assasination n confrontong so much of trials and tribulations. Now, it’s Rahul’s term to prove his mettle by exposing the wrong doers in Rafale controvertial deal, say political analysts.

Meanwhile Congress president Rahul Gandhi has in a more offensive posture today tweeted that the PM has looted the country with a deal of130000 crores Rafale deal and misled the people of the country. It is the open insult and indignation of the Armed forces of the country.

Rahul accused the BJP led NDA government saying that the Rafale deal was signed in a closed door room and the deal was manipulated to favor Anil Ambani. He thanked the former French presidentfor bringing the truth of the deal to the fore.

The exact words of the tweets are: (1) The PM and Anil Ambani jointly carried out a one hundred thirty thousand crores surgical strike on the India Defence Forces.Modiji you dishonoured the blood of our martyred soldiers. Shame on you.You betrayed India’s soul. This tweet was issued just 40 minutes ago of filing this story.
What’s your take friends?

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Killings go unabated in Kashmir ! Will the Indo Pak bilateral talks succeed ?



Sounds extremely shocking and hypocritical that on the one hand the Indian BSF trooper Narendra Kumar is brutally killed and his body mutilated by the Pakistani rangers across the International line of control with not a single word of condemnation/ apology coming from the Pakistan’s PM but instead a letter coming from him for a bilateral foreign ministers’ dialogue on terrorism at the UNGA summit precincts in Geneva on 24th of September. Even last night three special police officers have been shockingly eliminated in Kashmir by the Pak sponsered terrorits.

Though the Indian government has taken Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s initiative for the resumption of bilateral dialogue in all earnestness Pakistan should not forget that any dialogue between both the countries could not prove fruitful until Pakistan asks its military bosses to stop the unprovoked firing at the LOC and takes credible initiatives in stopping harnessing terror organisations who’ve been creating havoc in strife torn Jammu and Kashmir killing hundreds of innocents and Indian army n paramilitary troopers.

While India has agreed for the foreign minister mutual dialogue with Pakistan on the sidelines of SAARC meeting at UNGA on 24th September with India foreign minister Sushma Swaraj likely to leave for Geneva it’s quite satisfying to note that the Indian side has not changed its hard stance on terrorism asking Pakistan to give up supporting and abetting terror outfits like Laskare Tayyeba and Jaish E Mohammed, sneaking its hard core terrorists in India territory killing innocents and stop breaching the ceasefire agreements between both the countries.

It may be recalled that the invitation for constructive engagement between both the countries started for the very first time from Indian side when the prime minister Narendra Modi sent a letter to Imran Khan after his swearing in as the PM of Pakistan and it’s in response to that letter that his counterpart in Pakistan responded for the foreign ministers dialogue.

The bilateral peace talks were snubbed/ stopped between Pakistan n India after the unprovoked attack by the Pakistani aided and abetted hard core terrorists in the Army camp in Uri Sector last year followed by the surgical strike of the India Army destroying hundreds of terrorist launch pads n killing terrorits in the Pak territory across the LOC.

It’s anguishing to note that about 400 or more armymen n para military troopers have been martyred since the last four years or more due to the misadventures and cross firing from Pakistani side and through unprovoked terror attacks from Pak sponsered terrorits in Jammu and Kashmir.

There have been shocking more than 1500 violations of peace pact from the Pakistan”‘s side, even annoying the US president Donald Trump who’d declared Pakistan a terror state blocking its defence aid worth 300 million US dollars and reprimanding it number of times for openly running and sponsering terror sanctuaries in its territory creating havoc in Afghanistan, India n other parts of the world.

After winning the elections in Pakistan Imran Khan has made friendship initiatives towards India by saying that if India puts one step forward Pakistan will put two steps forward but unfortunately the PTI government completely under the influence and grip of the ISI and Pakistan Military could not stop cross border unprovoked firing n killings of the innocents on the Indian side even after assuming office.

This hypocricy sounds highly distressing. While lot of significance is being given to the foreign ministers dialogue between India and Pakistan after the closure of the deliberations two years ago, it remains to be seen what credible outcome arrives out of this meeting in Geneva? The crux of the whole story is that unless or until the Pak leadership( does not ) come out of the grip of its military and iSI n acts independently to stop aiding n abetting terrorit sanctuaries in their own land and stop cross border firings n killings, India and Pakistan can never settle their scores n would continue the blame game as usual to further the political interests to remain in power misguiding its people on anti India and anti Pakistan plank.

But the major responsibility lies on Imran Khan as it’s his country primarily which believes in destruction and killings at the expense of the development of its people.

Today it’s a country with a begging bowl in its hand burdened with the fiscal deficits of 30 thousand Arab dollars likely on the brink of economic disater while India is flourishing with progress and prosperity.

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The Congress party which has made Rafale fighter jets’ purchase deal as one of its main election plank accusing the union government of escalating the cost per fighter jet from 600 crore to 1700 crores and keeping out the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited for assembling and other services of the fighters by bringing in the Reliance defense arbitrarily is holding protest demonstrations in different parts of the country and states in order to mobilise the nation’s electorates against the deal which has been outrightly denied by PM Modi insideand outside parliamentof several ocassions terming it as anhonest and transparent govt to govt deal.

Under its anti Rafale mobilisation campaigns the central state observers are being sent to various states PCCs’ who give lectures to the state party cadres on various negative points of the deal with the Dassault Aviation of France and motivate its party cadres to further disseminate the movement at the district and block levels to aware the people of the various pros and cons of Rafale deal.

As a sequel to these ongoing demonstrations against Rafale Jet Fighter deal with France a huge demonstration cum rally was organised by Congressmen at Laxmi Nagar Trans Yamuna which led to the heavy traffic snarls in the morning and afternoon hours with processionist raising anti government and anti BJP slogans.

What was interesting about this demonstration was that a huge model of Rafale Jet was fitted on the truck which moved on the main road of Trans Yamuna Lakshmi Nagar and Shakerpur alongwith hundreds of Congress workers renting the air with anti BJP slogans demanding an enquiry into the whole episode. The passers by looked at the model of the Rafale jet extremely curiously and also moved along with the processionists expressing their solidarity with the cause.

The procession was led by the DPCC president Lalit Maken participated by good number of senior Congress leaders including the area delegate and youth leader Rajesh Pandey. It may be recalled that just a few days ago the senior journalist and former union minister Arun Shourie, Yashwant Sinha and senior Advocate and activist Prashant Bhushan had also addressed a press conference at Press Club of India castigating the BJP led NDA government on the Rafale deal posing questions about the lessening of the jet fighter numbers from 136 to 36, arbitrary increase in the cost from 3600 to 1740 crores per jet fighter aircraft and ousting of the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited after bringing in the inexperienced Reliance defence into the deal.

Even during the no confidence motion in the Lok Sabha the Congress president has vociferously raised the issue demanding answers from the PM and the defence minister on the alleged arbitrary and highly expensive deal with the Dassault Aviation Ltd of France.

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