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DEVANSHI AND OTHER JUNIOR SHOOTERS BACK TO INDIA AFTER WINNING TWO GOLD MEDALS FOR COUNTRY IN GERMANYOPPOSITION’S NO CONFIDENCE MOTION CRUMBLES LIKE A PACK OF CARDS AS EXPECTEDRAHUL’S WINKING AND HUGGING THE PM SURPRISE ONE AND ALLRAHUL ACCUSES PM OF HELPING THE RICH WHILE DITCHING THE POORNAXAL PROBLEM ASSUMING GIGANTIC PROPORTION !ALVIDA NEERAJ JI. A HUGE VACCUM IN THE LITERARY AND POETIC WORLD!Terror organisations supporting Imran’s party, PAKISTAN TEHRIKE INSAF PARTYBUS FALLS INTO A DEEP GORGE IN CHAMBA DHARASU MOTOR ROAD IN TEHRI, GARHWAL, 14 KILLED, 16 INJURED GRIEVOUSLY67 thousands posts of constables opened with matriculation as educational requirement!Twenty labourers feared dead under the collapsed illegal six floor building in Noida. 9 bodies retrieved so farVETERAN JURNO SHEKHAR GUPTA SAYS EXCEPT JAYANT NOT A SINGLE BJP LEADER HAS CONDEMNED ATTACK ON SWAMY AGNIVESHZindagi ke safar mein guzar jaate hain jo mukaam, vo phir nahi aate! Today is Kaka’s 6th death anniversaryBY RAISING HER NAME AS THE PROSPECTIVE NON BJP PRIME MINISTERIAL CANDIDATE MAYAWATI HAS GIVEN A JOLT TO THE OPPOSITION UNITY INITIATIVESEminent social reformer Swamy Agnivesh physically thrashed and his clothes torned at Pakud, Jharkhand. No action against hooligans?Four days ago Rawat said : his last wish is to see Rahul Gandhi as PM and then will quit politics ! Today, he’s nominated as general secy of AICC n Member, CWCFmr CM Harish Rawat want’s to see Rahul as the next PM. Says, will quit politics, thereafter ?Has Nehru Gandhi scion opened the pandoras’ box ?Supreme court intervenes. Directs union government to make a new law on lynchings to stringently punish the guiltyHAS RAHUL’S INITIATIVE OF MEETING MUSLIM INTELLECTUALS BOOMERANGED?DELHI BUREAUCRATS REFUSE TO OBEY DELHI GOVT’S ORDERS ON TRANSFERS, POSTINGS




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