OYO Hotel rooms available for unmarried couples



College students and young couple face lots of problems when they want to meet somewhere outside their colleges or maybe when they want to spend same time alone but now OYO rooms has solved this problem by giving hotel rooms on rent to those who are in relationship but not married so, from now on they will not have to worry when going for vacation.

In this league of providing safe heavens to the unmarried couples stay uncle was the first one to provide this kind of service in India.

This is a great solution provided by stayUncle and OYO rooms where couples do not have to worry about being troubled by police or any relatives. In fact it is one of the boldest steps taken by the startup StayUncle for making sure that the unmarried couples in India where the society is still conservative about pre-marital sex gets the space to spend some alone time without being hassled.

One of the major problem even the locals face is that they are not allowed to book hotel room and even if they get lucky in getting a room there is always a fear that some policeman or any relative or friends will catch them and may lead to a scandal. It is a welcome change where at-least two companies have come forward to sensitizing people towards the private moments of two consenting adults.

StayUncle has been founded by Sanchit Sethi, graduated from Pilani in BITS has done various hotels across the India and letting unmarried couples to take a room for even 1500 to 5000 for up to 10 hours.

How to avail this amazing feature of OYO rooms?

In oyo app you just have to switch on the relationship mode and once it is done OYO app will show list of those hotels which would be available for the unmarried couples.

One thing couples have to do to avail this facility is to provide the IDs of both to the hotel admin.

Still one suggestion for those who are looking for these kinds of rooms is that they should still be cautious because now the police will also have the same list of rooms which are provided to the unmarried couples as the list of these hotel rooms is still small.

Please send your feedback or reviews if you have opted for this service

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A huge blow to saffron party in Uttarakhand. Nagar Palika chairman’s Doivala seat of CM’s constituency defeated



While the 90 percent results of all the 85 seats of civic elections in Uttarakhand have been declared, there is a shocking news for the entire BJP of the state as the main seat of the president of Nagar Palika in Doivala assembly constituency of chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has been lost to Congress with the saffron Party candidate Nagina Rani losing despite recounting in the four booths.

This defeat is being analysed as the chief minister’s personal loss and may have far reaching political implications in the saffron party’s state politics in the near future. Doivala being the assembly constituency of the incumbent chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, the attention of the entire media and the political anaysts was confined to this seat. It was being considered as the prestigious seat but defeat of the BJP candidate in the Nagar Palika president’s seat has infact created political problems for the chief minister who will have to work hard to keep the electorates in good humour in the near future. Meanwhile the results of almost all the 38 city council chiefs’ seats ( Nagar Palika Adhyaksh) of Uttarakhand have been declared with the BJP scoring victory in 17 seats with the Congress winning on seats going to the Congress Party, one to the BSP and 11 to others.

This time even in majority of the city wards good number of independents have scored victory against the ruling party BJP and the Congress. In the Pairi Garhwal constituency the BJP candidate Yashpal Benam has won for the third time as je had joined the BJP just a few days ago before being given the saffron party ticket. He had won for the third term in succession.

The results however don’t show the ruling party in comfortable position as compared to its performance in the last assembly elections in which saffron and Modi wabe had contributed tremendously helping BJP to win the 57 seats, the highest tally since the state came into separate entity in the year 2000. The defeat of the BJP candidate in.the Nagar Palika seat namely Nagina Rai is also a matter of great worry for the chief minister as the media would be prominently highlighting this particular defeat as a banner news. The local civic elections are considered to be the political barometer of any state as the voters at the grass root level vote in these elections. They predict the future political mood or tilt of the state’s electorates.

It seems that the BJP which was on 85 percent flight in the ptevious assembly election in which it scored a historic majority winning 57 seats and earlier to that all the MP seats this civic election result has brought its politocal prospects down to fifty percent , even bit low to that, despite the very fact that the entire state ministers, lawmakers, MPs and even chief minister had left no stone unturned to ensure party’s landslide victory. However, the party fared better in the Kumaon division comared to the Garhwal division from whete belongs the choef minister.

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First capital punishment n life imprisonment to the culprits of 1984 riots in 34 long years



The vitimised families of 1984 anti Sikh riots today got some relief and justice when a murdurer of two Sikhs and another culprit were given death penalty and life sentence by the Patiala House court after the protracted relentless struggle of last 34 years. Yashpal Singh got the death penalty while one Sehrawat got the life imprisonment. The court also imposed a penalty of Rs. 35 lakh to those granted life sentence.

The 1984 anti-Sikh riots, also known as the Sikh Massacre, was a series of organised pogroms against Sikhs in India by anti-Sikh mobs in response to the assassination of Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards. Official Indian government reports numbered about 2,800 killed across India, including 2,100 in Delhi.

The maximum displaced and badly tormented Sikh families of 1984 riots had since been protesting, filing cases
in the courts, confronting alleged threats from the criminals to withdraw cases and organising hundreds of thousands of mass rallies and demonstrations in and outside Delhi to seek due justice, but of no awail.

There had been incessant demands for the expulsion of Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar from the party and bringing them to justice for their alleged involvement in provocating the mobs to perpetrate violence during the 1984 riots that erupted after late prime minister Indira Gandhi’s diabolical bludgeoning by her Sikh body guards.

The suvcessive Congress governments had been under tremendous pressure to punish the guilty of these roits and about 5 commissions and seven committees were constituted during the last three decades but nothing came out of them except dragging on the vexed matter further.

It was only after the arrival of NDA government that an SIT was constituted under the directives of prime minister Narendra Modi that the cases of 1984 riots were expedited and arrived at the decisive stage within four years with due delivery of justice to one Yashpal Singh who was punished with capital punishment n life imprisonment to another, including imposition of 35 lakh rupees penalty.

Welcoming the decision the victimised family now see a ray of hope in other such cases, filed in various other courts, all over the country.

Several victimsed families who’s near n dear ones’ were brutally killed during the riots of 1984 has demanded capital punishment for the Congress leaders who according to them were the main culprits behind the provovation leading to massive killings of innocent Sikhs.

It may be recalled that several Congress leaders viz. Sajjan Kumar, ex MP, Jagdish Tytler, late H. K. L Bhagat etc were named in the FIR but even after 3 n a half decade no culprit had been brought to justice except the two today. Former union minister HKL Bhagat had already died years ago.

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Book on Rahul’s vision towards nation’s development titled India Needs Rahul released in New Delhi



A book on Congress president Rahul Gandhi was released the other day at India Habitat Centre.

The author of the book is veteran hindi literateur Raghvendra Dubey who belongs to Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

The three hundred and thirty five pages’ book titled ,”Jaise Saans Desh ki – India needs Rahul ,” primarily highlights the actions, potential, organisational skills, vision and contribution of Rahul Gandhi towards the upliftment of the farmers, youths, students, women, backwards and people of the lowest ebb of the society including criticism n exposure of the communal forces of the country in destabilising the nation’s development.

The book also highlights the Congress president’s contribution in rejuvaneting the party organisation, his significant role as an eloquent parliament, his relentless fighting spirits against the communal, divisive and reactionery forces of the country and vision for building a new India of 21st century.

The book was released by the Secretary to Congress president n MP Ahmed Patel, Congress leader and former union minister Anand Sharma, former bureaucrat n Congressman Mani Shanker Aiyyer and NCP leader n spokesman D. P. Tripathi.

Good number of bureaucrats, NGO activists, journalists, writers, Congress activists n students attended the book release function.

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Former director CBI Alok Verma submits reply in the Apex court. DIG Manish requests for cancellation of his transfer orders



pic Sakerval

The alleged controversy of the ongoing fued feud between the premier investigation agency of the country, Central Beaureu of Investigation and the current government of BJP led NDA took a new and interesting turn today when one of the senior IPS officers, the DIG Manish Kumar Sinha has made startling disclosures in the apex court regarding his all of a sudden transfer to Nagpur in order to pre strategically rid him of the investigation he had undertaken against the now exiled special director of the the CBI and the banking scam pertaining to Nirav Modi, Mehul Chouksi and others.

This startling revelation has given a new political twist and ammunition to the Congress party as well as the like minded opposition parties who’ve been firing salvos after salvos against the ruling party dispensation since the last few months especially after the emergence of Rafale, banking scam and the present controversy pertaining to the feud between the two top most officers of CBI, Alok Verma and Rakesh Asthana.

According to the news pouring in through various sources the DIG Manish Manish Kumar has petitioned in the apex court requesting for cancellation of his transfer orders allegedly terming them as arbitrary. The petitioner DIG Sinha had requested the Court to hear his plea alongwith the plea of former CBI director Alok Sinha who had also petitioned the court against his being send on forcible leave by the union government alongwith special director Rakesh Asthana with whom he was in the fued as both of them had traded charges of corruption against each other.

Meanwhile the former CBI director Alok Verma has also submitted his reply in the sealed envelope against the findings of the CVC to the apex court as directed the the court. During the hearing DIG Manish Kumar said to the court that he was conducting the investigations in the team of the former Director Alok Kumar in the cases alegedly pertaining to the former director Rakesh Asthana and the PNB scam of Nirav Modi.

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Three of the family die after Santro falls in a river in Purola



picture Parvatjan

Uttarakhand is destined for accidents. Not a single days passes when fatal accidents don’t occur here. While there are different reasons for these mishappenings, one can’t deny the fact that over speeding of vehicles, non vigilance or absense of alertness while driving, driving after intake of liquor, untrained drivers, pot holes on the roads,conversing on mobile phones and with co passengers sitting near the driver while driving, squeezed roads due to landsides, slippery roads during monsoons or in other seasons as well, no caution signs on blind turns or mental instability while driving are some of the basic vital reasons that lead to fatal accidents.

If we go by the yearly statistics the fact remains that fatal accidents have almost become the order of the day in Uttarakhand with the fatalities increasing day by day which is really an extremely disturbing trend. During the monsoons when landslides occur in various locations making the roads slippery, narrow and not prone for movement of heavy vehicles like buses n trucks, the spate of accidents enhance killing hundreds of people in different parts of the state with buses, jeeps, buleros and even trucks falling in deep gorges killing hundreds.

The past such accidents have been horrendous as the one happened last July on the Gairsain road killing about sixty persons when the overloaded bus fell in a gorge almost kilking all except a negligible few who were gravely injured.

But despite all this what is most disheartening is the fact that there in total non compliance from the government’s side to lessen or discourage these fatalities by improving the traffic system, adopting various ways and mean to ensure that the accidental fatalities in the hilly terrains come down considerably.

Unfortuntely in the absense of the vision oriented politicians at the helm of the system, things are going awry n becoming cumbersome for passengers who are constrained to travel in over filled busesin the absense of adequate bus services. Apart from these accidental fatalities killings by maneaters in various parts of Uttarakhand is also a common feature with the government doing literally nothing but becoming a mere spectator.

Meanwhile according to the latest news pouring in just today morning a Santro Car plying on the Nao gaon Purola Moter Road near Golnya Dangar, Syonli Chani heading towards Dehradun from Purola having the number UK 07 AL 1436 got uncontrolled and fell in Kamal river killing three persons on the spot.

Those killed have been identified as 27 year old Devendra Kumar of Purola Bazaar, 26 year old Nitin Rawat, and 62 year old Reena . All the three were from the same family and were travelling in Santro car.

All the three dead bodies have been sent for post mortom. Just a day ago a fatal accident had occured in Damta, Uttarakhand killing two persons on the spot.

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PM Narendra Modi inaugurates Western Peripheral Expressway today, here’s you need to know about Delhi’s 4th ring road




Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurates the Kundli-Manesar-Palway (KMP) Expressway, all known as Western Peripheral Expressway today. The project, which was originally expected to complete in 2009, has missed multiple deadlines. It has taken 15 years to complete this project.

“This western peripheral expressway had to be completed during commonwealth games, but we all know what was done back then, this expressway was also a victim of that”, Modi said.

PM Modi also listed out the advantages of the new expressway, “This western peripheral expressway will contribute to reducing pollution. In a way, this expressway will help the- economy, environment, ease of travelling and ease of living” he said.

The project was proposed in 2003 and was awarded to KMP Expressways Ltd, a special purpose vehicle (SPV) of DS Constructions, Madhucon Projects and Apollo Enterprises in 2005. The initial total cost of the project was Rs 1,915 crore.

The long wait

In June 2012, in a multi-party meeting between Haryana government, Delhi government and the developer in which a revised deadline of May 2013 was fixed. However, due to delay in construction, Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC) decided to penalize the company in April 2012 after which the dispute went to the courts and the project was stalled. Later on, the lenders led by IDBI Bank served the concessionaire KMP Expressways with a substitution notice due to its continued defaults in the performance of its financial and other obligations.Subsequently, then Haryana government, which had also awarded the contract, decided to terminate it and pay KMP Expressways and lenders Rs 1,300 crore as the termination payment.

In 2014, the project was revived. It was also decided to upgrade the expressway to a six-lane expressway. Following that on April 5, 2016, the 53-km stretch between Manesar and Palwal was opened for the public use.


The newly built KMP expressway links to NH-1 (Delhi to Panipat), NH-8 (Jaipur-Gurgaon-Delhi Road), NH 10 (Hisar Rohtak-Delhi Road), however, the Manesar to Palwal stretch has been operational for quite some time now and the Kundli-Manesar stretch will be opened to traffic on Monday.

Delhi will get its 4th ring road

The first ring road was completed and opened for traffic in 1956. While the second one was fully operated in 1970.

The third ring road called the Eastern Peripheral Expressway also known as EPE was inaugurated earlier this year in May. The 135 Km long expressway is built at a cost of Rs 11,000 crore and it links to NH-1 (Panipat to Delhi), SH-57 also called Sultanpur-Delhi Highway, NH 58 or the Meerut-Delhi Road, NH-24 called the Hapur-Dasna-Delhi Road, NH-91 known as Aligarh-Delhi Road, Kasna-Sikandra- Delhi road and the NH-2 also called the Agra-Delhi Road.




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Punjab CM constrained to abruptly call off his press conference due to red carpet controversy



The chief minister of Punjab Captain Amrinder Singh was constrained to abruptly call off his press conference at 2.30 PM at the Nirankari Bhawan premises in Amritsar where a controversy erupted regarding the laying down of red carpet at the Nirankari Sant vicinity where yesterday two anti social elements in mask targetted the congregation throwing hand granades killing three persons on the spot and injuring about 20, some of them grievously.

The chief minister Punjab was to visit the congregation site where the unfortunate incident occured in order to asses the situation but after the red carpet placed in the vicinity for his supposed welcome raised a heated controversy in the media with opposition leaders of Akali Dal castigating him for allegedly acknowleging red carpet welcome at a time when the entire state is in the state of grief and shock after the brutal killing of three people and injuries to 20.

However, the officer looking after the arrangements denied the charge saying that they were not aware of the colour of the carpet and it was laid down to suppress the dust on the arrival of the CM’s cavalcade as it would have harmed the health of those attending the press conference including the mediamen.

However, after the eruption of the controversy highlighted on every television channel, not has the red carpet been changed with the green carpet but the chief minister was also constrained to call of his press conference as well as the visit at the tragedy site.

Meanwhile the chief minister Amrinder Singh who’d already announced the monetary compensation to the tune of Rs. five lakhs to each of the family of the deceased and some amount to the injured as well, the IG Police of Punjab has today declared the prize amount of Rs. 50 lakh to anyone giving clues about the accused of yesterday’s grenade attack at the Nirankari Sant Samagam in Amritsar.

The Home minister Rajnath Singh has also convened a high level meeting at his North Block office attended by senior police and IB officers to discuss the aftermath implications of the sitiation and to find ways and means to unearth the hand behind this unfortunate incident n nab the culprits at the earliest.

The National Investigating Agency is in Amritsar investigating the tragedy very minutely in order to nab the actual culprits behind this shameful incidents. Sources reveal that it’s the joint conspiracy of Pakistan sponsered hardcore terrorist organisation Jaishe Mohammad, LET and the Khalistani organisations having the support and blessing of ISI and various terror outfits active in Pakistan.

It may be recalled that in June 2016 a group of terrorists from across the border had stolen the car belonging to the Punjab Police and had barged into the Pathan Kot Air base killing seven soldiers. Similarly,the train massacre in Amritsar on the day of Vijay Dashmi killing 60 persons has also raised a storm against the Amrinder Singh government giving enough ammunition to his opponents especially the Akali Dal n BJP leaders to criticize him to the core.

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Sarvodayi Dhoom Singh Negi of Chipko and Beej Bachao andolan bestowed with coveted Jamna Lal Award with cash prize of Rs. Ten Lakhs



Vice President of India Venkaiyya Naidu presenting Jamna Lal Award to Dhoom Singh Negi in Mumbai

The Himalayan state of Uttarakhand feels immensely proud that one of its prominent, modest and low profile Sarvodayi leader of globally fame Chipko and Beej Bachao movement was yesterday bestowed with the most prestigious n coveted JAMNALAL AWARD carrying a cash award of Rs. ten lakhs and a citation at the hands of the Vice president of India Venkaiyya Naidu. Dhoom Singh Negi primarily hailing from the Henwal Ghati in Garhwal, Uttarakhand who’s staying in the Ashram of bhoodan leader late Acharya Vinoba Bhave received this coveted award in Mumbai in the presence of his wife and son Arvind.

According to author Kusum Rawat extremely modest and silent but a relentless fighter as a Chipko movement and save seeds movement activist Dhoom Singh Negi left the government job and started teaching the poor and hapless students thus preparing a massive force of social activists to save the environment of Uttarakhand Himalayas and protecting and conserving the rare qualities of seeds for decades. He is one of the most prominent leaders of Chipko and popular Beej Bachao andolan in Uttarakhand and the country who’d also penned hundreds of articles in vernacular, regional and national dailies and periodicals of the country mobilising people, especially youth and women of the state and the country towards environmental safeguards and preservation of the rare speices of seeds. He is the renowned propagator of organic agriculture in his tireless efforts and initiatives to bring green revolution in the counntry. Salutes to him.

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Hapless martyr’s family in financial jeopardy. Has not received a single pie as compensation since last three months ?



Mother of late Rajesh Punia holding her sons pic, late Puniya's brother with social activist Santosh Dahiya, broken door of Puniya's dilaphidated house

It really disheartens one and all when the traumatic and highly grief stricken poor and hapless families of our valiant soldiers who lay down their precious lives in the service of the nation protecting our porous borders and fighting the enemy at the LOC and strife torn J& K with valour are made to suffer for of adequate financial compensation that is officially due to them including government job to the next of the kin of the families of the deceased.

Hundreds of young jawans and officers of Indian Army and security forces fighting against all odds and highly challenging situations in Jammu and Kashmir and along the Line of Actual Control fight the Pak rangers and the hardcore terrorists hell bent upon destabilising our system killing innocents n armymen and sacrifice themselves with valour.

The entire nation salutes them because its only due to their 24×7 vigilance and alert duties against all odds, at the LOC that 125 crore Indians are safe and sound but when it comes to government’s alleged apathy towards the already traumatic and anguished families who run from pillar to posts seeking justice and adequate financial compensation actually due to them officially they get no justice n compelled to resign at their fate.

The fact of the matter is that majority of those martyred young jawans belong to extremely poor family backgrounds and after their sad demise the family loses the single earning member who was the sole bread earner for the entire grif stricken family.

The pathetic story of one such young jawan of the India Army namely Rajesh Punia of village Ladwa was yesterday posted by a social activist of Haryana namely Santosh Dahiya who recorded the family’s anguished story in her live facebook time line.

Rajesh Puniya was hardly 26 or so and was on the line of duty at the LOC in J&K. About three months ago his decapitated body was found while fighting the terrorists/ Pak rangers at the LOC valiantly.

After his sad demise the ministers of Haryana government, the local MLA Krishna Kumar and several high ups in the government visited his house and assured the grief stricken poor and hapless family of all possible help including Rs. 50 lakhs as financial compensation, a job to his elder brother and construction of a park with a budget of Rs 80 lakhs in the nearby vicinity in the name of Martyr Rajesh Puniya.

But after the lapse of more than three months not a single rupee has arrived at the Martyrs anguished family’s gouse. The father of late Rajesh Puniya who is usually in bad health whom his late son had assured of the best private treatment if he comes back alive, was also assured by the minister concerned of best possible treatment in the private hospital, but all in vain.

Late Rajesh Puniya was the only earning member of the family. The family lives in village Ladwa, Haryana in a dilapidated house with shattered entry door and uncemented brick walls with animals and the family living together in a pitiable civic n financial condition.

According to the social activist Santosh Dahiya, when they approached the Commissioner at Kaithal they were told that the enquiry is still in progress and may take time. She questions: if such is the ignorant, pathetic and complacent attitude of the ministers, MLAs and bureaucrats towards the martyrs of our country who die for the nation in the line of duty then the government has not right to exist.

She says: its shocking and ironical that these politicians visit the houses of martyrs and give false promises but when it comes to fulfilling them they vanish out of the scene and this is shockingly what’s happening with the traumatic poor and hapless family of martyr Rajesh Puniya of Laadwa, Haryana. Shameful indeed.

It may be recalled that about 450 jawans of Indian Army and security forces have laid down their precious lives in J&K n LOC during the last four and a half years and about 530 jawans n officers (approximately) were martyred during the Kargil war of 1999 called Operation Vijay. We salute them all for their glorious sacrifices.The government had then devised a policy of adequately compensating the martrs famiky and also alloting them a petrol pump. Can’t the same criteria be now followed and the poor and hapless families be allotted petrol pumps for their survival.
What’s your take friends?

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Monkey Menace: 14 day old snatched from a lactating mother and brutally killed by a monkey in Agra



The terror of monkeys all over India, particularly in the religious places like Mathura, Vrindavan, Agra etc in Uttar Pradesh, in Rajasthan and Uttrakhand is increasing day by day and even the hospitals and VIP areas are not free of the monkey attacks.

In Uttarakhand monkeys have entered every village and house and are incessantly damaging agricultural produce. These monkeys in various religious spots, temples and tourist places snatch the belongings and the foodstuff of the visitors and on resistence even injure them grievously. There have been hundreds of instances of monkey attacks in the above mentioned states and foreign visitors n tourists too had been their incessant victims.

In Agra today a fourteen day old infant has been snatched by a monkey from a lactating mother from inside the house and was later on found killed after having been brutally injured. The news have sent terror wave all around the Runawat village of Arga where good number of people have already been injured due to increasing monkey attacks.

There have been no remedial action whatsoever from the administration’s side who are least bothered or interested to catch these dreaded monkeys who are on an attacking spree. According to news pouring in, the family and the mother of the 14 day old infant killed are badly terrorised and grief stricken due to the tragedy and foresee more such brutal monkey attacks in the future.

The expeditious multiplication of the monkey population in all the states of the country is a matter of great concern. Even the former president of India Dr. Pranav Mukerjee was not spared by these notorious monkeys when on one of his visits as president of India his spects were also snatched by these monkeys in Mathura despite so much of security.

Uttarakhand is the worst victim of monkey attacks who are literally entering houses in the villages and suburban cities n towns and creating havoc by destroying crops and injuring residents particularly children. Uttarakhand being the jungle state dominated by 73 % of trees the monkeys caught in hordes by the department’s concerned release them here thus allowing them to create havoc in this himalayan state.

It is high time that the concerned governmental agencies should expedite efforts to catch these troubling monkeys and keep them away from public places.

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