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India must use the visit of Nepal’s newly anointed PM, Sher Bahadur Deuba, on Wednesday as an opportunity to hit to redefine Nepal-India relations. While it is true that India played a major role in ending the Maoist insurgency in 2006, but the period thereafter was marked by escalating meddling in Nepal’s internal affairs.

Sanctions by Indian Government had forced Nepal to reach out to China and sign a treaty on trade, transit and infrastructural agreements with it.

There are many other matters pending between Nepal and India, such as:

  • The impact of demonetisation and the application of GST on Nepal’s economy.
  • Pegging of Nepali rupee to the Indian rupee.
  • The rights of migrant Indian labour in Nepal and Nepali labour in India.
  • Border disputes pending between the two countries, at Susta, Kalapani and the ‘tri-junction’ of Lipulekh.

Nepal has planned to sell electricity to India once it has a hydropower surplus, but Indian government directive says that it will not allow any import of electricity other than from power companies with more than 51% Indian equity.

Internal political instability has made Kathmandu lose its confidence in dealing with the New Delhi. With the self-assurance under its new Constitution, and with India seemingly changing its Nepal policy, one can hope for better relations between South Asia’s largest democracy and its oldest nation-state.



China directs Pakistan to shunt Hafiz Sayeed out of the country



An extremely significant political development has come into effect that the traditional ally of Pakistan which has been till date promoting Pakistan in all its anti India endeavours like obstructing international terrorist and head of Jamaait Ul Dawa Mohammed Azar as being labelled as International terrorist in the UN list and India’s entry in the prestigious Nucleur Suppliers Group etc has now castigated Pakistan for aiding and abetting the dreaded terrorist and Mumbai’s 21/ 11 mastermind that killed 160 people and directed Pakistan to send him to any country of the West with immediate effect as the latter is considered to be the greatest threat to the entire Asian Subcontinent.

China’s recent directive to Pakistan in the context of the dreaded terrorist Hafiz Sayeed is being assesed in International forum as China’s vindication of India’s stand that Pakistan had been consistently sponsering terrorists in its periphery particularly the hard core terror sponsers like Lashkare Tayyeba chief Hafiz Sayeed and Jamait Ul Dava’s Mohammed Azhar but had been always turning a blind eye thus boosting Pakistan’s morale to carry on its anti India stance.

Even China’s bete niore USA has also held Pakistan responsible for sponsering terror activities in Afghanistan, India and the Western world and had stopped the annual military aid after Donald Trump assumed the significant office of the US presidentship. Trump literally scolded Pakistan’s political and military leadership of openly supporting terrorists and and terror sanctuaries in various parts of Pakistan including POK and misusing the American Aid by aiding and abetting terror than to eliminating them from their land. As a sequel to this threat Donald Trump stopped the financial aid till Pakistan really proves its mettle in dismentalling the terror camps and terrorists

The entire credit for the sudden change of dragon’s mind in asking Pakistan to shunt Hafiz Sayeed out of the country is being attributed to Prime minister Narendra Modi and the NSA Ajit Doval die hard efforts and meticulous diplomacy, who had done tremendous ground work on this pivotal issue and finally proved successful in convincing the Chinese head Xi Zingping to apply pressure on the Pak leadership who are fully in the grip of him and can in no way avoid his directives.

Today China is running the economy of Pakistan which is literally shattered, particularly after stopping of the financial aid to Pakistan by USA. The country is tremendous financial crunch not even able to pay the interests against the huge international borrowings.

Half of the POK is under Chinese occupation through its heavy investment in China Pakistan Economic corridor worth 40 billion USD.

The national elections in Pakistan are also due in the near future and China who had tremendous stake in Pakistan would never like that dreaded and hard core terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed and his political off shoots enter the Pak assembly creating problems for dragons in future.

Hence in the interest of India, China and rest of the western world crushing such hard core terrorists is the need of the hour.

However, it still remains to be seen as to how much strongly and credibly Pakistan acts on Chinese instructions on the issue of Hafiz Sayeed and if the dragon is really serious and honest on this issue.

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Student of mere third standard impresses Home minister Rajnath Singh with his outstanding knowledge



The other day I happened to be in the cabin of the union home minister Rajnath Singh at his New Delhi residence in connection with the book release of Dr. Hema Uniyal and also with an intent to present my book on Uttarakhand disaster of 2013 titled Havoc in Heaven.

While we were being introduced to the minister by the former Uttarakhand minister and the shooting protagonist, father of international shooter Jaspal Rana, Narayan Singh Rana my eyes stuck on a student of merely third standard Kunal Yadav of Gurugram who was accquainted to the former as a GOOGLE BOY with outstanding calibre acquiring infinite knowledge at such a tender age. The home minister Rajnath Singh was also stunned to see him answering various trivial questions seamlessly with ease to the utter surprise of one and all present there.

He went on giving his lecture uninterruptedly on every subject like a talking machine and impressed the minister within no time with the extraordinary mind blowing knowledge, this god gifted minor possesed on almost all the subjects. When the minister asked him to name the union territories of the country the boy unreluctantly took no time to answer them adequately. Wow what a sharp knowledge and outstandingly enlightened and intelligent mind even faster than a computor.

Having come to meet the union minister home with his father Sanjay Yadav from Gurugram at the behest of Narayan Singh Rana the outstanding google boy as he is known, made everybody highly impressed by his tremendous knowledge of things which I believe even an intelligent adult well versed in eye que and practice would not posess.

Having been specifically honoured by the law makers across party and ideological lines in Haryana Vidhan Sabha on 13 March 2018 Google boy Kunal Yadav has also been felicitated in almost all the states of the country with several coveted awards. Having an indepth knowledge of Astronomy viz the theory of Universe – Big bang theory, how is the universe formed, knowledge of entire galaxies, types of galaxies, the biggest gallaxy discovered till now, black matter, black hole, complete structure of our solar system and planets, mass and diametre of planets, distance of planets from the sun, number and name of natural satallites every planet have, complete knowledge of the earth and its atmosphere, about NASA and ISRO and all his space missions.

Extremely fluent in expressing things with total ease in hindi as well as english Kunal Yadav is also well versed in Science possessing a unique and outstanding knowledge of periodic table, structure of atom, ( electron, proton and neutron), mass and charges on electron, proton n neutron and exclusive knowledge about human brain up to 12th standard.

Apart from all this he is completely fluent about the names of all the subcontinents, oceans, detailed minute knowledge of the World map, India’s Map n maps of various states of the countries including names of the countries, their area, capital and population globally. About India he can name on tips, its states, union territories, total languages spoken here, about rivers, deserts, languages spoken and even the nick names of the states with various other micro information.

He also possesses indepth outstanding knowledge about the Indian president, prime minister, all ministers, political parties and the ideologies they represent.

Wishing Kunal Yadav alias the google boy all the very best.

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Modi’s fourth China visit. Would it fructify ?



The China visit of prime minister Narendra Modi is being rated as extremely significant in the context of an exercise to improve the deteriorating relations with China in terms of the existing border differences and the developments of Doklam that resulted in bitter relations between both the countries about ten months ago.

While the government of China as well as India is according tremendous hype and importance to Modi Xi summit, an expert on Indo China relations on the condition of anonymity termed these exercises as just a routine meeting to keep the people and media of the country in good humour as the 2019 elections are nearing as China being an expansionist country with a past record of suspicion and betrayal would never ever maintain its commitment of friendship with India as a trustworthy nation.

This is the fourth visit of prime minister of India Narendra Modi to China with good number of pre diplomatic level meetings of the top brass of foreign ministeries of both the countries including the NSA level talks but despite all this Doklam happened and incidents of several Chinese incursions on India borders continued unabated including indirect threats of the dragon on Dalai Lama and Tibet issues.

If we go by the statistics there have been hundreds of breaches of the Sino India agreement on border issues including China’s arbitrary efforts in blocking India’s membership in United Nations Security Council and the Nuclear Suppliers Club thus helping and pleasing India’s traditional enemy number one Pakistan.

The huge and massive investment in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor to the tune of 40 billion US Dollars is also an issue bothering India which is enough to prove home the point as to how pre strategically the Dragon is trying to counter India by way of arming its enemy through not only civilian assistence but militarily and nuclearly as well.

India has always been too peaceful and liberal in terms of its foreign policy with China, being a country, always believing in the Panchsheel principles of peaceful coalition and honouring the bilateral agreements on border dispute but the Chinese have always breached and betrayed India right from 1962 till now and had been applying various kinds of pulls and pressures to compel India to accept its over ambitious Belt and Road initiative, through which the expansionist China wanted to capture the world, particularly the Asian sub continent in the context of commerce and business.

India had the guts to openly refuse its Belt and Road Initiative as well as countering it in Doklam. Finally China had to relent and it withdrew from the dispute territory of Bhutan. Now China is trying to manipulate India diplomatically so as to earn its confidence and compel it to surrender psychologically and otherwise. But prime minister Narendra Modi and the most capable and intelligent NSA Ajit Doval are playing their own tricks to keep the Dragon in good humour and at bay so that the deteriorating or simmering tensions between both the countries could be revived and at least kept at par avoiding any further bitterness.

War these days is not a solution to any problem as every country of the world, small or big, developing or developed is armed with nucleur power which has extremely serious repercussions and implications.

Peace and friendship through amicable deliberations and mutual understanding through diplomatic channels is the only solution to keep the world and countries moving ahead, peacefully. If North and South Korea could unite as for now why can’t there be amicable understanding between China and India, predict some experts on foreign relations. Let’s see what comes out Modi Xi summit finally after the fourth visit of the former to China. What’s your take friends?

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