Maneaters freely prowl for human flesh on Uttarakhand’s roadsides in the night



This how maneaters/ predators move openly on the roadside areas of entire Uttarakhand as seen in the above picture clicked by me from a facebook vedio of Gopal Rawat.

The tiger here is seen relaxing during the night hours on one of the roadside cemented structure looking for the human prey.

These are common scenes on the roads of the inner peripheries of Uttarakhand, particularly on the roads inside the forest areas after 8.00 PM in the night when you can witness these predators either on the roadside cemented structures ( puliyas) or in the middle of the lonely roads relaxing comfortably unless some vehicle comes and waits for these canivorous animals to slowly get up n go on the sides of the roads waiting for the vehicles to pass away.

But what is more surprising and worrisome aspect of these maneaters is that in some of the areas they even appear on roadsides during noon or just before sunset clandestinely looking for a lonely human prey like child, old aged or a woman.

In several cases these hungry leopards having tasted human blood and flesh exclusively look for prey in the road side houses and grab the children by even entering human habitats and thereafter taking them to the nearby jungles to eat.

There have been umpteen intances of such brutal killings of human beings during the past several months and years in the Garhwal and Kumaon divisions of Uttarakhand.

The forest department finds itself helpless as the courts have applied legal brakes on the killings of these predators. Moreover the department of wildlife does not possess enough equipments or know how to physically capture these maneaters except the primitive methods which are too tardy and ineffective.

Even for killing some of the highly dangerous maneaters it takes lot of time to seek the permission ofthe court and thereafter tardy killing process to hire professional and expensive shooters. By that time enough harm is already done to human lives.

As per the latest survey carried out by the Tiger count department about more than 400 tigers of different speices exists in the Uttarakhand Jungles that include majorly the Corbett and other national parks.

On an approximate estimate about 150 leopards/ tigers in Uttarakhand hills have been declared man eaters who’s from 2000 till now as per the current official estimate till May 2016 killed / eaten 300 human beings, though the figure in actuality still stands higher.

As per the news report of 23rd September 2016 leopards killed about 440 people in the Nepal and Kumaon areas after a prominent Shooter of the British era killed the maneater for the first time in 1907.

It is believed that about 40 to 50 maneaters have been killed so far in Uttarakhand after their human killing spree continued for several decades.

However, the maneater attacks in various parts of Uttarakhand have become a routine affair for these carnivorous animals as there seems to be dearth of animal preys inside the forests of Uttarakhand which have become the victim of excessive sound pollution, tourist activities, movement of vehicles, roads, commercial buildings, shops and hotels construcion of concrete houses and buildings including huge dams, tunnels and deforestation.

The increasing use of dynamites in road explosions and increasing natural calamities are also some of the prime reasons for imbalancing the wild life and their subsequent dissapearence from the forest ultimately resulting in the carnivorous animals to come towards human settlements and make them their easy prey. What’s your take friends?


Is Congress trying to be soft towards Hindutwa ? Rawat says, it’ll build Ram Temple if Congress comes to power !



The recent statement of the former Uttarakhand chief minister n AICC general Secretary Harish Rawat about his affirmation that Ram Mandir would be actually constructed by Congress party if it comes to power n not the BJP has definitely raised question mark on his party’s secular credibility ?

The Congress ideology, its election menifesto nor any of its senior leaders including Sonia Gandhi or the present party chief have ever said either in camera or in public that they will ever stand for the construction of Ram Temple.

I my self question you, did they ever ? The 135 year old party that always stood for the pluralistic society, unity in diversity formula and for purely secular India , does not the statement of its all India general secretary Harish Rawat openly assuring the people of India about his party favoring construction of Ram Temple if it comes to power go against the party’s basic ideological tenets n principles n why is it that nobody in the party has so far issued any statement for or against the controvertial statement.

The alleged logic given behind the former Uttarakhand CM’s statement favouring construction of Ram Temple by his party n partymen is that since the lock of the disputed temple was got opened during the era of Rajivji’s premiership, it will ultimately be the Congress party which will construct the Ram Temple when it comes to power n not the BJP which has been deliberately dragging the issue for the last 26 years n taking undue political advantage under the false pretext of constructing the Ram Temple.

Now there are two basic points behind this statement. One, either it has been issued in haste by Harish Rawat to undermine the BJP for betraying the hindu bhakts for the last twenty six years or the Congress Party is allegedly trying to go soft on Hindu agenda in its quest to seek the votes of the majority community as well. One should not forget that it was during the tenure of Late Govind Ballabh Pant being the Home minister of India that Idols of Ram Lala were placed in the disputed site.

Not only this but when Congress CM Veer Bahadur Singh was the UP CM n late Rajiv Gandhi PM, the locks of the temple were opened. And during Narsimha Rao’s tenure as the PM in 1992 the Babri Masjid was demolished by the hindu fundamentalists n the Kar Sewaks. But despite all this the Congress party has never ever compromised on its secular credentials n beliefs always believing in this vexed issue to be resolved through the honourable highest court of the country whereas the right wing parties, the BJP , VHP, RSS n other hindu outfits had been demanding bringing of the legislation on Ram Temple issue.

However, prime minister Narendra Modi preferred not to fall in their trap n assesing the dangerous implications behind such moves honoured the Court’s ruling leaving it fully on the nation’s judiciary. However, to keep the firward n upper castes of the country in good humour he instead went for ten percent reservation legislation for the economically deprived classes of the general catagory.

The general elections are round the corner n every party is trying its best to appease the voters of all communities, classes, religions n catagories of the society by way of either polarisation of votes in the name of religion or through introduction of various populist measures like Ram Temple, reservation or through other means. While BJP has so far failed to impress upon its majority community voters through Ram Mandir construction issue by not being able to get the ordinance introduced through the centre Uttar Pradesh’s Saffron clad CM Yogi Aditya Nath has thrown a new card of pensions to Sadhus n Sanyaasies in UP, never ever heard in the last 7 decades of the country’s polity.

While BJP’s repeated pleas n assurances on Ram Mandir issue is digestible to an extent as it’s a pro hindu party but Congress leader n national general secretary Harish Rawat’s new “Shagufa” populist announcement that Congress party will get the Ram Temple constructed in Ayodhya if it comes to power is something completely indigestible and out of context.

Is Congress really trying to hijack the BJP’s Ram Mandir issue in view of the fast aporoaching general elections could be anybody’s guess? Then what about its national minority vote bank? Is Congress really prepared to play such a huge risk ? Would anybody answer?
What’s your take friends?

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NDTV journalist Bahuguna comes out in open defence of NSA Doval n his sons in his FB post. Says those who’re serving the country honestly are being unnecessarily targetted



It sounds interesting and transparent that a senior journalist of NDTV and three time recipient of prestigious Ramnath Goenka Award Sushil Sharma has taken the courage to openly come out in defence of the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and his two sons who’ve recently been allegedly labelled as D Company by a magazine Caravan, published from New Delhi in his face book post in Hindi titled : RIGHT LEFT KE JHAGDE MEIN FACT KI MAUT AUR PATRAKARITA MEIN SIYASAT KA GHAALMEL. ( Death of fact in the quarrel of Righ left and mishmesh of politics in journalism). According to senior journalist Sushil Bahuguna, in the present day blind/ desperate politics the tirades have so badly taken the front seat that truth and facts get disappeared forthwith.

In the quest for accusing the arch rival and being desperately vindictive nobody is taking the pain to get the facts substantiated. Even journalism has got converted into Red, saffron, blue and green in view of squeezed political considerations. What’s black n white, nobody is least interested to know. This desperation becomes criminal when even those people are brought under its cover who are not related to politics directly.

Those who are honestly connected/ associated with the service of the country and the society. The current issue is connected with the targetted National Security Advisor Ajit Doval who is doing a great service to the country with full integrity as per the prestige of the post he is holding.

Just imagine as to what will be the mentality of those writers who don’t hesitate to accuse those who are serving the nation with commitment, determination and morality. Where should we bring words to criticize or condemn people with such derogatory mentality.

Those interested to hurriedly target Modiji should have at least found the credible evidence before inflicting such baseless charges or accusations on the NSA and his sons( duo).

On the top of that if ethical, intelligent and knowlegeable politicians like Jairam Ramesh start losing their tempers that one would be constrained to believe that the bad days of politics have indeed started.

However, now a criminal defamation case have already been launched against the website Caravan and politician Jai Ram Naresh. All the facts have been brought in the knowledge of the honourable Court.

Now rest of the work is of the Court. Vivek Dobhal has submitted all his economic documents of the last 18 years to the court. Now those who’ve accused the NSA n his sons will have to find the logics behind their accusations n prove them. When logics are buried down then the factories of generation of arguments come up.

Let’s hope that justice will arrive soon so as to bring those to justice who’ve levelled fabricated n concocted charges on the people doing their honest duties.

This would be a lesson for them. Let Modi, Rahul n others do their politics but such personalities ( like NSA Doval) should be kept out of the poisionous or venemous accusations. At least there should be some people on whose behalf the country may run smoothly writes Sushil.

It may be recalled that sr journalist of NDTV n News Anchor Sushil Bahuguna is the third time recepient of prestigious Ram Nath Goenka Award for his outstanding work to highlight the plight of people of Uttarakhand n those living in border areas due to incessant exodus to the cities, town n metropolises from Uttarakhand villages making them peopleless.

He also made documentaries on the demerits of big dams like Pancheswar and subsequent displacement of more than thirty thousand people. Sushil is also credited with thoroughly higlighting the peoples’ agony in the 2013 ecological catastrophe of 2013 Kedarnath tragedy. He is an outstanding journalist of electronic media commanding tremendous respect in the journalistic fraternity.

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Pensions to Sadhus n Sanyasies of UP. Is the UP CM baffled due to the BSP SP alliance ?



Sounds ridiculous, not because, the people of the lowest ebb of the society or those unemployed should not be helped or assisted financially irrespective of their educational back grounds or being unskilled but when the chief minister of the biggest state of the country forgets giving employment to the educated unemployed youths and helping farmers come out of the agrarian crisis n those at the lowest ebb n instead proposes to give pension to the infinite number of saints or saffron clad sadhus of the state right at the time when national elections are round the corner on religious grounds ?

What a mockery of a system n the post of a chief minister who’s supposed to be the “Khairkhwah” the welfare doer of the entire state n society irrespective of caste n religious considerations but shamelessly talks of pensions for Sadhus n Sanyaasis on religious grounds for Hindu polarisation knowing very well that in a state and country like India that believes in composite culture and pluralistic society with secular credentials making such hollow, unethical n reactionery announcement would lead to nothing but divisionary results amounting to pure sectarian decision making for the good of one sect leaving rest of communities n religions under second grade catagory as if they are not the part n parcel of the state’s decision making having played no role in government making by virtue of their non participation in the democratic process of voting.

If Sadhus n sanyasis have been chosen for the so called pension benefits why is it that other religious heads have been left out. And what about distressed farmers, down troddens, educated n uneducated unemployed youths n those at the lowest ebb of the society.

Is it that the the saffron clad devout Hindu CM is the CM of a particular sect or community or is he baffled by the recent BSP SP pre electoral alignment or he’s not confident of the good outcome of the 10% reservation legislation passed by the centre for upper caste economically deprived or poor hindus within the annual income limit of 8 lakhs per annum. If It’s not so then what was the hurry for announcing pensions for Sadhus n saints of UP question anxious political analysts. And why the announcement for Saints of Hindu religions why not for the religious heads of other communities viz Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis, n Budhists etc.

The crux of the story is that after the recent tie up of the two former arch rivals BSP n SP and the way this alliance got positive media coverage the BJP in Uttar Pradesh seems to be in quandary especially after losing Phoolpur, Sitapur and Kairana parliamentary byelections few months ago.

The sinking leadership of BJP CM in UP and its failure on several fronts of law and order, agrarian crisis, unable to provide employment to the uneducated youths n failure on Ram Mandir issue by not able to bring the ordinance compounded with annoyance of the forward castes on SC, ST act turning down the Supreme Court’s verdict both the SC, STs, upper castes n the general masses, even the majority community is slowly n steadily turning away from them. The Chief minister Yogi Adityanath is looking for issues n populist measures that can atleast keep its majority vote bank intact. Hence these desperate populist moves like pensions to the Sadhu Sanyasies of UP never ever heard in the last seven decades after India gaining independence.
What’s your take friends?

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Bageshwar’s Gold Medalist Nitendra to participate in London Merathon



The athletes n sportspersons of Uttarakhand are making the Himalayan state proud by their outstanding performances and Gold medal winning streak in various national n international competitions.

While the shooting prodigy and daughter of the internationally acclaimed shooter Jaspal Rana has made Uttarakhand n India proud in her outstanding pistol shooting achievements in the World pistol shooting championships n Khelo India games by winning several Golds n silver medals another athlete of Uttarakhand namely Nitendra Singh Rawat who’d recently won the prestigious Gold medal in Mumbai Merathon 2019 has surprisingly qualified for the World marathon championships to be held in Doha in the near future.

As a sequel to that Nitendra Singh Rawat got an opportunity to participate in the London Merathon where he would be participating for the first time representing India.

A high spirited enthusiastic racer Nitendra Singh primarily belonging to village Aana near Garud in Bageshwar district of Kumaon, Uttarakhand while talking to this reporter disclosed that he is the only n first athelete from Uttarakhand n India who would be participating in the significant London Olympics.

According to a report of Anshul Dangi of HT hindi, UK, popular as a merathon runner Nitendra Rawat has secured the Gold medal in the Mumbai Merathon after being out of races for the last one year due to severe injury. However he is back to the racing track with renewed vigour n vitality. Nitendra won the race in the catagory of Indian atheletes in two hours, fifteen minutes n fifty one seconds.The qualifying deadline for participation in the the World Merathon championship was 2 hours 16 minutes which Rawat qualified a minute before.

He is also credited with winning Gold in the South Asian Games but due to injury ( he) was constrained to be out of the games for over a year.

The future of Nitendra Rawat as a merathon runner is quite bright and as such the government of Uttarakhand should take notice of such budding atheletes by helping them financially to the core.

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If uttering truth means to be an anarchist/ rebel , then yes I am, says Shatru while challenging the BJP leadership



AGAR SACH KEHNA BAGAAVAT HAI TO SAMJHO HUM BHI BAAGI HAIN ( If uttering truth amounts to being an anarchist/ rebel in the eyes of BJP then let me tell you that I am an anarchist too). This was the main sentence that reverberated in the UNITED INDIA RALLY organised by the West Bengal chief minister n Trinamool Congress yesterday, the 19th January at the Brigade Parade ground in Kolkatta mentioned by the BAAGI BJP leader n BJP MP from Patna Sahib Shatrughan aka Shot Gun Sinha, giving an open challenge to prime minister Narendra Modi and the BJP Supremo Amit Shah.

The eloquent BJP leader n MP who’d been incessantly speaking against the BJP leadership n prime minister Narendra Modi for more than a year from various opposition forums including his twitter handle day in and day out was extremely vociferous at the United India Rally attended by about 22 non BJP opposition leaders of the Mahagathbandhan being formed to dethrone the BJP led NDA out of power in 2019.

The actor turned politician Sinha extremely envy of top BJP leadership spoke openly against the BJP led NDA government and appealed the massive rally attendees to dethrone the NDA government led by BJP by all means, unambiguously inviting his possible expulsion from the ruling party on whose ticket the actor turned politician entered parliament from Patna Sahib.

The former union health minister in Vajpayee’s government Shatrughan Sinha is an ardent supporter of the former deputy prime minister Lal Krishna advani n had number of times accused the BJP central leadership of deliberately sidelining the party veterans Advani n Professor MM Joshi, instead of honouring them with high political positions.

Sources reveal that while the BJP high command was tolerating the anti BJP stance n bad mouthing of Shatru for a long time but after his recent move of joining the anti BJP conclave at Kolkatta and openly challenging the central leadership, the party supremo has finally made up his mind to expel Shtru out of BJP as his repeated anti party salvos has caused much and irreperable harm to the party n leadership.

Shatru it seems has made up his open mind to take on the BJP with full confidence and as an arch rival being an important part of the grand anti BJP alliance.

Sources reveal that BJP baagi Shatru has options to go with RJD in Bihar, Akhilesh Yadav or in the Congress party depending on the right substitute to click.

However, having good relations with almost all the party leaders in the opposition he had earlier been offered seat from Delhi by AAP earlier to contest from trans Yamuna parliamentary constituency having tremendous amount of Poorvanchali votes, in Asansol by TMC against actor singer Babul supriyo having majority of North Indian votes or from his home state Bihar under the RJD’s banner.

However, days of Shatru seem to be numbered in BJP n can be expelled any time. Shatru has already declared that he would not quit BJP on his own but would rather prefer to be expelled as he has done nothing wrong or anti party but has always tried to correct the wrongs of the party leaders. If the party thinks that he is anti BJP he should be expelled adds Shatru.

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A legendary Treeman of India, 97 year old Vishweshwar Dutt Saklani is no more. He planted more than 50 lakh trees in Uttarakhand.



Treeman of Uttarakhand n India Vishweshwar Prasad Saklani sitting on his agricultural field in Pujar Gaon, Yehri, Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Behind him are the dense gree jungles generated by him.

A true conservator of forests, protector of ecology of the Garhwal Himalayas who’d planted more than fifty lakh trees during his whole life time from age eight to 96 is no more. Vishveshwar Dutt Saklani, real Tree planting legend of the country breathed his last today.

Born on June 2nd 1922, brother of a great freedom fighter and revolutionery Nagendra Dutt Saklani who laid down his life against the repression of then Rajshahi of Tehri Garhwal by remaining on 84 days hunger strike, a treeman of India Vishweshwar Dutt Saklani belonging to the Pujar Village in Tehri Garhwal Uttarakhand planted over 50 lakh trees during his entire lifetime thus regenerating the barren land, converting them into fertile agricultural fields single handedly thus conserving the ecology of the Himalayan state n setting an outstanding example in the world.

A man with no monetary resources and father of five children, one of his son namely Santosh Saklani is today the protocol officer in the office of the governor of Uttarakhand.

It sounds shocking that while legendary treeman Saklani was involved in planting more n more trees in and around the surrounding forests of Pujar Gaon in Tehri Garhwal spanning 9 decades, a case was lodged against him by the local authorities which he finally won from the Court as the judge concerned instead of punishing him lauded his pro ecological efforts n said that planting trees is no offence rather a service to the society n environment.

Vishweshwar Dutt Saklani was closely associated and had worked in close proximity with eminent environmentalist Sundar Lal Bahuguna, Megsaysay recipient Chandi Prasad Bhatt, environmental activist Vijay Jardari, Jamnalal Bajaj awardee n Beej Bachao andolan’s leader n activist Dhoom Singh Negi n activist journalist, writer Kunwar Prasoon Negi.

According to Green Eulogy , courtsey : Tania Shaili n Anoop Nautiyal, a green activist n former DG of 108 Uttarakhand :
As the news of the passing away of the 97 year old Tree Man of India, Shri Vishweshwar Dutt Saklani spread like wildfire, condolences started pouring in from far and wide.

By planting and fondly nurturing more than 50 Lakh trees, Vishweshwar Dutt Saklani, a small-time farmer, single-handedly regenerated once-barren land in and around Pujargaon, his remote Garhwal village about 50 kilometres from Dehra Dun.

Saklani began planting trees in 1948 after he lost his brother. Grief-stricken, Saklani used to roam the hills to seek solace. It was during this dark period that he decided to create a befitting memorial for his dearly departed and heal himself in the process. His zeal for planting more trees gained momentum after his mothers death.

Saklani’s labour of love not only made him a more serene man, it brought life back in its myriad forms to his area.

Hillsides, once denuded by indiscriminate timber-felling and quarrying became lush green. Thanks to the trees having taken firm roots, the soil of terraced fields stabilised and once-dry streams began to flow again. The villagers traditional sources of fodder and fuel were restored, with flora and fauna returned in abundance.

Saklani’s zeal to plant trees on every barren patch of land earlier brought him in conflict with uncomprehending villagers and officious bureaucrats. But his transparent sincerity and the benefits of his work gradually won people over, inspiring other individuals and organizations in the region to take up their own tree-planting programmes.

Uttarakhand Journalists Forum expresses its sincere n hearfelt tributes to this great man appealing one and all residing in and outside Uttarakhand to plant at least 10 trees in their lifetime n nurturing them thereafter in order to pay earnest respect to this great soul.

The Forum also appeals to the government of Uttarakhand to recommend the name of late Vishweshwar Dutt Saklani to union government to bestow on him the prestigious President’s honour Padma Vibhushan, postumously, for his life long service n contribution to the ecological conservation of Garhwal, Himalayas.

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AAP n Congress’s futile ego not to form pre poll understanding in Delhi may prove disastrous in the parliamentary election of 2019



The futile ego of Congress leaders and the Aam Admi Party CM Arvind Kejrival and his cohorts in Delhi against the formation of pre election alliance in the run up to the 2019 general elections will help BJP gain momentum in the parliamentary elections as division of votes between both the anti BJP parties may finally prove advantageous to the saffron party n disastrous to both of them. Sounds irrelevant and rather disturbing that on the one hand the entire non BJP opposition parties at the national level are trying to forge state level alliances before the general election to give a formidable challenge to BJP and in Delhi both the parties viz Congress n AAP are suffering from futile political ego knowing very well that the BJP’s vote bank of 46% remained intact during the last election despites its shameful defeat. Since AAP has been in power in Delhi winning hands down capturing the maximum Congress vote bank last time it is bound to invite a certain percentage of anti incumbency despite its doing well in certain sectors of Health, education, water n electricity.

The Congress party has also improved considerably under Ajay Maken’s leadership n now under Shiela Dikshit’s stewardship who ruled Delhi for 15 long years from 1998 till 2013 finally conceding defeat at the hands of Aam Admi Party born out of Anna Hazaare’s movement against corruption which was built in Delhi with the support of RSS and BJP initially against the then ruling Congress party governments in Delhi and at the centre.

The AAM ADMI PARTY’s national convenor and Delhi CM who’d already started his party’s election campaign in Delhi has catagorically said that the BJP’s vote share of 46% will come down by 10% n has asked the Delhi electorates to vote for AAP so that this ten percent vote bank of BJP comes into AAP’s fold n the party wins at the hustings in 2019 in all the Delhi parliamentary seats.

He had clearly refused for any alliance with the Congress in Delhi forgetting that even if this ten percent vote is divided between Congress n AAP none of these parties will gain politically. It may be recalled that in 2014 the political situation in Delhi was different. The saturation point of Shiela Dikshit’s popularity had crossed limits. The Common Wealth corruption and the Coal scams at the centre plus the 15 years rule of Shiela Dikshit in Delhi compounded by the ten year rule of Congress at the centre had cumulatively turned the Delhi voters against her n Congress resulting in the party’s losing badly first in Delhi n then at the centre.

Had Arvind Kejrival not capitalised the Anna movement n formed AAP in Delhi, it would have been BJP in power not AA in 2014. But the corruption plank of AAP against Congress shifted the entire vote bank of Shiela Dikshit’s party in Delhi to AAP whereas the 46% vote bank of BJP despite losing in Delhi, remained intact. The situation has now turned upside down. After the historic victory of Congress party in three hindi heartland states viz. Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh n Chattisgarh, the people of the country are looking towards Congress party with tremendous hopes n aspirations. If not fully at least partially. Therefore the lowest ebb vote bank, the vote bank of the minority, the dalits, OBC s, lower middle class etc in Delhi that went into AAP’s fold in 2014 is not surely to remain with it fully n as a part of it is bound to return back in Congress party’s fold.

However, Congress party should not think overwhelmned either, as it’s the AAP Congress combine which can do mitacles not both of them separately. What is more distressing to note is that when Ajay Maken was the DPCC (I) president he was the one who opposed the alliance with AAP tooth and nail and it was Shiela Dikshit then who whole heartedly raised her voice favoring the electoral pact with AAP but now after taking over as DPCC(I) president she herself has changed face n is speaking against the electoral pact with AAP. This is disturbing to the political interests of both the parties who are odeologically n politically anti BJP.

In view of this new development the Congress Party as well as the AAM AADMI PARTY should form a pre election alliance before 2019 and fight the Delhi parliamentary election in all the seven seats under seat sharing arrangement, failing which the BJP is bound to be benefitted politically as division of anti BJP votes will render both the party effectless finally giving the advantage to the saffron party.

What’s your take friends?

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Congress enhances attack on Rafale while Mamata accelerates anti BJP unity efforts



While on the one hand the latest report of the septuagenarian veteran journalist and chied editor of THE HINDU has created a storm in the political circles of India on the controvertial Rafale issue with the former finance minister P Chidambram holding a press conference yesterday giving the startling revelations of N Ram more weitage , making his PC the main headlines in today’s newspapers, the West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on the other hand is leaving no stone unturned to become the nucleaus of the entire non BJP opposition in the country thus paving the clear way in the formation of a credible grand alliance ” Mahagathbandhan” in the country.

Her Brigade Parade Ground’s massive UNITED INDIA rally in Calcutta to be addressed by more than 12 leaders of national fame belonging to DMK, Samajwadi Party, Congress, NCP, CPM, CPI, Janta Dal (Secular), RJD, and other opposition parties etc viz the former Prime minister HD Deve Gowda, Sharad Pawar, MK Stalin, Mallikarjun Kharge, D Raja, former Arunachal Pradesh CM Geogang Apang, CM HD Kumarswamy, Tejasvi Yadav etc.

While the general election of 2019 are nearing and the attacks on the Modi government have been accelerated by the Congress party and various non BJP opposition leaders, efforts on the Mahagathbandhan parties have also enhanced showing positive results.

The recent Samajwadi Party – Bahujan Samjwadi Party and RLD alliance in the largest state of UP followed by the West Bengal chief minister Mamta Bannerjee’s attempt through her massive rally in Calcutta inviting all the opposition leaders of major political parties opposed to BJP unambiguously speaks of the fact that these non BJP parties at the pan India level have finally made up their minds to give a formidable challenge to mighty BJP led NDA under prime minister Modi’s leadership who’s party recently got defeated in the three hindi heartland states at the hands of the Congress party led by young, dynamic n vociferous Rahul Gandhi.

While the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party chiefs’ Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav have tried their best to sideline Congress Party in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Bannerjee’s positive attempt to bring every non BJP party under the umbrella of Mahagathbandhan have renewed n revived hopes of a credible fiture grand alliance that would definitely give a formidable fight to BJP at the pan India level in 2019.

Sources reveal that West Bengal CM Mamata Benarjee who was earlier in a mood to sideline Congress in the national unification process has now given up that attitude particularly after dramatic improvement in Rahul Gandhi’s image and his winning spree in the three hindi heartland states of Rajasthan, Chattisgarh n Madhya Pradesh, the strong political citadels of BJP.

While there would be regional patch up in the states governed by anti BJP opposition parties on amicable terms, other national opposition parties would get their due share in seat adjustments where they actually matter.

This positive sign in the non BJP opposition camps have infact sent shivers down the spine of the BJP leaders n their NDA partners.

In today’s scenerio while Akhilesh Yadav, Mamata Bannerjee and Mayawati command tremendous say in their respective states of UP n Bengal, one can’t deny the fact that after winning three hindi heartland states n being the biggest party of the country having workers n strong political organisation from Kashmir to Kanhya Kumari with secular credentials, the Congress party can’t be sidelined in the journey towards the formation of the anti BJP mahagathbandhan in the run up for the 2019 elections. What’s your take friends?





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Uttarakhand Congress to start statewide Parivartan Yatra from 21st January. Would expose the BJP govt’s misdeeds



Uttarakhand Congress vice president Surya Kant Dhasmana addressing press conference in Dehradun

As the parliamentary elections are nearing the Congress party in Uttarakhand has also geared up its activities and mass contact programmes in various parts of Uttarakhand in order to accquaint the party workers at the grass roots as well as the general masses about the state government’s failures on various fronts since it came to power in the state about two years ago securing a historic majority of 57 MLAs out of total seventy n to also strengthen its party organisation at the lowest ebb.

The current Congress party organisation is lead by the five time MLA from Chakrata, Garhwal, Uttarakhand and former minister Pritam Singh carrying behind him a transparent image.

In the assembly elections held in 2017 the Congress government led by Harish Rawat suffered badly at the hustings with the then chief minister Rawat himself losing from the two legislative constituencies and his party winning in merely 13 seats, a record low performance in the last eighteen years since the state came into separate existence.

The Congress organisation since then had become almost defunct in the state as majority of its previous MLAs n ministers had joined BJP.

After the replacement of Harish Rawat who’d been elevated as the AICC general secretary, Incharge Assam Congress at the centre, the former minister Pritam Singh was appointed as state president who has after his untiring efforts brought back the Congress party organisation on rails by his enhancing activities and reconstitution of the state organisation till the grass root level.

Today, the Congress party has regained its lost ground n is in a credible position to give a strong fight to the ruling BJP.

Addressing a press conference at the party headquarter in Dehradun today the senior vice president of Uttarakhand Congress Suryakant Dhasmana announced that the state Congress office bearers n activists led by Pritam Singh would commence the Parivartan Yatra from Chakrata legislative assembly’s Hanol village, Jaunsaar Baaver after the rituals in the temple of Mahashu Devta from 21st January onwards.

This political journey named as Parivartan Yatra would be carried in all the districts of Uttarakhand in five stages involving the district n block office bearers and the grass root workers as well. The Yatra would cover all the five Lok Sabha parliamentary constituencies and the assembly constituencies falling under the jurisdictions of these MP seats of Garhwal and Kumaon divisions.

According to Surya Kant Dhasmana the party president Pritam Singh n other office bearers will address hundreds of small n big meetings on the way exposing the present BJP governments misdeeds and failures on various fronts n also enthising the party workers to prepare themselves for the general elections of 2019.

While the main agenda of this Parivartan Yatra is to expose the ill concieved notions n the misdeeds of the ruling BJP government of the state who has failed on all fronts despite having been in power since the last two years it will also help in revitalising and reviving the Congress party organisation at the grass root level in the entire state.

Prominent amongst those present at the press conference with the state Congress vice president Mr. Dhasmana were the party’s desciplinery commitee’s chairman Pramod Kumar Singh, state chairman of the minority department Tahir Ali, State Congress spokesperson Garima Dasoni, Mahesh Joshi, Rajesh Chamoli and Lakhi Ram Bijlwan.

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Devanshi Rana wins one more individual Gold in Khelo India



There are some sport persons who are born to shine and bring laurels for the state n the country they are born in. If one achieves the outstanding triumphs n that too gold medals in the national n international sports’ competitions of repute, one after another, enhancing the country’s reputation then applauding n encouraging such extraordinary talents becomes our moral n professional duty as well as such budding sportspersons not only enhance the nation’s prestige but also become a credible source of inspiration to the budding sportspersons of the country.

I am talking here about none other then the daughter of globally famous shooter n presently the shooting coach Jaspal Rana’s gold medal winning daughter in pistol shooting who’d recently lived up to her famous shooting surname by way of winning the prestigious individual Gold Medal in under 21women’s pistol at the KHELO INDIA YOUTH GAMES in 2019 in PUNE.

According to Devanshi’s grandfather Narayan Singh Rana, who’s the founder of Jaspal Rana Shooting Academy in Dehradun his 19 year old grand daughter Devanshi living in Delhi led 23 – 20 before the last serious of five shots.

As per www.indiashooting.com report, the last series turned out to be dramatic as Anjali, who looked in the terrific form did not load all five bullets for the last series.

After shooting three hits out of four Anjali’s pistol has no ammunition to fire the fifth, for the possible gold. In contrast Devanshi who’d finished 8th in the same event at the ISSF Junior World Cup in SUHL last year registered only one hit out of five which was enough to secure the Gold.

Abhidnya Patil of Maharashtra who had topped the qualification with 579, took the bronze after loosing a long-drawn shoot-off to Anjali.
Earlier in the qualification, both Devanshi and Anjali had registered 567 to qualify for the final.
The Results:
Under-21 Women’s 25m Pistol: 1. Devanshi Rana (Delhi) 24 (567); 2. Anjali Choudhary (Haryana) 23 (567); 3. Abhidnya Patil (Maharashtra) 20 (579).

It may be recalled that Devanshi had won Gold, Silver n Bronze in earlier world championships held last year in various Pistol shooting events.

Her father Jaspal Rana is himself an International shooting Champion having won several Gold in Asian Games n many other prestigious global shooting events. Jaspal had won Gold in 1994 in Hiroshima Asian games follwed by three Golds in Doha in 2006.

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