Maneaters freely prowl for human flesh on Uttarakhand’s roadsides in the night



This how maneaters/ predators move openly on the roadside areas of entire Uttarakhand as seen in the above picture clicked by me from a facebook vedio of Gopal Rawat.

The tiger here is seen relaxing during the night hours on one of the roadside cemented structure looking for the human prey.

These are common scenes on the roads of the inner peripheries of Uttarakhand, particularly on the roads inside the forest areas after 8.00 PM in the night when you can witness these predators either on the roadside cemented structures ( puliyas) or in the middle of the lonely roads relaxing comfortably unless some vehicle comes and waits for these canivorous animals to slowly get up n go on the sides of the roads waiting for the vehicles to pass away.

But what is more surprising and worrisome aspect of these maneaters is that in some of the areas they even appear on roadsides during noon or just before sunset clandestinely looking for a lonely human prey like child, old aged or a woman.

In several cases these hungry leopards having tasted human blood and flesh exclusively look for prey in the road side houses and grab the children by even entering human habitats and thereafter taking them to the nearby jungles to eat.

There have been umpteen intances of such brutal killings of human beings during the past several months and years in the Garhwal and Kumaon divisions of Uttarakhand.

The forest department finds itself helpless as the courts have applied legal brakes on the killings of these predators. Moreover the department of wildlife does not possess enough equipments or know how to physically capture these maneaters except the primitive methods which are too tardy and ineffective.

Even for killing some of the highly dangerous maneaters it takes lot of time to seek the permission ofthe court and thereafter tardy killing process to hire professional and expensive shooters. By that time enough harm is already done to human lives.

As per the latest survey carried out by the Tiger count department about more than 400 tigers of different speices exists in the Uttarakhand Jungles that include majorly the Corbett and other national parks.

On an approximate estimate about 150 leopards/ tigers in Uttarakhand hills have been declared man eaters who’s from 2000 till now as per the current official estimate till May 2016 killed / eaten 300 human beings, though the figure in actuality still stands higher.

As per the news report of 23rd September 2016 leopards killed about 440 people in the Nepal and Kumaon areas after a prominent Shooter of the British era killed the maneater for the first time in 1907.

It is believed that about 40 to 50 maneaters have been killed so far in Uttarakhand after their human killing spree continued for several decades.

However, the maneater attacks in various parts of Uttarakhand have become a routine affair for these carnivorous animals as there seems to be dearth of animal preys inside the forests of Uttarakhand which have become the victim of excessive sound pollution, tourist activities, movement of vehicles, roads, commercial buildings, shops and hotels construcion of concrete houses and buildings including huge dams, tunnels and deforestation.

The increasing use of dynamites in road explosions and increasing natural calamities are also some of the prime reasons for imbalancing the wild life and their subsequent dissapearence from the forest ultimately resulting in the carnivorous animals to come towards human settlements and make them their easy prey. What’s your take friends?


Whistle blower from Kanpur hurls shoe at BJP spokesperson Narsimha Rao



A man claiming himself as the RTI activist namely Shakti Bhargava from Kanpur today created a sensation in the BJP headquarter in New Delhi when he all of a sudden got up in the middle of the press conference being addressed by PVL Narsinha Rao, BJP spokesperson and surreptitiously hurled his shoe towards Rao purpotedly hitting him on the face.

Immediately, thereafter two persons sitting there caught hold of this healthy man and pushed him forcibly towards the exit door with lot of BJP workers collected in the vicinity. Shakti Bhargava was thereafter handed over to IP police station personel. He is presently in captivity at the police station. Shakti Bhargava seems to be a whistle blower as claimed by him in various posts of his facebook account.

He seems to be annoyed with the present political dispensation at the centre. Going through his certain posts on FB one can easily make out as to how furious he is against the ruling party and its government.

In one of the posts on his fb time line titled : My Efforts as a whistle blower (part 1) with a Sub Title : Namo in 2014 : Na Khaaoonga aur Na Khaane Doonga with anothersub title: Namo 2019 : No voice against corruption within the Government Shakti Bhargav writes: I have been pursuing the irregularities in the sale of immovable properties done by government of India Company – The British India Corporation Ltd and the Lal Imli Mills.

He writes against the CVC, CBI, PMO andministry of textiles and accuses them of allegedly allowing the arbitrary sale of Surplus properties of the above companies through profane irregularities n corruption instead of selling them in a transparent manner and collecting vast amount of money in orderto revive the company or pay the salaries of the employees who’d not been paid salaries for the last two years. He adds that about 14 employees of the company had been constrained to commit suicides in the last three years.

It may be recalled that during the tenure of Dr. Man Mohan Singh one journalist Jarnail Singh too had throw shoe on the then union minister P V Chidamran and the Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival was also the victim of ink and shoe throwing in a public meeting in Delhi. Jarnail Singh was thereafter accorded the AAP ticket from Tilak Nagar legislative constituency and had won followed by his contest for parliament from Punjab. Kejrival has pardoned the accused n had instead visited their house to hear the woes n resolve them. Indeed a rare gesture towards an erring person.

It is learnt that Bhargava is a man with dubious background. According to India today news while Shakti Bhargava claims himself to be whistle blower, he is the owner of Bhargava Hospital n his parents have filed a harrassment cse against him of using fraudulent means to tranfer the three bungalows in the name of his wife, children and relatives.

His parents said that they were the one who’d purchased these properties for 11 crores. Later Shakti Bhargava bought them for 11.5 crores using fraudulent means. There were also income tax raids on his premises in the past. His advocate Attrey has said that Bhargava is mentally unstable n therefore needs tobe pardoned for his undesirable act. He is said to be anti Modi n BJP.

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BJP to bring fresh candidates in majority of seats if Congress AAP pact fructifies in Delhi ?



Delhi State Bhartiya Janata Party has starting shortlisting the candidates for the seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi in view of the last date of filing nominations being 23rd April.

The party high command has decided to retain all the seven sitting MPs in case the electoral alliance does not fructify between the AAP n Congress party. In case the Aam Aadmi Party and Congress establish the electoral understanding and fight the Delhi elections together, the BJP would be changing its sitying MPs with the new entrants in majority of the seats reveal the sources.

The Delhi BJP committee to select candidates in the capital is being headed by the union defence minister Dr. Nirmala Sitaraman with the Delhi unit chief Manoj Tiwari, national organising secretary Ram Lal, Shyam Jaaju, the Delhi BJP incharge n Powayya being its members. It may be recalled that in the previous general election n the MCD polls also the party high command has changed majority of the sitting MPs n corporators thus accompanying historic results.

The BJP is in majority in the municipal cirporation of Delhi and its vote bank is still intact despite having been badly defeated in the 2015 state assembly elections at the hands of Arvind Kejrival led Aam Aadmi Party. The saffron party in Delhi is of the opinion that there is tremendous amount of anti incumbency in majority of the seats held by BJP MPs’ in Delhi and the party is in no mood to take any risk in case the patch up between the AAP n Congress fructifies in a day or two.

According to some news analysts the BJP explicitly knows that in case the votes of both AAP n Congress unites, the saffron party will have to struggle hard to win all seats as this alliance is bound to have its formidable say in the parliamentary elections on all the seven seats. Meanwhile, last leg efforts by Congress leaders led by Rahul Gandhi are on to ensure that the pact is formalised with AAP at every cost if the BJP is to be defeated in Delhi.

The Congress party’s Delhi incharge Dr. PC Chacko is the greatest supporter of pact with AAP followed by the former Delhi Congress chief Ajay Makan. The AAM AADMI PARTY has specifically deputed its Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh to formulate the electoral patch up between both the anti BJP parties, but so far despite best efforts of Congress the pact has not been formalised and AAP has already finalised its candidates for all the seven seats.

However the Congress has conceded to give AAP 4 seats n itself agreed to contest on three seats. But Arvind Kejrival and Sanjay Singh still seemed to be adamant as they want one seat in Haryana n three seats to be given to Jannayak Janata Party with whom it has formed alliance there.

According to the latest developments the Congress has agreed to give one seat to AAP n two seats to JPP in Haryana, though nothing has been formally finalised till date. The fact of the matter is if the anti BJP forces in Delhi really wanted to counter the saffron party decisively at the hustings, AAP n Congress will have to unite as their combined vote share crosses fifty percent than the BJP 35% plus 10% enhanced vote due to Modi factor.

Kindly recall that the former Delhi CM n present octogenarian chief Shiela Dikshit is outrightly opposed to any pre poll understanding with AAP whereas Dr. PC Chacko n former Delhi chief Ajay Makan are openly in favor of alliance. Rahul Gandhi too favor’s the same especially, after the NCP chief Sharad Oawar has pressurised Rahul to dothe needful. Sources say that the pact would fructify in a day or two for sure.

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Priyanka lambasts party leadership. Says sad to learn that lumpen elements get preference than committed Congress worker in the party



Congress spokesperson in a PC with Congress chief Rahul Gandhi

The spokesperson of All India Congress Committee, famous for singing a song, ridiculing the BJP union minister and candidate from Amethi Smiti Irani on her degree episode while addressing a press conference at 24 Akbar Road last week, Priyanka Chaturvedi is today an annoyed and furious Congress leader.

She has serious complaints against her seniors, especially the general secretary of All India Congress Committee, incharge of Western UP without naming him, as he’s the one who’d given re entry to those Congressmen who’d insulted, abused and mis behaved with her during a press conference at Mathura in the recent past.

Congress spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi is so disheartened after the re induction of these disgruntled and lumpen Congressmen in the party that she has accused the senior party leadership of not only patronising these lumpen goonda elements but has also termed the action as most unfortunate.

Her tweet in this context has created lots of controversy especially during the election days when the rival BJP is trying to exploit every single negative point of Congress party.

In her tweet posted today morning Congress spokes person Priyanka has tweeted : DEEPLY SADDENED that lumpen goons get preference in @ incindia over those who has given their sweat and blood.

Having faced brickbats and abuse across board for the party but yet those who threatened me within the party getting away with not even a rap on their knuckles is unfortunate.

This tweet was against the tweet of one Vijay Lakhmi who’d posted a letter of reinstatement of the expelled Congress leaders and workers of Mathura whose unruly behaviour had insulted n indignified the Congress sookesperson in Mathura in the recent part.

According to the letter of re induction of these unruly leaders whom Priyanka accused as lumpen elements n goondas, the Uttar Pradesh member of the descipline committe n Ex MLA Fazle Masood has said that they are being inducted in the party at the instance of the general secretary Jyotiraditys Scindhia with the hope that they will not commit this mistake again failing which they will be permanentally ousted from the party.

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Please help trace the family members of late Narendra Singh Bisht, a victim of criminals while travelling from Bareilly to Delhi



Body of deceased Narendra Singh Bisht lying in the mortuary of Ghaziabad district government hospital

There is an extremely sad n shocking news learned from a facebook post of Bharat Rawat, a social activist fromUttarakhand n Delhi that a person named Narendra Singh Bisht hailing from Uttarakhand either Garhwal or Kumaon, not exactly known, who was travelling from Barrielly to Delhi had been the victim of a an unknown gang who serve things with poision in order to loot passengers on the way by first befriending them and then serving the toxic eatables in order to loot them.

The body of deceased Narendra Singh Bisht is lying in the mortuary of Ghaziabad district government hospital and the police is trying to find out/trace his family members.

According to the local councillor Anil Rana, anyone knowing about the where abouts of the family of the dceased may either contact him or the Ghaziabad police for claiming the body of late Narendra Singh Bisht.

The Ghaziabad police should immediately expedite the efforts to trace the culprits as well , to penalise them under the relevant n strictest sections of the law.

It may be recalled that the crime rate in Uttar Pradesh is on the increase with several gangs operating in the buses as well as at railway stations n main bus terminuses looking for passengers especially women n innocentpeople with valuable ornaments and expensive luggage.

These highly trained gangs sometime operate as clandestine passengers and elope with bags n suitcases when passengers go to local dhabaasor teastalls for lunch or tea on the way.

These days the poison laded food gangs are more active who first befriend the unknown passengers and then serve them some eatable mixed with toxic substance.

When the passenger becomes unconscious, they run away with cash n valuable ornaments.

The local police is either allegedly hand in glove with them or are negligent towards their duties.

It seems that the deceased Narendra Singh Bisht who was travelling from Bareilly to Delhi must have been the victim of such a gang. It is now for the police n the crime branch to investigate the matter thoroughly with due dilligence n vigilance n trace the culprits at the earliest to bring them to due justice.

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RTI activist of Garhwal, Uttarakhand voices his serious concern over alleged corruption in Gramin Sadak Yojna’s execution



RTI activist of Gram Kathur in Pauri Garhwal explaining about alleged corruption in the PMGSY road from Daanda Paani to village Kathur n further ahead

Uttarakhand state which came into separate existence in the year 2000 is undoubtedly witnessing spate of developments in terms of road constructions to enhance connectivity through MP, MLA funds and also through the Pradhanmantri Gramin Sadak Yojna budget but in majority of the cases it seems that the development is allegedly lop sided with misuse of government funds released through various schemes for execution of various developmental works viz construction of roads, health centres, schools, water storage tanks, pushtas, bus stands, water conservation plants n official buildings etc.

It’s in a way an alleged open loot of public exchequer’s money and therefore a matter of grave concern.

Since the majority of the educated and conscious people of Uttarakhand, especially the literate youths have shifted to plains for want of better socio economic prospects, there is usually nobody or little aware and educated people, especially senior citizens or women left behind in the villages to minutely examine the quality of the jobs executed by the contractors in collusion with the various government’s executive bodies viz PWD or PGSY etc. thus given them comolete freedom to delay jobworks and misuse the tax payers money for their personal beneficience.

The team of JAGO UTTARAKHAND led by me and investigative journalist Ashutosh Negi were invited by a RTI activist Gandhi Singh Negi of village Kathur under Sithonsyun patti of Pauri Garhwal district to examine the pitiable condition of the job work of 5.5 kilometre KHOLA SHYALANGI KOT BLOCK MOTOR ROAD executed in the year 2013- 14 under the Prime Minister’s Rural Road Scheme with the staggering budget of Two Crores Forty Eight Lakhs and additional 17.29 lakhs for maintenance till May 2019.

But according to the social activist n RTI expert Gandhi Singh Negi the aforesaid 5.73 kilometre road is today in extremely bad and tormented shape despite the fact that he and one Ram Dayal Singh Patwal of the nearby village have filed number of applications in the RTI department seeking information about the alleged huge corruption committed in this work.

They haven’t acknowleged any response to their queries till date despite repeated reminders. These seventy year old activists have now got tired in view of the negative and the complacent atyitude of the officials concened.

Not only this but Mr. G. S. Negi has also met the Executive Engineer Pandey and the Chief Secretary, Uttarakhand government in this regard but of no avail.

According to Negi there is allegedly ramphant corruption in various departments of Uttarakhand and the complianants are never satisfied with fool proof answers or replies.

In this Khola Shyalangi Road of Pradhanmantri Gramin Sadak Yojna which starts from Daanda Pani via Kathur to Kot Block there have been number of irregularities as the maintenance budget of about 17.23 lakhs has seldom been used keeping in view the extremely bad condition of the road with majority of its Parapets lying broken with their waste lying on the road, the road having been caved in posing immense danger to the passers by and the border drains unrepaired with myriad number of wild plants grown along the roads. There are umpteen number of potholes on the road posing a direct risk to those plying their motor bikes and four wheelers here.

The RTI activist Gandhi Singh Negi who carries with him the copies of complaints n applications pertaining to this road has demanded an impartial enquiry in this scandal/ scam and has urged the chief minister to personally intervene in the matter by bringing forth the alleged corruption carried out by the concerned company who’ve executed the job of this road. Mr. Negi has also sent several complaints to the PMO in this regard but of no avail.

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Former CM late Tiwari’s son Rohit Shekhar is no more. Dies after nose bleed.



Late Rohit Shekher hugging his father Late NDT, former UP n UK CM

The son of former Uttara Pradesh and Uttarakhand chief minister Late Narayan Dutt Tiwari is no more. As per the news pouring in, young Rohit Shekhar Tiwari who must have developed some severe health complications bleeded profusely and died at his home or on the way.

He was brought dead to the Max Hospital Saket where his father too died after prolonged illness on 18th October 2018.

Rohit Shekhar’s sudden death at such a young age raises several questions ? However, as per the version of the police Rohit released blood from his nostrils, may be in excess and thereafter brought hurriedly to Max Saket hospital in an ambulance in dead condition. He was living in Delhi’s Defence Colny vicinity.

The former Uttarakhand chief minister and general secretary of All India Congress Committee Harish Rawat has expressed his condolences on the sad and untimely demise of Rohit Shekhar Tiwari.

It is indeed a second tragedy in the family in just a year’s time as several months ago his father, a veteran Congress leader and former CM of UP n UK Narain Dutt Tiwari had expired after being in Coma for several months. Now late Rohit’s traumatic mother Ujjwal Tiwari is the loner in the family of three.

It may be recalled that late Rahit Shekhar Tiwari and his mother Ujjwala Tiwari had from 2006 to 2007 had been requesting his late biological father to accept him as his son. But Narain Dutt Tiwari had never heeded to their request.

The mother n son duo had also held press conferences in Dehradun pressuring late ND Tiwari to accept them as wife and son but Tiwari was’nt moved.

There was lot of media hype in the matter. Finally Rohit Sjekhar was left with no alternative but to file the paternity suit in the court requesting for DNA or paternity test in which Rohit finally won n Tiwari had no option but to succumb to the pressure.

Thereafter both the father and son joined the BJP. It was after the finalisation of the case that Tiwari n Ujjawala married publicly amidst media glare. Shekhar’s father ND Tiwari was the three time chief minister of UP and one time CM of Uttarakhand from 2002 to 2007 and had also been the union minister of Finance, Industry and planning during the regimes of Indira Gandhi n Rajiv Gandhi.

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Communalisation of political environment is unacceptable in a civilised democratic society



CEC Sunil Arora and leaders of political parties banned for 48 n 72 hours for election campaigning

There was a time when we had stalwarts like Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel, Lal Bahadur Shastri, K. Kamaraj, Indira Gandhi, H. N. Bahuguna, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Nanaji Deshmukh etc etc in politics who’s ideals, principles, morality and policies were emulated by countrymen.

They were rather worshiped not as God but as socio political stalwarts. They were considered as treasure house of knowledge , ethics, morality and transparency. These leaders hailed from modest n ethical back grounds ready to sacrifice their interests for the country.

Indian parliament n constitutional norms for them were the basics of their public life.

They practised secular n democratic values to ensure amity, peace and brotherhiod in the society, come what may ? They ensured that the communal fabric of the country remains intact at all costs.

Elections in the country were fought on programmes, policies and ideologies but maintaining the dignity, ethical values and norms of the constitution. People had tremendous respect n adoration for them and imbibed their values and ethics in career making n shaping their destiny.

But, despite all this, the political history does has its own ups and downs. There was also a time when the then Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi imposed emergency in 1975 and literally victimised people through massive human rights violations, finally going out of power to allow the conglomeration of 22 parties forming government at the centre called the Janata Party.

But the situation seems to be topsy turvey today. Never before has the nation witnessed such a harsh situation of vertically deviding the society on communal grounds exploiting the pious sacrifices of our Army Jawans to meet narrow political ends.

The election commission, an impartial constitutional body to conduct free and fearles elections also seems to be allegedly biased which has no locus standi of its own, but had to act decisively only after the honourable supreme court of India directs it to act sternly against the politicians spitting venom in the society during elections resulting in literally dividing the society on communal grounds, never ever heard or experienced in the country’s political history.

The venemous highly communally surcharged, inflammatory, hate oriented, minority appeasement and anti women speeches indignifying the women’s character by the saffron clad Uttar Pradesh Chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath, BSP Supremo Mayawati and Samajwadi party leader n former minister in UP govt Azam Khan n Maneka Gandhi has infact compelled the right thinking Indians to hang their heads in shame.

The anti India statements’ of leaders’ like Mehbooba Mufti from PDP n former CM of J n K n Farooq Abdullah too are highly objectionable but then the saffron party’s unilateral stand on abrogation of article 371 and section 35 A from Kashmir is equally uncalled for and anti Kashmir which will further inflame the already provoked sentiments of Kashmiries who already think that they are allegedly being treated as second grade citizens as voiced by various Kashmir leaders.

The elections are on full swing and leaders with communal colours are inflaming the passions of countrymen to beget votes which is quite disheartening n unconstitutional.

Thanks to the Supreme Court of India for having directed the complacent election commission of India to deal harshly n sternly against the comnunal and anti women leaders of the country for indignifying the women as well as communalising the society n even threatening minorities, for meeting their vested political ends.

The 72 n 48 hours bar on Mayawati, Yogi Aditya Nath n Azam Khan is though a welcome initiative by the EC on the apex court’s directives but this seems to be not enough.

Infact these leaders with communal credentials should be barred from contesting at least one election to send across a strong message that in democracy n a country with diverse culture n multi linguistic n religious background, such hate speeches will never be tolerated, come what may. What’s your take friends?

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Eminent freedom fighter n former MP Paripoornanand Painuly given adieu at 96 with full state honours



An eminent freedom fighter and former member of parliament from Tehri Garhwal who relentlessly waged an incessant struggle against the then Tehri RAJSHAHI of undivided Garhwal to seek freedom for the oppressed and depressed people Paripoornanad Painuly is no more with us.

He breathed his last on 13th April after suffering from prolonged illness at the age of 96.

Legendry figure of Uttarakhand late Paripurnanand Painuly’s pious body was consigned to flames at Khadi Khadi Ghat at Haridwar on Sunday with full state honours in the presence of grief stricken relatives, well wishers and hundreds of followers.

An iconic personality of his time late Paripoornanand Painuly was an eminent freedom fighter cum revolutionery, seasoned journalist and Tehri Garhwal MP who’d struggled hard to oppose the then Rajshahi of Tehri Garhwal before n after independence.

He was a socio political n academic figure with impeccable integrity and commitment to peoples’ welfare. He was also jailed during the pre independent days.

In the sad demise of this iconic figure Uttarakhand and the nation has lost a great acdemic personality, an able MP, a revolutionery and freedom fighter and a gentleman to the hilt.

His absence would be immensely felt not only in Uttarakhand but in the country as well. He was the great source of inspiration to the youths, women and the social activists of Uttarakhand fighting against corruption for bringing decency and morality in public life.

The Uttarakhand Journalists Forum conveys its heartfelt tributes to this great soul and condoles his death in all earnestness.

It may be recalled that late Painuli was a multifaceted personality, but a rebel at heart. Born on 19 November, 1924 in village Chholgaon in district Tehri, he ran away from home and passed his matriculation from a school located in Ghaziabad, which was then part of Meerut district.

According to Arun Singh of Garhwal post Painuly went to Varanasi and took admission in Queen’s College with the help of a scholarship granted by the royal family of Varanasi. However, even before he could finish his college, he joined the freedom struggle at a young age of 17 years. His activities attracted the ire of the then British empire and he was arrested under the Defence of India Rules for his participation in the freedom struggle.

After his release, Painuli came to Meerut where he was again arrested for his participation in Soorajkund bomb blast and was imprisoned for 5 years. While in Meerut Prison, he met some leading freedom fighters of the region, such as Banarsi Das and Shyam Singh who was brother of Chaudhary Charan Singh. He prepared for Intermediate examinations, while in the prison itself and he was taken to Lucknow, handcuffed, for writing examinations.

Leading freedom fighter Rafi Ahmed Kidwai played a role in his early release from the prison in 1946, and he returned to Tehri. But being a rebel at heart, he did not sit quiet and joined the farmers’ agitation, was again arrested on 24 July, 1946 and sent to Tehri prison. Not happy with the appalling conditions of the prison, he launched a hunger strike in the prison on 13 September which lasted till 22 September. Consequently, he was charged with sedition and again sentenced to 18 months of imprisonment.

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Massive migration leads to 70% agricultural fields going barren in Uttarakhand ?



Once highly productive agricultural fields gone barren in village Kathur in Sithonsyun Patti in Pauri, Garhwal, Uttarakhand

Massive migration of village population from Uttarakhand hills to the plains for the last few decades have rendered the agricultural fields completely barren with local inhabitants/ village folks left behind, purchasing food items from the local market, leading comfortable life style either through earnings via petty businesses, through contractual labour earnings or salaries drawn from government or private jobs locally.

The delivery of extremely cheap ration under the govt’s antayodhya n BPL schemes is also one of the main factors’that has encouraged these local village inhabitants lead comfortable life styles bidding adieu to traditional farming.

Their dependence on agricultral farming which used to be a traditional phenomena till nineties, is no more in existence as non availability of man power is a major reason leading to hundreds of thousands of acres of land going barren n unproductive in the villages of Uttarakhand.

The roadside lands have been used to construct houses n buildings for commercial earnings.

Majority of the working hands have shifted to the local townships, cities n metropolises for want of jobs, health facilities and quality educational prospects for the children.

Though migration to plains is a continuous process since independence but statistics show rampant exodus from villages to plains after the separate Uttarakhand state came into existence 18 years ago in the year 2000.

It has been estimated through various media reports that more than 30 lakh people from Uttarakhand villages have migrated to towns, cities n metropolises. The migration has been 60 % within Uttarakhand n 40% outside the hilly state.

However, the working hands from Nepal, Bihar n other parts of the country throng here for labour jobs n are gradually settling here finding it a safe haven.

In order to substantiate this contention, I am portraying here status report of my village known as Kathur in Sithonsyun Patti under the jurisdiction of Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand.

I fondly remember that during the eighties, there was complete hustle and bustle in this village with majority of the population living here.

Kathur village is the biggest in the entire Kot Block comprising of four Patties.

It had around 350 houses n a population of around 1500 inhabitants. As the time passes the local inhabitants started migrating out of the village to cities n towns and majority of them shifted to roadside at Daanda Paani.

Today, hardly 70 to eighty families reside here that to partially. The greatest setback due to this uncontroled exodus resulted in complete giving up of agricultural farming which was quite frequent till the eighties.

Today about ninety percent agricultural fields which once used to be fully cultivated are barren with wild plants grown over them exhibiting the sorry state of affairs.

In village Kathur there are vide tracts of plain/ flat agricultural fields capable of producing good quantity or high volume of crops but today they are giving a sorry look.

Some of the constructive n responsible village folks have tried to devise a scheme for collective farming by using tractors n latest agricultural equiments for which the state govt provides maximum subsidy n loan facilities but the situation is so aweful that the younger generation is hardly prepared to do the needful.

Instead they prefer white collar jobs or easy buck through Thekedari, or petty businesses or remaining idle.

Moreover the agricultural fields belongs to different owners who are outside the state and seldom come back.

If somebody desires to do organic farming on these flat farmlands it’s difficult to seek their possession as people owning them are so narrow minded that instead of lending their farmlands on lease they prefer to let them go barren and of no use.

Chakabandi or consolidation of land holdings is the best solution to the healthy organic farming in Uttarakhand villages as farm lands are scattered owned by different people.

Unless or until these scattered farm lands are not consolidated after mutual adjustments within the various owners these scattered agricultural fields are of no use for organic farming on large scale.

The Uttarakhand government should come forward to ensure that CHAKBANDI becomes a reality in Utarakhand failing which the state left with 16 percent farmlands will completely become barren with organic farming becoming the thing of the past.

This a distressing trend which needs to be looked into in all seriousness and depth.

It’s a biggest tragedy and defeats the very concept for which the separate Uttarakhand state came into existence after the sacrifice of 42 precious lives. What’s your take friends?

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Hema Malini disagrees with the speech of Maneka Gandhi compelling minorities to vote for her in Sultanpur.



Popular actor turned politician and the BJP’s parliamentary candidate Hema Malini has expressed her displeasure over the address of her own party’s union minister and candidate from Sultanpur lok sabha constituency Menaka Gandhi allegedly threatening the minority voters of Sultanpur in one of the public meetings saying that if they don’t vote for, she to would accord them the same treatment in return as she is winning the elections for sure, even if they don’t vote for her.

She unambiguously warned the muslim.voters that if they’ll not vote for her , they should’nt come to her for any work or job.

This seems to be a direct threatening to the minority voters of Sultanpur constituency for which Maneka Gandhi was issued the notice to explain her hate speech’s logic.

The Election Commission has taken serious cognizance of the matter and had directed the district magistrate, Sultanpur to isuue her the notice.

Meanwhile, despite having acknowleged the EC notice, Maneka Gandhi has not mend her ways and has instead again issued the same speech asking the muslims to vote for her if they really wanted to get her cooperation and support in future, since she is winning the seat for sure even if they vote or do not vote.

Responding to the media’s question on union minister Maneka Gandhi’s threatening speech to the muslims of Sultanpur constituency, the popular “Basanti ” of SHOLAY, Hema Malini said : she don’t agree and support the statement of the former minister, as such derogatory statements like not doing the work of those not voting to a candidate is entirely wrong and uncalled for.

Hema Malini said at least she would never do so and don’t agree with Maneka Gandhi’s comments without naming her.

She however added: everybody has different views n thoughts.

On the other hand the controvertial union minister n BJP candidate from Sultanpur Maneka Gandhi has blamed certain television news channels of deliberately twisting her statement and disseminating biased news against her and prime minister Narendra Modi since long.

She also blamed the IT cell of the BJP in this context.

However, whatever Maneka said has been telecast by various media channels n is a credible evidence to prove home the point that she had threatened the minority voters to vote for them or else be prepared to acknowledge her non cooperation.

If the minorities want her cooperation or jobs they should vote for her as she is already winning the election with or without their support she said repeatedly.

In another meeting in Assam, the muslim leader Baddruddin Ajmal has expressed derogatory comments against PM Modi that he should be send to Bangladesh and would be selling tea and Pakoras after the elections.

He was envy and highly critical of prime minister Modi for his party’s commitment to evict the illegal Bangladeshi migrants from Assam if the party is voted to power at the centre.

The BJP’s another controvertial leader n union minister as well as its candidate from Begusarai, Bihar, Giriraj Singh, fighting against the Communist Party of India’s candidate Kanahiya, a JNU product being charged for sedition, strongly codemned SP leader Azam Khan of insulting the Hindu God Bajrang Bali and threatened him of teaching a befitting lesson by visiting Rampur after his election.

Meanwhile, actress Jaya Prada contesting on BJP ticket from Rampur, UP against SP minister n leader Azam Khan has accused the latter of indignifying her n her image by allegedly making public her doctored objectional images and when she complained to the senior SP leader n former CM Mulayam Singh Yadav he did’nt took any notice of her complaint against Khan to take action against him.

She said the people of Rampur would support her extensively n make her win to teach anti women Azam Khan a befitting lesson.

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