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The prominent shooter and killer of 90 maneaters in the forests of Garhwal and Kumaon himalayas, about 8 decades ago, is again remembered today after the incessant horrifying killings of human beings in the villages of Uttarakhand, spreading terror around and the government agencies, particularly the forest department doing literally nothing to protect the precious lives of the inhabitants living in interior villages.

There was a time when these leopards and tigers used to roam and confine themselves within the highly dense jungles and would harm the human beings only when they posed them any sort of danger.
These predators, then used to attack human lives in retaliation to protect themselves.

But unfortunately, during the last two decades, especially in the previous five years after the increasing construction activities like road constructions, construction of dams and infrastructural developments around and in the forests, the wild life has been badly disturbed, displaced and are coming nearer to houses for want of prey.

The jungles of Uttarakhand are bereft of the wild life and the leopards, tigers whose main food is flesh find it difficult to arrage food as increasing jungle fires have also imbalanced the ecology resulting dearth of wild animals shifting elsewhere.

According to a confirmed statistics there are about 150 maneaters in Uttarakhand and the government and the wild life still seems to be more concerned to protect the maneaters than the lives of the inhabitants living in villages despite so much of human killings.

In just last one year, good number of brutal killings of Uttarakhand villagers have come to the fore in Garhwal and Kumaon regions and the death involves those of children, old aged persons and women who go for fodder in the jungles. Majority of these maneater killings have been noticed from roadsides and near the human settlements.

Just fifteen days ago a man eater brutally killed a 65 year old man near a bus shed in Pauri Garhwal’s Chowbatta khal area followed by two killings in Manila, Kumaon area where two children aged 7 were dragged to the jungles several metres away by these maneaters n brutally killed on the spot. But the forest division could not do anything to avert these incidents despite so much of hullaballoo and concern.

On 11 June in Bageshwar a seven year old boy named Deepak son of an eighty percent handicapped Dalit Diwane Ram became the easy prey of the maneater who dragged the boy from his house till the nearby jungle and ate half of his body.

In retaliation the angry villagers in Harinagari area of Uttarakhand’s Bageshwar district set a forest on fire Monday evening. The boy’s half-eaten body was found in the nearby forest area on Tuesday morning.

A crowd of over a thousand gathered in the village due to which the foresters could not go into the affected area during the night, forest officials said. Harinagari is around 25 kms from the district headquarters.

There is terror all around and the local residents including the traumatic parents of the deceased are demanding adequate financial compensation including killing of the maneaters at all costs.

The moot point is as to how long will the inhabitants of Uttarakhand, particularly the villagers live under the terror of maneaters’ unpredictable attacks which can happen at any unknown place and time.

Hundreds of such predators are roaming freely near the roadsides and the human settlements in Uttarakhand and clandestinely look for human flesh.

It has almost become an order of the day as such terrorising incidents of leopard attacks appear in newspapers after every three days with the hapless and ignorant forest department literally doing nothing to chalk out a concrete strategy to counter this increasing menace.

Since Uttarakhand comprises of 70 or more % of the forest cover Tigers, leopards and Panthers roam in these jungles freely and in view of the dearth of animal prey they usually remain in search of human meat near villages and even isolated houses in towns.

Finding an easy prey they attack on human beings on roadsides, houses near jungles and lonely places and fulfill their hunger.

Though there is no definite statistics available in government records about those killed by maneaters but it is believed that the number has crossed thousands.

The government should hire the expert shooters and grab these maneaters physically and if not possible to catch them physically, should get rid of them as human life is more precious than these dreaded maneaters who’d let loose their reign of terror in entire Uttarakhand. An expert and specialised shooter like Jim Corbet of the British area is the need of the hour.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Niharika Ghia

    Jun 12, 2018 at 9:56 am

    Wildlife experts should be called in to attain a permanent solution so that the fauna and human life both be saved

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Open gang rivalry at Burari in broad daylight take three tolls in a shootout



Delhi has become a hub for hardened criminals and the incidents of gang wars, chain snatchings and assault of women are on the rise with people of the capital city having no option but to be at the mercy of these anti social elements.

Not a single days goes when the newspapers are not full of news of gang wars or incidents of chain snatching, killings, women assaults, rapes and physical violence.

If one goes by the statistics of the Crime records bureau it is beyond his or her expectation to find the statistics of gangwars, chain snatchings and physical assaults and incidents of rapes and women assaults increasing day by day and beyond the capacity of the law enforcing agencies to bring them under control.

Just today at Burari Chowk two gangs fought each other in broad day light killing two gangsters of the rival group and an innocent women.

In all about five rounds were fired in this violent gangwar with three on the spot casualties with severely injured two gangsters.

The entire incident was caught on CCTV camera displaying the gangsters flashing pistols openly and firing at each other now being shown on television news.

The public around went helter and skelter to seek refuge while the Delhi police petrol party or policemen from the nearest police stations were conspicuous by their absense.

The warring gangsters were so undeterred or least worried by the police that they conveniently fired, roaming around, as if they have no fear of the police.

The residents of Burari are badly shocked and shaken by this broad day light gang war that killed three lives including an innocent woman with no fault of hers.

The police arrived after everybody fled the scene. However, the CCTV footage has captured the scenes of the crime showing each n every gangster waving their pistols, and killing three with injuries to two gangsters.

The majority of the unauthorised colonies situated in Delhi’s outskirsts have become the major hub for the perpetuation of the criminal activities and gangsterism and the police is doing very little to control the situation. The Mitraon village, Najafgarh’s protracted gang war that started with a disputed piece of land has so far claimed several lives of the families in dispute and is still on.

Today’s Burari shootout in North Delhi which claimed three lives with grievous injuries to two has shaken peoples’ confidence on police uthorities as their saviour or custodian.

The Crime Branch of Delhi police have already taken the crime scene in its possession and its collecting the finger print, the bullet covers and
every possible clue with precision to solve the case and arrest the culprits. The police is extremely confident to bring the culprits to justice at the earliest.They have also taken the CCTV footage in their possesion.


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Army kills four hardcore terrorists in Baandipura within hrs of ending the ceasefire



The prime minister Narendra Modi has vowed to teach a stringent lesson to the terrorists who killed the army troopers including Aurangzeb and a senior journalist Shujaat Bhukhari during Ramzan ceasefire in Kashmir a few days ago.

These terrorists would not be spared at any cost and should be killed within 72 hours to avenge the death of our patriotic brave heart soldiers said the rime minister.

Meanwhile, four hardcore terrorists have been killed by the Army in Baandipura sector on the first day of the government’s ceasefire.

The union government has also lifted the one month old cease fire deadline today . The home minister Rajnath Singh said that after the lifting of ceasefire the Army has resumed its counter terrorists operations as before but with more vigour and vitality.

Sources reveal that the Army operation has been intensified further and every effort is being made to kill maximum number of terrorists cladestinely operating from Bandipura forests and other areas being aided and abetted by ISI.

The Indian Army chief Vipin Rawat today visited the house of slained soldier Aurangzeb and expressed his heartfelt condolenses to the bereaved family. Genl. Rawat assured the bereaved family of all possible help including the adequate financial compensation. He said that the brutal killing and sacrifice of Aurangzeb would not go waste and the Army would not spare a single terrorist involved in the murder.

The Army has enhanced the combing operation and there are unambiguous indications that not a single militant will be spared in the near future.

It may be recalled that despite the union government announcing the ceasefire during the holy Ramazan the terrorists never relented and continued their attacks on a journalist and four army troopers who succumbed to the militants’ bullets including the incidents of massive stone throwing on the Armymen and security forces in Anantnag.

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Brave heart Aurangzed preferred death than lying to militants



Brave heart Aurangzed preferred death than lying to militants

A video released by the Hizbul Muzahiddeen militants who first abducted and then brutally killed a young Army soldier in retaliation , posted in Shopean district of Kashmir involved in the encounter of three Pak sponsored terrorists with Major Shukla namely Aurangzeb whose father and brother had been in Army answered all the queries of the militants bravely without telling a single lie despite knowing the severe consequenses. Brave heart Aurangzeb could have lied and asked for reprieve but he told the truth and preferred the deadliest death. Salutes.

The vedio which has become viral in the social media is showing the deceased brave heart, Aurangzeb having been tied to a tree with the vedio camera focussed on him facing volley of questions from his captors pertaining to the killing and thereafter allegedly mutilating the bodies of hard core terrorists Sameer Tiger, Talaa and one more.

These Hizbul Mujahideen militants were killed in an encounter a few days ago by a team of Armymen led by Major Shukla whom late Aurangzeb was also acompanying as his personal security guard. Aurangzeb had in the past too killed number of militants and was very much in the hit list of the hardcore militants of HM in Kashmir. Aurangzeb was abducted on 14th June while he was going on leave to his family on the eve of Eid.

It is believed that it might be the jungles of Pulwama where the Army trooper was tied before being killed brutally. It was the same fateful day when one of the leading journalists’ of Kashmir and the editor – in – chief of Rising Kashmir was gunned down alongside his two body guards in their twenties.

In the vedio late Aurangzed was shown tied to a tree in a jungle and being questioned by his abductors. He was asked whether he was in the killing party. The answer from the deceased soldier was in affirmation. The second question posed was : Was he the guard of Major Shukla protecting him during or before the encounter. The answer was yes.

The third question was : Did they got the official permission for the encounter. Aurangzeb replied in yes again. Did you killed one of the terrorists ? Yes, said the brave soldier. Did you killed terrorists earlier as well, asked the person in vedio? Yes came the answer. Did you mutilated the bodies? No , said Aurangzeb adding that he had gone away after the firing as his hand was injured.

He further said that it was not he or Major Shukla who mutilated the bodies but it was because of the gun fires. The terrorists never agreed on his honest replies and killed him brutally thereafter on the spot, though the killing vedio wasn’t shot or exhibited publicly.

Meanwhile even on the day of Ramzan hundreds of misguided angered youths are being showened pelting stones on security forces on television channels in Srinagar and Anantnag.

On the other hand hundreds of thousands of people raising anti establishment , anti militant and pro Bukhari slogans demanding death for the culprits, covered one kilometre distance on foot with the body of slained journalist Shujaat Bukhari in his native village Kreeri 37 kms away from the state capital where he was creamated with grief and tears in the eyes of countless friends, supporters and well wishers of the deceased journalist.

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