Lord Shiva devotees Kaanvariyas go on rampage and violence in broad daylight, damage car. Police a mere spectator?



It seems as if there is no law and order in the capital of India. Anyone or a group of vandals can go heywire at any point of time and vandalise the government or private property in the name of being the devotees of God or wearing saffron and the law enforcing agencies or the police behaves like mere spectator, allowing the rampage to go on unabatedly despite the fact that the entire traffic becomes jammed and hundreds of people put to inconvenience.

Yes , I am talking about the shabby, uncalled for, a most shameful and aterrorising  incident of an open rampage and vandalism that took place today morning at the main road of Moti Nagar where a women driving her car touched a Kanwariya passing by in a group without physically harming him.

The enraged one of the Kanwariya resorted to open violence using his hockey stick damaging the front and rear window panes of the new car and thereafter calling other fellow Kanwariyas who amid chanting of Har Har Mahadev not only damaged the entire car by forcibly hitting it with hockey sticks and trying to remove the doors hitting it badly with hockey sticks n kicks but finally also turning it upside down in the middle of the road.

Somebody from the crowd rang the 100 number and called the police. After sometime two policemen in uniform reached the scene but instead of feeling apprehensive or terrorised to see these uniformed policemen the highly enraged Kanwariyas, about 30 to 40 in numbers started hitting the car more angrily and grievously n finally turned it upside down damaging it completely and creating a ruckus on the main road leading to the complete traffic jam for hours together amid chanting of slogans Har Har Mahadev.

The two policemen who arrived on the scene were mere spectators witnessing helplessly the mob violence. It was by chance that the woman driver and her son got off the car, otherwise they would have borne the brunt of these enraged Kanwariyas. After creating so much of destruction and terror the Kanwariyas dissapeared by the time the police party arrived on the scene.

The police has registered the case under the relevant sections of the law for vandalising the car and violence and are trying to nail the real culprits by examining the CCTV footage as well as the video clicked by some passers by which have become viral on social media, after some time.

Similarly, in Bulandshahr too on 7th August, several enraged and angry Kaanvariyas have damaged a police vehicle hitting it with hockey sticks amid the slogans of Har Har Mahadev. The police also seemed to be scared as there was no action whatsoever from their side thus encouraging them to continue the rampage and vandalism.

Sounds really shocking that in the name of worshipping Lord Shiva , the Kaanvariyas who are reverred and worshipped for their good deeds are involved in such a shameful act of vandalism and rampage in a broad day light. The police is confident of bringing the guilty Kanvariyas to law book.

There had been number of complaints of such acts of vandalism and violence against Kanwariyas during the Sawan season,  but of no awail.

It is usually believed that the believers in God and the worshippers are usually patient believing in high degree of tolerence but the incident of the broad daylight vandalism today has broken this belief or myth, sadly. What’s your take friends?

Sunil Negi is a veteran journalist and President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum. He majorly writes on politics, current affairs and social issues.





In a tragic development on Tuesday night a 48 year old housewife and her 29 year old daughter have committed suicide in their house in Nyaykhand 2 Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

The duo primarily belonged to Uttarakhand and were the wife and daughter of a grief stricken employee of Delhi office of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

As per the news pouring in through the SP city Shlok Kumar the deceased mother had left behind a suicide note for her 26 year old youngest daughter Monica asking her to find a suitable match and lead a peaceful n comfortable life.

She assured her daughter that she loves her too much and would like her to find a suitable boy n lead a comfortable life.

She also mentioned that she is her culprit and therefore committing suicide but also assured her that she will always be nearer and take care of her.

Whenever you will remember me I’ll come to your rescue mentiins the suicide note. I love you so much was the concluding sentence.

Both the bodies had been sent for post mortem and the actual reason behind the suicide could not be ascertained till yet.

Balwant Singh living in Nyaykhand 2, in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad is serving in the Delhi office of Hindustan Aeronautics limited. As usual on Tuesday too both the wife n elder daughter of Balwant Singh Bisht were in the house. But when Mr. Singh tried to contact them over mobile phone on Tuesday evening there was no response from the other end.

When worried Balwant Singh reached his Indira Puram house at 9.30 P.M. and repeatedly knocked the door there was no response from inside failing which he called the neighbours and cut the asbetus sheet to open the steel door.

On reaching inside he was shell shocked to see both the mother daughter dead hanging to the ceiling fans.

The local police was called immediately and the suicide note was found on the spot addressed to the youngest daughter Monika who was on duty in a multinational firm.

This sensational mysterious double suicide as reported in various dailies have created panic in the area with the relatives, near and dear ones and people in the Nyayakhand, Indirapuram vicinity badly shocked and anguished.

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Uttarakhand High Court takes suo moto cognizance of 1994 shooting in Mujaffarnagar. Dhirendra Pratap welcomes the move



Pic : Nainital High Court

The majority of the socio political organisations of Uttarakhand have welcomed the recent decision of the Uttarakhand High Court, Nainital for taking the suo motto cognizance of the alleged unprovoked firing on the innocent movement activists of Uttarakhand and subsequent rape of women activists coming to Delhi in buses to participate in the historical Ramleela ground rally to demand separate Uttarakhand state on 2nd October 1994.

About 15 Uttarakhand activists had died in the night of 2nd October in Muzaffarnagar when the desperate UP police personels under the arbitrary directives from Lucknow, fired unprovokingly on innocent men, women n youths in the fields of sugarcane where these highly terrorised activists took refuge to safeguard themselves.

It was really a black night when the UP police personels not only killed 15 people but also brutally raped women taking full advantage of the night and secluded place called Rampur Tiraha. This barbaric and brutal killings and gangrape of women at Rampur Tiraha, Mujaffarnagar was termed as the dark chapter of the Uttarakhand movement that changed the entire course of the Andolan and surcharged the people to the full, finally compelling the Uttar Pradesh and the Central government to acede to the separate state demand which the people got on 9th November 2000.

Since then several petitions were filed in the Supreme Court and Allahabad High Court holding the senior officials and the then chief minister UP Mulayam Singh Yadav responsiblefor the massacre and rape of 1994 that took place at Rampur Tiraha, Mujaffarnagar but unfortunately even after the lapse of twenty four protracted years no action has been taken against the then DIG n DM Bua Singh and Anant Kumar Singh who even got number of promotions later on and must have supperanuated by now.

This is a concrete instance of immense injustice in a democracy when erring senior officials are not penalised despite women losing their dignity and several people killed for no fault of theirs.
Meanwhile the chief media coordinator of Uttarakhand Congress Committee Dhirendra Pratap has welcomed the decision of Nainital High Court for taking suo Moto cognizance of Muzaffarnagar shooting incident held on 2nd October 1994 at Rampur Tiraha Muzaffarnagar UP.

In a statement Dhirendra Pratap sad ” this is slap on the face of the political parties which had failed to deliver justice to the families of those people who were brutally killed and many womens were manhandled during this shocking incident”. The successive governments had failed to provide justice to the family of deceased people and now when the High Court had taken ” a great decision ” it has given a great sigh of relief to the Uttarakhand statehood movement activists . He expressed hope that the process of hearing this case would be streamlined now and in a span of one year the culprits would be brought into the books, he added.

Similarly the Uttarakhand Journalists Forum which was also one of the petitioners in the Supreme Court India demanding strictest action against the guilty officials during the rule of Mulayam Singh Yadav in 1994 against the Rampur Tiraha killings n rapes have thanked the hon’ble High Court of Uttarakhand for taking the suo moto cognizance of the shameful Muzaffarnagar shooting incidents after 24 years n urged the honourable judges to bring the culprits to justice at the earliest to soothe the hearts n feelings of millions of hurt Uttarakhandies globally.

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Auto Rickshaw driver stabbed to death in Cannaught Place yesterday night / Be careful while hiring pvt taxis



Pic TV9 Gujrati

Beware Delhites, particularly those who hire private taxis without booking at odd hours or at places aloof from the busy areas. The Delhi police has caught some criminals under the garb of such taxi drivers who rob the passengers on the way by snatching their ornaments, mobile phones or hard cash and even compell them at the point of the knife or pistol to give them the code of the ATM or bank credit cards thereby withdrawing the amount from their saving or current accounts.

If the passengers do not cooperate or fall in line these criminals even hurt them with knives or pistols and allegedly assault the women passengers. Their modus operandi is simple. These private taxi drivers move around the bus stops, busy market areas, in posh areas, around expensive market areas and in lonely spots looking for prospective passengers at cheaper fare.

In some taxis’ the driver is alone or with a man. When the passenger boards the taxi they give lift to one or two more persons at a distance away who also pretend themselves as passengers and thereafter rob them threatening with dire consequences.

They even procure the passengers’ credit cards n withdraw the money from ATMs after forcing them to give them the tequisite code numbers. The women, senior citizens and those seeking such taxis’ in the night hours usually fall into such traps.

Lots of passengers have allegedly become the victim of such criminal taxi drivers in Delhi n NCR. So beware to hire these private taxis roaming around , without official booking and before hiring them don’t forget to take the picture of the number plate of the taxi, its driver and immediately sending the same to your acquaintance or parents before stepping inside the cab.

Meanwhile, in an other incident an Auto driver was shockingly stabbed to death by some unknown passengers in the Cannaught place area yesterday night who later on sucumbed to the grievous injuries.

As per the latest news being some passengers hired the auto from Khan Market to Cannaught place in the night of 7th October. While on the way towards Cannaught place the quarrel ensued between the passengers and the driver leading to his repeated stabbing.

Then the unknown passengers eloped after grievously injuring the auto driver who was bleeding profusely. But the worst part of the whole incident was that the passer by instead of taking the grievously injured auto driver to hospital was busy shooting his vedio and questioning him as a TV reporter as to who killed him and if he knows the name of the killer etc.

The police or petrol party was also conspicuous by their absence. Had the injured and profusely bleeding auto driver, groaning in pain taken to the nearby hospital like LNJP or Willingdon hospital immediately, his life could have been saved.

However later on the auto driver was addmitted to Lady Harding College hospital nearly 2 kilometres away but by that time it was already too late.

It is revealed that even after being stabbed n badly injured the auto driver drove for some time but finally fell down bleeding profusely and dying on the spot.

A person named Chouhan called the police by dialling 100 and it was then that he was rushed to the Lady Irvin hospital but of no awail. Shocking and disgusting indeed. Just imagine if this is the law and order situation in the heart of the city what would be the state of law and order in the vicinities at the outskirts of the capital. Are we really safe is a moot question?

It may be recalled that security of the citizen, looting & thefts are serious law & order problems in Delhi. The common person doesn’t carry life saving equipment with him to counter these criminals. It is entirely failure of police to combat these heinous incidents, and to some extent have nexus or breed these elements for their own interests.

People have self experience, how negligently police takes up the problems of robberies & daylight snatching of valuables on crowded roads, even at traffic signals. Registration of FIR in such cases is also a big problem as the victims fear retaliation from these hardened criminals n robbers who if caught are to be recognised by the victims. Moreover in majority of the cases the police itself demoralises the complainants saying that nothing will happen even after registration of FIR. The recovery n punishment rate in such cases is also very low.

It is a mock at part of police to claim the “mitra” and counter the challenge of any terrorist attack, if these issues of basic securities are not ridden over says a responsible citizen and a reputed entrepreneur T. S. Bhadari.

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Is all well in saffron clad chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath’s Lucknow capital?



CM UP meeting the daughter of the slained Apple company's techie Vivek Tiwari

The capital of Uttar Pradesh, lucknow seems to have become the crime oriented capital where criminals and shooters have no terror of the police and the law of the land.

In just less than a week’s time three incidents of abominable murders and kidnapping has taken place despite the hard fact that Lucknow houses the CM’s secretariat, police headquarter and the Assembly secretariat.

The allegedly encounter friendly chief minister Adityanath Yogi ( in order to free the state of hardened criminals and murdurers,) also operates from here and boasts of controlling the law and order in the state.

While on the one hand there had been 67 encounter killings out of the several hundred encounter attempts made by the state police in various parts of the state injuring about 700 criminals etc there does not seem to be any indication of crime rate coming down in the state particularly at Lucknow, the state’s capital.

In just less than a week, unfortunate incidents of killing spree have created terror and sensation in the minds n hearts of the common public who are feeling totally insecure and vulnerable after the brutal killing of the Apple company’s techie Vivek Tiwari by a policemen namely Satyendra Chowdhary, a double murder of two brothers in broad day light and a kidnapping of a 65 year old senior citizen businessman for ransom , with the people’s supposed custodian, the UP police nowhere to be seen when all the above incidents occured.

Not only this but as per the news being shown on television channels the saffron party’s students wing has allegedly burnt the hostels at Allahabad university campus as being charged by the affected students whose clothes, important books, n everything have been burnt leaving them of nowhere.

In addition to all this, the police staff especially the constables on duty in Lucknow had protested in favour of the killer cop Satyendra Chowdhary during duty hours wearing black badges against the government’s conduct rules, never ever happened in Lucknow or any other part of the country. Two erring cops are involved in Tiwari’s unprovoked murder are currently in Jail under the murder charges.

This is really shocking and uncalled for that despite umpteen claims of the Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath about improving the law and order situation and the encounter spree going on, in just less than a week’s time, three incidents of despicable murders and broad day light kidnapping in the state’s capital have taken place with the hardened criminals and murdurers least bothered for the punitive actions or apprehensive of the law enforcing agencies or the law of the land.

If this is the condition of the deteriorating law and order situation in the state capital, one can imagine what would be the state of affairs in terms of crime n law and order situation in other parts of UP where alleged crime, kidnappings,child trafficking, snatchings, rapes n women assaults and killing spree have almost become the order of the day.

While the chief minister had already sanctioned Rs 30 lakh as financial compensation including a government job to the next of the kin of the deceased Vivek Tiwari and accorded full assurance of bringing the culprits to justice it is necessary that the worsening law n order situation improves in UP substantially as no amount of money could compensate for a death of a person in any situation.

The opposition parties in Uttar Pradesh especially the Congress, BSP and the Samajwadi parties have taken the BJP chief minister to task by accusing him and the Uttar Pradesh police of killing the innocents in the name of police encounters in several cases.

The traumatic mothers of Mustaquin and Naushad who were killed in encounter two weeks’ ago in Aligarh had held a press conference last week in Press club of India with the support of Campaign against Hate organisation and described as to how the Aligarh police have allegedly killed the innocents youths in their twenties in a fake encounter despite their having no criminal background.These parties have now given the encounters a caste and community twist saying that majority of those being killed are either youths of the minority community or the backwards.
What’s your take friends?

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Security Breach in Patiala House Court, two pistols n three live cartidges found in a bag, reveals sr. advocate Karan Singh



photo by Patiala House Court

While the capital of India Delhi is becoming highly crime prone day by day with incidents of open firing and killing spree being caught on CCTV camers’ by hardened criminals and those connected with drug peddlers as happened a day before in Taimoor Nagar in South East Delhi killing one Rupesh Kumar an anti drug activist the incidents of thefts, snatchings in parks and roads in broad day light, women assaults and rapes, now even the courts of Delhi are not safe where criminals come with lethal weapons and pistols thus posing a direct threat to the advocates, judicial officers and the common public with the law enforcing agencies and police doing literally nothing to keep tab on such dangerous criminals who are like termites to our society.

And what about the trigger free n happy policemen like Prashant Chowdhary of Uttar Pradesh police who do not think for a moment event while killing a techie of a prestigious international firm Apple namely Vivek Tiwari, allegedly considering him the hardened criminal without checking his antecedents and becoming desperate to kill him not thinking even for a moment that what he is committing is the grave unprovoked murder which will not only make the deceased’s family a pauper, Tiwari being the only earning member of the family, but also lead to his life long imprisonment thus putting his own family into financial and social jeopardy.

Sounds shocking that despite so much of awareness and awakening and the activity of the print, electronic and social media the hardened and petty criminals and certain gangs allegedy in league with the law enforcing agencies or police are uninterruptedly running their drug, IMFL liquor n illicit liquor business in various localities of the capital spoiling our youths and the society and killing those who come in their way to speak against them. The law for the safety and security of the whistle blowers, RTI activists and socio political activists is not so credible that enables the police agencies to safeguard them who are considered to be the genuine social awakeners of the society.

Rupesh who was killed in the open in the busy street of Delhi’s Taimoor Nagar by the goons closed to the local drug peddlers who mint lakhs of rupees through this illegal trade openly. As per the brother of the deceased who is apprehensive of his own security n allegedly fears death threat has disclosed that his brother Rupesh has been opposing the drugs sale in Taimoor Nagar, Delhi and had written number of letters to the senior police officers for the closure of this illegal business and subsequent arrest of the criminals but of no avail and had to finally give up his precious life at such a young age.

Had the senior officers to whom the complaint had been made acted well in time and provided the necessary security to the deceased his life could have been saved and the criminals brought tojustice, but unfortunately all in vain.

How long would the whistle blowers of the country active in various states continue to die so brutally despite a stringent law against these crimes as claimed by the authorities concerned ? How long will activists and whistle blowers like Rupesh continue to die and when actually the police authorities take these anti social elements to task? These are the vital questions being asked by the people in general. Meanwhile the formersecretary of the New Delhi Bar Association Karan Singh has shocked one and all by one of his posts highlighting how criminals are entering courts with lethal weapons with the police authorities literally doing nothing to curb this menace. Acoording to sr advocate of Delhi Karan Singh two country made Pistols & 3 live cartridges were found kept in a bag in Patiala House Court premises yesterday. FIR under Arms Act has been registered.

Karan Singh added: the executive committee(NDBA) while apprising the District Judge & Commissioner of Police, Delhi about the security breach , has urged to ensure the safety & security of the members. He demanded that the Police must investigate as to how the arms could be carried inside the premises despite the gates being manned by metal detectors & police officials being present at all the entrances.

Sounds shocking and ironical ? What’s your take friends?

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The Congress President Rahul Gandhi is quite swift and energetic from the point of view of deriving political advantage out of every minute issue provided it’s helpful for the party’s favourable and BJP and prime minister Narendra Modi’s anti stance.

And why not say a senior Congressman not wanting his name to be mentioned. As a result today the Congress president Rahul Gandhi was instrumental in bringing the SC, ST leader and former Chairman of the Backward Commission P.L.Punia in front of the media as a prima facie proof who catagorically said in Rahul Gandhi and Ashok Gehlot’s presence that on March 1st he clearly saw Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and former MP and banking fugitive Vijay Mallaya first talking at the corner of the Central Hall and there after deliberating while sitting comfortably for quite a good time.

And just a day or two after he fled the country. Congress leader and MP Punia said that both were talking quite comfortably and can be checked through the entry in the parliament registers or the CCTV footage of the day1st of March. Accusing the finance minister of openly and outrightly helping the fugitive Malaya flee the country Punia said that in every ews briefing, interview or parliamentary debates HE had mentioned about this meeting between the FM and Vijay Mallaya but nobody gave any heed to my versions.

Punia accused the FM’s and the BJP government’s complicity in the entire episode and said that he wll quit politics if proved wrong.

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The Uttarakhand government has suspended two civil servants, Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pandey and Chandresh Yadav, both IAS with immediate effect after the Uttarakhand governor signed the state government’s recommendation for their suspension.

Both the officers were allegedly found involved in the corrupt practices in the NH 74 scam in which they have been accused of granting undue favours to certain interested parties by arbitrarily entering / converting the government land in govt records into private land and benefitting the illegal encroachers to the tune of crores of rupees.

The investigation of the special task force had allegedly found both these Indian Administrative Service Officers guilty of their direct complicity in this illegal and fishy activities amounting to open corruption thus benefitting the illegal encroachers rather than initiating punitive legal actions against them.

According to the official order of the suspension of Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pandey, IAS issued by the Deputy Chief Secterary of government of Uttarakhand Radha Raturi vide letter number 860/ xxx -1-18-19 ( investigation)/ 2018, 11 th September has stated that it has been revealed that in the process of Land acquisition for the National Highway 74′ s arbitration process Dr. Pandey has openly violated the provisions of the National Highways Arbitration Act 1980 n 1956 National Highways Act, including the central and state government’s financial rules, regulations and orders thus committing a serious open fraud and corruption by illegally helping the unlawful encroachers as well as coverting the govt land into the private land and sanctioning crores of rupees as illegal financial compensations.

The action has been initiated against both these IAS officers after their full complicity in the fishy and corrupt act and being duly proved and substantiated by the special task force investigating the scam.

It may be recalled that soon after being sworn in as the Chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat has immediately recommended the multi crore NH 74 scam for the CBI investigation to the central government but was turned down by the National Highways and Transport minister Nitin Gadkari citing the reason that it may amount to the unnecessary harrasment of the NHAI officers and hampering of the ongoing work. However, the investigation was thereafter handed over to the special task force.

It may be recalled that Dr. Pankaj Kumar Pandey is the 2000 batch IAS officer who had been the district magistrate of Chamoli, Almora, Champavat, Uttarkashi and Uddham Singh Nagar. He had been the recipient of the Presidential honour for an outstanding job of census. He was looking over the charge of Udham Singh Nagar in Uttarakhand from December 2013 to November 2015 the duration of the NH 74 Scam.

Another suspended IAS officer Chandresh Yadav is of 2006 batch having served as the district majistrates in Dehradun, Pauri, Rudraprayag and Udham Singh Nagar. He also served as the MD of Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam.

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It’s really shocking to note that large scale incidents of the torture, physical and sexual assaults of children, especially the minor girls are coming to the fore one by one in various states of the country giving one and all an impression that corruption and negligence by the authorities concerned is having an upper say than their regulatory actions which should have rather been the subject matter of extreme priority.

The conditions of shelter homes, orphanages and social welfare housing facilities run by the state governments under the social welfare ministries in various states of the country seem to be in doldrums and quandary despite the hard fact that the governments pump a hefty budget for different welfare schemes like giving adequate shelter, medical support, education, clothings, stay and food stuffs for the hapless and parentless children and adults especially the girls who are rescued by the government agencies from the clutches of the traffickers, from brothels or those found missing in pity conditions.

The private shelter homes run by hundreds of NGOs’ all over the country and the government aided shelter homes and orphanages housing these hapless children and girls are usually in very bad, ugly and obnoxious conditions and state of affairs with majority of the funds being allegedly siphoned off meant for their over all welfare subsequently putting them is extremely pitiable and awful conditions.

The horrible incidents of human trafficking particularly of the girls below eighteen, their incessant torture, sexual and physical assault has allegedly become the order of the day. The sanitary condition of majority of these shelter homes are aweful and not prone for healthy living and cases of sexual assault are a common feature.

The reason behind these irregularities is primarily the financial profit orientation in every material required for the welfare and well being of the children stationed here.

There have allegedly been number of incidents of inmates dieing out of starvation, mal nutrition and mal nourishment in several shelter homes of the country in addition to the shameful incidents of sexual assaults and repeated rapes.

The recent mishappenings of horrible and shocking rapes of minor girls in Bihar, Utter Pradesh and now in Kathual Jammu and Kashmir has literally shaken everybody’s inner conscience and confidence of one and all in the country and compelled us to hang our heads in shame.

Just a day before yesterday i.e. on 8th of September about 19 children had been rescued from an orphanage started about four years ago where a pastor have been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting, raping and physically torturing about eight minor girls sending shock waves all over the country. A few months ago an eight year old girl was shamefully gang raped and subsequently diabollically murdered by a group of accused in Kathua.

There was a national outrage that compelled the lawmakers to finally device a law in parliament granting death penalty for the rape of the girls below twelve years of age.

It may be recalled that the Protection of the Child Rights Commisions and State Women Commisions are the main statutory bodies working in all the states of the country on whom lies the basic responsibilities to regulate and oversee the functions of these shelter homes, orphanages and housing outlets being financially aided by the union and state governments but they seldom conduct raids or periodic inspections to ensure the safety, security and adequate well being of these hapless children especially the girls who are the most vulnerable lot.

It’s the right and high  time now that these statutory bodies do their respective duties in the most sensitive and vigilant ways in order to control the dreaded menace of the illegal child trafficking and their physical, mental and sexual assault going on unabatedly since long.What’s your take friends?

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Tigers’ cross 400 number(s) in Uttarakhand forests but maneater killing spree continues, 4 year old girl killed in Bageshwar



The killing spree of maneater leopards are on the rise in various parts of Uttarakhand and the news comes to one and all with faster pace as social media has become extremely active and reached into the houses leaving no scope of any news being concealed as used to be done earlier when there was no such avenue of digital reach. Extremely shocking and anguishing news have poured in about yet another brutal predator attack on a minor girl of merely four year literally killing her on the spot in Bageshwar district of Kumaon, Uttarakhand thus sending shock waves across and creating an environment of extreme terror sensitising the goose bumps of the local inhabitants.

This sad news while on the one hand is a huge slap on the face of the forest department and the wild life of Uttarakhand it also questions the credibility of the ruling saffron political dispensation under whose rule the innocents are being brutally killed by predators but there’s literally no corrective measures have been expedited by the authorities concerned. Uttarakhand has presently been the victim of increasing fatal accidents, natural disasters like deluges n landslides, predator killings and deaths through excessive sub standard liquor consumptions. In a past decade hundreds of innocent children, old aged and women had become the victim of these maneater leopards who’ve now become so prone to human killings that there is a death on every fourth day by this dreaded human beasts.

Though we are not against the conservation of this fastly misding breed of leopards, tigers and panthers the government should arm its wild life and forest department with adequate equipments and traquiliser guns etc alongwith the adequately trained hunters who should spot the black spots of maneaters’ existence and try to vatch them after tranquilising the predators and if necessary to get rid of them after seeking necessary permission from the honourable courts. In return the villagers living on roadsides or near the jungles should also exercise adequate precaution to avoid their movements in odd hours in the isolated jungle vicinity and ensure the safety and security of their children.

Meanwhile in the recently exercised survey by the Uttarakhand wild life through recognising the foot prints of the movements of tigers in Uttarakhand forest the authorities have confirmed about the existence of more than 400 tigers in Uttarakhand jungles which was 361 in the year 2017. What’s your take friends?

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When the entire India is celebrating the birthday of Lord Krishna worshipping and seeking his blessings a family of eight and six other ill fated passengers in Garhwal Uttarakhand met their sad end in an accident while coming back from Gangotri for the Janmaashtmi celebrations.

As per the news reports pouring in from various sources about fourteen persons have met their extremely tragic end on the Gangotri Highway of Uttarakhand today when a tempo traveller they were travelling in fell into a several metres down gorge near a village in Garhwal known as Kujjan Gaon.

It’s a God’s curse or bad omen say people here that during the last six months Uttarakhand had been confronted with several accidents, natural disasters like deluge, massive landslides, cloud bursts’ tragedies and killings by man eaters etc claiming hundreds of lives. Just in last month in the mid of July an over loaded bus carrying 62 passengers killed 48 of them in the Garhwal region’s Dhumakot area followed by several other fatal accidents.

As per the latest reports the road on which the tempo traveller was plying was covered with the silt and muck of the landslide and the driver could’nt control the vehicle which skidded and finally fell into the gorge taking several dangerous acrobatics, finally killing 14 persons on the spot.

Two of the minor girls were lucky enough to have been alive despite severely injured who’d been referred to the Dehradun hospital by the Uttarkashi hospital authorities but could not be air lifted due to the inclement weather.

According to the eye witnesses’ account the passengers hailed from the Akoli village and were returning from Gangotri for Janmashtmi celebrations. There had also been complaints that the ambulances reached the accident site quite late as is the usual case in Uttarakhand.

The government should consider this case as an extremely passionate one and adequately compensate the bereaved families financially as well as by way of providing a government job to the next of the kin.

What is most tragic about this tragedy is the fact that about eight members of the single family have been wiped out in this horrendous accident.

May the Almighty give peace to the departed souls and strength to the bereaved families to bear this most irreperable loss. Om Shanti.

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