Study says that being obese may age your brain by 10 years

Study says that being obese may age your brain by 10 years


We all know that being overweight is not healthy and brings and obesity brings many diseases with itself like diabetes and Blood pressure which results in many more diseases linked to heart and respiratory problems. Now a study has also confirmed that if you are overweight then there are chances that the brains become ten years older as compared to the people who are slim.

This study and research was published by Neuro-biology of Aging which actually studied the brain scan of overweight and slim people and shockingly after comparisons were made it was found that overweight people had brains which were ten years older.

So let us check out the scientific facts of this research

Long time ago the science has already proved that the white matter in our brains shrinks as we age and this white matter is also responsible for connecting neurons together called cerebral highway which are important part of brain where electrical impulses travel when the different parts of your brain communicates.

In this study 527 volunteers participated aged between 20 to 87 and each one was classified as overweight or slim after checking their body mass. When their brains were scanned the study found that from middle age onward, the brains of overweight people showed more shrinkage as compared to the lean volunteers.

Amazingly it was found that most of the obese participant’s brains showed as much shrinkage as lean participant’s brains which were ten years older. And in a statement released by the co-author, Lisa Ronan has told that they do not know why exactly people who are overweight have a greater reduction in the amount of white matter and it is only a speculation whether in some way cause these changes or whether obesity is a consequence of brain changes.

So the researchers are not sure why this is happening and are unable to find the exact cause at this time. They think that it may be due to inflammation and further explained that as we age, the oxidative stress levels also increases and this causes production of certain molecules that causes damage to body tissues and according to some previous studies this is responsible for causing loss of white matter.

So it is time to check for your body mass and if you are overweight then start working towards reducing those extra kilos for healthy body and sharp mind.