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Jantar Mantar to become CHU MANTAR for democratic protestors after NGT’S order



The order of the honourable justice of National Green Tribunal regarding shifting of the prime venue of processions, demonstrations, hunger strike and dharnas by various political parties and social organisations at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi against the complaint of the local VIP residents of heart of the city for excessive sound and other forms of pollution is undoubtedly a welcome decision for some but for those who are protesting here for years in the form of of protracted sit ins and several others like the Hindi Bhaashi Andolankaries who’d almost made Jantar Mantar their home is a news no less than a worst tragedy.

The news analysts believe that the decision would be welcomed by the environmentalists as well as the nearby residents who were literally fed up by the incessant acrimonious protest demonstrations, incessant sound pollution and other form of activities of the socio political workers, trade union activists and parties raising their voice against the ruling establishments at the centre as well as states for the last 25 years. Prior to this venue, the Boat Club used to be the main centre of political activities and protest demonstrations where historic rallies of lakhs of people used to take place and was the venue of great political significance that hosted the biggest ever rallies like that of the leader of the total revolution Jaya Prakash Narayan and several other political stalwarts of their time like Babu Jagjiwan Ram, Chandra Shekhar, Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna, Chowdhary Charan Singh, Harkishan Singh Surjeet, EMS Namboodiripaad, C. Rajeshwar Rao, Kisan leader Mahendra Singh Tikath and several rallies of the left parties as well. It was only after the massive rally of prominent peasent leader, 25 years ago from now that this prime venue of boat club was shifted to Jantar Mantar, a squeezed venue that is just a tenth part of what boat club was.

During Tikath’s movement the entire boat club and its facinating highly sanitised lawns up to India gate were badly defecated by the peasents who had gathered from all over the country in support of their several demands. The government therefore had to be constrained to shift the venue to Jantar Mantar that hardly accomodates at the most only few thousand protestors . While boat club had been the witness to massive public meetings like that of the leader of total revolution late Jai Prakash Narayan during the eighties resulting in the downfall of the then Congress government led by late prime minister Indira Gandhi, the current venue of Jantar Mantar has been the main centre of historic Uttarakhand rallies n dharna that lasted for more than 6 years, it had also been famous for the most talked about and popular movement of legendary crusader against corruption and responsible for making the then ruling party Congress loose at the hands of BJP led NDA on account of Anna’s nationwide awakening against the corruption of the former. Jantar Mantar is also popular and famous for AAM AADMI PARTY’S FORMATION as BOAT CLUB WAS remembered for the birth of then Janata Party, a conglomeration of 22 anti Congress political parties.

This is the same Jantar Mantar which witnessed the two most powerful movements of NIRBHAYA OF DELHI, VASANT VIHAR AND NIRBHAYA OF NAJAFGARH the killers of whom were finally sentence to death. Now that the National Green Tribunal has directed the NDMC authorities to ensure the immediate shifting of the protest venue of Jantar Mantar to far away Ram leela grounds which has till now been the main all India centre for democratic protest movements for the last two and a half decades, the Delhi’ s ruling AAM AADMI PARTY and its chief Arvind Kejrival has questioned the logic behind the move terming it as an atempt to stifle the voice of democratic dissent and constitutional right to protest.











It seems that the land of abode of Gods, Uttarakhand is cursed and its because of this perhaps that fatal accidents after accidents and eclogical disasters are claiming hundred of thousands of lives. It seems as if there is no authority or government to prevent such mishappenings or at least lessen them.

In 2013 June while the gigantic ecological disaster has claimed thousands of lives with little or total unsatisfactory relief there of despite so much of the futile and false claims by the successive governments having ruled or currently ruling for the last 18 years of the new himalayan state having come into separate existence. Not only this but the incidents of fatal accidents and man eater attacks are still on the rise unabatedly.

On 11th July the state witnessed a most anguishing and shocking accident in Naini Daanda Block of Garhwal when an overloaded bus turned down and fell 65 metres below in a gorge killing 48 persons on the spot due to the imbalancingof the bus in view of an unrepared road with a large and deep pot hole. Two other accidents occured on the same day followed by the falling of some MAX vehicles and a bus.

The government of the state and the chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat visited the accidental site, went to the local hospital to see the injureds, decared a compensation of 2 lakh rupees to each of the bereaved families of the dead passengers, transferred the Commissioner and DIG of Garhwal range, suspended few officers and the situation is to square one to the utter dismay, surprise and shock of one and all.

According to the latest news report pouring in from Garhwal Uttarakhand just today i.e. on 19th July yet another accident has occured on Chamba Dharasu Motor Road in Tehri Garhwal killing 14 people on the spot with 16 people having suffered serious injuries.

The Uttarakhand roadways bus carrying good nunber of passengers fell into the three hundred metres deep gorge killing 14 people on the spot. The helicopter services have been lifting the injureds to the hospitals and the dead bodies are being retrieved by the police and disaster management authorities with the help of the locals. Orders have also been issued fora magisterial enquiry into this entire episode.

The point is why are so much accidents happening in the Garhwal and Kumaon divisions of Uttarakhand and why is it that no credible actions or initiatives are being taken by the government to rectify this trend.

The time has come now that the chief minister of the state should convene an urgent meeting on coordinated pattern with the police, traffic, PWD, transport, health, disaster management wing and other concerned departments to find a concrete, credible and healthy technical way out to avert these increasing accidents in the hills which have by now claimed hundreds of innocent lives.

The government should also devise a suitable fund for financially compensating the bereaved families of the deceaseds and the injureds in these fatal accidents.

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67 thousands posts of constables opened with matriculation as educational requirement!



As the national elections are nearing the government at the centre has really become serious to an extent on employment front. There is indeed a good news for the matric pass young men of the country as the Subordinate Services Commission has announced appointment for 67 thousand posts of constables in paramilitary forces of the country viz Border Security Force, Central Industrial Security Force, SSB, Indo Tibet Police Force etc.

The notification in this regard is likely to be issued shortly. The minimum basic qualification required for appearing in the written and physical examination is merely matriculation passed. Both the aspiring boys and girls can apply for the said posts.

There have been dearth of police personels in these para military forces since long dealing with law and order situation, in counter insurgency operations at the porous Indo Pak borders, in strife torn Kashmir, at domestic and international airports, metro rail corporations, important government buildings and scientific installations and to counter the riotous situation in various parts of the country.

When the BJP led NDA government assumed power at the centre it promised to give two crore jobs to the youngsters but on the employment generation front things seem to be quite awry. The Delhi Police and various state police forces are already running short of constables and lower rung police officials to counter and control the increasing trend of law lessness in various states of the country as majority of the police force is involved in the VIP and VVIP security.

There was a time when government at the centre and the states used to employ good number of youngsters in government offices as clerks, typists and stenographers and in the lower rung as well but it has been witnessed that during the last two decades or so the government sector has witnessed dearth in such appointments as a new system of contractual appointments have come into force where the salaries are too low in commensurate of sky rocketting inflation and there is no job securityas well.

In majority of the cases the retired employees are re hired at a meagre salary thus killing the chances of the new young educated appointees. This is really a very distressing trend. The employment, health, agrarian and the lower and medium business sector of the country is in quite disarray and doldrums.

Majority of the qualified and skilled young men after completing their graduation and post graduation in rural and semi urban sectors are either sitting idle at home for want of proper jobs or are constrained to serve in the private sector with meagre insecured jobs for longer hours thus being exploited to the hilt.

The government of the day should revise its employment generation policy and open maximum number of new jobs in the government sector to fullfil its pre election promises and bring to end the increasing frustration amongst the educated young people who are running from pillar to posts for want of employment but of no avail.

The employment exchanges established by the government in various parts of the country are also serving no suitable and constructive purpose as there are literally no or negligible number of jobs in government departments of the centre and states.

While on the one hand the government servants are retiring at the fast pace while on the other hand there are no vacancies to fill the back log or the vacancies existing out of these retirements.

The incumbent government should seriously give a rethinking on this front and create jobs for the skilled and educated young aspirants forthwith.

ABOVE is the picture of unemployed youth going in an over crowded train risking their lives even on its rooftop to appear in the state police force recruitment exam few months ago in Jaipur. One can have the idea: how enormous is the unemployment problem in the country?

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Twenty labourers feared dead under the collapsed illegal six floor building in Noida. 9 bodies retrieved so far



An illegal under construction six floor building was on Tuesday in Noida known as Shahberi building has collapsed killing near twenty persons of some families who are still under the debris being cleared by the Noida authorties as well as the NDRF. Most of those killed are the labourers.

So far about nine bodies have been retrieved from beneath the huge debris of the collapsed building. The 6 floor Shahberi building and many such buildings are being arbitrarily and illegally build in Noida and greater Noida allegedly in league with the corrupt officials of Noida authority and the local police without getting the proper building plan duly passed.

Many such building without the official sanctions of the Noida authority are coming up seamlessly with the sole intent to earn heavy profits by the builder mafia thus risking the lives of the occupants and the labourers in most of the under construction buildings.

In the Shahberi building matter that collapaed like the pack of cards killing about twenty or even more persons, the builders concerned have not followed the adequate building norms and had used substandard material with no solid pillar support to the building.

There is tremendous corruption in the Noida Authority with the builders having their fullest say after allegedly bribing the officials of the building department.

Hundreds of such six or more floor risky buildings have come up by the builders with the intent to earn handsome profits in clandestine collaboration of the corrupt officials of the authority.

The question is : are the lives of the occupants or the labourers and their poor families so cheap that they can be led to death trap at any point of time.

In the Shahberi building collapse case several families have been wiped out. There is no pronouncement of any suitable compensation for the deceaseds’ particularly the only earning members of the aggrieved poor families.

The builders are still at large and the Noida police has registered cases against the erring builders against the necessary sections of the law.

There is tremendous anger, disenchantment and frowned tempers against the killer builders and people are demanding stringent punishment for them.

But will our system really punish the guilty under the strictest sections of the law is a moot question.

Yogi Adityanathji, people are dying under your rule and you are watching silently. Do something to punish the guilty and adequately compensate the victims and the bereaved poor families financially as well.

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The senior journalist and chief editor of The Print, formerly the editor of Indian express Shekher Gupta has released a video of his own speech expressing his immense disenchantment over the complacent attitude of the BJP leaders not issuing a single statement condemning the severe physical attack on the great Arya Samaj leader, social activist and a reformer Swamy Agnivesh after the latter was attacked brutally in Pakud, Jharkhand over his remarks challenging the existence of Hindu Gods.

Expressing his serious concern Shekhar Gupta said the he too have differences with the saffron clad Arya Samajist leader Agnivesh and had even pronounced him as a publicity hunter but never stooped to the low level as was done in Pakud Jharkhand to him. He said having difference of opinion in a democracy does not give any body a license to physically thrash or assault one’s opponent as shamefully done to Swamy Agnivesh by the Hindu bigots and what is more shocking is the fact that not a single BJP or RSS leader has come out in condemning this most obnoxious incident of an open physical attack on an innocent octogenerian saffron clad Arya Samajist as well as a social activist.

However he had all the praise for Jayant Sinha the union civil aviation minister and son of prime minister Narendra Modi’s betenoire Yashwant Sinha who has in unequivocal terms condemned the incident and demanded the arrests of the culprits. He said : he is appreciating and lauding Jayant Sinha because he is the only leader in the entire BJP who’d outrightly condemned this incident that happened in his home constituency despite the fact that a few days ago he has been outrightly reprimanded by the country’s media for lionising and garlending the accused of lynching in Jharkhand after they were set free by the courts on bail.

He questioned does this not amount to patronising such attacking mobs of Hindu bigots who take law into their hands and go on rampage and hurting an 80 year old Arya samajist just because his ideology dose’nt suit their style of thinking.

Veteran journalist Shekhar Gupta was even more amused and anguished over the neutral attitude of the external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj, whom he said he respected the most as he brought the issue into her notice as well expecting that there will be a word of condemnation from her side as Swamy Agnivesh according to her was a deputy minister in Haryana several years ago when she was one of the cabinet ministers.

Expressing his deep concern, shock and anguish over the increasing incidents of mob attacks and lynchings in the country in the name or under the guise of polarisation Shekhar Gupta said: this trend needs to be curbed at all costs as democracy and our constitution does not give anyone right or license to physically assault or  lynch anyone in the name of religion, or food habits and further said that the present laws are fair  enough to stringently counter this dreaded menace and punish the guilty stringently, provided they are implemented vigorously and with a heavy hand.

He gave an instance of his recent visit to a function of Malyalam Manorama in Kerala where during the dinner buffet party various non vegetarian items were served including the big meat but not a single person or leader even of the BJP and RSS  who were present there, raise any voice of dissent.

He asked how can we object to the eating habits of the people and create chaos in the name of Hinduism and eating habits.

He added: India is a nation of diverse culture, caste and creed which believes in the principle of unity in diversity.

By not condemning the shameful attack on the octagenerian Arya Samaj leader in Jharkhand, Pakud by a single leader of BJP, except the union minister of civil aviation it seems as if these religious bigots are being indirectly sheltered or shielded.

How can a voice of dissent and difference of opinion be curbed or stifled by mob attacks and lynchings questioned Gupta.

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Zindagi ke safar mein guzar jaate hain jo mukaam, vo phir nahi aate! Today is Kaka’s 6th death anniversary



Today is the sixth death anniversary of an original super star of India film industry, Bollywood, Rajesh Khanna aka Kakaji, a superstar par excellence, an actor incomparable, an outstanding phenomena, a king of histrionics and a large hearted decent human being who on this day left for his eternal home leaving his billions of followers and fans in grief.

Rajesh Khanna the acting and style legend is earnestly born once in a century who leave his indelible mark on everybody’s mind and heart for years and years to come.

Though Kaka is not with us physically today but his super duper hit films, his mesmerising acting, stylish appearence and songs still entertain crores of his fans worldwide.

As Sachin Tendulkar is a God of Indian cricket so is Kaka is to his fans around the globe.

Born in Amritsar and adopted by the near relative Kaka hailed from a business family who outstandingly qualified himself in first position amongst the 10000 competetors in an artist talent hunt competetion in Mumbai during the seventies, never to look back thereafter.

Starting as a debut hero from Akhiri Khat or Akhiri Rasta, am not pretty sure, handsome with an outstanding God gifted personality originally Jatin Khanna, Kaka gave 15 super duper hits in a row from 1969 to 1974 followed by his other movies establishing a record of sorts in the Mumbai film industry.

He in all acted in about 225 films and was such a popular hero of his time that college girls used to kiss his ampala car in abundance, marry him in dreams n real life and wrote letters with their own blood.

Some of his movies like Amar Prem, Hathi Mere Sathi, Amar Prem, Anand, Safar, Avishkar, Kati Patang, Aan Milo Sajna, Dushman, Aap Ki Kasam, Roti, Prem Kahani etc etc impressed his fans tremendously thus leaving an impressive mark on their minds and hearts.

After Anand and Namak Haram Kaka’s downslide started coming with a ferocious speed.

He joined active politics on the personal request of the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and became the member of parliament from New Delhi, first having been defeated by the BJP stalwart L. K. Advani by merely 15000 votes and then winning against actor Shatrughan Sinha with a handsome margin from New Delhi.

Kaka dated two actresses during his life time, one Anju Mahendru before marriage and Tina Munim after marriage with whom he also acted in ALAG ALAG, his home production.

Though Kaka led a magnificient life of a super star during his hey days but was a lonely man at the last lap of his life shuttling between Delhi’s Sarvpriya Vihar residence and Ashirvaad in Mumbai.

He had special liking for ASHIRVAD, his magnificient bunglow facing the sea at Carter Road. His fans used to wait for a single glimpse of his, outside his house in Mumbai for hours together, such was his towering aura and ambience and when the girls used to see his Ampala they kissed it thinking that they have kissed the super star.

Kaka was a great fan of Rajiv Gandhi and Rajiv was his, which very few people know.

He purchased Ashirvaad Bunglow from the veteran actor Rajendra Kumar, then famous as jubilee kumar as his every film used to be a hit then.

Kaka signed Hathi Mere Sathi and asked the South Indian producer to give him an advance payment. He received Rs. five lakhs then as an advance payment which he gave to Rajendra Kumar for Ashirvaad which was then named as Dimple.

Rajendra kumar considered this house as inauspicious as his down fall started from here while for Kaka, Ashirvaad was too lucky.

Kakaji developed strained relations with Dimple Kapadia as he was against her working in films which she objected to.

Though Dimple Kapadia served Kaka during his last days while he was ill, Kaka named his will of property and entire wealth in the name of her both the daughters Twinkle and Rinki with not a single pie to Dimple, his legally wedded life.

Kaka was highly desirous and it was his long cherished dream to make ASHIRVAAD his museum but fate has something else stored for the future. Since the last controvertial women who lived with Kaka during the last leg of his life Anita Gidwani had claimed a part of the Ashirvaad for having been with the star in his thick and thin, Akshay Kumar and Dimple sold the house to the builders to keep themselves free from the impending controversy n dispute.

Kaka, might definitely been weeping in heaven for his Bangalows destruction which he wanted to be his museum.

My heartfelt rich tributes to this towering superstar of his time with the pray to God that his pious soul rests in peace for ever.

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Right from the days of the formation of the Janata Party, the political conglomeration of unlimited numbers of the then anti Congress Parties in 1977 formed as a credible political alternative at the call of the leader of the total revolution veteran Jay Prakash Narayan against the then draconian emergency which perished like the pack of cards just in 22 months enabling Indira Gandhi to return to power with a historic majority, there is a general impression in the minds of the country’s electorates that the Khichri experiment has always failed in Indian polity.

But later on after the speedily cropping up of the reginal parties in various states two broad unifications came into being one the BJP led NDA and another the United Progressive Alliance led by Congress.

Both these alliances have been ruling the country since then. While the Congress Party is now out of power after its central rule of 10 long years under the remote controlled prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh having been accused of immense corruption, it was the Narendra Modi’s n BJP’s saffronisation effect and personal charishma that led to the BJP led NDA come to power in 2014 with a historic majority by keeping Congress party at bay with just 40 lawmakers in Lok Sabha and snatching 20 states from it as well as from its alliance partners like SP n BSP etc. in the follow up state elections within two years or so.

Today Narendra Modi has assumed powerful position as an undisputed leader of the saffron party over shadowing the entire party.

The 2019 general elections and the elections in three BJP ruled states are in the offing where anti incumbency is bound to play its vital role thus giving the Congress and the anti BJP forces a better opportunity in case they unite credibly and pose a direct unified challenge to all the sitting chief ministers viz. Vasundhara Raje in Rajasthan, In Jharkhand, Raman Singh in Chattisgarh and Shiv Raj Singh in Madhya Pradesh.

The recent succesful experiment of an opposition non BJP tie up in Karnataka between the Congress and JD(S) has kept the majority party BJP with 104 lawmakers away from gaining power in the state.

Not only this but the wholesome victories in various byelections in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan and Maharashtra followed by Karnataka has also boosted the morale of the non BJP opposition parties sending clear signals that if these anti communal parties forge a credible and honest pre election alliance against the formidable BJP they can by all means sideline the BJP and stop Modi’s political juggernaut from moving ahead.

In fact the Trnamool Congress leader and Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee had made succesful attempts in the recent past to meet all the non BJP leaders and parties including Sonia and Rahul Gandhi to unify them and make absolutely clear that unless all of them do not unite and respect the regional parties and their sentiments becoming political alternative to Narendra Modi and his saffron party would be a distant dream.

Thereafter in Bengaluru on the ocassion of HD Kumaraswamy’s swearing in the entire country witnessed all the national and regional political kshatraps standing on the stage happily cheering to the crowd by waving theirhands in unison, making absolutely clear that the credible and consolidated anti BJP opposition is in the definite making.

Even the BJP high ups at the centre got perturbed with this unified show of strength in Bangaluru and started issuing statements to damage this alliance by saying that this unity is nothing but a political conglomeration of highly over ambitious leaders all of whom want to become the prime minister of the country.

Anyways, while things were trying to take shape for the betterment of opposition unity when just two days ago on 15th July all of a sudden Behan Mayawati, the leader of the Dalits dropped dropped a bombshell on the entire non BJP opposition unity prospects by proposing her name for the prime ministerial candidate thus putting the entire exercise in total disarray and quandary and giving an unambiguous impression that she is helping the BJP rather that the anti BJP forces by creating a verticle division in the unity process.

Political analysts say that such attempts would only create bottlenecks on the way of the opposition unity than to help encourage the ongoing move that was actually moving forward with a strong pace.

If prime minister Narendra Modi and his party is today in an advantageous position despite all its impending ills and failures on several important fronts like prise rise, unemployment, demonetisation, GST, falling agrarian sector, women insecurity etc its only because of the weak and badly distracted non BJP opposition.

And if this trend of opposition distraction continues with the over ambitius leaders not giving up their squeezed and vested interests the re come back of Narendra Modi in 2019 is a definite possibility predict political analysts.

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Eminent social reformer Swamy Agnivesh physically thrashed and his clothes torned at Pakud, Jharkhand. No action against hooligans?



Two major incidents that happened today compel us to hang our heads in shame in acountry which boasts of an open and liberal democracy. Intolerance in the society has crossed every limit of decency and people of eminence or even woman are being phsically assaulted and subjected to extreme extreme and mental torture.

In one incident the prominent social reformer and a liberar thinker whose entire life has been dedicated for freeing the bonded child labours and serving the poor, hapless and the down troddens of the society n who was also instrumental in safeguarding several innocent lives during the1984 anti Sikh roits putting his own life in danger, alongwith the then socialist leader Chandra Shekhar and journalist Habib Akhtar erc, Swamy Agnivesh was today allegedly physically beaten and attacked by hoodlums and workers of the saffron party after showing him black flags in a vociferous deminstration.

According to seniour journalist Habib Akhtar, Swamy Agnivesh aged 78 years who lives at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi had gone to Pakud in Jharkhand to participate in the 195 th anniversary of Daamin festival in Litpadha. While he had left his hotel for the festival venue an enrazed mob showed him black flags,raised highly provocative slogans against him and torn his clothes after physically assaulting him.

This is the version of the police given to the BBC correspondent. This is indeed shameful and highly condemnable an act which demands stringent action against the culprits responsible for Swamy Agnivesh’s thrashing who isa peace loving social activist havingcome to LitpadaJharkhand to participate in an ancient festival.

In yet another shameful incident a woman in a debate in the Zee Hindustan studio was during a debate literally slapped by a person participating in the TV interaction. While the live debate was in the air on Zee Hindustan TV studio at Kaipur city, the discussion between the woman and the man took a vociferous turn with both of them shouting at each other.

Attempts were made by the anchor and other participants to pacify both of them but the maulana becameso furious and irritated that he publicly during the live show slapped the woman to the utter shock, surprise and dismay of the TV crew as well as the audience. The show had to be thereafter brought to an abrupt end. Sounds shocking, after all whats happening to the tolerencelevel of the people.

While the mob psychology is at work in some states physically harming, injuring or even lynching others the women are not safe even in Television studios.

Just yesterday the three Judge bemch of the apex court of the country led by honourable justice Dipak Mishra has taken an extremely serious view of these increasing incidents of individual and mob lynchings and had asked the union government to devise a new law to put an end to these horrendous killings under various false pretexts and rumour mongerings in cases like cow vigilantism and child liftings.

It is hightime that the various state governments and the union government should seriously look into these ill concieved designs and credibly counter these hate oriented attacks and killings.

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Four days ago Rawat said : his last wish is to see Rahul Gandhi as PM and then will quit politics ! Today, he’s nominated as general secy of AICC n Member, CWC



Four days ago Rawat said : his last wish is to see Rahul Gandhi as PM and then will quit politics ! Today, he’s nominated as general secy of AICC n Member, CWC

Just two days ago while interacting with the senior journalists at Talk on Table programme of the SUNDAY POST at its Noida office, the former Uttarakhand chief minister made a very significant announcement that his dire wish is see the Nehru Gandhi scion and the AICC chief Rahul Gandhi whom he termed as the most ablest and pro people leader of the country, become the prime minister of the country. He also said that thereafter he will quit politics but till then whatever may be the consequences, he will continue to serve the party and leadership with full vigour and vitality.

His statement then gave the full impression of his psychophant behaviour but just three days after this statement of his, the former Uttarakhand chief minister and two time union state minister despite losing from two assembly constituencies in Uttarakhand in the preceding state elections, has been promoted elegantly by Rahul Gandhi as the national general secretary of AICC and the member of the most important highest decision making body of the party the Congress Working Committee headed by Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. This sudden high prized elevation of Harish Rawat is a huge rebuff to his detractors especially the current state party chief Pritam Singh who’d allegedly left no stone unturned to see Rawat being sidelined in the Uttarakhand’s Congress politics.

Delhi has about 25 to 30 lakhs inhabitants of Uttarakhand and in all nationally there are more than four to five crores Uttarakhandies who are majorly considered to be the followers of the saffron party directly or indirectly, but by Rawat’s elevation to such significant positions in Congress party he will be able to turn the pahadi tilt in Congress’s favour in addition his good say amongst the minorities and other sections of the society being also the Sewa Dal’s national Vice Chairman during the tenure of the then PM P. V. Narsimha Rao. Having started his political career as a student n youth leader from Gram Pradhan and block pramukh Harish Rawat, originally the Sanjay Gandhi brigade leader came into close proximity with the late prime minister Indira Gandhi during the 1984 when he was the incharge of the historic Garhwal election fought against the then political heavy weight and Indira’s bete noire H. N.Bahuguna.

Several times MP from Almora and Haridwar, Rawat lost elections for at least five times. Always in the run and organisationally active from his Sewa Dal times to the days of Uttarakhand movement, Harish Rawat was instrumental in raising the Hill Council issue to divert the attention from the core issue of separate Uttarakhand movement but later on played a pivotal role in getting the separate Uttarakhand issue included in the election menifesto of the Congress Party.

After the formation of Uttarakhand state when Narayan Dutt Tiwari was sworn in as the chief minister of Uttarakhand state the followers of Harish Rawat opposed the former’s nomination and protested widely in Uttarakhand as well as in New Delhi asking the Congress high command to make Rawat the state CM inlieu of Tiwari as Rawat was immensely instrumental in the party’s victory in Uttarakhand in 2002 in his capacity as the state Congress chief who campaigned extensively to ensure the Congress Party’s victory then.

Similarly when Vijay Bahuguna was sworn in as the state’s CM in 2014/15 Rawat’s followers from the hills protested outside Sonia Gandhi’s 10 Janpath house and demanded Rawat’s sworn in but of no avail.

However, Rawat was then made the union state labour and thereafter elevated asAgriculture minister at the centre during UPA 2 with a Rajya Sabha seat from Uttarakhand offered to one of his close relatives Mahara. Finally, after a long time in 2016 Rahul Gandhi replaced Vijay Bahuguna for being incompetent to handle the post Kedarnath disaster situation and brought Harish Rawat on the political saddle of the state, the hearty wish that Harish Rawat was nursing since ages.

After two years in 2017 the government of Harish Rawat was toppled by 11 Congress lawmakers who joined BJP lateron. Harish was involved in a sting highlighting his conversation with a journalist regarding horse trading of lawmakers to save his government. A CBI case was registered against him in 2017 n his government subsequently dissolved forthwith at the behest of the BJP led NDA rulinginthe centre.

In the elections held in 2017 Rawat lost from two assembly constituencies and the BJP got a historic majority with 57 lawmakers. But despite loosing heart and sitting at home Rawat remained extremely mobile, active and accecible to each and every worker running to and fro and vice- e- versa from Delhi to Uttarakhand n back to Delhi every alternative week.

He gave mango, kaafal ( Uttarakhand’s delicious fruit) and delicious Pahadi cusine parties to Uttarakhandies in Delhi and Uttarakhand and participated in every sit in and protest demonstration in Delhi and Uttarakhand including actve particpation in marriages, Birthday parties and even obituaries giving n clicking selfies with his followers and fans and here today he is the general secretary of AICC and the Congress Working Committee member. What’s your take friends?

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Fmr CM Harish Rawat want’s to see Rahul as the next PM. Says, will quit politics, thereafter ?



Having lost from two legislative constituencies in Uttarakhand while being the care taker chief minister in 2017 and also being responsible for the most disgusting defeat of Congress giving 57 lawmakers to BJP, Harish Rawat is today the most mobile politician of Uttarakhand who despite being a septuagenerian has no regrets whatsoever for the poor show of his party in the preceding state elections and wanted to revive the party organisation to the utmost despite his being sidelined by the incumbent party chief Pritam Singh and confronting accusations of running a parrallel organisation in the18 year old state.

Starting his political career from the grass roots during the eighties by being the elected Pradhan of his village Rawat reached the top slot as the state CM in 2016 before being state minister twice at the centre and after replacing Vijay Bahuguna.

His over emphasising clout as a chief minister led to the defection of 11 Congress MLAs n ministers to BJP resulting in a political upheaval which he survived after tremendous efforts and manipulations but finally giving up to the designs of the centrally ruled BJP.

Rawat today is alone with handful of his old coterie visiting every marriage function, birthday party and obituaries including organising Mango, Kaafal and Uttarakhand delicacies’ parties in order to win the hearts of the people in general and his partymen in particular through this unique n widespread PR exercise.

The politician who addresses the Congress Party and the Nehru Gandhi family as his Godmother is so grateful n obliged by his successive poltical elevations that he has no words of gratitude to be accorded to late Indira, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul without whom he would have been nothing but just a common man.

Having the immense liking and adoration for his leader Rahul Gandhi, an erudite leader himself, Rawat has vowed that he would continue to work tirelessly for strengthening the Congress Party and the hands of Rahul Gandhi till the latter becomes the prime minister of the country. He assured that he would retire from active politics, on the day the Nehru Gandhi Scion reaches the top slot of the nation as the prime minister.

Highly optimistic of replacing Narendra Modi as the prime minister of the country, Rawat says that not only will the entire non BJP opposition parties, national as well as the regional outfits would come together before 2019 but would also accept Rahul Gandhi as the non BJP conglomeration’s leader as Congress is bound to win hands down, as the single largest party of the country.

Harish Rawat questions the political forces at the centre the reasons behind not appointing the LOK PAL/ LOKAYUKT in Uttarakhand despite his personal recommendation to the state governor Dr. K. K. Paul while he was the CM during 2016, 17.

He emphatically says that this truth should be revealed at all costs. On the question of openly safeguarding the current CM TSR who was in his capacity as the then agricultural minister allegedly involved in the controvertial DHENCHA SEEDS SCANDAL, Rawat says that by falsely implicating him( TSR) he did’nt want to establish a wrong and unjustifiable precedent in the state’s ruling political fraternity and bureaucracy as had he done that with the feeling of any political prejudice, vendetta or vindictive attitude the state would have suffered badly in terms of its overall development as no politician, CM or minister would have then used their pen to sign any project fearing of impending apprehensions of being tracked or involved in financial irregularities in future.

According to Rawat , TSR’s alleged involvement in the seed scam was not proved nor were there any prima facie evidence.

Still on a move in the state and Delhi in various party and personal social events and protest demonstrations Harish Rawat seems to be full of energy, potential and enthusiam still hopeful to stage a re come back in 2022 as the state’s CM say political analysts as there is always a change in Uttarakhand after every election, come what may.

Moreover there are unabated mistakes and incidents happening under the present saffron political dispensation going against its reputation which the state Congress in general and Harish Rawat in particular are trying to exploit to their best possible advantage.

On the education front Harish Rawat claims to have accorded 18000 jobs in education department and having cleared 50% of the SC/ ST job quota by employing the peoole of the lowest ebb of the society.

On the question of unemplyment he boasts of bringing down the unemployment figure to 2.5% which used to be at 12% during his tenure.

He assured the people of the state that he will for sure declare Gairsain as the permanent capital of Uttarakhand provided his party’s government assumes office in Uttarakhand in 2022.

Harish Rawat was answering to the questions of several senior journalists viz: Vinod Agnihotri, Apoorva Joshi, Prem Bharadwaj and Gunjan Kumar at the talk on table programme of SUNDAY POST at its NOIDA office on 12th June, Thursday.

He spoke for four hours together in a sequential mode without feeling tired even facing the most adverse questions on various socio economical and political subjects of the centre and state.

The crux of the interview was that despite losing from the two assembly segments in Uttarakhand and even having been ignored by his own party president of the state Rawat by being extremely hectic and mobile in the socio political activities and party programmes is eyeing on the state’s CM’s chair and itsstill desirous to grab it in 2022 despite having crossed 70 years of age. His proactive role has infact compelled his own partymen to revive the once defunct Congress organisation in the state.

Meanwhile there is news that the Congress President Rahul Gandhi has nominated Harish Rawat as the AICC general secretary and also the member of the highest decision making body of the party, the Congress Working Committee.

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Has Nehru Gandhi scion opened the pandoras’ box ?



Has Rahul opened the Pandora’s Box?

As the general elections of 2019 are nearing the manipulations and maneuverings to capture the large chunks of votes on religious or communal lines by the two national political parties viz the Congress and BJP has come to the fore with their key leaders leaving no stone unturned to polarise the society in their own respective ways.

The media too is trying to hype this crucial issue to give further weightage to such trivial and complex issue beyond limits to enhance its TRP thus helping in a way to divide the society.

All of us know very specifically that the Congress party has been banking on the vote bank of the minorities, the dalits and backwards for the last several decades right from the era of late Mrs Indira Gandhi and the BJP earlier Jana Sangh depending majorly in the majority community votes with construction Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, restoring the pride of the Hindus, uniform civil code, abrogation of article 370 etc being its core issues to beget votes during elections.

For the last two, three decades the major muslim vote bank as well as the traditional votes of the SC and ST got badly distracted from the Congress Party thus going in the lap of the Samajwadi Party and BSP being led by Mulayam Singh Yadav and Bahan Mayavati. As a result the major states like Uttar Pradesh giving 80 MPs to Lok Sabha and half of Rajya Sabha MPs including Bihar, Assam, MP, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh etc has gone to BSP, SP, Janata Dal ( Nitish – BJP combine) and now to BJP having in all lost 20 states to the saffron party, thus having its negligible presence in the country.

In India the votes of the muslims have been playing an extremely crucial role in formation of governments in states and the centre. India has a whopping 180 million muslim population with having thier credible say in almost 218 parliamentary seats of the country. It may be even more if we get the report of the latest census. However, according to the 2011 census India has about 79% non muslim population whereas the muslims account for over 15%.

As per the conservative estimate the muslims possess 10 % influence in the vote share process in every constituency of the country on an average and is considered to be a consolidated voting pattern with the largest state UP having approximately 22% muslim votes impacting several constituencies of assembly as well as the parliament.

Since then, the Nehru Gandhi scion and the Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi have been trying his utmost to ensure that this majority chunk of its traditional vote bank comes back into the Congress Party’s fold and with this intent in mind he convened an interactive session of a handful of ( 12 persons) intellectuals who also included former senior most bureaucrats on 11 th of June at his Tuglak Road residence in New Delhi.

During the interaction amongst other issues somebody raised the matter pertaining to the increasing incidents of lynching of people of a particular community on various pretexts like cow vigilantism, eating habits and prevalance of hate atmosphere in the country asking Rahul Gandhi as to what is the Congress party doing to protect the minorities of the country ? or something related to the context.

Issues pertaining to Sachchar Commisions recommendations were also raised during this closed door meeting to which Rahul tried to assured the soured tempers. While replying to these questions Rahul Gandhi catagorically said that the Congress Party had been the only genuine saviour of the Muslim community since its inception and that it considers it its primary and foremost duty to protect their every interest, whatsoever by all means in the same manner as it’s concerned for the dalits, backwards and the down trodden sections of the country.

He added that instead of appreciating its pro minority gesture parties like BJP accuse it as the party of the muslims and he further added if it says so YES, I have no hesitation to say that we are the party of muslims because protecting the minorities or any other deprived sections of the society, is our primary, foremost n the constitutional duty.

Though the meeting was a highly secretive one and not open for reporting or media, someone present in the meeting leaked the news to INQUILAB, a prominent Urdu paper of the country extremely popular amongst the muslim community. Subsequently, it published the front top banner news highlighting Rahul’s statement titled as : Haan Congress Musalmaanon ki party hai.

Then what, all hell broke out and the entire television channels and the print media carried out banner news followed by unaccounted live debates with even prime minister Narendra Modi questioning publicly the Nehru Gandhi scion at Azamgarh asking hum if the Congress party really the party of only muslims, meaning what about others like the majority community and other sections of the society.

While this move of Rahul Gandhi, say the political analysts, will for sure, help in consolidating the minority vote bank all over the country in Congress’s favour the way prime minister Modi used the issue in his largely attended public meeting may in future result in large scale polarisation of the majority vote bank thus cutting across the caste considerations in the saffron party’s favour.

Sometimes, in politics a little non issue becomes a huge issue that carries further unexpected implications and ramifications and it seems that Rahul Gandhi’s statement may perhaps go a long way in creating a vast division between these two communities in order to derive maximum political mileage during the national electionsof 2019 by the major political parties in the fray.

The minority vote bank of the muslims plays a credible role in the politics of the country for parties like Congress, SP, BSP, RJD, Janata Dals and the left but it has been visualised and experienced that after the charismatic leadership of Narendra Modi and the vast influence of the saffronisation after 2014 the deflection in the votes of muslim and the wave of majoritarianism has crushed every calculation thus enabling the saffron party win in 20 states incessantly n Congress losing badly at the hustings.

However, after the not much success of demonetisation, GST, and the subsequent failure on the employment and price rise fronts including the Kashmir issue the Modi factor seems to be on somewhat declining trend though after giving certain concessions to the farmers of the country on maximum support price etc the BJP led NDA government is trying hard to win the hearts of the farming community which is also considered to be the deciding vote bank.

Anyways, whatever may be the outcome of the 2019 elections but one thing is still for sure and that is Modi still seems to have a upper hand with his outstanding dynamic histronics and marketing skills.

If at all Rahul Gandhi and rest of the non BJP forces need to come to power at the centre, they have only one n one option of a united opposition with a singularly unanimously accepted leader who can challange him outrightly and with credible dynamism and precision. But this has to fructify fast as the time is running expeditiously and 2019 nearing with a galloping speed. What’s your take friends?

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