It’s Hardik Patel’s compulsion to support Rahul to fight BJP in the state



HAVING seen spate of defeats at the hands of the ruling BJP under the influence of Modi charisma right from Assam to Uttarakhand and confronting being on a sort of brink of disaster situation the Nehru Gandhi scion and the likely president of the oldest party of the country that ruled Inda for 60 years or more, Rahul Gandhi does not want to take any further risk in Gujarat and therefore is ready to compromise on any formula and with any political force with any preconditions that can pose a direct and formidable challenge to the ruling BJP led NDA and its chief prime minister Narendra Modi and his cohorts.

The desperate efforts of Congress party under Rahul’s wishes and instructions to bring into Congress’s fold the popular leader of the patidar community Hardik Patel ( the community that constitutes 14% votes ) and give them the assurance of complete reservation if their party comes to power in Gujarat and thereafter in Delhi in 2019 unambiguously speaks of the fact that the Congress Party is either openly befooling the patidar community of Gujarat or Hardik Patel and the community itself is deliberately prepared to be misguided on this count as it has no option but to oppose the BJP in the state.

The crux of the matter is both the Congress as well as the Patidar leader Hardik Patel are well aware that reservation to Patidars is not constitutionally affordable even if they come to power because while as per the constitutional obligation reservation in any state of the country can’t exceed the limit of 49% and Gujarat has already fulfilled that limit.

Moreover if by chance the Congress comes to power in the state and even after getting it passed from the state assembly if it is send to the parliament to get it ratified by both the houses, will the BJP and NDA pass it? The answer is an obvious no. Now the Congress has a logic and it has also assured the patidar leader that even if the centre does not pass it, the Congress will implement it in 2019 after assuming power at the centre.

Now again, its a hypocritical answer as how can the Congress be so sure that they are likely to come to power in 2019 ? The point is how can both these parties, the Congress and Patidars’ leader Hardik misguide the entire community? But this is true as Hardik Patel and Congress are now in a fix and they have no option but to stand united to fight BJP relentlessly. The patidars are furious against BJP as they think it has betrayed and befooled them during the last 19 years and did nothing for their welfare but always sought their overwhelming support to enjoy power.

They are also deadly against the ruling party for bringing anti small business men act the GST and badly lathicharged and injured the patidar protestors demanding reservations in jobs. The patidar leader also question the dubious anti patidar community intentions of the state and centrally ruled BJP led NDA governments saying that had they been serious and committed about reservation to patidar in jobs they could have get it passed in Assembly and then sent to parliament for ratification from both houses, to be finally signed by the president who has also been elected at their behest.

By intentionally ignoring our community and physically thrashing us and our leader Hardik Patel lacing him with umpteen serious cases the BJP has committed a grave sin for which it will have to suffer badly. We and Congress will fight it out of the state adds Hardik.


Sunil Negi is a veteran journalist and President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum. He majorly writes on politics, current affairs and social issues.


Sixty feared dead as two trains crush people watching Ravana effigy burning in Amritsar at 7.00 PM today



crowd standing near the accident site at Amritsar where 50 people have been crished under the trains

About sixty persons are feared dead in Amritsar as the speeding train crushed them while they were watching the Rawan Dahan at the Joda Faatak area of Amritsar. The death toll may exceed more than hundred say news sources.

Hundred of persons with their families were busy watching the burning of the effigies of Ravana n Meghnath. The police authorities who’d expressed the casualties from forty to fifty earlier have now confirmed the total death tally at sixty n are still apprehensive that the figure may go up to more than hundred. The injureds have been ferried to hospital while the unacounted bodies in multilated condition lying scattered here and there.

According to the police there was tremendous crowd in the ground. While the Effigies were burning there was bursting of crackers and people out of fear ran towards the track which are quite near the ground and all of a sudden two trains, one Howrah n another DMU came in speed from both the directions simultaneously, crushing people most gruesomely with their badly mutilated body parts lying here and there.

People are badly angered, furious and shocked over this most tragic incident claiming over fifty lives. This is the constituency of Navjyot Singh Sidhu and people are badly annoyed and angered against him as his wife who was present in the function as the chief guest disappeared from the scene.

This is the massive tragedy in the recent times. Sounds shocking as to why the authorities have given permission to the mela management to organise the effigy burning event on Vijay Dashmi when there are no arrangements of safety of the people knowing very well that the rail tracts are just adjacent to the ground where people gather in hundreds. The point is why has the raikway authorities not delayed the trains knowing very well that the Effigy burning event on Vijay Dashmi as usual is taking place at the venue extremely close to railway lines/ tracts.

Police fear that the deaths might be more than fifty n can exceed to hundred/ two hundred. It is said that dozens of people were standing/ sitting on the tracts and when the crackers exploded/ burst all of a sudden people ran towards the tract n got crushed under two trains coming n going in the opposite directions. There is panic all around the accident site. The source of the news is PTC being flashed by TV channels. People say that the permission to organised the MELA was not sought nor the railway authorities informed accordingly.

The visibly moved chief minister has announced the financial compensation of Rs. five lakhs to the families each of the deceased in this tragedy and has directed the home secretary, health secretary n the state police chief to reach the accidental spot immediately. The CM Captain Amrinder Singh has also left for Amritsar.

The prime minister Narendra Modi has expressed his grief over this tragic incident by tweeting: Extremely saddened by the train accident in Amritsar. The tragedy is heart wrenching. My deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their loved ones and I pray that the injured recover quickly. Have asked officials to provide immediate assistence that is required.

Meanwhile the union finance minister Arun Jaitley has also blamed the Punjab administration for being completely negligent by not seeking permission and awaring the authorities concerned to exercise restraint. He assured of the complete support and assistence of the government towards the victims, injureds and the bereaved families.

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Manmohan, Sonia, Rahul and TSR pay last respects to late N. D. Tiwari. Last rites at Kathgodam on Sunday.



The former president of AICC Sonia Gandhi, former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and the present Congress chief Rahul Gandhi were among the several significant political dignitories who laid wrath at the body of the veteran Congress leader, former union minister and chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand late Narayan Dutt Tiwari, today at his Tilak Marg residence in New Delhi.

The political Secretary to Sonia Gandhi Ahmed Patel, former union ministers and senior Congress leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad, Anand Sharma, and Congress general secretary Harish Rawat also laid wraths on late N. D. Tiwari’s body.

The chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat and his cabinet colleagues also laid their floral tributes n last respects to the former Uttarakhand CM late N. D. Tiwari.

The body of the late leader would be flown to lucknow on Saturday where it will be kept for open Darshan for the whole day and thereafter taken to Uttarakhand, Kathgodam for the last rites n cremation.

Late Narayan Dutt Tiwari suffered a cardiac arrest on 18th October, coincidently on his birthday at Max Hospital Saket where he was on ventilator since last September after several of his vital body parts like lungs, kidneys etc became non functional.

He was under regular medication n monitoring and the docters trying their best to revive him failed finally on 18th Sept after he suffered the massive cardiac arrest.

He earlier suffered from the brain stroke when addmitted last September and was on regular medication but gradually impacted other vital parts. His half body portion was also paralysed. He was 93 years old.

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28 years since 1992 have elapsed after Babri Mosque destruction, the temple construction issue is to square one ?



The direct instructions to the BJP led NDA government and the BJP leadership by the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat directing them to come out with a legislation for the expeditious construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya has made one thing unambiguos that either the fountain head of the saffron party has little faith in the justice of the supreme court of the land on the vexed Ram Mandir issue or the usual game of polarisation of the majority community votes during the election year has again come to the fore as used to be earlier.

The government of BJP has climbed to historic majority in 2014 and the demand for legislation on Ram Temple construction comes four years after and that too when the five states of the country are going for polls next month and the general elections are due after nine months.

Since the day Babri Masjid was demolished by the hindu chauvinists in 1992 and the Hindu Muslim imbroglio started thereafter, almost 26 years has passed since than and lots of governments changed with the BJP ruling for the third time at the centre but the saffron party which have been always banking and exploiting the majority community vote bank has so far not achieved a single percent success in the context of temple contruction development.

Everybody is well aware that when the BJP stalwart and a liberal leader within the BJP Atal Bihari Vajpayee formed his government in 2004, the BJP’s main plank was the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya but after attaining power at the centre alongwith other parties the main agenda of Ram Mandir construction was thrown on the back burner knowing very well that the then government of Vajpayee had acknowleged the mandate on the Ram Temple issue.

The issue of Ram Temple had been the crux of its election menifesto since the formation of the Bhartiya Janata Party in 1980, alongwith two main issues viz implementation of uniform civil code and abrogation of Article 371 in Jammu n Kashmir.

These three significant issues had been the core points of the BJP’s national election menifesto but if one minutely examines or asseses their stand on these significant commitments, they’d always failed to fulfil these old promises knowing very well that in the context of India’s secular character n diverse culture, religions n faiths, its neigh to impossible to implement these promises not even partially, not to talk of the full implementation.

Rather the party had formed a post poll alliance with the ideologically opposite outfit, the PDP and formed the government to finally disintegrate.

The point is where does the party stands in the context of Ram Temple, today? It’s simply clear that the matter is in the court of law and would take lot of time thus not suiting to the political temperament of the saffron party which desperately needs this significant issue to be resolved in its favour failing which it may suffer badly and adversely at the hustings.

Therefore, now a new call from the all powerful Sarva Sanghchalak of its main frontal organisation RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat for bringing out a strong legislation to ensure the construction of the temple.
In his forceful Vijay Dashmi speech in Nagpur the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said: Construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya from the self esteem point of view and the govt should bring a legislation to construct it speedily. It will also pave the way for an atmosphere of goodwill and oneness in the country.

Now there is again a question mark on this demand? Can the government do this unilaterally in a country with diverse culture, languages, religions and faiths and even if it dares to bring out a legislation as asked by Mohan Bhagwat , does the party posesses the majority in the upper house ?

What about other important legislations on granting 33 percent reservation to the women in the parliament and state legislative assemblies of the country and several other bills still lying pending?

Political analysts say that its nothing but a ploy of the saffron party to raise the issue again just before the national elections in order to impress upon the majority community about its seriousness on the issue and also in view of the on going election campaging of the five states likely to to polls next months. It’s also important in order to dilute important poll issues like Rafale, banking frauds n inflation due to incraese in the prices of petro prducts which have created lot of problems n unease for the ruling political dispensation at the centre and the states going to the polls. What are people of the country questioning is that – the countrymen need jobs, decrease in the inflationery pressure of essential commodities, low oil n LPG prices, waiver of farm loans and better MSP etc than construction of the temple.

One should not forget that right from 1992 till date if the Ram Temple issue could not progress an inch further what’s the guarantee that it’s going to be fulfilled in the near future as well ? This is the question being posed by the people of the country .

The new educated n higly literate generation of the country actually needs employment, housing and better promotional future prospects that to fall in these futile debates of religion and communal frenzy which has never led to the progress of the country except taking it backwards , towards the medieval era. What’s your take friends?

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Prime minister Narendra Modi pays obeisance to God of miracles ! Presents’ keys of houses to underpriviledged



Prime minister Narendra Modi n Maharashtra CM paying oniesance to Sai Baba at Shridhi

Prime minister Narendra Modi had visited maximum number of temples in and outside the country being a devout Hindu and is very particular to visit historic religious shrines where ever he goes.

Though he also visits Mosques, Gurudwaras and churches but during his tenure as the prime minister his visits to various temples, particularly the historic religious shrines like Kedarnath n Badrinath temples in Uttarakhand, historic Pashupati Nath n Janki Devi Temple in Nepal, Somnath temple in Gujarat, temples of Varanasi in his parliamentary constituency and in various Hindu temples abroad as well, including getting their modernisation done, have been maximum, rather record breaking as a prime minister.

His visit to the Shiva temple in Oman n Abhu dhabi including Budhist and Hindu temples in Singapore were widely publicised in the past. The prime minister presented 2500 kilograms of Sandalwood at Pashupatinath temple in Nepal earlier.

Being a devout Hindu prime minister Narendra Modi has visited the maximum numbers of temples in the country as compared to other prime ministers India say sources. In the historic Kedarnath temple which was the victim of the huge deluge and the catastrophic disaster in June 2013, the prime minister Narendra Modi has contributed by way of announcing various developmental works like roads, guest houses n Dharamshalas for the tourists and the pundits of the sanctum santorium, the work on which have been almost completed by now.

He is likely to visut Kedarnath shortly again for Lord Shiva’s obiesance and also to acknowledge the report about the works’ completion. The prime minister Narendra Modi had years ago, when he was not holding any office had taken refuge here as a saint for several months and had medidated with full dedication as a mark of respect to the Lord Shiva.

Since then Prime minister Narendra Modi have deep faith in Lord Shiva especially towards Baba Kedarnath. He therefore never forgets to visit this historic shrine, come what may. While the prime minister Modi was the CM of Gujarat in 2013 and when he visited the shrine after the ecological catastrophe he’d requested the Uttarakhand government n the then chief minister Vijay Bahuguna to give him the total charge of the renovation and modernisation of the Kedarnath temple and its surroundings on Gujarat government’s expense but the former rejected his proposal n the subsequent governments thereafter carried out the repairs n rehabilitation job.

Today, prime minister Narendra Modi visited globally prominent Shrine of Shridhi Sai Baba on the occassion of the completion of hundred years of Baba’s salvation. ( death) called taking Samadhi.

He alongwith the chief minister of Maharashta paid his obeisance at the Samadhi temple at Shridhi befor taking part in the rituals at Sanctum Sanctorum of the Sai Baba Samadhi Temple Complex in the presence of hundreds of thousands of the Sai devotees convereged at the venue from all over the country and abroad.

The prime minister also addressed a huge gathering of people on the ocassion of pious Vijay Dashmi, the hindu festival symbolic of the victory of the truth over lies or evils, (Dushehra Day) and handed over the keys to several owners of the low cost housing scheme flats under the prime minister’s Housing Scheme in Shridhi, one of his flagship programmes for the poor and the down troddens of the country under his dynamic initiative of housing for all till 2022.

It may be recalled that the Sai Temple was recognised as a trust in 1922 and it has hundreds of crores as a deposit from the donations its recieves daily from Sai devotees from India and abroad.

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RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat asks govt to bring ordinance for Ram Mandir construction



The statement of the Rashtriya Swayam Sewak chief and the fountain head of the Bhartiya Janta Party Mohan Bhagwat in his significant Vijay Dashmi speech that the government should come out with an ordinance to fulfill its long pending demand to construct the Ram Temple and that it will help in reducing the communal riots in the country is being allegedly seen and analysed as yet another attempt by the saffron party to polarise the Hindu majority votes right at the time when elections to the five states are likely to take place next month and the general elections are just 8/ nine months ahead.

Addressing the swayam sewaks the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has unambiguously said that now enough is enough and the Ram Temple needs to be build at all costs and with the support of the law which the BJP led NDA government should enact by bringing an ordinance on this specific issue.

Mohan Bhagwat said Ram Temple is a protracted demand and it should be built now, through the government’s ordinance. The Mandir would have been built by now but the politics and politicians delayed it intentionally. Had the issue been not involved in politics Mandir would have been constructed by now n with concensus.

The government should now bring a legislation/ ordinance and construct the Ram Temple. The RSS chief said : everybody know that the matter is in the court and will be decided by the court only but bringing an ordinance by the government is the only substitute to this long pending issue. The temple will be contructed but with the government’s law .

The renowned legal expert and the former law minister in BJP Dr. Subramaniam Swamy fully backed the RSS chief’s statement saying that it’s not the court but the ordinance that will help resolve the issue and temple contructed in Ayodhya as matter of faiths are decided through laws not courts and there is nothing wrong in what Bhagwat said. It’s the best constitutional remedy, he added.

However, the first to criticize the statement of the RSS chief was the All India Muslim Personal Law Board as senior advocate Jafaryab Jilani said that he is not at all surprised over the statement of Mr. Bhagwat asking the government to bring an ordinance on Ram Mandir construction.

This is an old ploy of the saffron party leaders to raise this sensitive issue during elections in order to polarise the majority community votes.

Now, since the matter of Ram Mandir is subjudice and the ministers of the ruling party can’t speak on this complex issue so they have given the responsibility to the RSS chief to raise the issue on their behalf n talk about ordinance on Ram temple.

It’s nothing but a political ploy to misguide the electorates on the Ram Mandir issue especially when the elections are round the corner added Jafaryab Jilani ALIMPLB.

Political analysts say that the controvertial issue of Rafale Jet fighter deal with France and the offset contract to Anil Ambani, banking frauds, inflation, increasing petro products hike and agrarian crisis etc have brought the saffron party in the defensive position and as such the Ram Mandir issue is a best alternative to misguide the electorates of the country and dominate over these issues.

And this has been amply proved in the past when the saffron party banking on majoritarianism has succeeded in the elections of twenty states held between 2013 n 2018. What’s your take friends?

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N D Tiwari is no more. Breathed his last at 3.00 PM today at Max hospital, Saket, New Delhi



The former union minister and chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, 93 year old Narayan Dutt Tiwari is no more.

Addmitted in the Max Hospital, Saket, New Delhi for several months suffering from the failure of vital parts like kidney etc kept on the ventilator, veteran Congress leader and freedom fighter Tiwari breathed his last at 3.00 PM today. What’s unique about his death today is that 18th October is his birthday as well.

His death send a shock wave across Uttarakhand in particular from where he primarily belonged.

Prime minister Narendra Modi tweeted: Saddened by the passing away of N D Tiwariji. A towering leader, he was known for his administrative skills. He will be remembered for his efforts towards industrial growth and working for the progress of UP n Uttarakhand, a syate which he steered during its initial days. My condolence.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi in his tweet wrote I am sorry to learn about the passing away of N. D. Tiwariji an important amd illustrious member of the Congress family who was respected and admired across party lines. My condolense to his family in this hour of grief.

The Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat was the first politician to express his grief to the departed soul.

In a condolense message, the Uttarakhand chief minister said : he expresses his deep anguish over the sad demise of the veteran leader. May the Almighty accord enough strength to the bereaved family to bear this irreparable loss.

I pray to God for the peace to the departed soul. Departing of Tiwariji is a personal loss to me. Even while being the leader of the opposition he showered his love and affection on all of us with equanimity.

The vaccum created by the going of Tiwariji is extremely difficult to fill. Tiwariji had held the significant responsibilities as the finance minister, Industry minister and the external affairs minister apart from being the four time chief minister of UP n Uttarakhand.

Tiwariji’s contribution in the upliftment of Uttarakhand socially, economically and industrially could not be forgotten by any means and would always remain fresh in our minds. His contribution to make Uttarakhand stand on its feet, economically n industrially is unparalleled.

The President of the Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress Committee Pritam Singh has also condoled the death of the veteran leader N. D. Tiwari n prayed to God to give peace to the departed soul and strength to the grief stricken family to bear this irreperable loss.

Former chief minister Uttarakhand and MP from Haridwar Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishak has condoled late leader’s death saying that indian politics has lost a great political stalwart and a pivotal pillar of Indian political scenerio. Tiwariji’s death is my personal loss added Dr. Nishank.

Former AAP leader and author Anoop Nautiyal writes : its an end of an institution!

As a colossus walks and fades away, he leaves behind an era of progress and growth. Uttarakhand will forever be indebted to the man who gave it economic shape and direction as it’s first, full fledged Chief Minister.

Rest in peace Sir!


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High profile son of Ex MP brandishing pistol surrenders in Patiala House Court



The viral vedio exhibiting the son of the former BSP member of parliament Ashish Pandey arguing and allegedly using abusive language against a couple in South Delhi’s five star hotel Hyatt Regency’s main entrance , hyped by the media later on holding a licensed pistol in his hand, has finally shown credible results.

Despite the Delhi and the Uttar Pradesh police doing their best to trace him for the last two days after registering the FIR, the controvertial high profile son has finally surrendered in Patiala house court, giving the slip to the authorities.

While surrendering Ashish posted a vedio now being shown on TV channels blaming the press for the media trial and trying to come out clean saying that it’s not a crime for being the son of the MP. He added that the police can see my record, I have never ever slapped anyone.

The media is showing a one sided aspect of the whole episode where as the fact is that Garav n his lady friend has abused and threatened me first. I did had the pistol but it was in self defence and a licensed one. I am a responsible citizen paying taxes to the government for the last several years. The police arrested Ashish Pandey in the presence of tremendous crowd that included the mediamen in good number with cameras flashing on Ashish.

It may be recalled that Ashish Pandey alongwith her three girl friends from Dubai had come to the hotel alongwith a male friend two days ago.

While they were exiting the hotel the Dubai girls went to the women washroom where they objected to the presense of a male Gaurav helping his girl friend vomitting who was not feeling well as claimed by Gaurav Tanwar.

The friends of Ashish objected to his presence and the argument started. However, Gaurav feeling sorry tried to explain the reason for his presence in the women washroom but the Dubai girls created nuisance and informed Ashish Pandey.

Meanwhile Ashish n the Dubai girl Pamela Ruz allegedly started abusing Gaurav n her lady friend and argument further became intense till both the parties came out at the main entrance of the hotel. In the meanwhile Ashish allegedly threatened Gaurav and his friend of dire consequences when Gaurav’s girl friend pushed back Ashish.

In the meanwhile the Dubail girl came in between, abused Gaurav in English n came back to the BMW with Ashish amid heated arguments and exchange of verbal abuses. While abusing Gaurav : Ashish said I am a Lucknow guy, will see you later.

What is interesting about the whole episode is that the vedio was made by Ashish’s two Dubai girl friends sitting in the back seat of the car while he was arguing in anger with Gaurav at the entrance of the hotel with a pistol in his hand.

The vedio unambiguously shows Ashish and his female friends abusing Gaurav and his female friend. After this vedio got posted it became viral with media encircling the pistol being held in Ashish’s hand on 16th October and all hell broke out.

While Ashish is the son of a former BSP MP Rakesh Pandey and nephew of a UP, MLA, Gaurav is the son of the three time MLA Kunwar Karan Singh Tanwar from Model Town Delhi. However all the three girls have already left for Dubai.

The Patiala House court had on Wednesday issued a non-bailable warrant against Ashish Pandey for brandishing a pistol and threatening Gaurav Tanwar n his female friend at the main entrance of a five-star hotel in Delhi.

One of the girls’ high profile Pamela Rooz is said to be in the business of charging 3.5 lakh Rupees for her per day visit or for giving company to anyone who hire’s her from Dubai as per a media channel.

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Saint Gopal Dass writes to PM with blood, demands right to protest by being on hunger strike without consuming water or euthanasia ?/ forcibly addmitted in hospital



Sant Gopal Dass being forcibly taken to AIIMS, RISHIKESH

Swamy Gopal Dass who’d been on fast unto death and has also stopped consuming water has written to the prime minister Narendra Modi in his own blood to allow him to under take fast without consuming water as its his fundamental right or give him wish death or euthanasia. He was complaining about the harrasment being meted out to him by the local authorities and the management of the AIIMS Rishikesh who are allegedly trying to break his fast fearing his possible death as his hunger strike has crossed 115 days n now is without water consumption as well. Hence, he asked for the wish death/ euthanasia.

The ashram situated in Kankhal, Haridwar known as Matri Sadan is in news these days not only in India but abroad as well as as two environmental saints highly committed and dedicated for making the Ganges pollution free and demanding immediate stoppage to mining in Ganga and its tributeries have given up their precious lives while being on fast unto death for 112 n 115 days respectively in this ashram namely Swamy Nigmanand n Swamy Swaroopa Sanand in 2011 and 2018 just a few days ago.

As a sequel to the hunger strike of Swamy Sanand, one more saint Gopal Dass who was already on fast unto death for the last 125 days at various places has continued his fast in the Matri Sadan and have now given up water intake as well.

The entire administration of Haridwar under instructions from the top had been behind him, since then, fearing his possible death as was the case with two other saints earlier. Swamy Gopal Dass was today forcibly taken to AIIMS Rishikesh n is under treatment.

The swamy tried his best to evade his arrest but in vain. He locked himself in his room but when the police tried to break open the door to physically lift him, he himself dodged the police and ran away but was later on caught by three policemen who ferried him to AIIMS for immediate treatment.

While being locked in the room prior to his being shifted, the frail and thin appearing saint Gopal Dass in a huff punctured his thumb and wrote a letter to the president and prime minister with his blood demanding his fundamental right to fast without the intake of water and demanded either to give him wish death/ euthanasia or send him to some other country which can grant him asylum to pursue his fast unto death.

Saint Gopal Dass was just two days ago was addmitted and treated in AIIMS and was thereafter left at Matri Sadan but after he was left at the Ashram he gave up the water intake till his death. Therefore the AIIMS doctors alongwith the police n the SDM approached the Matri Sadan Ashram and forcibly took him to AIIMS.

He is being currently put on treatment. The saint was too adamant and was not ready to give up his fast n now gave up the water consumption as well. He is protesting peacefully on the lines of Swamy Swarup Sanand for making the Ganges pollution free, immediate stoppage to mining and ensuring free and smooth natutal flow of the pious/ holy river.

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Veteran journalist n state foreign minister Akbar resigns ? Says he’ll fight the false and malicious allegations against him !



Finally, a visibly moved, veteran journalist, author and the union minister of state for external affairs M. J Akbar has resigned from the union cabinet on the tenth day after having been accused of sexual harrasment by Priya Ramani and 16 other women journalists in a ,”Mee Too campaign,” raising outrage and uproar in the political corridors and the society at large. Former union minister M. J. Akbar was in an African nation tour when the controversy allegedly involving him in the incidents of moral turpitude erupted compeliing the social media players making the shameful news viral.

In his statement issued to the media n posted in twitter by ANI, the veteran journalist, author and minister M. J. Akbar has stated that since I have decided to seek justice in the court of law in my personal capacity , I deem it appropriate to step down from office and challenge false accusations levied against me, also in a personal capacity.

I have therefore tendered my resignation from the office of the minister of state for external affairs. I am deeply grateful to the prime minister Shri Narendra and the external affairs minister Smt. Sushma Swaraj for the opportunity they gave me to serve my company.

It may be recalled that the former minister M.J. Akbar had to resign in view of the alleged a sexual harrasment accusations of over 17 women journalists against him through the Me Too campaign while he was the chief editor in the Asian Age publication from where he had resigned in 2008 after a fued with the owner.

Just after returning back from abroad Akbar faced volley of questions from the mediamen at the Airport about these allegations which he refuted altogether as a calculated attempt to denigrate his image n that of the saffron party during the elections.

He arranged a senior and reputed lawyer Karajawala n several others who filed the criminal defamation suit against the first women journalist Priya Ramani who raised her voice through the Mee too campaign by accusing the former minister of sexually harrasing her in the past, followed by roughly 16 other women journalists.

After filing the criminal defamation suit there were mixed reactions in the social media n the press with majority of the people criticizing him for psychologically and with his money power demoralising the victim women journalist Priya Ramani n others.

But this had an adverse affect n instead of getting bogged down all the other women journalists too came forward courageously to depose in the court of law in favour of Ramani.

The BJP high command and the government had to finally relent and it is being alleged that Mr. Akbar must have been asked to resign as the matter has blown out of proportion thus bringing bad name to the party n the government, especially during the election atmosphere of the five states.

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Fasting saint Gopal Dass forcibly shifted from Matri Sadan to hospital in Haridwar. UK govt vigilant after two deaths of saint environmentalists ?



Pic from the FB TL of Anil Bisht, Bisht

After the two deaths of the environmental saints in Uttarakhand associated to Haridwar’s Matri Sadan Ashram namely swamy Nigmanand and Swamy Gyanswaroopa Sananda who’d undergone 115 n 112 days hunger strike respectively demanding cleaning of the polluted Ganges as well as immediate stoppage to its mining , Ganga’s tributaries Alaknanda and Bhagirathi including clousure of its policy to built big dams in the Uttarakhand Himalayas, the government of Uttarakhand and the centre do not want to take any further chance of such tragic deaths which has cause uproar and outrage at the national as well as the global scenerio bringing bad name to both the state as well the union government for being anti environment n anti people. And as such the Uttarakhand police and the hospital authorities under the instructions from the higer ups have arrested the new saint Gopal Dass of Matra Sadan who is also on incessant hunger strike fro the last more than three months and now given up the intake of water as well. Swamy Gopal Das has continued his fast at Matri Sadan since the day eminent environmentalist Dr. GD Aggrawal aka Swamy Swaroopa Sananda gave up his life after 112 days of hunger strike. Just today the local police under the instruction from the Haridwar administration has forcibly lifted Sant Gopal Dass from Matra Sadan Ashram and ferried him to the AIIMS for treatment as his physical condition is reported to have deteriorated. It has been given to understand that saint Gopal Dass who had been in hunger strike for several days on the same demands of late saints Nigmanand and late Swaroop Sanand was forcibly addmitted in AIIMS few days ago sent back to Matri Sadan after force feeding etc but the former had again given up water creating complications in the health condition. It has been revealed that the local police and the SDM n the SHO of Kankhal police station alongwith a battery of doctors had arrived at Matri Sadan where the saint was on hunger strike n a day after took him back to the hospital. The local administration has clamped 144 around the Kankhal area to avoid any untoward incident. There have been immense resentment in the Sant Samaj as well as in the society for forcibly harrassing the peaceful saint who had himself expressed his annoyance and protest for not allowing him to fast which is his fundamental right. The SDM Manish Singh says that in view of the deteriorating health condition of Saint Gopal Dass it is their bounden duty to ensure his well being as he has now also given up the water intake. It may be recalled that soon after the sad demise of Swamy Swaroop Sanand aka professor GD Aggrawal after his 112 days fast several union ministers especially the former environment minister and a veteran journalist Jairam Ramesh has expressed his immense shock n anguish over Aggrawal’s sad demise saying that had the government been interested to fulfil his genuine demands or look into them the life of this environmental saint could have been saved. Similarly the former UK CM Harish Rawat and the entire state Congress have deplored the sorry death of this environmental saint and blamed the BJP government for being deliberately careless on this count as both the saints fighting for the noble cause of Ganga’s purification died during theor rule one in 2011 n another in 2018. This incident had allegedly brought bad name n disrepute to the ruling political dispensations of the state as well as the centre. Now the government is too serious and sensitive on this front and would not like to repeat the past mistakes again. Hence the boldness on the part of the government to ensure that Saint Gopaldass’s fast is broken n remains hale and hearty.

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