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Millions of websites that are running WordPress are being strongly advised to update to the latest version of the highly popular content management system as quickly as possible, after a serious security breach was uncovered recently on 1st November, 2017.

Anthony Ferrara discovered this flaw in WordPress, and said, it was a significant SQL-Injection vulnerability that was fixed in WordPress 4.8.3. And if the users haven’t t updated their version of WordPress they are strongly advised to do so, as soon as possible.

It is ironic that, the last month release of WordPress 4.8.2 was actually intended to protect it against the very same vulnerability, but according to Anthony Ferrera, it actually resulted in breaking a lot of websites and didn’t succeed in fixing the root issue.

Ferrera said that he had informed the WordPress team of this problem straight after the release of version 4.8.2, but he was effectively ignored by the security team for several weeks.

According to Anthony Ferrera, this newly-released 4.8.3 security update indeed thankfully mitigates the problem, but in his recent blog post about his interactions with the WordPress’s security team, he said that, any security report should be treated as quickly as possible. He said that, it sometimes means that every second counts and sometimes doesn’t, but the tech support needs to show attention. They need to show that they have read what’s submitted in a report.

Anyone who needs to download the latest version of WordPress (4.83) can get it from the WordPress website, or they can just go to Dashboard / Updates on their admin consoles and simply choose “Update now”.

Some of the WordPress installations support automatic background update, this means that they should have already updated themselves to the latest version of the WordPress.

Automatic updates are usually not for everyone, and many site admins who work inside organisations are wary of updating new versions of software on their web servers. This is because they want a chance to test if the update will introduce any new problems or not.

The truth is that there are many websites out there, which are still running older and vulnerable versions of WordPress. This may or may not be the only breach that could be exploited.

Running your own site which is WordPress based is a considerably hectic job. It is time-consuming to ensure that WordPress and its 3rd-party plugins always remain up-to-date and are working properly to fend off any attacks.

The chances of having your own site being hit by hackers can be reduced if you put a web application firewall in place. This firewall will attempt to filter and block any malicious web traffic before it has a chance to exploit any weaknesses in the system.

It is worth mentioning that websites which are running self-hosted versions of WordPress from are very different from the millions of blogs which are run on is run by Automattic and it manages the installation of WordPress for you, and also looks after security on your behalf.

Even when there are some limitations on what the website owners can do, they can always be sure that they are fully updated and are running the latest version released by WordPress.



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Several journalists felicitated with Media Signature Awards



It’s not only through journalism but also through socio political service we have to contribute healthily to the society and ensure that the poor, underprivileged and the oppressed sections of the society get their due and are delivered adequately their due.

Journalism in India has undoubtedly become a challenging task and it is really distresng to note that more and more journalists are becoming the target of anti social elements, criminals and sometimes atthe hands of the prevailing political system at the helm.

These were the views of the former Uttarakhand chief minister Harish Rawat while addressing a gathering of distinguished guests as chief guest at the first Signature award function and seminar on the subject titled JOURNALISM AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBLITIES organised by Shail Savera Newspaper at India International Centre on 6th January 2018. Harish Rawat said that there isan urgent need to devise a law for the safety and security of the scribes confronting challenges and threats to their lives while performing their professional duties and subsequent provision for stringent punishment to the guilty including arrangement for adequate financial compensation for the family of the deceased scribes.

The eminent literateur and writer Pankaj Bisht who was the special guest of the function dwelt at length on the speedily killing of the small and medium newspapers of the country and said that the government of the day will have to ensure that newspapers at the grassroot levels are strongly supported financially instead of discouraging them as they are the real source of grass root information delivery and sustenance for them and their respective families. He also expressed his serious concern over the increasing attacks on the journalists of the country while performing their duties and the subsequent complacense of the authorities and police in nailing the culprits. He said: for a strong and viable democracy free media and free expression is inevitable and any attempt to scuttle the voice of the fourth estate will have serious repercussions and implications.

The senior journalist Umakant Lakhera said the way mediamen are being threatened in their line of duty and those working in print and electronics media being made unemployed, forced to resign speaks of the unambiguous fact that the big meda houses and the government in power through their unholy nexus are hell bent upon squeezing the voice of free expression and writing which isa dangerous trend and should be dealt with severely by the united repultion of the media community. Sr journalist Arvind Kumar Singh said unless or until the media does not become the face of the poor, under privileged and the marginalised class of the country including those living in the rural areas of the country we can’t do justice with our profession.

The president of Uttarakhand Journalist Forum Sunil Negi expressed his serious concern over the deteriorating conditions of the safety and security of the journalists and revealed how shockingly over 70 journalists have been killed during the last ten years and not a single case solved with 431 incidents of brutal attacks on the journalistic fraternity of the country. He urged upon the governmental agencies to devise a law for a minimum punishment of ten years for the attackers on journalists and rigrous life imprisonment and capital punishment for the culprits of rarest of the rare cases.

Girish Khadayat of Zee news spoke at length as to how while working in electronic mediathey are harassed to express their voice and talent and hoed that the channels become mote poor and people friendly than focussing on glamour and celibrities. He said the a journalist should be fearless, vocal and courageous. Priyanka Sharma of AAJ Tak said that the day a newsperson or journalist or a politician develop immense intimacy it would lead one to think that there is an unholy nexus between both of them.

She added to be a good journalist one should be critical of the government policies of healthy grounds with unbiased and honest perspective. Vipnesh Mathur of India newssaid that a journalist’s honesty and impeccable integrity in profession is must to gain and win the confidence of the viewers. There are several regulations in performance of duties as an anchor in private channels she added but if one is courageous and have the guts to counter the injustice one can prove to be a good journalist.

Sr Advocate Supreme Court and former President AMU ZK Faizan the mindset of the people have to be changed as in democracy the ultimate power lies with the people of any nation. The journalists do have their problems but chief responsibility of the fourth estate as the torch bearers of the society would be only vindicated when they contribute immensely in changing the peoples’ mind set as the society is rotten due to various socio political and criminal ills.

Harish Awasthi , national spokesperson of AAP said that politicians are the usual targets of journalists here as in journalism too there are several instances of yellow journalism and existence of power brokers under the guise of being scribes. Sr journalist Ved Vilas Uniyal said : having good and healthy relations with politicians is not bad but becoming a pro journalist of a particular ideology, party or a political leader in performance of one’s journalistic duty particularly while filing stories is highly derogatory and unacceptable.

Every journalist should ensure that he or she is free, fair, imartial and unbiased whole pursuing this noble ethical profession. Sr Journalist Abhishekh bachchan and Umakant Lakhera were presented bouquets and shawls on this occasion while 7 journalists of eminence Sunil Negi, Arvind Kumar Singh, Ved Uniyal, Vyomesh Jugran, Priyanka sharma, Vipnesh Mathur, Girish Khadayat were felicitated by first signature Award. The programme was ably anchored by Ajay Bisht.

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How to block a sender in Hotmail?



Hotmail which gives finest email administrations where email offices are free and one can without much of a stretch get sends and furthermore can send sends. In Hotmail, you can speak with individuals everywhere throughout the world. While utilizing Hotmail you can get various sends from interesting individuals and you can even get undesirable messages from obscure individuals. For this issue, you need to obstruct that individual keeping in mind the end goal to influence you to free from this issue and Hotmail gives you a decision to put these obscure individuals in square records. Hotmail gives a component of obstructing the individual who sends undesirable sends. Without a doubt, this element gave by Hotmail works successfully.

24*7 Hotmail bolster squad can help you at whatever point you are in a bad position. Along these lines, you can associate at whatever point you require. To enact this administration on your email account following are the means which are given beneath:

The initial step is to turn on your PC or portable workstation at that point watch that your web association is ON.

At that point move to Hotmail login page and enter your email address and secret word.

Presently tap on “Hotmail (X),” where “X” demonstrates the quantity of new sends in your inbox where you can without much of a stretch find at the highest point of the outline page.

At upper right point, you will discover a choice and after that from the dropdown rundown of your record settings you need to choose “More alternatives”.

Select the choice “Select and Blocked Senders” in the forestall garbage email segment in its settings to open Safe and Blocked senders page.

Presently begin obstructing the contact by clicking “Blocked senders”.

At that point write the email deliver which you need to obstruct in the crate which is prevailing to Blocked E-mail address.

To obstruct the contact, tap on “Add to List” to hinder that contact. In the wake of doing this you will never get messages from that contact unless and until the point that you expel the contact from the square rundown.

These means help you from not getting messages from undesirable individuals and you will never get any sort of messages from them once you square them by following these means. Indeed, even after you are accepting the messages from those questions then you have counsel a specialist by calling Hotmail bolster number where they will give you direction and heading .

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Is Facebook spying on you?



Is Facebook really looking at my photos and using those for ad targeting? Almost everyone with a basic knowledge of ad targeting has wondered about this fact. You may have heard very recently that Facebook can spy on you via your smartphone’s microphone.

This might be a concern if it was possible. Before we all start to panic, we should consider whether such a miracle is possible, even for a tech giant like Facebook.

To make this happen, Facebook would need to record each and every word that your phone’s microphone can record. This is almost the same as always being on a phone call between you and Facebook. Our average voice-over-internet call takes around 24kbps from one way, which totals to about 3 kBs of data per second. If we assume that you’ve got your phone on half the day, then that’s about 130 MBs of data per day, per user. In an average country that’s about 20 petabytes of data per day.

Facebook’s entire data storage at present is about 300 petabytes only, with a daily consumption of about 600 terabytes. So in other words, constant audio surveillance by Facebook would produce about 33 times more data than than Facebook currently consumes on a daily basis.

But if this doesn’t satisfy your curiosity, consider this, spying would be eminently detectable. How? Because using large quantity of data on your smartphone will make it lag. If the always on record call is maintained with Facebook, it will make your phone obviously slow and you will investigate, revealing the cause of the lag.

Though, it is possible, Facebook could listen only for specific keywords that can trigger ads. But it will still be very daunting to do such a thing on every smartphone in existence in country. This process from slow and older phones to fast flagships smartphone like the iPhone X is a messy process. Targeting a specific type of smartphone can ease the burden to an extent, but any significant load on such scale presents very extraordinary challenges.

Even if we disregard the feasibility or ubiquity of such digging for information, can you imagine what Facebook would do with all that information? What can it possibly do? Human language is laden with sarcasm, innuendo, obfuscation and double-entendre. The chances of Facebook’s AI figuring out, just what you want judging by any recording of your conversation are very slim.

In fact the harsh truth is that, it doesn’t need to perform such technical miracles to give us targeted ads. It can simply find you on whatever device you’ve ever logged in on. It can exploit just about everything that retailers know about you, your cash purchases, online transactions which are tied to your phone number or email for a reason.

But before you rage quit Facebook, you must know that Twitter and LinkedIn do the same thing along with numerous other social media apps. In this world it is very hard to escape the modern methods of Advertising.

In short we can just say that, there’s no way at all for Facebook to eavesdrop on you at the moment. But it is definitely tracking you in ways that you’re not aware of.







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