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Is Priyanka’s debut in active politics, RaGa’s masterstroke ?



Priyanka Gandhi’s plunge into active politics in her significant capacity as the newly appointed general secretary of the All India Congress Party incharge of East Uttar Pradesh has finally put a full stop on entire speculations n denials of past several years when hundreds of thousands of Congress party leaders and workers had been demanding her active entry at the helm of the party organisation.

Priyanka’s sudden appointment today alongwith Jyotiraditya Scindhia both as general secretaries of AICC alongwith the responsibilities of Eastern and Western Uttar Pradesh have not only surprised the party’s rank and file n the media but has also made the Congressmen jubilant all over the country, especially in Uttar Pradesh where Congress was not only like a sinking ship in view of having been sidelined by the BSP SP alliance but was also finding itself in quandry.

Political observers say that Priyanka’s recent appointment will not only help the Congress party in UP to activate n re energise its complacent n inactive party workers n leaders right from block to the state level but will also revive the party at the national level n all the states of the country. The maximum advantage the party is going to derive after Priyanka’s debut in active politics is amongst the women and youth of the country who has tremendous liking for her. The people believing in Congress’s ideology n the rank n file of the party see in Priyanka the style, sobriety n determination of her grand mother Indira Gandhi who ruled India for seventeen long years.

While the leaders of the BSP SP alliance in UP namely Mayawati n Akhilesh Yadav are disturbed by Priyanka’s entry in UP as the General Secretary Incharge Eastern UP with Jyotiraditya Scindhiya, the saffron clad chief minister Yogi Adityanath too is perturbed.

The reason being that Congress is going to invade into the majority of the forward and upper caste votes as well which are usually considered to be the BJP’s traditional vote bank especially when the dalit n OBC votes are likely being cornered by the BSP SP alliance. However, Priyanka’s entry would also put a dent on the dalit, OBC n the minority vote bank in UP to a great extent, as well.

Priyanka’s sudden entry into active politics is being evaluated as the master stroke of Rahul Gandhi at the time when national elections are round the corner. Her unique timing of entry as a debut Gandhi family leader is somerhing which makes things different in the days n months to come. What’s your take friends?

Sunil Negi hails from Uttarakhand and is a veteran journalist and author. He is a prolific writer and has carved a name for himself in the media world. He received the 'Golden Achiever Award' in the '90th AIAC Excellence Awards 2019' for his book ''Havoc in Heaven'' based on the tragedy that struck Uttarakhand in which thousands of people lost their lives. He is also the President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum and majorly writes on Politics, Current Affairs, and Social Issues.


Priyanka lambasts Smriti Irani for her remarks against the poor of Amethi wearing torn shoes. Blames ruling party of shutting down pro people projects opened by Rahul



Priyanka Gandhi intetacting with the electorates of Amethi

The Congress general secretary, incharge of east Uttar Pradesh Priyanka Gandhi today lambasted the former union minister Smriti Irani who’s contesting from Amethi on BJP ticket against her brother Rahul Gandhi for insulting the poor n the under priviledged voters by saying that they have become so poor n hapless under the tenure of Congress chief Rahul Gandhi as MP from Amethi that their shoes are torn from the bottom n can’t afford to buythe new ones’.

Union minister n BJP candidate from Amethi: Smriti Irani accused Rahul for neglecting the people of Amethi resulting in compelling them to lead such a distressful life that they can’t even afford a proper shoe or slippers.

Priyanka Gandhi became angry n felt hurt by Smriti Irani’s insulting n disgraceful statement saying that it’s a direct insult to the dignity of the electorates of Amethi and that the BJP government has closed all the developmental pro people projects in Amethi which were opened by Congress chief n MP from Amethi Rahul Gandhi for providing employment to the lical poor.

Addressing and interacting to the people of Amethi, extremely vocal and active these days general secretary of AICC Priyanka Gandhi, amid slogans of ,” Priyanka Gandhi Zindabad renting the air,” said

I am visiting various parts of Uttar Pradesh, especially the areas of Western UP these days.

Where ever I m going there is pain, trauma and distress all around.

The peasents are telling me with cries that they has to save/ protect their agricultural fields. They say that they are awake the whole night because stray animals are damaging their crops.

I went to Bhadohi, the poor workers involved in Carpet weaving are hapless n in pains. Their faces are grim with dustress.

They say they haven’t got employment during the last five years. Do you know how may youths/ people have become jobless during the last five years? she asks the crowd.

About fifty lakh people have lost employment n there jobs were diffused by those politicians who’d guaranteed you 2 crore jobs every year, obviously indicating towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

She added: I know, the people of Amethi are quite intelligent n passionate nare well aware as to who is betraying n befooling them.

You very well know who was establishing the food park n IIT in Amethi for you?

You know everything as to how much development the Congress party government n Rahulji has done for Amethi.

See how destructive are they( BJP). I will tell you an incident. One day while passing through Amethi they noticed a poster of Rahul Gandhi about construction of the Kendriya Vidhyalaya here.

They shamefully got it closed. If they are really bothered for the development of Amethi they should go for development even if it is being executed by their arch rival. How does it matter that who is doing the development. Afterall it’s for the well being of the people of Amethi she said.

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Cricketer Gautam Gambhir and boxer Brijendra Singh are the BJP n Congress candidates from East n South Delhi.



Eminent cricketer Gautam Gambhir contesting from East Delhi parliamentary constituency on BJP ticket

After failing to patch up with the AAM ADMI PARTY in Delhi’s seven parliamentary seas despite its best efforts the Congress party has also announced its candidates for all the seven seats with Aam Admi Party having already taken a lead.

The Bhartiya Janata Party too has announced all its candidates for the seven seats. In view of the fact that now the Congressparty andthe Aam Admi Party are contesting separately given up their earlier commitment to give the communal BJP a resounding defeat, it’s for sure that the contest in the Delhi parliamentary polls is going to be a three cornered contest with the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party having a clear edge as per my political analysis.

The Modi factor compounded with the polarisation tactics of BJP on the issue of ultra nationalismn post Pulwama affect, if it remains intact the political situation seems to besome what favorable to the saffron party.

The division of the anti BJP votes that includes n consolidated chunk of minority n SC ST votes as well gives the saffron party a technical plus.

Anyways, lets leave it to destiny as the results will be finally out on 23rd May.

Meanwhile as per the AAP’s list the New Delhi seat goes to Brijesh Goyal, while from South Delhi Raghav Chadda is the AAP candidate.

From East Delhi Aatishi who brough revolution in Delhi govt schools is being fielded where as its spokes person Dilip Pandey is contesting from North East Delhi.

Pankaj Gupta is the AAP’s candidate from Chandni Chowk seat where as Gugan Singh is contesting from North West Delhi.

The Congress party on the other hand has fielded the former Delhi CM n present DPCC chief Shiela Dikshit from North East Delhi and former Delhi chief n minister

Arvinder Singh Lovely from East Delhi. Lovely has been the MLA from Geeta Colony n had joined BJP but lateron returned back to his parent party after few months.

From Chandni Chowk the party has fielded a veteran Congressman n former MP Jai Prakash Aggrawal who too had been the Delhi party chief twice.

Former union minister n Delhi Congress chief Ajay Makan wh’d been favouring the AAP Congress tie up has been given ticket from the New Delhi constituency represented by him earlier.

The earlier MP Mahabal Mishra has been fielded from West Delhi whereas the former Youth Congress chief n MLA Rajesh Lilothiya has been made to contest from North West Delhi.

This is a reserve parliamentary seat. From South Delhi the Congress has sprung a surprise by giving the ticket to famour boxer Bijendra Singh.

The BJP had declared its candidates in the last minutes today as 23rd April being the last day for filing nominations.

Out of the seven tickets it has given one ticket to the prominent cricketer Gautam Gambhir who’d joined the saffron party just yesterday on 22nd April.

Gautam Ghambhir’s candidature was announced today n the BJP supremo wasted no timein clearing his name from East Delhi.

The BJP’s sitting MP Mahesh Giri’s ticket has been cut this time. Senior Advocate n sitting MP Meenakshi Lekhi was given ticket for the second time from New Delhi. She was the one who filed a writ petition in Supreme Court against the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi for insulting prime minister Narendra Modi pronouncing him as CHOWKIDAR CHOR HAI.

Rahul was constrained to express apology in the apex court. Four sitting MPs, viz former union minister Harsh Vardhan, Ramesh Biduri, Manoj Tiwari and Parvesh Verma have been given BJP tickets from their old constituencies.

However, from the reserve constituency of North west Delhi from where Udit Raj was the sitting MP the party has not yet decided its official candidate. However there are possibilities of his being repeated. Udit Raj will however file his nomination papers today.

It may be recalled that total 1.5 crore voters will exercise their franchise from Delhi’s seven parliamentary constituencies on 19th May. The results of the pan India elections will be declared on 23rd May. Last time in 2014, the BJP had won all the seven seats in Delhi under the extensive Modi wave.

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Prestige Estates Plans To Grow Retail Presence Over Next Three Years



With the aim of strengthening its retail existence in the country, Prestige Estates Projects has suggested to expand its reach to 15 operational malls, totaling 10 million sq. ft., over the coming three years. Currently, the group has 8 operational malls in the southern part of the country, with a total space of 4 million sq ft.
According to sources, Prestige Group has already combined with various malls across the country, the number to which is nearly over, and now they are seeking to make money through rentals from retail ventures worth Rs 400 crore annually.
Reportedly,the group was only focusing to acquire stake across malls, but after the acquisition at Hyderabad Forum Mall, the consolidation got over. The net operating income from the Hyderabad mall is more than Rs95 crore.
Before few days, Prestige Retail Ventures, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bengaluru-stationed company has purchased 100% stake in Hyderabad’s Forum Sujana Mall. The deal was of valuation Rs 364-crore. Before this acquirement, the group possessed only 49% stake in the 7, 00,000-sq-ft mall, owned by the Sujana Group of Hyderabad.
Prestige group is on an acquisition spree as in 2018, they have purchased CapitaLand’s stake across mall projects for around Rs 342 crore. This possession took place in 5 operational retail malls in Mangalore, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mysuru, and Udaipur. Other than this, the group also overtook residential project in Kochi, serviced residences in Bangalore and a mall management company.

With the aim of strengthening its retail existence in the country, Prestige Estates Projects has suggested to expand its reach to 15 operational malls, totaling 10 million sq. ft., over the coming three years. Currently, the group has 8 operational malls in the southern part of the country, with a total space of 4 million sq ft.
According to sources, Prestige Group has already combined with various malls across the country, the number to which is nearly over, and now they are seeking to make money through rentals from retail ventures worth Rs 400 crore annually.
Reportedly,the group was only focusing to acquire stake across malls, but after the acquisition at Hyderabad Forum Mall, the consolidation got over. The net operating income from the Hyderabad mall is more than Rs95 crore.
Before few days, Prestige Retail Ventures, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bengaluru-stationed company has purchased 100% stake in Hyderabad’s Forum Sujana Mall. The deal was of valuation Rs 364-crore. Before this acquirement, the group possessed only 49% stake in the 7, 00,000-sq-ft mall, owned by the Sujana Group of Hyderabad.
Prestige group is on an acquisition spree as in 2018, they have purchased CapitaLand’s stake across mall projects for around Rs 342 crore. This possession took place in 5 operational retail malls in Mangalore, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mysuru, and Udaipur. Other than this, the group also overtook residential project in Kochi, serviced residences in Bangalore and a mall management company.

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What would be the fate of thousands of Jet employees ?



A Jet Airways air hostess in tears after losing her job

The general election of 2019 is primarily being fought on the issues of unemployment n agrarian crisis with other issues also being discussed n propagated threadbare by opposition political parties in order to downgrade the ruling party at the centre led by Narendra Modi .

When in 2014 prime minister Narendra Modi accupied the power at the centre his twin issues were (1) two crore jobs every year to the unemployed youths of the country and (2) bringing back black money stashed foreign banks compounded with deposition of several lakhs in the bank account of an average poor Indian.

There were several other issues like anti Pak bogey, national security n inflation, the main being the rates of the petro products to be controlled including the LPG rates n ofcourse the agrarian crisis etc.

The pro Modi wave on these two issues was so rampant n myriad that the BJP got a historic majority in the Lok Sabha.

This accorded prime minister Narendra Modi an unstinted power to act unilaterally and he brought demonetisation leading to several people being succumbed to heat waves while standing on endless queues n several million serving people in the unorganised sector going unemployed with small n medium businemen constrained to close their trades.

There have been media reports especially in print media that fifty lakh to more than a crore people have gone without jobs and except four to five lakh jobs in the private sector, no one got employment during the last five years.

The Congress president Rahul Gandhi and the entire opposition had been quite vocal and forthright in criticizing the Modi government on the unemployment and black money fronts, inside and outside parliament, where the government of the day seems to have miserably failed.

Yes, issues of Ram Temple construction, abrogation of article 370 n 35 A in Kashmir, execution of uniform civil code that had been the basics of the saffron party since 1977 but had not been fulfilled till date, have definitely been renewed/ raked up and brought to the fore to polarise the votes.

While not going in details n anti thesis of several other core issues on which the saffron government has failed during the last five years with Mallaya, Neerav Modi, Mehul Chowksi, Lalit Modi n 36 others having left the country duping thousands of our tax payers money n allegedly remitting about 3.5 lakh crore bad loans of the capitalists , I would not be reluctant to mention that the 16000 odd employees of Jet airways, due to its sudden closure have gone jobless, unambiguously putting a huge question mark on the credibility of the ruling party at the centre, which otherwise boasts so much of generating employment opportunities in the country under its 5 year regime.

Hundreds of thousands of the families of the jet Airway employees who’d not been given salaries for the last four months are confronted with immense financial insecurities, no able to pay their children’s tution fees, health n medical bills n arranging rations in the family.

Those working in this company for the last 29 years have all of a sudden met with a bleak future after they have been ousted from jobs.

Is this the employment generation, the nation is witmessing under the present regime?

What is the fault of this company’s employees who’d put in their sweat n blood in the company for three decades and they are finally given the termination orders.

Where are the leaders n the ministers concerned who shout from the horse’s mouth about the nation progressing manifold n people getting hundreds of thousands of jobs.

This is the time when the present political dispensation which came to power in 2014 on employment plank has to show its worth n seriousness by coming out of mere rhetorics and resolving the Jet airways issues by coming to the rescue of about twenty thousand employees who are on the roads today desperately praying for their jobs to be retained for the survival and sustenance of their respective families.

Will reverred Prime minister Narendra Modiji come forward n help Jet airways get revived thus saving 20000 people likely to go heywire in the near future with their families literally coming on the bank of disaster? The whole nation will bless you, Sir.

Meanwhile, according to a latest survey of EPFO payroll Data, job creation has trebled to a two year high at 8.61 lakhs in February.

It may be recalled that at least one lakh people depend in Jet Airways to run their house holds. The Jet Airways management all of a sudden of Wednesday told its emoloyees about its compulsion to close down all its operations as it could’nt receive Rs 883 crores from its lenders to continue its operations which included the salaries of its entire staff worth Rs. 230 crores. All efforts to knock at the doors of PMO has not brought any result.

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Shatrughan’s chemeleon acts ! He’s contesting on Congress ticket n wife Poonam on SP ticket. Campaigns for wife against Cong in Lucknow



Congress candidate from Patna Sahib Shatrughan Sinha camgaining against Congress n BJP candidates in Luckbow while supoorting his wife's candidature who is contesting on SP ticket against Rajnath Singh of BJP n Pramod Krishna Acharya of Congress


Actor turned politician, former union minister and MP, now contesting on Congress ticket from Patna Sahib against the BJP’s candidate union minister Ravi Shanker Prasad, Shatrughan Sinha alias Shotgun Sinha is today again in controversies.

While Shatrughan Sinha has joined Congress recently in Rahul Gandhi’s presence n is a party’s official candidate from Patna Sahib he has made his wife Poonam contest from Lucknow against BJP’s Rajnath Singh and Congress’s Acharya Pramod Krishnan on the Samajwaji Party, BSP n RLD combine ticket knowing very well that it’s a childish decision.

Sounds ironical that while Shatrughan Sinha is fighting against the BJP n Samajwadi candidate in Patna Sahib on Congress ticket his wife Poonam is fighting on SP ticket against the BJP n Congress in Lucknow.

Such a confusive and unprincipled contest from a single family has never been witnessed in the pokitical history of the country especially when Shatrughan Sinha visits Lucknow constituency n extensively campaigns for Samajwadi candidate his wife casting aspersions in Congress n BJP candidates, being himself a Congress candidate from Patna Sahib. Shatru says that he is obeying n pursuing the Patni Dharam ( wife’s duty) and that it is necessary.

Not only this but in his response to the media he has even termed BSP supremo Mayavati n Akhilesh Yadav as the best nominees for the post of prime minister. It it’s so that what is he doing in Congress ask the political analysts.

This irresponsible behaviour of his unambiguously indicates the fact that Shatrughan Sinha has literary made himself an object of ridicule n mockery.

All of us know that the BSP chief Mayawati n SP chief Akhilesh Yadav had not only sidelined Congress party in the process of forming the BSP, SP n RLD alliance but had also been openly criticizing the Congress politicies and it’s chief Rahul Gandhi in public meeting on equal footing as they are criticizing the BJP.

If it is so then what’s the point of Shatrughan’s wife Poonam contesting from SP,s ticket in Lucknow and Shatrughan going their to extensively campaigning against the Congress candidate expert in oratorical skills, Acharya Pramod Krishan. Isn’t not ridiculing himself n the Congress party.

The Congress leaders are therefore in disarray over Shatrughan Sinha’s hypocritical attitude and stand. Now since his ticket has already been allocated there is no point asking him to withdraw from the contest.

The Bhartiya Janata Party on the contrary is exploiting the situation to its maximum advantage n deriving maximum political mileage. It may be recalled that the union home minister Rajnath Singh is contesting from BJP ticket. The former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee represented this constituency in the past.

The SP’s candidate is Shatru’s wife Poonam while Congress has fielded Acharya Pramod Krishan. A muslim candidate from Shiv Pal Singh’s party is also contesting from this seat. Since the the anti BJP votes are badly splitting here, the chances of Rajnath Singh’s victory are quite bright. It looks as if he is behaving like a chemeleon.

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Where ever Priyanka is going she’s acknowledging an overwhelmning response



Priyanka Gandhi on the campaign trial

The Congress general secretary incharge of eastern Uttar Pradesh Priyanka Gandhi is attracting large crowds where ever she is going in support of the party candidates. No public meeting, roadshow or even corner meeting is without hundreds of thousands of people huddled together on roof tops, terraces, on trees n even on myriad vehicles following her.

Priyanka has so far visited almost every nook n corner of Uttar Pradesh especially the parts of eastern UP and the overwhelmning response being acknowledged by her entourage is highly encouraging with people of all sections of the society welcoming her with full zeal, enthusiasm n nostagia.

The overwhelmning response received by her in Saharanpur, Amethi, Lucknow, Allahabad, Kanpur, Varanasi, Gujarat and several other parts of UP n the country esoecially in Gujarat n South, unambiguously speaks of the fact that her entry in active politics of Congress party has started turning the tables in favor of Congress which just a few months back was considered as a defunct n gone force in Uttar Pradesh n even at the pan India level.

People from all sections of the society n across all religions see in her the shadow of late prime minister of India Indira Gandhi, Priyanka’s grand mother.

Her total commitment and dedication to lift the Congress party from the grass roots to the citadel of power in 2019 has started accompanying results in the sense that once defunct political force in Uttar Pradesh, the Congress party has now been fully charged and energised leading to Mayavati, Akhilesh n BJP leaders finding themselves in a defensive position.

Priyanka’s demand at the pan India level within the Congress circles has enhanced tremendously. Every leader and candidate of the party wants her to campaign for them at all costs.

But singular Priyanka has limitations of time frame and availability as she is more committed and involved in Amethi, Rai Bareilly, Wayanad and other lok sabha constituencies of Uttar Pradesh.

Her late entry into the scene has infact been the minus point for the party.

According to political analysts, had Priyanka joined active politics a year ago, things would have been different n quite favourable for Congress especially in Uttar Pradesh where the party’s ship was sinking but saved by Priyanka Gandhi, even after her late entry.

On Saturday, 20th April, she is again going to Wayanad, Kerala to campaign for her brother Rahul Gandhi as her demand is in South as well.

On 19th April, Friday her road show in Kanpur was phenomenal where hundreds of thousands of people greeted her with immense enthusiasm and jubilation raising slogans equating herself to her grandmother n Iron lady PM Indira Gandhi.

Jubilant Priyanka addressed the massive gathering amidst slogans hailing her and the Congress party renting the air.

Priyanka addresses the crowd in an interative fashion as if she is talking to them on one to one basis. She castigates the BJP n the prime minister Narendra Modi for doing literally nothing on the employment front and resolving the long pending issues of farmers, women, youth and small n medium traders but befooling n betraying them during the last five years.

She exhorts the electorates to defeat the present communal, divisive, anti poor n anti people government led by prime minister Narendra Modi and vote for Congress for their socio economic prosperity n overall development.

The former union minister and Kanpur Congress candidate Sri Prakash Jaiswal was accompanying her on the roadshow wuth thousands of people following them raising pro Congress n Priyanka Gandhi Zindabad slogans.

Political analysts say that even worst cum worst if the Congress party dose’nt achieve highly promising results in UP but after Priyanka’s entry n active participation it will tremendously improve its tally manifold in this general election in UP as well as at the Pan India level. What’s your take friends?

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Two Elephants crushed to death by Nanda Devi express in Haridwar, Uttarakhand



Bodies of two elephants after being crushed by speeding train in Haridwar vicinity

Two elephants were today morning crushed to death near Jamalpur Sitapur Railway gate at Haridwar Laksar railway line creating quite a sensation in the nearby localities.

These two elephants were crushed by the train when they were trying to cross the Railway lines.

The train Nanda Devi express was in full speed and the driver was’nt able to stop the train.

On acknowledging the information about two elephabts having been crushed to death by the speedy train, the forest department officials sprung into action.

According to the Jagran news flash the case under relevant sections have been filed against the railways n the train driver.

The group of hungry wild elephants usually cross the Jamalpur Sitapur’s populated areas in Haridwar in order to go to the nearby sugarcane n wheat fields to eat them in order to fulfil their hunger.

These elephants come out during the night to invade the sugarcane and wheat fields.

On 19th Friday morning these elephants were coming back after filling their bellies n were crossing the railway lines as usual at Jamalpur Sitapur area when all of a sudden a speeding Nanda Devi Express train crushed two elephants to death to the utter shock n dismay of the people of the area.

According to the ranger Dinesh Prasad Naudiyal the dead bodies of the elephants who were 15 years old have been sent for post mortem n necessary case of accidental death have been registered against the train driver.

This is not the first time that elephants have died in train accidents. It’s almost a regular feature. The forest department should do something concrete and credible to safeguard the lives of these endangered spieces.

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Rohit Shekhar was murdered say the post mortem report ?



The sad n till date, natural demise of the son of former Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand CM Rohit Shekhar Tiwari has taken a new twist with the police allegedly converting the natural death case into a premeditated murder case. As per the news coming from various media platforms, the post mortem report has indicated that Rohit’s throat had several cut marks as well n that he must have been stragulated/ smothered through a pillow leading to excessive bleeding from the nose.

It may be recalled that the bilogical son of the former UP n UK CM late ND Tiwari, Rohit Shekher who’d won the paternity suit against the the former claming himself to be the biological son several years ago, was brought dead to the MAX Saket hospital two days ago after excessive nose bleeding. His mother Ujjwala sharma, second wife of late ND Tiwari who was in the hospital for her treatment had said that though the death of her son seems tobe natural but she will reveal certain facts n circumstances that must have led to her sons death. Since the death of young Rohit was controvertial, an inquest was carried out of his death body which revealed the possible unnatural death theory.

The police is now investigating the matter from a different angle in order to reach to a definite conclusion of the death. All the phone numbers, incoming n outgoung callsare being scanned, especially of the past three days before the sad n untimely demise of Rohit Shekhar.

He was living with her mother n wife in his Defence colony flat with no children. The case has been transferred to Crime Branch Delhi who’ve registered a murder case n are busy in cracking the murder mystery.

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PRIYANKA joins Shiv Sena, says she was brought up under the influence of this party since childhood ?



Priyanka being addmitted in Shiv Sena in Mumbai. Thakrey junior presenting her the bouquet

The humiliated n infuriated Congress spokesperson who’d been associated with the party for more than ten long years, Priyanka Chaturvedi has finally joined the Shiv Sena in Mumbai today in the presence of its chief and son of late Bala Saheb Thakrey, Udhav Thakrey.

Similarly, just a month ago a thirty year old associate, the Congress’s media incharge n secretary Tom Vaddakam too had joined the BJP expressing full faith in the prime minister Narendra Modi’s leadership symbolising all round development of the country.

However, before joining the saffron outfits both these leaders had literally been ridiculing, criticizing and condemning the policies n character of the saffron party leaders especially prime minister Narendra Modi.

Infact politics and political leaders have these days become hypocritical, of double standards n highly opportunistic, with no ideological base.

Just imagine a women spokesperson who represented such a prestigious party and claims in press conference that she’d joined the Congress party for it’s liberal, pluralistic, secular, progressive and pro poor character has now joined an outfit which is confined till Maharashtra n Mumbai and completely contrary to the progressive ideology, representing sectarianism n reactionery forces.

After joining the Shiv Sena in the presence of its chief Udhav Thakrey, his son n other important leaders , Priyanka addressed a press conference n thereater fielded the journalists’ questions as well.

Expressing her indignation n annoyance against the top Congress leadership without mentioning anybody’s name jubilant Priyanka who was heartily welcomed in the party by Thakrey, said that he is joining the Shiv Sena because being a Mumbaikar, though primarily from Mathura, she grew up in Mumbai under the influence of Shiv Sena.

After joining Congress n being in Delhi she felt that she was not doing justice with the women of Mumbai n its people as she was not able to serve them.

Priyanka explained as to how she was humiliated by Congressmen in Mathura n despite her repeated pleas,she was not accorded justice.

The leaders at the highest level of the party were aware of the development but were no prepared to punish the guilty, instead the lumpen goons were again reinstated in the party fold despite her serious reservations.

Therefore she left the party n joined Shiv Sena to serve it honestly, with dedication n sincerety not only in Maharashtra n Mumbai but in the entire country as well.

In response to a reporters query Priyanka said she has’nt come out of Congress out of any acrimony or misgivings but want to go to another level to serve the Mumbaikars, especially women as I felt that I am sidelining myself from Mumbai for years together.

On the question about her not being giving the party ticket despite her dedicated services to Congress party, Priyanka said, it was not the reason for her quitting the party but yes she did had aspiration for the ticket as several of the Congressmen who don’t deserve got the chance to contest, then why not she ?

Welcoming the former Congress women leader in the party fold Udhav Thakarey said that Priyanka’s services would be used to strengthen the party at the pan India level.

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Priyanka follows Tom, resigns from Congress after nobody in the party came to her rescue



The Congress spokes person Priyanka Chaturvedi has resigned from Congress party giving a jolt at a time elections are going on. She is annoyed, angered and furious because the senior party leaders, including the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka has not heeded to her woes regarding re induction of those Congressmen of Mathura into the paryy fold who’d misbehaved with her using highly derogatory and abusive language in a press conference when she visited Mathura in September last year.

Though she has’nt taken the name of Congress chief Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi by the reference is obvious as has her woes beenheard in this regard she would’nt have resigned. Priyanka Chaturvedi had been a sort of trouble shooter of Congress party as she had been constantly addressing the media criticizing the BJP n the ruling NDA on various significant issues such as Rafale and the degree issue of union minister Smriti Irani etc by ridiculing the latter through a song in a press conference at the party head quarter.

The all of a sudden resignation of Priyanka Chaturvedi has definitely given a massive jolt to the Congress party especially during the election time which may be exploited by the arch rival BJP by all means.

Just a month ago the secretary of the Congress party and incharge media for several decades Tom Vadakkam has joined the BJP highlighting various discrepencies in the party leadership. Sources reveal that Priyanka Chaturvedi may have been frustrated for not having been given ticket or better position in the party and she’d resigned using the last year’s Mathura episode.

What is interesting in this whole episode is that despite her being close to Rahul Gandhi n other senior leaders of Congress none of them has stood on the side of her despite the hard fact that all of them talk of women empowerment. It may bee recalled that Priyanka Chaturvedi visited Mathura last September and addressed a press conference there.

It is learnt that she was badly abused and humiliated by few Congressmen who included an AICC member and the district Congress president. Thereafter on her complaint several Congressmen were ousted from the party but recently on the advice of the UP state Congress president the general secretary incharge of western Uttar Pradesh Jyotiraditya Scindia has reinstated all of them in the party fold warning them of not repeating such derogatory acts in future otherwise they’ll be ousted from the party permanentally.

This action of the senior party leaders have badly infuriated Priyanka Chaturvedi who expressed her ire in a tweet yesterday saying that the gooda and lumpen elements in the party are being given preference as compared to those committed workers who give their sweat and blood to the party.

Instead of hitting them on their knuckles the leaders sadly n shamefully are giving preference to lumpen goons. After her tweet several electronic channels have telecast the breaking news and print media too gave tremendous coverage but not a single party leader of national stature came to her rescue finally compelling her to quit the party in a huff.

Badly infuriated Priyanka posted a quote of Martin Luther King on her timeline this morning which says: “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” She had taken out her pictures with Congress chief Rahul Gandhi from her fb timeline. It remains to be seen whether she joins BJP as Tom Vaddakam did or waits for top party leadership to request her take her stand back.

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