What would the environmentalists say to the fully grown up trees being...

What would the environmentalists say to the fully grown up trees being rampantly cut?


What would the conscious and environmentally friendly people of Uttarakhand state and the country say when they would see these fully grown up trees being rampantly cut in a part of Garhwal, Uttarakhand.

There are two options for the conscious, right thinking people, whistle blowers, journalists, social activists, politicians, environmentalists and the common people either to keep mum and seen the broad daylight assasination of these fully grown up gree trees that pose direct and grave threat to our green environment and lives or to fight the wrong doers by bringing such arbitrary and illegal practices to the knowledge of the political dispensation ruling the state at present.

Everyone knows crystal clear that creating havoc with environment through such large scale arbitrary cutting of fully grown up trees even if it happens after proper departmental permission is wrong and unlawful as the national green tribunal, the forest act and the honourable courts forbid us to do so. But unfortunately this dastardly act has happened a few days ago and a shocking revelations by a local channel and thereafter by various television news channels including the print media has exposed the wrong doing by the people in league with the powers that be.

Sounds shocking and highly deplorable that under the direct connivance of the forest authorities of Uttarakhand such ramphant cutting of fully grown up trees is going on and every effort is being made to allegedly demoralise and threaten the journalist concerned by defaming him on false, biased, fabricated and concocted grounds knowing very well that the scribe has caught the DFO in camera allegedly accepting the wrong doing under the pressure of a high up.

The Uttarakhand Congress Committee’s state secretary Asad Ali has taken a serious note of this arbitrary act of fully grown up several green trees being cut and has called upon the chief minister of the state to take the suo motto of this serious matter and penalise the guilty responsible for this arbitrary and illegal act.

He has warned of democratic protests if no actiin is taken in the matter at the earliest. It may be recalled that a local you tube channel’s journalist Jago Uttarakhand had made this shocking exposure from ground zero a few days ago and the video went viral on facebook where in he has shown the DFO in camera accepting the role of a higher up in pressuring them to give permission for cutting these fully grown green trees in an Area called Hatniya in Kotdwar, Lansedown Garhwal.

One of the district president of the ruling party has denied any wrong doing in the matter saying that the trees were cut as per the permission granted by the DFO and has lodged a complaint (FIR) in the local police station charging the journalist of asking for money in lieu of planting the video in the FB.
The concerned journalist has outrightly denied the charge as a pressure tactics to demoralise him to withdraw the recording and the controvertial matter from the public eye.

The scribe has declared to take the matter to its logical conclusion and has in support of his contention dispatched letters to the prime minister of India as well as several higher authorities demanding justice for him and the environment of the Uttarakhand hills including bringing those responsible to justice.