To start a new business from a rubble, money is not the primary requirement but the strong and unbeatble confidence and will that makes a budding businessman into a giant entrepreneur one day. Money ofcourse play a vital role but it’s basically the will and determination to excel in one’s chosen field with a considerable thrust that makes the entrepreneur progress by leaps and bounds.

These were the views of the renowned entrepreneur of Uttarakhand in Delhi, the enterprising managing director of prestigious SPARK TECHNOLOGY S. R. Nautiyal with its headquarter in Delhi having a credible and dedicated technological workforce of 125 experienced personels with an annual turnover of 125 crores and the working capital of 25 crores. Starting from a scratch with few thousand rupees in his pocket and primarily an engineer by profession S R Nautiyal studied in his village primary school under the keroscene lamp when electricity was the luxury in Uttarakhand villages.

Addressing a limited gathering of selected entrepreneurs in IIC auditorium today, the 14th October, 2017 under the banner of 2nd Uttarakhand Business Summit and Award-2017 organised for the second time by SHAIL SAVERA newspaper SR Nautiyal appealed to the aspiring entrepreneurs to create a credible will and confidence in themselves and give up the apprehension of loss thus ready to confront risks before success.

He emphatically said without risk no business succeeds and without success one can’t achieve the prospective goals. But being ready for the worst is the key to success in entrepreneurship. Nautiyal urged for the need to organise many more such summits and seminars in Delhi and other metropolies of the country in order to inspire and encourage the budding young entrepreneurs of Uttarakhand in the near future.

He offered to provide advise and other form of support and assistence to the budding entrepreneurs who intend to start new business ventures. The Director/ chairman of Hythro Power Corporation Private Limited GS Rawat was very enthusiastic in his address who runs the company in power projects and advertising and has the wealth and assests of worth 200 crores primarily carrying behind an engineering background and voluntarily retiring from government service as an executive engineer. Rawat who belonged to a modest family and studied in a school several kilometers away from his village borrowed shoes from his friends due to abject poverty but carved his enlightened future by the niche of his hard work and perseverance to do something different and economically prosperous in his life.

He passed his engineering despite abject poverty and finally succeeded in building an empire worth more than two hundred crores. Always inspiring and according encouragement to the people of UK ( Uttarakhand) Rawat says that no business is small or big. You can start a business of hospitality services with just a duster, broom and a mop. What an initial entrepreneur primarily requires is his or her outstanding knack to start a business irrespective of the fact that he/ she succeeds or fails.

Anuj Nautiyal a young entrepreneur from Bengaluru gave a very inspiring speech who todays run prestigious Red Roots with an employee strength of 400 having started his business from the scratch at the inimaginable age of mere 26 years and having travelled by now half of the world. He specifically flew to Delhi from Bengaluru alongwith a friend entrepreneur with a return ticket the same evening having his Delhi office at Bara Khamba Road, New Delhi. A young entrepreneur with precision Anuj Nautiyal, the MD of prestigious Red Roots started his business with real estate and finally reaching the top today. Nautiyal is a positive entrepreneur who believes in always encouraging young budding entrepreneurs to say them A BIG YES always irrespective of the fact that even if they loose at the first instance they need to be encouraged to go further but NEVER SAYING NO OR IF BUTS TO THEM.

A highly enterprising man still young Anuj today holds a high reputation as a progressive entrepreneur with a positive bent of mind never ever believing in pessimism but only positivity. Gopal Rawat of Uttarakhand Fresh in his address hoped that the Uttarakhand entrepreneurs would come forward to prove their budding entrepreneur abilities and outstanding talents and make sure that success ultimately touches their feet by the dint of their hard work and perseverence.

Aditya Ghildiyal, President of Greater Noida Industrial Organisation congratulated the organisers of this event and gave constructive tips to budding entrepreneurs of Uttarakhand to come forward more corageously to confront risk factors to finally come out triumphant as succesful businessmen.

All the entrepreneurs were felicitated for their outstanding achievements and an unanimity was arrived at that more and more such summits and seminars would be organised in Delhi and other parts of the country to enthuse mre and more Uttarakhandi youths to make their respective forays into business world instead of preferring government and private jobs that keep them confined to limited salaries and kill their abilities to excel further as potential businessmen despite the fact that they possess tremendous abilities and potential to go through as succesful entrepreneurs.