Tonk is a town located in Rajasthan. The town is located  95kms South from Jaipur near the bank of Banas River. The tonk town is assigned as the administrative headquarters of the Tonk District. Tonk was also a princely state of the British Rule India from year 1817 to 1947.Tonk has been called ‘Rajasthan ka Lucknow’, ‘Adab ka Gulshan’, ‘Romantic poet Akhtar Shreerani ki Nagri’, ‘Meethe Kharboojo ka Chaman’, and ‘Hindu Muslim Ekta ka Maskan’.Tonk received a most deliberate status in Rajasthan with such names.

Wonderful Places to visit in Tonk are: 

Sunhari Kothi,Tonk-

It is one of the most beautiful hall in the city of Tonk as the Indian State of Rajasthan. The hall is located within the old palace complex with white walls and ceilings and superb enamel mirror work as well as painted glass windows. The enamel jewellery work is up to the outburst of the size of the hall. The Sunhari Kothi was built by Nawab Mohammed Ibrahim Ali Khan, the Nawab of Tonk for poetry,recitals,dance and music.

Hathi Bhata-

The Hathi Bhata is situated 30 kms from Tonk in the Sawai Madhopur Highway. The Hathi Bhata Tonk, Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful monuments in Rajasthan. The Hathi Bhata is carved out of a single stone and is given the shape of an elephant. It is one of the most delicate tourist spot of Rajasthan which attracts foreign tourists at a large number as well.

Bisaldeo Temple-

The Bisal Deoji’s temple constructed by Visala has a pancharatha sanctum defining linga, antarala, square mandapa and the portico with sikhara. It is also significantly termed as the temple of gokar-nesvara as Visala was a devotee of Gokar-na.The temple is surrounded by a hemispherical dome and is supported on eight tall pillars carved on the lower section with floral festoons, chain and bell and circular medallions as well. There are also some short inscriptions which depicts the visit of pilgrims and one of the most important of those are of mentioning the chahamana chief Prithviraja III.

Hadi Rani Baori-

The Hadi Rani Baori is basically a tank which is constructed within multiple storeyed steps and with double storeyed corridors on the western side also having arched doorway. Below the lower storey,there are images of Brahma,Ganesha and Mahishasura which are enshrined. There are sets of thirteen steps on all three sides of the structure on the higher level and five steps at the lower level which is upto the water level. It is dated between twelfth to thirteenth century A.D.