This Deepawali too was extremely polluted. Would we learn lessons in the...

This Deepawali too was extremely polluted. Would we learn lessons in the near future

Finally Deepawali festival will come to an end to night. But what makes us worrisome is the fact that despite the directives of the honourable Supreme court of India completely banning firecrackers in the capital city of India and fixing the last deadline at 10.30 PM for bursting of firecrackers if one is having the old stock in house, the Delhites have not shown respect to the extent the health conscious citizens of NCT had expected.

The positive impact of the court orders was undoubtedly observed yesterday and today till 8.30 PM. but what happened thereafter is anybody’s guess. From 8.30 onwards till 11.45 acrimonious and high volume noice of firecrackers could be easily heard everywhere and environment full of smoke pollution making respiration inhale a tedious task.

Thanks to the honourable court that at least the usual sale of firecrackers in Delhi was not the common scene as used to be every year earlier but clandestine sales at several place did took place say the sources.

Those fond of firecrackers even managed to purchase firecrackers from the adjoining states. sThe picture above have been clicked by me in Rohini at 11.25 PM on 20th October amid exploding of fire crackers and emitting of tremendous smoke entering environment.

The pictures clearly show the sorry state of affairs in the skies about the prevailing smoke pollution leading to difficulties in inhaling fresh air. As expected after the apex courts orders the situation, though may be perhaps, comparatively lesser polluted than last year but was no less satisfactory as Delhites haven’t exhibited the expected restraint but continued with their fire cracker exploding exercise.

What makes the situation even more worse can be gauged from the fact that even in the morning the electronic channels were flashing news about the environment of Delhi being completely polluted with PM 2.5 going out of limit, on Diwali evening the situation had gone from bad to worse creating problems for the patients already suffering from cardiac, asthamatic, lungs related deseases in the capital city of India.

The crux of the matter is when would we, the educated and literate Delhites learn lessons to get ourselves rid of increasing pollution effecting our healths badly. Delhi is already in the grip of dust, chemical, diesal amd other forms of pollution with enhancing mortality rates and despite the honourable Apex courts intervention, caring for our good health and well being, we deliberately try to ignore the serious warnings. Nobody is restraining us from celebrating festivals and performing spiritual rituals but bursting of firecrackers leading to deteriorating health is no answer to please our Gods.

Let’s honestly and with a sense of responsibility adhere to honourable Apex court’s warnings and get ourselves educated and educate our children as well to celebrate environment friendly Deepawali by exchaging sweets, flowers and lightening of earthern lamps and giving up disasterous fire crackers for our good and good of our children n the forthcoming generations. What do you say friends?