Rohingya’s threat to national unity, govt. firm on deportation

Rohingya’s threat to national unity, govt. firm on deportation



The Indian government has taken a concrete and clear stand that it’ s in favor to deport the 40000 Rohingya refugees staying in India, illegally as they are direct threat to the nation’ s sovereignity and integrity.

In an affidavit filed in Supreme court today the government said that the Rohingya Muslims have no right to stay in the country as they are illegal citizens and also threat to the nation’ s integrity as there are positive signs and chances of their being misused by anti India Pak sponsored terror groups.

As per the enquiries made several Rohingya muslims have been found to have terror links and are involved in suspicious diruptive activities. The home minister Rajnath Singh said that this is the governments executive decision to deport the Rohingya refugees and the final decision in the matter lies with the Apex court which is hearing the petition filed by two Rohingya refugees staying in India requesting to allow them stay here on humanitarian grounds.

The centre’ s affidavit catagorically states that some of the Rohingya’ s have direct links with the Pakistan’ s ISI and other militant organisations and are a serious threat to the country. As per its intelligence findings some hardened Pak sympathiser Rohingya’ s are active in Jammu, Hydrabad, Mewat and other parts of the country posing serious threat to the already tense nation in J and K.

It may be recalled that the Rohingya muslim refugees have cladestinely started infiterating into Indian territories since 2012 and have thereafter slowly and gradually settled in different nook and corners of the country having also procured bonafide identity proofs under assumed or fake names to carry out their suspicious activities like money laundering as well.
The apex court has fixed October 3/ 4th for next hearing. The government seems to be extremely serious on the deportation of Rohingya muslims in view of their involvement in disruptive activities and threat perception acknowledged after various authentic intelligence inputs.