Modi’s charisma to make Japan a trusted friend irks China

Modi’s charisma to make Japan a trusted friend irks China


One thing seems to absolutely clear now that, though slowly and steadily but prime minister Narendra Modi’ s foreign trips are accompanying fruitful results and his diplomatic outpouring and maneuvering, exhibiting positive results, particularly in terms of sending clear and loud message to mighty powers like China that India of 2017 is indeed now different from the India of 1962, when it suffered at the hands of the dragon, being militarily ill equipped and weak.

The visits of prime minister Modi to foreign lands after his becoming prime minister were severely criticized by the opposition, castigating him for wasting the exchequer’s money and accompanying no concrete and fruitful results to improve the economic climate of foreign investment in the country but the way , prime minister Narendra Modi and his efficient team on foreign affairs and national security has exhibited the dexterity to resolve the extremely complex Doklam issue by making obstinate and erroneous China come to the negotiating table and reach a mutual agreement, including impressing China’s bete noire Japan and the US to be India’s most trusted and long lasting friends, speaks of the fact that Narendra Modi has today proved himself to be an efficient prime minister to have elevated India’s image internationally and also countered and morally degraded India’s arch rival China and Pakistan diplomatically.

Prime minister Modi’s two visits to United States of America, France, Germany, Abu Dhabi, England, Japan, China, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Myanmar and to several Saarc nations as well, have been quite successful in the sense that not only has the former succeeded in cornering China and Pakistan but has also brought tremendous amount of foreign investment including arriving at unanimity on effectively and with heavy hand countering all forms of terrorism, especially those engineered and sponsored from across India’ s border Pakistan. Today, China and Pakistan are almost isolated in the international arena with the majority of the western nations, Asian/ Saarc countries and the middle east backing India against the Dragon and Pakistan. Prime minister Modi’ s efficient leadership role among st the SAARC nations and its recent bid to come to the aid of neighboring Himalayan kingdom Bhutan on Doklam impasse compounded with making BRICS nation agree on unitedly fighting the Pak sponsored terror outfits viz Laskare Tayyeba, Hizbul Mujahiddin, Haqqani network etc is a step forward in the elevation of India’ s leadership image globally.

The recent frustration of China in the form of its foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying’ s statement in the context of India’ s deepening ties with Japan that India should forge partnership and not alliance with Japan, its permanent bete noire is a clear indication that prime minister Modi’ s successful diplomacy by making Japan its most trusted and all weather friend after the US and other nations of the globe, has shattered the confidence of China. What do you say, friends?