Corporal punishment should be dealt with severely and discouraged at all costs

Corporal punishment should be dealt with severely and discouraged at all costs


Intolerance is the root to every crime and it can lead a man to commiting something very bad and unexpected. The majority of the crimes committed in household and domestic violence may they be against women or anybody else the reason behind them is intolerence. Intolerence makes a person an animal and compels him to do such brutal crimes that lead him finally behind bars repenting all his or her life. Majority of the crime committed have the factor of intolerance behind and has to be curtailed.

Well if the hardened criminals commit any act of brutality or horrendous killings or physical assault they are dealt with severely through the law of the land. The society though giving damn to them think that since they are criminals nothing more than brutal crime can be expected from them and as such they are left to the mercy of the law enforcing agencies to be dealt with severely under the strictest sections of the law.

They are counted in the catagory of psycopaths and mad men who could’nt control their anger and criminal bent of mind and hence commit these criminal blunders and acts of grusome murdrs or physical assaults.
But what if the educated, literate and the teachers on whom the prime and primary responsibilty of shaping the educational fate and carreer of students is rested themselves act as intolerant human beings and thrash their studends most callously and brutally inflicting injuries of serious nature.

Though of late such traumatic shameful acts have been happening in various parts of the country time and again inviting the peoples attention but unfortunately the teaching community is some cases go heywire and commit such undesirable acts of inhuman nature showing rebuff to the law enforcing agencies and the norms of decency of the society.

Unfortunately in the recent past incidents of intolerable teachers brutally beating their students even girls have become viral on social networking sites, thanks to the FB and have been punished under the strictest sections of the law but unfortunately this dreaded menace still continues unabated in the schools situated in the remote corners of the country.

The recent such shameful incident of the teachers badly thrashing their student with cane repeatedly happened in the school of AUGUSTYAMUNI TOWN of Garhwal, Uttarakhand where the latter was the victim of repeated lashes because he burnt crackers in the school vicinity. About four teachers ganged up and lost no time and opportunity to teach him a tit for tat lesson by mercilessly canning him reminding us of usual police torture of a criminal.

The picture of the student with lashes on his back clearly visible lashes with blood clots have become viral on facebook inviting the attention of facebook users followed by all round condemnation. Uttarakhand Journalists Forum condemns this inhuman act of teachers of AGASTYAMUNI in strongest possible terms and urges upon the authorities to punish them with adequate counselling not to repeat such undesirable inhuman acts in future. The student should be accorded financial compensation and best possible free treatment.  CORPORAL PUNISHMENT SHOULD BE DISCOURAGED AT ALL COSTS AND DEALT WITH SEVERELY.

Sunil Negi for