Congress’s rebuttal of PM Modi’s accusations of the then UPA govt...

Congress’s rebuttal of PM Modi’s accusations of the then UPA govt who didn’t allowed him the resurrection of Kedarpuri


While the visit and eloquent passionate address of prime minister Narendra Modi at Kedarnath dham, also simultaneously inaugurating four new schemes for the overall face lifting and upside down development of Kedarpuri at historic Kedarnath Dham, the BJP led NDA’s immediate rival, Congress Party couldn’t digest the increasing popularity of Narendra Modi and its leaders were quick enough to call a press conference and deplore the PM’s statements on various issues mentioned by Modi in his Kedarnath speech.

While, the former chief minister of Uttarakhand who himself lost from two legislative constituencies, deplored the prime minister for having relaunched his already inaugurated schemes in Kedarnath while he was the chief minister of the state, the former union minister of state and a close confidante of Rahul Gandhi, now Congress’s spokesman RPN Singh has also accused the present BJP led government and PM Modi for misguiding the people of Uttarakhand on the development plank and RENOVATION¬† and refurbishment of Kedarpuri as the union government has not released a single paisa in the context of reconstruction financial package during the last three years after the dreaded ecological catastrophe of Kedarnath, Uttarakhand.

The party also levelled charges on BJP leaders and PM for showing their backs to BABA Kedar while addressing the crowds thus breaching the spiritual sanctity and insulting Lord Shiva.

Terming the prime minister’s speech as the one not based on facts and reality, the Congress spokesperson Singh said that it was primarily the United Democratic Front government under Dr. Manmohan Singh’s tenure which had allocated a whopping financial package of Rs.8000 crores out of which rupess 2200 crores were expeditiously released and development works carried out at KEDARPURI but the current government has thereafter not released a single paisa out of the remaining sanctioned amount of rupees 5800 crores during its three and a half year rule despite repeated pursuances by the then Congress government of Uttarakhand.

RPN Singh also termed the prime minister Narendra Modi’s statement regarding the then Congress led government not allowing him to carry out the renovation and reconstruction work in Kedarnath absolutely wrong and baseless as no written request or communication was acknowledged by the then either the central or the state government.

Regarding PM Modi’s claim of rescuing and sending 5000 Gujaraties safely to Gujarat from the catastrphic Kedarnath in 2013, the Congress spokesman contradicted, saying that it was not the former but the then UK CM Vijay Bahuguna and his government who deserved the actual credit. The Bhartiya Janata Party leaders of the centre or state have so far not issued a single statement clarifying or deploring the statement of former Congress CM Harish Rawat or RPN Singh.