Congressmen the happiest lot after Yashwant’s criticism of the after effects of...

Congressmen the happiest lot after Yashwant’s criticism of the after effects of demonetisation n GST



The Congressmen are the happiest lot today. The main opposition party, the Congress and its senior leaders are losing no opportunity to politically exploit the situation to their outright political advantage and the situation has been created by none other but the most vociferous and knowledgeably eloquent, an economic expert and the former finance minister of India and BJP’s controvertial leader these days, Yashwant Sinha.

Having served as a high ranking bureaucrat to the rank of Secretary and an IAS now retired, before joining active politics, Sinha has in an article just two days ago published in prestigious English daily, The India Express has articulated ( to be precise) that the private investments have shrunk to the worst during the last two decades, industrial production to has gone down considerably with the agricultural sector in total disarray compounded with the worrisome condition of the construction industry that guarantees good amount of employment with service sector higly discouraged and the exports being dwindled. Other key sectors too being in  in a worrisome phase.

The article criticizes the demonetisation and GST execution, terming them as a failure and the main reason for the lowest growth rate leading the people of the country in the state of quandry and unmitigated financial mess. Though the union home minister Rajnath Singh and Railway minister Piyush Goyal have worked as prime ministers best trouble shooters by ably, timely and efficiently countering Sinha’s anti Modi lambasting,  the Congress too lost no opportunity to exploit the situation to its maximum advantage by not only congratulating the prime minister’s bete noire Yashwant Sinha for bravely standing up to raise his voice on the ugly shape of the Indian economy, post demonetisation and GST but also said what Congress party as an opposition political outfit have been saying every now and then in the context of the ill effects and downfall of the country’s economy has now been publicly vidicated by its own former FM and an important leader.

In a statement former finance minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram said that we are happy that BJP’s own leader and ex finance minister Yashwant Sinha has echoed the same sentiments what Congress party has been crticizing tirelessly for long but the BJP and the government were not prepared to listen. He added that Sinha has also expressed the same views as that of the Congress Party that the exports have dwindled and the condition of our economy has gone from bad to worse.

The former Uttarakhand chief minister who lost from both the assembly constituencies in Uttarakhand, has also tweeted to congratulate Yashwant Sinha for standing with the Congress Party’s post demonetisation criticism of NDA and said that the country’s economy is indeed in a shattering state with a bleak future ahead.