After Yashwant Sinha, Shatrughan Sinha follows suit

After Yashwant Sinha, Shatrughan Sinha follows suit



It seems that all is not well in the Bhartiya Janata Party these days with voices of dissent under the garb of strengthening the internal party democracy coming up acrimoniously by its own leaders carrying behind them enough political weitage, popularity and even publicity potential. Till yesterday no one even dared to raise their voice against the party and its top leadership but now things have gone to such an uncontrolled level that after the former finance and external affairs minister during Atal Bihari Vajayee’s tenure eloquent Yahwant Sinha’s outbursts (though definitely amid frustration for not having been importantly accomodated in the party) challenging the finance minister Arun Jaitley and the PM’s economic policies now another former health minister and actor turned politician Shatrughan Sinha too has come out in support of the latter as a strong disenter of Modi.

In several incessant tweets after the publication of Yashwant Sinha’s Indian express article denouncing the post demonetistion and GST economic policies of PM and FM, Shatrughan Sinha has asked prime minister Modi to hold a press conference and answer all the queries of Yashwant Sinha in the context of the economic policies to let the entire country know the realty behind them. His one of the tweet says “Its high and right time that our prime minister respects demcracy and faces the press and public.”  Despite directly questioning the PM and asking him to answer the queries he seems to be little or least bothered about the political consequences and tweet’s in the end as JAI BJP, JAI MAHARASHTRA, JAI BIHAR AND JAI GUJARAT. Sounds interesting. Since the day the Yashwant Sinha episode started, Shatrughan Sinha who is currently the member of Parliament from Patna city tweeted good number of times, one after another in a single go, fully backing the bete noire of prime minister Modi and the FM Jaitley, the former bureaurocrat turned union minister Yashwant Sinha.

This is not the first time that the former health minister Shatrughan Sinha has been vocal against the party’s top leadership but in the past too in the matter of former deputy prime minister of India and BJP stalwart he had come to the rescue of Lal Krishna Advani to the utter dismay, shock and surprise of the party high command. The situation then so badly went against Shatru then that there were voices of his possible expulsion from the BJP but the leadership exercised constraints thinking that the actor turned politician will mend his ways. But by this current breach of party descipline by questioning the prime minister, instead of discouraging the PM’s bete noire Yashwant Sinha it seems sure that the days of the one time villain of Bollywood films are numbered and can be expelled any time in the near future before things go out of hands and more dissenters join Sinha’s bandwagon.

In the meanwhile Yahwant Sinha while replying to the charge of BJP leaders that he was a leader and minister of no consequence, said that if it was so then why was he made the external affairs minister of country. Some of SHATRU’s hard hitting tweets are as following in the pic.