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Bageshwar’s Gold Medalist Nitendra to participate in London Merathon



The athletes n sportspersons of Uttarakhand are making the Himalayan state proud by their outstanding performances and Gold medal winning streak in various national n international competitions.

While the shooting prodigy and daughter of the internationally acclaimed shooter Jaspal Rana has made Uttarakhand n India proud in her outstanding pistol shooting achievements in the World pistol shooting championships n Khelo India games by winning several Golds n silver medals another athlete of Uttarakhand namely Nitendra Singh Rawat who’d recently won the prestigious Gold medal in Mumbai Merathon 2019 has surprisingly qualified for the World marathon championships to be held in Doha in the near future.

As a sequel to that Nitendra Singh Rawat got an opportunity to participate in the London Merathon where he would be participating for the first time representing India.

A high spirited enthusiastic racer Nitendra Singh primarily belonging to village Aana near Garud in Bageshwar district of Kumaon, Uttarakhand while talking to this reporter disclosed that he is the only n first athelete from Uttarakhand n India who would be participating in the significant London Olympics.

According to a report of Anshul Dangi of HT hindi, UK, popular as a merathon runner Nitendra Rawat has secured the Gold medal in the Mumbai Merathon after being out of races for the last one year due to severe injury. However he is back to the racing track with renewed vigour n vitality. Nitendra won the race in the catagory of Indian atheletes in two hours, fifteen minutes n fifty one seconds.The qualifying deadline for participation in the the World Merathon championship was 2 hours 16 minutes which Rawat qualified a minute before.

He is also credited with winning Gold in the South Asian Games but due to injury ( he) was constrained to be out of the games for over a year.

The future of Nitendra Rawat as a merathon runner is quite bright and as such the government of Uttarakhand should take notice of such budding atheletes by helping them financially to the core.

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There are secret reports from various sources that lot of politics and favoritism is being exercised in the trials and subsequent selection of Ranji Trophy cricket players for its Uttarakhand’s cricket team, being held at Dehradun . It’s nothing new that there is usually a lot of red tapism and corruption in the selection processes in cricket at the district, state and national levels and the formula of setting, getting is ultimately applied.

At majority of the districts and state level selections this is usually applicable as those having influential connections try to ensure the selection of their candidates thus surpassing the real and competetive players especially hailing from poor or moderate socio economic background.

In Dehradun, Uttarakhand, the same thing seems to be happening with the deserving n budding aspirants with merit are being allegedly sidelined and those incompetent considered.

Though the process of trial is still on for the Uttarakhand’s Ranji Trophy team but the highly deserving with no political support still feel apprehensive of being left out, despite their best performance.

There have been number of complaints that lots of non Uttarakhandi cricket players of other states who could not prove successful in Ranji Teams of other states are now clandestinely using their political influence, clout and sources to have their place in Uttarakhand Ranji Trophy team thus killing the chances of the local Uttarakhandi deserving players.

There have been news in various papers that the domicile certificates of these outsiders ate being allegedly prepared on back dates through various private academies based in Dehradun for 30 to forty thousand rupees so that they can technically claim themselves as Uttarakhand’s citizen.

However, sources reveal that after receiving the complaints the BCCI and Uttarakhand Cricket Cordination Committee would now minutely scrutinise the domicile certificates and other documents of all the entrants.

In view of the preparation of the Uttarakhand Ranji Trophy Team several cricketers who’d left their hometown in Uttarakhand years ago are now returning back for continuous practice and their subsequent selection in the district cricket teams and Ranji Trophy.

Maximum of these cricketeers are under 16 and under 19 playing for other schools and boards outside Uttarakhand earlier.

In the meanwhile the Uttarakhand Sports Minister Arvind Pandey has said that he had also been receiving complaints about alleged favouritism, irregularity and red tapism in the selection process of the state Ranji Trophy team for which trial selection is underway in Dehradun these days. He assured of transparency in the selection process with strong warning to those involved in.this fishi affair. The minister asked the media to expose the irregularity or arbitrariness if any in the selection process of the Uttarakhand Ranji Trophy team so that he can take strict action against those involved in these illegal activity.

Now, as per the short listed names in the list for selection in the final trials if the names of at least first three players like Ajeet Rawat, Hari Singh ot Saurav Chauhan are not chosen in the team it would be crystal clear that justice have not been meted out to them. The chief minister of the state Trivendra Singh Rawat should intervene in the selection process and instruct those involved in this selection to be impartial, honest and fully technical to ensure that who ever is selected gets the opportunity on entirely competetive basis not on favour or political influence. What’s your take friends?

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The 22 nd prime minister of Pakistan has finally been sworn in. The former Pakistan skipper who brought World Cup for his country in cricket, twenty two years’ ago, Imran Khan is now a prime minister of Pakistan, having fulfilled his long cherished dream.

Husband of two divorced wives, a daughter with an illegal affair to a woman who died later on, finally with the fourth one, Imran today took the oath of office in Urdu and fulfilled his dream which started with his political journey about twenty years ago, confronting several political upheavels n  challenges from his arch political opponents, the then ruling parties of Pakistan PML-N led by Nawaz Sharief, the former PM now jailed in various serious corruption charges and the Pakistan Peoples’ Party led by late Pakistan PM Benazir Bhutto.

This would be for the first time in the Pakistan’s political and parliamentary history that a cricketer who is a political novice having no administrative experience have assumed office to the highest slot of the country.

Though, the swearing in ceremony was splendid but the Tehrike Insaaf Chief and prime minister Imran Khan has not made it an extravagent or ostentatious affair.

It rather seemed to be a simple affair with no heads of the states, particularly of SAARC nations also not invited nor the prime minister of India Narendra Modi, being the significant head of an immediate neighbour.

Whereas the fact remains that during the swearing in ceremony of prime minister Narendra Modi which took place in the sprawling lawn of Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi in 2014, the Indian prime minister took special care to invite all the heads of the SAARC nations and Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharief especially came to attend the ceremony alongwith other SAARC heads of nations.

But contrary to Modi’s swearing in ceremony in New Delhi, in fact, there were only four invitations from Imran Khan for the Indian side and all the invitees were his old cricket friends, former skippers and actor viz. Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Deo, Navjyot Singh Siddhu and Amir Khan.

However, former Indian Skipper Sunil Gavaskar outrightly refused to attend the ceremony quoting reasons of his already fixed England trip in connection with the test series but extended his all good wishes.

Kapil and Amir perhaps have also not gone to Pakistan, may be due to the misadventures of the neighbouring country in Kashmir and LOC and killings of innocents. They probably did’nt want to invite the ire of their supporters and fans by attending the ceremony?

Eminent cricketer, orator and the minister in Congress government in Punjab and former MP, a close friend of PAK PM as well, Navjyot Singh Sindhu however honoured the invitation of a friend of cricketing fraternity and attended the swearing in ceremony in Islamabad after having been accorded due permission from the India Home Ministry.

But Sidhu is now in a terrible situation. He is being castigated by Indian media for his high spirited happy mode hugging extented to the Pakistan Army chief General Bajwa in the swearing in ceremony.

The entire Television channels of the country are prominently showing Navjyot Singh Sidhu shaking hands and hugging the Pak Army chief in the oath taking ceremony repeatedly, thus making Indians annoyed, angered and furious against the former cricketer, with demonstrations having already started in some parts of the country.

The people of India consider Genl Bajwa as a chief culprit for breaching cease fire on LOC and killing innocents inJammu n Kashmir and also sponsering terrorists creating HAVOC in strife torn Kashmir and various other parts of the country.

It may be recalled that there are already charges that the present government of Imran Khan has arrived to power in Pakistan with the open support of the Pak Army and the ISI and the elections were rigged majorly.

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Finally there is good and welcome news. The chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat has tweeted that the entire expences of the treatment of the budding and promising athelete hailing from Chiliyanaula village of Almora, Uttarakhand namely Garima Joshi will be borne by the state government.

Thanks to his ambivalent gesture, indeed, to have reacted so proactively. Garima Joshi who’d gone to Bangalore to participate in the 10 kilometre national race championships and sought 6th position, nationally met with a serious car accident having broken her spinal cord. Garima had received Rs. 25 thousand from the CM’s fund to cover the expenses of her Bangalore trip.

After the severe accident she was operated in a private hospital of theSouther state with 16 rod implants to her spinal cord etc. Her lower body portion got paralysed. Her father is a BPL ration card holder and unemployed whereas her mother is addmitted in Delhi’s Safdarjung hospital suffering from acute cancer.

The financial position of the family is in total jeopardy and her father had to seek Rs. fivelakh financial help from money lenders at the whopping interest rate of 10%. The RTI activist of Haldwani Gurvinder Singh Chadda and the newsviewsnetwork had published the detailed news and made it viral even planting it in the twitter handle of the chief minister Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat.

The social media thereafter made it viral. We are happy now that the plight has finally come to the notice of the chief minister and he’d agreed to bear the entire expenses of the budding racer Garima Joshi.

There had been earlier occassions as well when the chief minister have financially helped people of Uttarakhand  in their critical illnesses and surgeries. Ganna Bhai a renowned comedian/ actor of Uttarakhand was accorded financial assistence by the UK govt in his heart surgery. Several other patients have also been helped but many have also been left out.

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The former skipper of the Indian Cricket team Sunil Gavaskar has refused to attend the swearing in ceremony of his old friend, the former Pakistan Cricket Captain and the twenty first prime minister elect of Pakistan to be sworn in at Islamabad on 18th August.

The reason given by him was his pre occupation in the test matches as a commentator on 18th in England. Sunil Gavaskar’s denial to attend this historic swearing in of Imran Khan in Pakistan is being highly appreciated and lauded by one and all in India especially the saffron party and the present political dispensation at the centre and about twenty states of the country.

Though the reason given by the former skipper of the Indian team is quite genuine and true as Sunil Gawaskar would be in England on 18th of August due to his being the commentator in the India versus England test series starting on 18th till 22nd August political analysts say that by refusing to accept the invitation of the the Pakistan’s prime minister elect’s swearing in ceremony Gawaskar has also given a huge rebuff to the enemy country and its anti India policies thus winning the hearts of billions of Indians around the globe.

Since it was the invitation from a friend ex captain of Pakistan cricket team to the former Indian skipper on extremely personal terms, Sunil Gavaskar could have easily obliged the former by cancelling his trip to England but he did’ nt do so proving himself to be a true nationalist in the language of the saffron party that rules the country at the centre and in over twenty states of the country.

Meanwhile the former Indian batsman, MP and now minister in the Congress government of Punjab has created a furore by saying that if allowed he will be extremely pleased to attend the swearing in ceremony of the former Pakistan skipper and the PM elect Imran Khan’s swearing ceremony in Islamabad, Pakistan to usher in a new chapter offriendship between the two neighbouring countries always at loggerheads.

On being questioned by journalists about his intention to visit Pakistan after the former Indian skipper Sunil Gawaskar refused to oblige Imran Khan, Navjyot Singh Sidhu said that he would love to go to Pakistan, if permitted as this would usher in opening the doors for a renewed friendship between the warring nations who are at loggerheads for a long time. Sidhu even gave Imran Khan a certificate terming him a man of character to the utter dismay, surprise and shock of all.

There had also been reports that the Indian Ambassador to Pakistan would be presenting a cricket bat to Imran Khan as a diplomatic goodwill gesture for reopening of the friendship dialogues between both the nations who could not see each other eye to eye since long with incessant killings going on in the Indo Pak border and Kashmir at the behest of Pakistan Army and the ISI since long.

The refusal of Sunil Gavaskar and the interest of Navjyot Singh Siddhu to attend the swearing in ofTehrike Insaaf chief Imran Khan has opened serious debates in various television channels of the country with some appreciating Sidhu’s move as a purely friendly gesture while his antagonists terming it as an initiative to supportthe India’s hardened enemy nation and its prime minister.

However, the another Indian skipper Kapil Dev and Bollywood actor Amir Khan have not yet issued any statement in this context whether they intend to go to Pakistan on 18th August in Imran Khan’s swearing in ceremony or not.

It may be recalled that the Tehrike Insaf chief and former Pakistan skipper Imran Khan who had been extremely critical of India during the entire election campaign to beget votes had after scoring the victory over his immediate political rivals like PML-N and PPP has said in the media interviews that he is looking forward for the better friendly relations with neighbouring India and if India puts one step forward his government will come out with two steps forward sunce he has lots of friends in India especially in the cricketing fraternity.

He even said that the Indian media has made him the villain of Bollywoofd for no reason. But on Kashmir issue he never relented and said that its the core issue of Pakistan where human rights violations have become the order of the day. He extented four specific invitations for his swearing in to his Indian crickter friends viz. Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev and Navjyot Singh Sidhu ( all cricketers) and  Bollywood actor Amir Khan.

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Destiny is unpredictable. Sometimes it gives you tremendous successes and you feel yourself on the top of the world but then all of a sidden, something so adverse happens that you feel as is everything is finished. Things take a topsy tervy turn for the worst and then one have no option but to pray the Almighty for a new lease of life.

This is exactly what has happened with a young and highly promising athelete from Dwarhat, Uttarakhand with umpteen number of medals in atheletics, the popular young UDAN PARI of Uttarakhand Garima Joshi who had just started acknowledging tremendous popularity through her exemplary performance in national atheletics championships in various national competitions.

Winner of good number of medals in race competitions Garima stood sixth in the 10 kilometre national race championships in Bangalore held between 27th to 18th May for which the Uttarakhand chief minister had sanctioned her a financial aid of Rs. 25000.

Hailing from a lower middle class family with scarce resources, hard lucked Garima met with a critical car accident in Bengalore after the completion of the championship.

She was extremely unfortunate to get her spinal chord  broken  during the accident and had to be operated in the Bengalore hospital where she was addmitted after the severe spinal chord injury. As a result she became completely handicapped with her lower body portion having been paralysed.

This star performer is today addmitted in the Kasturba Manipal hospital in Bengaluru in a critical condition struggling for her survival.

Garima’s unemployed father Puran Joshi was compelled to take Rs five lakh loan in lieu of his house and Land being mortgaged on the 10% interest rate from private money lenders for the surgery of the spinal chord of her severely injured daughter.

As a result her lower portion of the body has been paralysed after 18 rods were implanted in the damaged spinal chord of Garima.

While the elder brother of Garima  is taking care of her at the Bengalore hospital, her distressed father Puran Joshi is taking care of her mother suffering from cancer at Safdarjung hospital, New Delhi.

Her BPL ration card carrying  father has no source of income while Garima’s 18 year old brother is a uitility worker in a small restaurant in Mumbai.

The entire family is in immense financial jeopardy with Garima having been paralysed and mother suffering from dreaded cancer at Safdarjung Hospital.

The poor family has not received any financial help from the Union government, Uttarakhand government or the Sports Federation of India despite their being under the BPL catagory thus entitled for free treatment and monetery assistence from the government.

It would be in the fitness of the things if one and all support this poor and hapless family by contributing whole heartedly in the following bank account to enable Garima bear the expenses of the hospital and ensure her and the family’s survival.

Uttarakhand Journalists Forum requests all the donors to show their ooen heart and contribute generously. To feel convinced about the transparency of the case you can also talk to her father or the Haldwani based social and RTI activis Gurvinder Singh Chadda on the following numbers.

Bank Details .PNB.Dwarahat Almora
Asha Joshi and Pooran Joshi
Ac no..6689000100024914
Ifsc code..PUNB0668900
Pooran Joshi. 9410725229, 8938822456
Gurvinder Singh: 9897

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The former Indian Hockey team captain Mir Ranjan Negi is extremely optimistic about the Indian Women as well as the Men Hockey team of exhibiting their outstanding performance and win Gold medals for the country thus bringing laurels for the nation in the Asian Games in Jakarta terming it an extremely positive sign.

Mir Ranjan Negi says come what may its a most opportune and great time to revive the Indian Hockey expressing his gut feeling that this is going to be the celebration time for Indian Hockey where Indian Hockey team will surely win in another an epic India Pakistan Final expressing the hope that not only the Indian men’s team but the women team will also win the Gold.

He is extremely sure that the golden days of Indian hockey team will be back again. A one time popular India Hockey team captain and goalkeeper decades ago on whose inspiration and guidance the Indian Bollywood super star Shahrukh Khan produced the movie CHAK DE INDIA, a box office hit Mir Ranjan Negi has also acted in the popular regional Garhwali film,” Subheru Gham,” and is also working in another Garhwali movie of the Snowy Mountain productions BATHAAOUN. He had also acted in several Pahari Song CDs n performed in prominent cultural shows in India and abroad.

A down to earth human being having served in the Department of customs in Mumbai as a class one gazetted officer Mir Ranjan Negi says that the Women’s Hockey team has acknowleged Gold medals at the Asian Games in 1982 in New Delhi, hence it’s now generations that the women hockey team has seen gold at ASIAD.
Therefore the competetion in the women hockey seems to be much more as compared to the men’s hockey in Jakarta Asiad.

According to him the women hockey team has performed extremely outstandingly despite all odds during the last two years and has exhibited steady progress. To substantiate his point of contention Negi says that the women’s team has not only qualified for the last Oympics but had also won the prestigious Asian Champions’ Trophy. Prasing Rani Rampal as one of the exceptionally outstanding players of the Indian Hockey team Mir Ranjan Negi says that she is genuinely and probably the only world class player Indian women’s hockey team posseses.

Despite his being a sportsman Mir Ranjan Negi is held is high esteem amongst the native Uttarakhandi community for his love and affection for its culture and dialect. His dexterity in acting and dancing in regional films and folk songs is highly laudable.

Negi has penned down his detailed views on Indian hockey teams after a long time. I asked him if our newsviews network can publish it and he readily accepted hence this article.

Negi adds :Men’s team by far is the best team in India and rightly so they are the highest ranked team in Asia. But as always in sports, one can not take things lightly and for granted.

For both Men and Women hockey teams, its a very big and easiest opportunity to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 writes Ranjan. Mir Ranjan Negi is of the view that: It is probably happening for the first time that the quality of talent and our bench strength we have in both our teams is absolutely fantastic. He adds in his write up: I can say with pride and keeping my head high that in Asia no other team has got that and it was not there four years ago for us too.

Praising the goalkeepers as one of the best in India’s women and men hockey team Negi said: both our goalkeepers Sreejesh P Raveendran and Savita Punia are ranked for the first time in the top five goalkeepers of the World. And both of them have played a big role in India’s gallant performances in the last couple of years. The goalkeeper of the Indian Hockey team Mir Ranjan Negi catagorically said that in modern hockey, one can win with a mediocre defence line, may be with an average mid field or even a moderate forward line but if you do not have a World class goalkeeper, trust me, you can never win.

He further says in his write up: But then, there is lot of churning going on in the other Men’s teams too. Roelant Altmans has been reappointed as coach of the Pakistan Team. He has been with the Indian Hockey in some capacity or the other for the last 8 years or so and knows all senior and junior players inside out.

Having praise for the rival hockey team Mir Ranjan is of the view that we have also witnessed the performance of the Pakistani team in the last champion’s trophy. Though they’d lost to India by 1-4, they gave some very significant results and even went on to beat Olympic champs Argentina. One can see Roelent’s imprints in their game.

Negi adds in his detailed write up: Remember, we had a very narrow escape against them in the last commonwealth games. On the strength of paper strength, I will say that our team can beat Pakistan any day by 4 goals but again its the going to be Roelent and our coach Harendra’s strategies and genius which will ultimately decide the fate of the game. We have not only defeated them in the last 3-4 years but we have literally thrashed them. So they also looking at Tokyo for revenge and some significant victory.

Malaysia on the other hand has appointed Terry Walsh as High Performance Director. According to Negi, Terry was one of the best coaches India had whom we could not hang on to. The difference in fitness and performance levels of the Indian Team had not seen such a quantum leap under any other coach rather than him.

Negi adds: Japan of course is the host and South Korea is the neighbouring country. As the Asian Games are being organised in their back yard, it will be very important to give their best. Harendra as we all know starts pepping the players even one day before a game against them. The talk in the hockey and sports circle is about master stroke being played by coach Harendra by giving Sardar Singh one last opportunity to prove his critics wrong. Sardar Singh was almost in wilderness and nobody gave him a chance. In fact lot of people including me thought that his days are numbered now. But Harendra bestowed his faith in him. Show me what you can do.. could be his words. And who knows, the strategy may pay off. Less than six months from now, India is hosting the World up. Just imagine … this is one great opportunity where we go with a bang, win Asian Games Gold and get a medal at the Wold cup. Imagine, Sardar Singh named the best player of the tournament and ends his outstanding career. A dream which could be true. But what if he falters. People will blame the coach Harendra. So it’s a big gamble which only time will decide in a few days from now.

Highly optimistic of India’s exemplary performance Mir Ranjan Negi is highly confident that : Come what it may, it is a great time to revive Indian Hockey. I have this gut feeling that it is going to be a celebration time for Indian Hockey where we will win the gold in another an epic India Pakistan final and not only that even Women hockey will win the gold. And the golden days of Indian hockey will be back. Till then keep supporting the decisions and instincts of coach Harendra Singh and Sjoerd Marijne.

With permission from Mir Ranjan Negi, former Indian Hockey team’s captain n goalkeeper for news views network

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Sunil Chhetri, who’d been recognised as one of the India’s most favorite and liked as an outstandingly best footballer for 2017 and 18 by the National SOCCER FEDERATION ( AIFF) on Sunday has further extended his professional tie up with the prestigious Football Club of Bengalore now Bengaluru.

This extention till 2020 – 21 by Sunil gives an unambiguos indication that he would finally finish his professional career as an outstanding footballer in a state which is too dear and sort of a home for him.

Sunil Chhetri was the captain of the Indian Football team. Likely to turn 37 Sunil Chetri who is at present abroad enjoying holidays would be rejoining the prestigious Bengaluru Football Club for pre season in Spain on August 1st.

Sources reveal that Chhetri will return to India on August 15 just few days earlier to the start of their AFC Cup Inter zonal semi finals against Turkmenistan’s Altyn Asyr Football Club.

Likely to played on a Home and Away basis, the Double leg Tie Up would be played on 20th and 22nd August respectively. It may be recalled that an outstanding and highly demanding footballer Sunil Chetri, the India’s most appreciated and lauded highest goal scorer amongst his millions of fooball fans and fraternity in India and abroad has so far scored 64 goals in 101 games.

He is associated with the prestigious Bengaluru Football Club since it came into existence in 2013. Sunil Chetri is credited for being the exclusive Indian footaller of outstanding calliber to have played two significant Asian Cup matches when India plays the 2019 finals to be held in Dubai in 2019.

Highly lauding n appreciating his over enthusiastic fans and moral boosters and the Bengaluru Football Club with whom Chhetri had an incessant association says that the Bengaluru footbal Club and the fans there off have neen the the most loving experiences of his life and finalising a new contract till 2020, 21 with the CLUB is a sort of his renewed gesture to repay his thousands of fans by his outstanding performance in the future as the club and the fans have given so much to me during all these years.He added that : I have made some excellent memories here and I think: there are several more to make said the press release issued by Sunil Chetri.

It may be recalled that born on 3rd August 1984 Sunil Chhetri is an Indian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Indian club Bengaluru FC and the Indian national team. Popularly known as Captain Fantastic, he is both the most-capped player, and all-time top goalscorer for Indian national team, with 64 goals in 101 appearances.

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The daughter of the international shooter, winner of several gold medals in the Asian and Commonweath games in the past, Jaspal Rana’s daughter Devanshi Rana alongwith other junior world gold winners credited with bringing Indian team in the ISSF shooting global competition to second position amongst the junior world competing nations that included mighty China as well held in Germany have returned back to India with hundreds of their well wishers cheering and congratulating them at the New Delhi International Airport with bouquet and garlands.

Prior to this International World champion ship event of Germany, Dewanshi has bagged two back to back gold medals in the prestigious junior 10 metre pistol shooting championships held in Sedney, Australia, as well.

According to Dewanshi’s father Jaspal Rana who was in Germany during this prestigious world cup event in his capacity as the Coach and trainer, the prodigy international junior shooters viz Dewanshi Rana and Saurabh Choudhary have won a gold medal in the 10 meter pistol event and in another event she alongwith Manu Bhaker and Mahima Aggrawal have sought aother bronze for the nation.

The entire sports fraternity, especially the shooting federation have complimented Devanshi Rana and her co shooters for their outstanding achievements in the foreign land thus raising the nation’s flag high amongst good number of competing countries of the world.

It may be recalled that while Dewanshi’s father Jaspal Rana is an celebrated international shooter having brought laurels for the country in Asian and Common Wealth games her grandfather is the chairman of the Uttarakhand Rifle Federation as well as the former minister in the government of Uttarakhand.

Jaspal is running a shooting academy in Dehradun where good number of budding shooters are being ably trained for the various national and international shooting championships.

After reaching Delhi Devanshi was personally invited by the chief minister of the national capital territory of Delhi Arvind Kejrival who congratulated and felicitated her in his office at Delhi secretariat.

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Modi celebrated Yoga day with 50000 people while Ram Dev with 2 lakh



The prime minister Narendra Modi today performed Yoga exercises alongwith fifty thousand people including large number of politicians, ministers of Trivendra Singh Rawat’s cabinet, students, youths, bureaucrats and partymen in the sprawling lush green lawns of FRI Dehradun constructed by the Britishers diring the pre Independent era. In several states of the country aswell as in various countries of the globe Yog exercised were conducted with heavy particiation of people from across the spectrum to celebrate the International Yoga day.

Right from the President to India to a commoner around the globe celebrated the UN recognised International Yoga day, a matter of immense pride and privilege for India. The prime minister Narendra Modi while addressing the Yoga participants at Forest Research Institute Dehradun said that it was for the very first time in the global history that the UNITED NATIONS accorded its official recognition without any reluctance and if, buts immediately recognising Indian Yoga science as the most acceptable and recognisable exercise for the longlife and sound health and mind of the entire humanity. Yoga is a long past inheritence which we have got from our ancestors and today the entire world is accepting and imbibing it in their daily routine and thanking India for such a precious gift.

Modi said today the entire world is celebrating yoga early in the morning and paying earnest obiesance to Sun God through their different Yoga postures when early morning sun rays are are showering their blessings on them. Prime minister Narendra Modi who had been practicing Yoga for the last several years is eell versed with all the Yogic exercises and was doing them with tremendous amount of ease. There was tremendous amount of enthusiasm, energy, vigour and vitality in all the people who participated in these exercises alongwith Prime miniser Narendra Modi.

While Yoga helps in enhancing and strengthing the peoples’ mental, physical and psychological health it also generates high amount of spiritualism amongst the participants. Therefore its in a way very credibly and solidly helping the BJP politically also. While the prime minister participated in the UK capital Dehradun to celebrate the international Yoga day, the actual Yoga stalwart whose untiring efforts helped grant yoga an international recognition and relevance Baba Ramdev celebrated the International Yoga Day in Rajasthan alongwith two lakh people with the state chief minister Vasundhara Raje performing Yogic exercises on the stage with half naked saffron Dhoti wearing richest saint and Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev who guided 2 lakh participants through his different postured yogic exercised. Almost all the state government and peoole of the states organised the event in their schools, colonies, societies, instititions and open parks.

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