Hundreds of Uttarakhandies protest at Parliament street to demand GAIRSAIN as capital



Hundreds of inhabitants of Uttarakhand living in Delhi and the National Capital Region like Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon today marched to parliament House in unison raising slogans demanding GAIRSAIN to be made the capital of Uttarakhand.

NAMED as the Hunkaar rally,the massive protest demonstration was organised by the volunteers of Uttarakhand Ekta Manch and other social organisatons of the capital including individuals wearing yellow T shirts of Uttarakhand Ekta Manch under the scorching sun at Parliament street witnessing hundreds of the participants raisng in one unequivocal voice the demand for GAIRSAIN CAPITAL.

There were hundreds of policeman to control the furios and angered mob who were otherwise peaceful. A memorandum was thereafter handed over to the Prime minister of India asking him to fulfil his party’s pre election promise of declaring Gairsain as the permanent capital of the eighteen year old state and honour the commitment as the BJP is in absolute majority in both Uttarakhand state as well as the Centre.

Every speaker who spoke on this ocassion termed GAIRSAIN capital, the mandatory need of the hour and said that if Uttarakhand really wants to prosper econmically, industrially, culturally, agriculturally and educationally through the decentrilized developmentinitiative, which had been missng till now, at the village and block level, shifting of the state’s capital from DEHRADUN to GAIRSAIN on permanent official basis is utmostly essential and technically feasible as this would also lead immensely in reverse migration as well.

It may be recalled that the demand for Gairsain as a permanent capital of Uttarakhand was first raised by the revolutionery freedom fighter Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali who was born in DUDHATOLI, Gairsain in Chamoli district. Thereafter the regional party of UTTARAKHAND UKD and those parties n forces, aspousing the cause of Uttarakhand separate state has mentioned it in their election menisfesto and built/established the statue of Chandra Singh Garhwali a Dudatoli, Gairsain where every year functions are held to commemorate him and demand Gairsain as the states’ capital. Baba Mohan Singh Uttarakhandi sacrificed his precious life after undergoing 40 days hunger strike at Gairsain demanding the new capital.

Whole of the Uttarakhand these days is under the influence of the movements in various parts of Garhwal and Kumaon divisions with fasts still undergoing in Gairsain by women and youth activists.

Recently during the budget session of the Uttarakhand government in the newly built assembly at Gairsain, hundreds of socio political activists has protested and courted arrests on this demand but of no awail.

The ruling party government of the state has not uttered a single word on Gairsain while in session except passing the state budget. This has further angered the state’s populace. In the past, two commissions on deciding the fate of the new capital had also tried to arbitrarily drag on the issue further for years together but the Kaushik committee on Gairsan had in principle agreed this demand as technically feasible and viable but all in vain.

Sunil Negi is a veteran journalist and President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum. He majorly writes on politics, current affairs and social issues.


Kejrival blames BJP for instigating the petrol pump dealers strike. Charges BJP of pressuring pump owners to call the strike.



Kejrival blames BJP for backing the petrol pump dealers strike. Charges BJP of instigating pump owners to call the strike.

The strike by about four hundred petrol n diesal dealers n petrol pump owners in Delhi has made the lives of Delhi citizens in a real mess with commuters going to offices, students to schools, colleges n entrepreneurs conducting small and medium size businesses suffering tremendously.

The striking petrol pump owners are demanding withdrawal of VAT on petrol prices as the rates of petrol, diesal are skyrocketing in the capital despite Rs. 2.5 decrease in the price of petrol per litre by the union government which has ultimately resulted in lessening of the sale of diesal by more than 25 percent including petrol thus affecting their margin of profit and simultaneously putting the Delhites to inconvenience, particularly those who regularly use the fourwheelers and two wheelers.

The public transport i.e. the already lerhargic DTC has also suffered adversely with buses going off the roads in majority of the routes compelling people n students to either skip their offices, schools, colleges or businesses and board metros paying more.

The majority of the cab services, public transport and private transports have been adversely affected in the capital where about 70 lakh or more vehicles big or small ply on the Delhi n NCR roads on daily basis.

The chief minister of Delhi who’d always been criticizing the union government as well as the entire non BJP opposition parties against the petrol n LPG price hike accusing it of not withdrawing the taxes on the petro products has not given any assurance to the striking petrol pump owners regarding withdrawal of the VAT, which is the state subject, as certain state governments have withdrawn VAT on petro products in their respective states, particularly the BJP led Rajasthan government who’d reduced the petrol rates by 2.5 Rupees per litre.

Instead, clever and vociferous Kejrival has put the blame on the union govt accusing it and the saffron party of being the party behind the strike by way of allegedly threatening them that in case the Delhi petrol pump owners don’t go on strike against the AAP government it will get their pumps raided by the income tax authorities.

Subsequently the oil companies have also allegedly threatened the petrol pump dealers to resort to strike failing which the cosequences would be disastrous. Kejriwal has tweeted this in his twitter handle today. A serious charge indeed.

Apart from this tweet Kejriwal has today in another tweet written: Oil prices lowest in Delhi amongst the four metros. Why aren’t the petrol pumps in Mumbai, which has highest prices, on strike. Because Mumbai is the BJP government and the BJP government is behind the strike in Delhi.

The BJP government should apologise to the people of Delhi. In another tweet in Hindi Kejriwal writes: the Modi government has imposed ” Anaap Shanaap” irregular taxes on petrol. Not we. Modiji should lessen the taxes and give relief to the people. We demand that petrol, diesal should be brought under the ambit of GST.

Why is the central government not bringing the petrol, diesal under the jurisdiction of the Goods and Services Tax tweeted Kejrival. His tweets acknowleged thousands of likes n retweets.

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Manmohan, Sonia, Rahul and TSR pay last respects to late N. D. Tiwari. Last rites at Kathgodam on Sunday.



The former president of AICC Sonia Gandhi, former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and the present Congress chief Rahul Gandhi were among the several significant political dignitories who laid wrath at the body of the veteran Congress leader, former union minister and chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand late Narayan Dutt Tiwari, today at his Tilak Marg residence in New Delhi.

The political Secretary to Sonia Gandhi Ahmed Patel, former union ministers and senior Congress leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad, Anand Sharma, and Congress general secretary Harish Rawat also laid wraths on late N. D. Tiwari’s body.

The chief minister of Uttarakhand Trivendra Singh Rawat and his cabinet colleagues also laid their floral tributes n last respects to the former Uttarakhand CM late N. D. Tiwari.

The body of the late leader would be flown to lucknow on Saturday where it will be kept for open Darshan for the whole day and thereafter taken to Uttarakhand, Kathgodam for the last rites n cremation.

Late Narayan Dutt Tiwari suffered a cardiac arrest on 18th October, coincidently on his birthday at Max Hospital Saket where he was on ventilator since last September after several of his vital body parts like lungs, kidneys etc became non functional.

He was under regular medication n monitoring and the docters trying their best to revive him failed finally on 18th Sept after he suffered the massive cardiac arrest.

He earlier suffered from the brain stroke when addmitted last September and was on regular medication but gradually impacted other vital parts. His half body portion was also paralysed. He was 93 years old.

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High profile son of Ex MP brandishing pistol surrenders in Patiala House Court



The viral vedio exhibiting the son of the former BSP member of parliament Ashish Pandey arguing and allegedly using abusive language against a couple in South Delhi’s five star hotel Hyatt Regency’s main entrance , hyped by the media later on holding a licensed pistol in his hand, has finally shown credible results.

Despite the Delhi and the Uttar Pradesh police doing their best to trace him for the last two days after registering the FIR, the controvertial high profile son has finally surrendered in Patiala house court, giving the slip to the authorities.

While surrendering Ashish posted a vedio now being shown on TV channels blaming the press for the media trial and trying to come out clean saying that it’s not a crime for being the son of the MP. He added that the police can see my record, I have never ever slapped anyone.

The media is showing a one sided aspect of the whole episode where as the fact is that Garav n his lady friend has abused and threatened me first. I did had the pistol but it was in self defence and a licensed one. I am a responsible citizen paying taxes to the government for the last several years. The police arrested Ashish Pandey in the presence of tremendous crowd that included the mediamen in good number with cameras flashing on Ashish.

It may be recalled that Ashish Pandey alongwith her three girl friends from Dubai had come to the hotel alongwith a male friend two days ago.

While they were exiting the hotel the Dubai girls went to the women washroom where they objected to the presense of a male Gaurav helping his girl friend vomitting who was not feeling well as claimed by Gaurav Tanwar.

The friends of Ashish objected to his presence and the argument started. However, Gaurav feeling sorry tried to explain the reason for his presence in the women washroom but the Dubai girls created nuisance and informed Ashish Pandey.

Meanwhile Ashish n the Dubai girl Pamela Ruz allegedly started abusing Gaurav n her lady friend and argument further became intense till both the parties came out at the main entrance of the hotel. In the meanwhile Ashish allegedly threatened Gaurav and his friend of dire consequences when Gaurav’s girl friend pushed back Ashish.

In the meanwhile the Dubail girl came in between, abused Gaurav in English n came back to the BMW with Ashish amid heated arguments and exchange of verbal abuses. While abusing Gaurav : Ashish said I am a Lucknow guy, will see you later.

What is interesting about the whole episode is that the vedio was made by Ashish’s two Dubai girl friends sitting in the back seat of the car while he was arguing in anger with Gaurav at the entrance of the hotel with a pistol in his hand.

The vedio unambiguously shows Ashish and his female friends abusing Gaurav and his female friend. After this vedio got posted it became viral with media encircling the pistol being held in Ashish’s hand on 16th October and all hell broke out.

While Ashish is the son of a former BSP MP Rakesh Pandey and nephew of a UP, MLA, Gaurav is the son of the three time MLA Kunwar Karan Singh Tanwar from Model Town Delhi. However all the three girls have already left for Dubai.

The Patiala House court had on Wednesday issued a non-bailable warrant against Ashish Pandey for brandishing a pistol and threatening Gaurav Tanwar n his female friend at the main entrance of a five-star hotel in Delhi.

One of the girls’ high profile Pamela Rooz is said to be in the business of charging 3.5 lakh Rupees for her per day visit or for giving company to anyone who hire’s her from Dubai as per a media channel.

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Veteran journalist n state foreign minister Akbar resigns ? Says he’ll fight the false and malicious allegations against him !



Finally, a visibly moved, veteran journalist, author and the union minister of state for external affairs M. J Akbar has resigned from the union cabinet on the tenth day after having been accused of sexual harrasment by Priya Ramani and 16 other women journalists in a ,”Mee Too campaign,” raising outrage and uproar in the political corridors and the society at large. Former union minister M. J. Akbar was in an African nation tour when the controversy allegedly involving him in the incidents of moral turpitude erupted compeliing the social media players making the shameful news viral.

In his statement issued to the media n posted in twitter by ANI, the veteran journalist, author and minister M. J. Akbar has stated that since I have decided to seek justice in the court of law in my personal capacity , I deem it appropriate to step down from office and challenge false accusations levied against me, also in a personal capacity.

I have therefore tendered my resignation from the office of the minister of state for external affairs. I am deeply grateful to the prime minister Shri Narendra and the external affairs minister Smt. Sushma Swaraj for the opportunity they gave me to serve my company.

It may be recalled that the former minister M.J. Akbar had to resign in view of the alleged a sexual harrasment accusations of over 17 women journalists against him through the Me Too campaign while he was the chief editor in the Asian Age publication from where he had resigned in 2008 after a fued with the owner.

Just after returning back from abroad Akbar faced volley of questions from the mediamen at the Airport about these allegations which he refuted altogether as a calculated attempt to denigrate his image n that of the saffron party during the elections.

He arranged a senior and reputed lawyer Karajawala n several others who filed the criminal defamation suit against the first women journalist Priya Ramani who raised her voice through the Mee too campaign by accusing the former minister of sexually harrasing her in the past, followed by roughly 16 other women journalists.

After filing the criminal defamation suit there were mixed reactions in the social media n the press with majority of the people criticizing him for psychologically and with his money power demoralising the victim women journalist Priya Ramani n others.

But this had an adverse affect n instead of getting bogged down all the other women journalists too came forward courageously to depose in the court of law in favour of Ramani.

The BJP high command and the government had to finally relent and it is being alleged that Mr. Akbar must have been asked to resign as the matter has blown out of proportion thus bringing bad name to the party n the government, especially during the election atmosphere of the five states.

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Old memories die hard. An interesting episode of the nineties when Kaka was defeated by Advani.



Sunil Negi, Kaka's media advisor standing behind him at the Congress headquarter Akbar Road in New Delhi in a press conference jointly addressed by Rajesh Khanna, Dr. Pranav Mukerjee, Margret Alva etc in the first week of July 1991

It was probably, the first week of July 1991. After the declaration of the historic election results of the New Delhi parliamentary constituency, the super star cum Congress candidate Rajesh Khanna was bit demoralised about his political career ahead which he had just started fighting from New Delhi against the BJP stalwart and a towering leader Lal Krishna Advani at the insistence of the then prime minister Rajiv Gandhi who was also Kaka’s fan and the super star was his.

Kaka had lost this election to Lal Krishna Advani by just a small margin of 1500 votes and had cried foul. I was then his media advisor and was looking after his press n political cordination. I advised Rajesh Khanna, not to lose heart but to file a petition in the court for recounting as it was alleged that then the counting being mannual, some irregularities had been committed in the process.

Now, the strategy was to psychologically demoralise the BJP and its winning candidate L. K. Advani so as to pressurise him to either go for the recounting or prefer his Gandhi Nagar seat leaving the New Delhi for re election.

Since it was a high profile election, the media was also active, highlighting the demand of the super star for recounting/ re election to the best. The victory news of Advani was dominated by the news of Kaka for recounting and his accusations about alleged DHANDHLI/ malpractices in counting.

Finally it was decided that the Congress party will go to the court against Advani’s victory on the ground of irregularities and the newspapers were full of banner news, compelling the BJP stalwart Advani to opt for the Gandhi Nagar seat which he had won alongwith the New Delhi, but with a heavy margin.

It was quite obvious that a sensible leader like Advani would have never committed a blunder to retain New Delhi than Gandhi Nagar as the former (seat) was full of controversies and court hearing mess etc which could have kept his victory in jeopardy n abeyance.

The trick of Kaka as advised by us worked and the New Delhi seat fell vacant after his opponent Advani retained Gandhi Nagar, resigning from New Delhi.

Kaka was indeed a happy man as he acknowleged lot of sympathies from the New Delhi electorates. Kaka won the next time with a heavy margin defeating Shatrughan Sinha, the BJP candidate as the election took the shape of a contest between a super star legend Rajesh Khanna and a bollywood villain Shatrughan Sinha. It was a Hero verses Villain contest and the Hero was finally triumphant.

In the picture are Rajesh Khanna, Margret Alva and Dr. Pranav Mukerjee addressing a press conference at AICC headquarter announcing the idea of going to the court against the alleged malpractices committed in the election demading a repoll. Me standing just behind Rajesh Khanna.

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Should Union minister M.J. Akbar be asked to resign on moral grounds after alleged accusations from women journalists ?



After the hype of the news of alleged women harrasment and sexual assault disclosures via Me Too campaign which include several women journalists and Bollywood celebrities the social media is full of antagonism and condemnation demanding action against all those celebrity actors and politicians who ‘ve been allegedly targetted and held responsible for these shameless acts of moral turpitude.

While a section of the media, especially the progressive media as well as the right thinking people of the country are shocked to learn that a veteran journalist, formerly the editor in chief of Asian Age and now the union minister in the BJP led NDA government, M. J. Akbar has been allegedly accused by about 14 women journalists in addition to several other celebrities of outraging their modesty while serving under him in Asian age years ago, they are equally surprised n anguished that instead of expressing his regrets or being in low profile, the latter had preferred to hire about 79 lawyers including the high profile and highly influential expensive lawyer Karanjawala to file the defamation case against a victim journalist Ms Ramani who was the first one to have exhibited her exceptional courage to come forward to highlight her plight of alleged sexual harrasment at the behest of the senior most journalist n union minister in the present government.

There is lot of disenchantment amongst the journalistic fraternity of the country especially those women journalists of Asian Age who had complained of alleged sexual harrasment by Akbar while serving in the newspaper owned and edited by him.

About 14 former harrased women journalists of Asian Age have now come forward in favour of Ms Ramani requesting the concerned judge to call them in the court during the first hearing of the defamation suit filed by M J Akbar, enabling them to testify before the judge in support of Ramani amd their complaints against the later.

Several news analysts say that filing of the defamation suit hiring such influential n high profile advocates is nothing but an effort to psychologically demoralise or silence the women journalists so that they do not pursue the case further and get bogged down morally.

But the courage of several women journalists ready to depose before the judge in favour of Ms Ramani n themselves have definitely raised the courage of Ramani.

While this is one aspect of the case, political analysts say that the party high command or the government not pressurising union minister Akbar to tender his resignation despite so much of controversy is also sending wrong signals across the country against the BJP n the NDA government which boasts so much of protecting the dignity of the women and broadly propagates its flagship programme “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” .

Remember, when the senior Congress leader and veteran journalist Mani Shankar Aiyyer used derogatory language against the prime minister Narendra Modi it was Rahul Gandhi, the Congress chief who shunted him out from the party without wasting a single minute but after so much of media hype and insult to the party not a single party leader and even prime minister has uttered a single word to condemn the episode or express their regrets.

There had been several instances in the past that several ministers have resigned on moral grounds on such ocassions or were asked to resign particularly on the matters of moral turpitude as is the case of union minister M. J. Akbar. No civilised society would ever tolerate such shamless acts of any minister especially when several women journalists have complained of their sexual harrasment in the public. What’s your take friends?

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Bofors Guns, which made us win 1999 Kargil war but rattled political scenario during the 80s



Me shaking hands with Army Jawan at Parakram Parv in India gate lawns on 2ndAnniversary of Surgical strike against Pak across LOC

The most controvertial Bofors Hotwitzer 155 mm Swedish made Guns are today the favourite of all the governments n political parties which during the eighties literally shook the then government led by late Rajiv Gandhi and created a huge public outrage and furore inside as well as outside parliament.

I was therefore very keen n particular to have pictures with the one time most controvertial Swedish Bofors Gun when I visited the India gate lawns two weeks ago in a Defence exhibition organised to commemorate the second anniversary of the Surgical strikes across the border in Pakistani soil dismantling several terror launch pads in response to the deadly Uri attack in which about 19 of our valiant soldiers were martyred.

The Bofors ( Hotwitzer) Gun of Swedish make, as all of you know has a controvertial history in the Indian political context which rattled the political scenerio of the country during 1980s and also led to the change of the government of late Rajiv Gandhi including haunting the whole Gandhi family for several decades despite the fact the they were, including late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi exonerated/ acquitted of all charges but unfortunately was not alive to hear the good news.

This unambiguous acquittal of a sober and affable soft spoken leader also puts a huge question mark on all the journalistic findings as well as on the premier investigative agencies of the country who’ve allegedly spent a good amount of tax payers’ money on several foreign visits coupled with the expenses on protracted investigations.

And above all the political atmosphere of the country was vitiated on rumours, charges and counter charges including hundreds of hours of debates in parliament, public meetings, news coverages, debates and what not, finally the acquittal of the alleged accused.

Now, the same Bofors Guns which invited so much of public criticism and debate, amounting to change of governments are the best n outstanding weapons that led us to win the KARGIL WAR and is rated as one of the best defence deals.

That the same controversial Bofors howitzers will, one day, chart a new chapter by strengthening the Indian Army during the 1999 Kargil war and will lead to its victory by giving it “an edge”, nobody could have imagined it.

During India-Pakistan Kargil conflict, when the Indian army was going through a tough phase, then the Sweden-made Bofors weapons came to the rescue of the Indian soldiers.

On June 12th and June 13th, 1999 the Indian army had recaptured the Tololing hills range from the Pakistani intruders.
Pakistani intruders were targetting the Indian posts and logistics supplies, by hiding behind the Tololing range, so, winning there was a crucial moment for the Indian army.

They were trying to weaken the Indian army by targeting more and more jawans and also by attacking at the NH-1, to take control of the Tololing range.
Then the Indian army used Bofors guns to launch counter attacks at the Pakistani intruders and its troops and finally recaptured Tololing peak.

According to One India’s Richie Sharma
Bofors deployment during the Kargil war was one of the best steps taken by the Indian army.It can target the enemy upto the range of 42 kms and its barrel can move around till 70 degree angle.

Jai Hind.

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Auto Rickshaw driver stabbed to death in Cannaught Place yesterday night / Be careful while hiring pvt taxis



Pic TV9 Gujrati

Beware Delhites, particularly those who hire private taxis without booking at odd hours or at places aloof from the busy areas. The Delhi police has caught some criminals under the garb of such taxi drivers who rob the passengers on the way by snatching their ornaments, mobile phones or hard cash and even compell them at the point of the knife or pistol to give them the code of the ATM or bank credit cards thereby withdrawing the amount from their saving or current accounts.

If the passengers do not cooperate or fall in line these criminals even hurt them with knives or pistols and allegedly assault the women passengers. Their modus operandi is simple. These private taxi drivers move around the bus stops, busy market areas, in posh areas, around expensive market areas and in lonely spots looking for prospective passengers at cheaper fare.

In some taxis’ the driver is alone or with a man. When the passenger boards the taxi they give lift to one or two more persons at a distance away who also pretend themselves as passengers and thereafter rob them threatening with dire consequences.

They even procure the passengers’ credit cards n withdraw the money from ATMs after forcing them to give them the tequisite code numbers. The women, senior citizens and those seeking such taxis’ in the night hours usually fall into such traps.

Lots of passengers have allegedly become the victim of such criminal taxi drivers in Delhi n NCR. So beware to hire these private taxis roaming around , without official booking and before hiring them don’t forget to take the picture of the number plate of the taxi, its driver and immediately sending the same to your acquaintance or parents before stepping inside the cab.

Meanwhile, in an other incident an Auto driver was shockingly stabbed to death by some unknown passengers in the Cannaught place area yesterday night who later on sucumbed to the grievous injuries.

As per the latest news being some passengers hired the auto from Khan Market to Cannaught place in the night of 7th October. While on the way towards Cannaught place the quarrel ensued between the passengers and the driver leading to his repeated stabbing.

Then the unknown passengers eloped after grievously injuring the auto driver who was bleeding profusely. But the worst part of the whole incident was that the passer by instead of taking the grievously injured auto driver to hospital was busy shooting his vedio and questioning him as a TV reporter as to who killed him and if he knows the name of the killer etc.

The police or petrol party was also conspicuous by their absence. Had the injured and profusely bleeding auto driver, groaning in pain taken to the nearby hospital like LNJP or Willingdon hospital immediately, his life could have been saved.

However later on the auto driver was addmitted to Lady Harding College hospital nearly 2 kilometres away but by that time it was already too late.

It is revealed that even after being stabbed n badly injured the auto driver drove for some time but finally fell down bleeding profusely and dying on the spot.

A person named Chouhan called the police by dialling 100 and it was then that he was rushed to the Lady Irvin hospital but of no awail. Shocking and disgusting indeed. Just imagine if this is the law and order situation in the heart of the city what would be the state of law and order in the vicinities at the outskirts of the capital. Are we really safe is a moot question?

It may be recalled that security of the citizen, looting & thefts are serious law & order problems in Delhi. The common person doesn’t carry life saving equipment with him to counter these criminals. It is entirely failure of police to combat these heinous incidents, and to some extent have nexus or breed these elements for their own interests.

People have self experience, how negligently police takes up the problems of robberies & daylight snatching of valuables on crowded roads, even at traffic signals. Registration of FIR in such cases is also a big problem as the victims fear retaliation from these hardened criminals n robbers who if caught are to be recognised by the victims. Moreover in majority of the cases the police itself demoralises the complainants saying that nothing will happen even after registration of FIR. The recovery n punishment rate in such cases is also very low.

It is a mock at part of police to claim the “mitra” and counter the challenge of any terrorist attack, if these issues of basic securities are not ridden over says a responsible citizen and a reputed entrepreneur T. S. Bhadari.

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95 year old Mahashay Dharampal, the king of spices, is still alive n healthy claims his daughter



Social media sites are significant if used for constructive and healthy purposes but bad if misused. This is what has happened a day before yesterday when rumours spread n went viral on facebook about the death of the owner of globally renowned MDH spices’ owner Mahashay Dharampal living in the posh Vasant Vihar locality of New Delhi saying that the 95 year old proprietor of globally famous Mahashay Di Hatti has left for his heavenly abode creating a furore amongst his family members, close relatives, accquaintances and in the business circles of the country.

Still seen active in good number of television advertisements acting himself for his company’s brands MDH spices this old man in a red pagri with moustache was born in 1923 at Sialkot, Pakistan where his father Chunnilal Gulati had a spices shop. After partition Mahashay Dharampal came to Delhi under extreme challenging circumstance with scarce resources.

He even rode the horsecart ( Taanga) in old Delhi say sources to earn livelyhood but lateron by the dint of hard work and dedication opened a small shop of spices in Karol Bagh Delhi followed by opening a first factory in 1959 in Kirti Nagar, Delhi never to look back again.

A successful symbol of a rags to riches story, Mahashay Dharampal, a highly labourious man with a penchant and ambition for being a rich man one day his business of spices flourished and prospered multiply and demands for spices under the brand name MDH KE MASALE through a vast advertisement campaign and sale network not only increased in India multiply n manifold but also abroad.

His 50 variety of spices under the popular brand of MDH became a household name in India and abroad and the annual turnover of the company increased manifold in hundreds of crores. Today Mahashay Dharampal owns fifteen factories and a prestigious Chanan Devi Hospital in Janakpuri, Delhi.

As per the 2016 figures popularly known as MDH spices ( Mahashay Di Hatti) posted a 15% jump in revenues to Rs 924 crore with a 24% increase in net profit at Rs 213 crore.

He is rated amongst the maximum salary earning CMD of his famous company MDH spices, eighty pecent of which goes in charities. After the rumours of his death going viral in social media, the daughter and son of 95 year old Dharampal Mahashay had to issue a denial by introducing the latest vedio in the media, showing him folding hands n smiling.

According to the family members Mahashay Dharampal still at the age of 95 keeps himself busy in the business activities by participating in the meetings and showing his curiosity about its progress. He also visits the Chanan Devi Hospital named after his mother, situated in Janakpuri occassionally being its chairman.

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VHP saints hold meeting in Delhi demanding from govt to issue ordinance on Ram Temple construction



picture of Sant Samaj from FB

As the three states’ elections n the national election of 2019 are nearing the long pending complex issue of Ram temple construction is gaining momentum within and outside the saffron party despite the fact that the matter is still subjudice, the next date of hearing being fixed for October.

The saturation point of tolerance of the Sant Samaaj associated with the Ram Temple construction and the arch political rival of BJP these days, the Shiv Sena has now crossed the limits and are badly angered and furious over the government’s stand on the issue saying that now enough is enough and the court as well as the government would take thousands of years to construct the temple therefore nothing short than an ordinance or central law would fulfil their long pendingvaspiration for Ram Temole in Ayodhya.

Under the banner of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad a hard core Hindu organisation involved in the Ram Mandir movement since long the Sant Samaj’s Uchadhikar Ram Madir Nirman Samittee today held a meeting in New Delhi attended by over 45 saffron clad saints from different parts of the counyry who interacted and deliberated on this trivial n most complicated issue of faith, threadbare and at length and arrived at the conclusion that unless or until the BJP led NDA government does not bring the ordinance / legislation on the lines of Triple talaq in parliament and make it a law, construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya would still be a distant dream.

The senior saint associated with the Ram Temple movement namely Vilas Vedanti while answering to the queries of mediamen said that the Sant Samaj has lost faith in the judiciary as the issue could be resolved through it and if we will wait it will take thousands of years.

He said that now the people of the country and the entire Sant Samaaj has come to the conclusion that unless or until the union government did not bring a legislation on the construction of temple in Ayodhya or an ordinance as it has done in the matter of Triple Talaq , it will take thousands of years for which they are not prepared, anymore.

He said said the Sant Samaj will go to Ayodhya and take the cudgels of Ram Mandir contruction into their own hands. Meanwhile, the Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said that despite the Ram Temple construction issue being in the menifesto of the BJP in every elections, they have never been serious on this count, except deriving political mileage during elections by befooling people and bagging their votes.

He said that the Shiv Sena Leader Udhav Thakrey will go to Ayodhya in October and start the temple construction work as its the only Shiv Sena who can fulfill this protracted demand and not the BJP.

Meanwhile the Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader and a bete noire of prime minister Narendra Modi, Pravin Togadia has in a press conference casigated the BJP and RSS for befooling the hindus of the country for the last 32 years and had even after promising to build the Ram temple at the party’s national executive meet in Himachal Pradesh has backed out from its poll promise thus hurting the sentiments of crores of Hindus. The VHP demands immediate issuance of an ordinance for construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya forthwith.

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