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Delhi has undoubtedly become a crime capital topping in terms of statistics and this fact has been unambiguously furnished by one of the prestigious newspaper of the country. The electronic channels and their reporters eloquently deliver various incidents of shameless crimes, rape of women including the adoloscents being the worst victim with increasing gangsterism, not to speak of the 38 thousand cases of chain snatching and thefts registered with the Delhi police during the last few years. Overall situation of a Delhite, particularly the women community is extremely vulnerable with no guarantee of their safety and security in majority of the shameless obnoxious incidents of women assaults.

The most uncalled for brutal incident of repeated merciless thrashing of a woman with iron rods after illegal confinement and a police woman in uniform having been publicly dragged in Narela by the dubious charactered women involved in a massive illicit liquor trade while the onlookers, majority of them being the male members not having the guts to come to the rescue of the victm, has made one thing absolutely and unambiguously for guaranteed that the criminal elements and those involved in the illicit liquor trade in the rural surroundings are least apprehensive about terror of the law enforcement agencies and everybody is scare of them despite the fact that its the capital city of India where law and order is always on the alert as claimed by the Delhi police. There have been accusation by the AAP and the Delhi Women Commission including the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejrival that the horrified woman victim was also paraded naked by the criminals and illicit botteleggers who did their best to ensure that the whistle blower woman is taught a most serious lesson by incessantly beating her in public with iron rods and even shamelessly dragging a woman policemen by hair.

The severely injured woman is badly horrified while being treated in hospital where the Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival met her and also approached the Delhi’s LG in person to demand strictest punishment to the guilty and provision of adequate security to the victim who’d bravely tried to expose the illicit liquor trade in Narela as a courageous whistle blower. However, the DCP of the Zone has given all assurances to try the guilty women under the strictest sections of the law but the point is how long will the whistle blowers of the society whether in Delhi or in other parts of the country continue to be the victims of criminals or supari killers and when would are state legislatures or the union government devise a strong and strict law for the safety and security of whistle blowers and RTI activists who risk their precious lives for the good of the society but are brutally killed or grievously injured with no governmental safety apparatus.

The incident of incessant thrashing of the woman volunteer exposing the illicit liquor trade in Narela in outer district by the criminals involved in the liquor trade is an unambiguous example of the increasing loss of the terror of law enforcing agencies particularly the police in the eyes of the latter ( criminals) who freely operate allegedly in league with the local law enforcing authorities and therefore feel that they are immune to any legal action. One can easily come to the conclusion through such brutal incidents of attacks on women in broad day light with her alleged naked parade, that the law breakers in the capital have become more and more over confident to commit lawlessness of gigantic nature sending a clear signal that they are least terrorised by the police authorities.

This most shameful incident of a whistle blower women including a police women in uniform being physically assaulted and grievously injured in broad day light with nobody having the courage to counter them is a terrible commentry about the worsening law and order situation in the nation’s capital and a wake up call for one and all as well. What do you say friends?


Man eater leopard attacks going unabated in Uttarakhand



The dreaded leopard attacks taking lives the inhabitants in Uttarakhand has become an order of the day with terrifying incidents of tiger attacks increasing day by day with no hope of relief from the government’s side. Uttarakhand is primarily a hilly region with more than 70% part having covered with dense forests.

After the enhanced migration from the interior rural areas, the villages and increasing constructive activities, the wild animals, particularly the leopards, hordes of wild monkeys, beers and even wild pigs have created havoc in the villages destroying cultivated fields and even attacking the local inhabitants. Just yesterday in a horrifying incident of a leopard attack, a young boy was brutally killed with half of his body part eaten by the dreaded leopard in the Manila area of Kumaon, Uttarakhand.

The young boy, son of one Mr. Lal Singh hailing from the village Supi Kaafli Tok Laami Dhar in Uttarakhand who was studying in sixth standard was killed by the leopard yesterday night as per the facebook post of Narayan Singh Bisht, district media Incharge.

The information was immediately given to the forest division who later on retrieved the highly mutilated dead body of the deceased. This is not the single isolated incident of horrifying leopard attack but in Garhwal and Kumaon Uttarakhand, the leopard menace has till now taken hundreds of precious lives of people with no reprieve or relief from the forest department and the government of Uttarakhand. There is yet another news of a young boy of 25 year old having been brutally killed in yet another wild cat attack at Bhainciyakhana block’s Dungri Panchayat in Almora district namely Deepak Kumar.

The people of this himalayan state has become vulnerable prey to the wild cats’attacks and have been prohibited to come out of their houses after 7 PM as the man eater leopards are usually on the lookout for their human prey. It is usually said that after the increasing exodus of the village populatiin to cities and towns there is tremendous dearth of animal preys for these leopards and hence they enter houses in villages hungry and even in the locan towns in search of flesh and make humans their easy prey.

More over, the majority of the hill jungle areas having become barren due to the excessive pine trees has also resulted in shortage of green food animals inside the forests finally compelling the tigers, leopards and cheetas migrate to towns or villages in search of food thus making human beings their easy prey.

Hundreds of people have so far been succumbed to the leopard attacks in this Himalayan state of Uttarakhand but it seems that the government is more concerned to preserve the wild life than to safeguard the human beings. The forest department is literally sleeping and so are the other responsible agencies of the government.

It is high time that the forest department of Uttarakhand should devise concrete methedology or formula to get rid of these man eater leopards failing which the already vacant Uttarakhand villages will literally turn into ghost villages in the near future. The government will have to prioritise whether maneater leopards are important for them or the human beings.

In 2016 the government of Uttarakhand had declared 140 leopards as man eater who’d created havoc in the hill state with their killing spree. After two years their terror is still live with the human killings going unabated.

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Nearly three years over but no trace of Kashish Rawat!



When fragile and innocent Kashish Rawat mysteriously dissappeared 3 years ago from her Sector 22, Noida House while she went at a nearby BHAAGWAT KATHA ceremony, she was just 4 year old. Today she must be seven if God willing she is hale and hearty in any corner of this country or the globe. Kashish hailed from a lower middle class family with his father serving in a private company drawing a meagre salary, who had to even lose his job due to his being involved in unsuccesfully searching his affectionate daughter. Kashish’s mother is still in trauma thinking and praying to Almighty for the well being of her beautiful daughter in whichever part of the world she might be.

The agonising parents have lost every hope except to depend on the miracle of God thinking that one day their most beloved daughter will be with them.

Sounds really shocking and extremely anguishing that two governments and chief ministers have changed in Uttar Pradesh and there had been tremendous assurances to the anguished family from the then UP CM Akhilesh Yadav, her MP wife Dimple Yadav, Raj Babber, RS MP from Uttarakhand, all Lok Sabha MPs of UK, the union home minister Rajnath Singh and the senior most police officers of Noida but all in vain. It seems, there is no rule of law and that the kidnappers or child traffickers ultimately have their say.

Several socio political organisations took out protest marches, several memorandums had already been submitted to the authorities concerned but the situation is to square one as on date.

The complacent police authorities, crime branch and the investigating agencies have no clue of Kashish. Not even knowing whether she is dead or alive. No newspaper or TV channel has been left out who’d not reported the matter in detail but the police and the UP government seems to be negligibly concerned about the plight of the most aggrieved and disenchanted parents of Kashish.

The moot question is, after all where is Kashish. Is she alive or dead ? Why is the Noida police not arriving at any definite conclusion? Are they still on the job to trace her or have closed the file. These questions still remain to be answered.

An organisation SEARCH MY CHILD run by a woman social activist Kusum Kandwal Bhatt has been seriously and deeply involved in searching Kashish and many such children from day one and has left no stone unturned to meet every single SP and SSP including the SHOs of the concerned police station but of no avail.

Noida these days seems to have been on the top in crime and criminal activities with two murders of the Uttarakhandi youths in just a years’ time, one in police custody at Ghaziabad’s Lajpat Nagar area and another, father of two daughters having been killed by goons at sector 36 Noida just a few days ago.

The incident of mysterious disappearence of Kashish Rawat and the failed attempt of Noida police to trace her has compelled everyone to think that reliance on police and the UP law enforcing agencies is just a huge joke as justice could never be expected from them.

Woman activist Kusum Kandwal Bhatt is constantly holding meetings and parleys at every school and nook and corner of Delhi and NCR and trying to mobilise students, youths and people from cross sections of the society to safeguard their children themselves and fight in unison against any such ill conceived design and notion of the criminals, kidnappers and imposters who misled innocent children and girls under the guise of jobs or bright avenues and outrage their dignity and modesty or sell them to child traffickers who involve these children into begging or obnoxious forced trafficking.

In Uttar Pradesh and Delhi NCR several child trafficking gangs seems to be active and the case of Kashish Rawat and many such diappearences are examples enough to prove home this point. If we go by the UNDP statement : because of this wide array of problems it is hard to survey the number of missing children. Often cases are not reported to the police. In 2005 National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) informed that on an average 44000 children are reported missing every year. Of these, as many as 11,000 remain untraced. As on date in India about 1 lakh cases or more of missing children still remain unresolved despite registration of cases years ago.

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Protest demonstration at Jantar Mantar demanding death for rapists and murderers



The most brutal and shameful rape and murder of an 8 year old innocent girl in Jammu’s Kathua region and the Unnao rape allegedly by the ruling party lawmaker have become the centrestage of the nation wide outrageous protests with people from all sections of the society literally coming out on streets to demand death for the culprits and resignation of the saffron clad UP chief minister for his government’s inaction as well as allegedly aiding and abetting the death of the victim’s father in police custody.

On 15th April hundreds of extremely angered and furious protestors comprising of college students, women activists of various socio political organisations and even school children thronged at Jantar Mantar raising anti government slogans and holding playcards in their hands registered their strong vociferous protests demanding death for the culprits of the above crimes and also asked for the Uttar Pradesh CM’s immediate resignation for allegedly supporting the culprits and abetting the custodial death of the rape survivor’s father in the police lock up.

The demonstration led to total halt and diversion of traffic for several hours with protestors having come till Sanchar Bhawan raising vociferous slogans and demanding stringent punishment for the culprits, not less than a capital sentence. The memorandum submitted to the government demanded immediate resignation of the UP chief minister for aiding and abetting the rape culprit who happens to be from his own party and holding him and his government responsible for the custodial death of the rape victims father.

A demand was also made for institution of fast track courts to punish the guilty at the earliest without any intentional delay. The family of both the victims be given complete police security and immediate arrest of the J& K ministers responsible for siding with Asifa’s rapists and murderers and also inciting and misguiding the people of the state on communal lines to misled the investigations. The protestors also demanded the arrest of the Hindu Ekta Manch leaders for creating the communal divide in the state of J&K and allegedly patronising the culprits of Asifa’s rape and murder.

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