The 94 years old, tenth prime minister of India, honoured with the highest award of the country Bharat Ratna, Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s condition is reported to be critical. As per the latest reports pouring in the veteran poet, former prime minister of India from 1998/ 09 to 2004 Mr. Vajpayee’s condition is extremely critical. The Home Minister Rajnath Singh today visited AIIMS to enquire about his health condition. The BJP chief Amit Shah and the veteran Leader Lal Krishna Advani had also visited the hospital to knowabout his latest health condition. Atal Bihari Vajpayee was addmitted in the AIIMS’s Intensive care unit on 11th June after he developed the various age related complications pertaining to Kidney and lungs etc and had been under the monitoring of the best doctors in the Cardilogy unit of All India Institute of Medical Sciences since then. The only non Congress prime minister having completed his full five year term Atal Behari Vajpayee had also been the prime minister for mere 13 days earlier to his stint as the 5 year non Congress PM of the BJP led NDA government. Apart from Atal Bihari Vajpayee 91 year old former union minister, CM of UP and Uttarakhand Narayan Dutt Tiwari is also in the ICU of Fortis Hospital in Saket, New Delhi for the last several months in a precarious condition. Both the senior most leaders and former PM and CM are political stalwarts though belonging to two ideologically opposite parties. Though from BJP the former prime minister is highly reverred across socio political spectrum of the country. A bachelor Vajpayeeji’s contribution right from the freedom struggle to the leader of the opposition to the prime minister in serving the countless people  of the country is imeasureable, unparalleled and exceptional. He is rated as a statesman of the country who had been endowed by the highest honour of the nation the Bharat Ratna. We all pray for their speedy recovery.





Saints addressing rally for Ram Temole construction at Ramleela ground at New Delhi


Under the banner of Viraat Dharma Sabha convened by the Indraprastha Vishwas hindu parishad today thousands of protagonists of Ram Temple construction at ayodhya today gathered in thousands at ram Keela grounds from different parts and states of the country and demanded in a unified voice a central government ordinance to enable construction of a magnificient Temple of Lord Rama at Ayodhya, a protracted demand of the BJP n its various offshoots since the demolition of Babri mosque in 1992 by thousands of kar sewaks which led to several aftermath riots and bomb blasts in different parts of the country. The huge congregation of the saffron clad saints of various hindu organisations, leaders of Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh and VHP, BJP leaders n volunteers and those blindly believing in the ethos and heritage of Lord Rama and the right wing activists like Bajrang Dal volunteers n activists of the saffron party offshoots dressed in saffron robes raising Jai Shri Ram n pro Ram Mandir slogans holding thousands of saffron flags converged at sprawling Ram Leela ground and heard their leaders vociferously demanding the immediate issuance of the central ordinance, and nothing less than that for early construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya.

The fountain head of the BJP and its main political think tank RSS general secretary ( Sarsangh karyawahak) Bhaiyyaji Joshi in his eloquent n furious speech demanded from the Modi government immediate inyroduction of a central ordinance to pave the way for construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya saying that they are not begging but its their suitable n genuine right and also of the party in power, the parliament and the government.

He added that the prestige of the judiciary and the courts should remain intact but at the same time the judicial system and the government should establish proper coordination to ensure that the feeling, emotions and the sentiments of the majority people should be fully respected and the temple should be constructed at Ayodhya which was also the pledge of the government in power. Swamy Parmanand of Virat Dharma Sabha has in his address given an open ultimatum to the government of prime minister Narendra Modi that if Ram temple is not constructed at the earliest lakhs of Ram Bhakts would not tolerate this betrayal and would continue their struggle with more vigour and vitality.

He added that if the BJP is accused of exploiting the Ram Temple issue at the time of elections and not fulfilling the promise after it comes to power then other opposition partirs should help in the construction of Ram Temple forthwith and resolve this vexed issue once for all. Swamy Parmanand Giri said that the presence of thousands of Ram Bhakts at Ram Leela grounds have proved beyond doubt that history has been created in Delhi today and the government of the day as well as the honourable court would have to understand the urge of the countrymen n resolve the issue once for all.

The saffron clad Sadhvi Ritambara said that the Hidu community of the counyry has now fully awakened in favour of Tam Temple and it will be built in Ayodhya at all costs. The international working president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Alok Kumar reminded the ruling party government of its pre election promise to construct Ram Temple in Ayodhya and said that we are again requesting it to take take note of this demand during the incoming winter session of the parliament.

He openly issued challenge to the government that in case it failed to bring the ordinance or legislation pertaining to the construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya in the winter session the Bhartiya Janata Party led government will have to face the consequences in the general elections. Swamy Anubhutanand swamy has in his address said that if the government fails in its duty to construct the Ram Temple in Ayodhya the entire Ram Bhakts would built the Ram Temple on their own in the sameway as they demolished the Babri Mosque issuing unambiguous warning to the BJP led government at the centre.

According to the press release issued by Vishwa Hindu Publicity chief Mahendra Rawat other who spoke on this ocassion were Jagadguru Ramanandacharya, Swamy Hansdevacharyaji Maharaj, Swamy Chinmayyanand Saraswati, VHP Vice president Champat Rai, Mahamandleshwar Nawal Kishore Das Maharaj, Jain Muni Lokesh Maharaj, Vivekanand Saraswatiji Maharaj n several other prominent saints.

The 94 year old king of Masalaas, Mahashay Dharam Pal of MDH, a multi millionaire was also felicitated on the stage. But the chief of the Art of Living Shri Shri Ravi Shakar Prasad who had been always at the firefront to resolve the Ram Janma Bhoomi Babri Mosque issue between the two communities was conspicuous by his absense. May be he had been intentionally sidelined say sources.

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RSS, VHP n entire Sant Samaj demand ordinance for Ram Temple construction at Ayodhya



Thousands of Ram Bhakhs attend Rally at Delhi today demanding bringing of a central ordinance for the construction of Lord Rama's Temple at Ayodhya

As the national elections of 2019 are nearing the demand for the construction of Ram Mandar is also gearing up nationally with the Bhartiya Janata Party, its various saffron offshoots, the sadhu sants of various hue and cries and the devout hindus all over the country being mobilised n channelised to the core in the name of construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya thus polarising the vote bank of majority community at the all India level.

Since the demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992, the issue of construction of Ram Temple at the disputed site has been repeatedly exploited by the right wing parties in every election for securing majority votes and acknowledge power at the centre and in the states including the largest state of the country, Uttar Pradesh but this vexed issue has not been resolved till date nor Ram Temple built say the Hindu protagonists.

Now the time has come to exercise pressure on the central government led by the BJP oriented NDA to come out with an ordinance to make the reality come true before it’s too late say the Saint community of the country who’d gathered today in thosands in Delhi to demand construction of Ram Temple through the central ordinance come what may.

This is not the first massive rally of the entire Saint community, Vishwas Hindu Parishad n the Rashtriya swayam Sewak Sangh in the recent months but similar mobilisation campaigns were also organised in New Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium n Lucknow on 24th n 25th October where even the Shiv Sena Chief Udhav Thakrey also came from Mumbai n took a pledge for the contruction of the Lord Rama temple after castigating the successive BJP and Narendra Modi governments for always exploiting votes to assume power but backing down after achieving political victories.

Even the Uttar Pradesh chief minister, a devout hindi and the biggest proponent of Ram Mandir construction at Ayodhya, saffron clad Yogi Adityanath has already announced about the construction of a 170 feet tallest Ram statue at Ayodhya costing more than 350 crores including illuminating Ayodhya on every Deepawali festival with 4 lakh oil lamps thus keeping the Ayodhya issue inyact n popularised.

Today’s rally in New Delhi was a hugest from the point of view of impressive attendence of thousands of saints and the volunteers of BJP, Bajrang Dal, VHP, RSS and other off shoots of the saffron party ruling at the centre as well as in about 20 states of the country.

The way speeches of the political leaders of the ruling party, the saint communities, the right wing parties especially the BJP, VHP and RSS have concentrated their entire oratory on the Ram temple issue and the subsequently organising huge religious congregations of the saffron clad saints taking place in various parts of the country, it seems that BJP n its fountain head organisations RSS as well as Vishwa Hindi Parishad have directly or indirectly chosen the path of entire polarisation of the majority community on the Ram Temple issue with issues like development, employment, inflation, law and order and retrenchment in jobs etc taking the back seat.

Today’s rally was unique and impressive in the sense that the attendence of the majoriry communty favoring early construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya was in thousands saffronising the entire political environment and every speaker from Bhaiyyagi Maharàj of RSS to every important saint of India demanding the central ordinance on Ram Temple at Ayodhya in anger, aggressive and furious mode even going to the extent of demeaning the BJP government at the centre led by PM Narendra Modi of not come true to its pre election pledges of constructing the Ram Temple at Ayodhya even after 4.5 years of coming to power at the centre with a historic majority.


The recent shameful eruption of Bulandshahar riots killing two including a police inspector, the riots pf Saharanpur etc in UP n lynchings in the name of cow vigilantism in various states of the counrty in the past are the dangerous signals if not controlled or countered impartially for establishing peace, amity n communal harmony in the country credibly n strongly. The issue of RamTemple construction n disputed site of Ayodhya is in the Supreme Court of India and therefore subjudice. The law of the land should prevail in the country n the judicial verdict respected at all costs.

However, the political analysts say that raising of Ram Temple issue right at the time of national elections and pre meditated ocurrances of riots like that of Bulandshahar riots etc n lynching of innocents in the name of cow vigilantism in various parts of the country are ill concieved designs and notions allegedly created with ulterior political motives to derive favorable political outcome. This is highly unbecoming on the part of political leaders who take oath in the name of constitution but unfortunately play with the sentiments of the countrymen in the name of religion, caste and other narrow considerations not good and acceptable in a democratic secular society.
What’s your say friends?

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How long will the riots claim innocent lives ?



pic from UttarPradesh.Org

The diabolical killings in Bulandshahar UP gives an unambiguous indication that the ominous signs of dividing the society in the name of majoritarianism are taking apparent shape in the near future with fundamentalist forces raising their head above to allegedly derive maximum political advantage in view of the forthcoming national election of 2019.

When the saffron clad devout Hindu politician of BJP, MP from Gorakhpur took the oath of office as the chief minister of the largest state of the country and even before that, while he was campaigning for his party candidates in the assembly election of UP Yogi Aditya Nath had literally pledged to make the state crime free where socio communal peace will prevail in all earnestness.

Despite being a devout Hindu, the chief minister had assured one and all of communal harmony n resurrection of the deteriorating law and order machinery of the state inherited from.the previous government in UP.

After assuming the office he relentlessly declared encounters of the hardcore criminals and claimed that this will led to complete peace in the state and emergence of real Ram Rajya.

But what happened ultimately ? The complaints of alleged fake encounters and the recent killing of two innocents including a police inspector Subodh Singh at the hands of mob lynchers some of whom are alleged to be from his own party or Bajrang Dal as being given to understand from various media reports have unambiguously exposed the ruling political dispensation of the state and led people to believe that an open game of polarisation in the name of allegedly creating communal division in the name of cow vigilantism or fabricated rumours have taken the front seat while issues of development, employment, peoples welfare, women security n communal harmony a back seat.

The all of a sudden though pre strategic occurance of communal riots in Bulandshar on account of the rumours of cow slaughter which is ban in Uttar Pradesh on the day when the UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath was addressing people in Rajasthan assuring electorates of allegedly ousting the Owaisies from Hyderabad for their alleged communal oratory in case the saffron party wins in Telengana, killing two innocents and loss to properties worth crores of Rupees is infact a very dangerous trend that is emerging in our country comprising of diverse culture, languages, heritage, religions and communities believing in secularism and peaceful co existence.

What is more worrisome is the fact that despite the earlier occurances of certain deaths in view of rumours in the name of child lifting and cow vigilantism in various states of the country, Uttar Pradesh again witnesses another riot taking the toll of two and creating rukus in the otherwise peaceful environment of Uttar Pradesh which has hardly come to terms after the massive Saharanpur n other dreadful riots of the state.

According to the political analysts the highly communal versions and speeches of some leaders of political parties and various communal outfits at work at the grass root levels play a major role in fomenting such communal troubles which has only one aim to divide the society on communal lines and polarise the entire society to beget votes and win elections thus playing with the peoples’ sentiments.

The most sorry state of affairs in such situation is the utter failure of the state’s intelligence agencies, the local intelligent units and the police force who fail to gather pre emptive information about the possible mishappenings in the future.

Had the intelligence apparatus of the state police or the Bulandshahar district been quite vigilant before time in assessing the situation and the possible provocation, the state’s police force, riot police or the PAC could have been alerted in time and the aweful sitiation could have been averted before going out of hand.

The way the state’s law and order apparatus have shown alertness and enthusiasm in grabbing 30 rioters having booked them for murder and rioting and is still trying to bring more men to justice, after the commission of the riots, the police force could/ should have been vigilant prior to this grave mishappening as well.

But this has not happened n Bulandshahar was literally on fire by the mobsters. Time has come now, that the election commission of India and the law enforcing agencies at the central as well as the state level including those at the helm of the political dispensation will have to take urgent initiatives to exercise setious restraint on the leaders as well as the lawmakers to discourage them from issuing inflammatory communal speeches or statements which not only encourage the rank n file of the respective parties to create division in the society on communal lines but also lead to riots that claim lot of innocent lives as was the case in Bulandshahar in Uttar Pradesh.

Let’s all therefore pledge to maitain peace, calm, harmony, brotherhood and amity in the socirty n give rebuff to religious and narrow communal considerations and issues in the near future.

In fact, some political observers feel that extremist section is being intentionally and pre meditatedly encouraged to fabricate riots in the state for political gains. It is highly harmful for the nation. It certainly proves the lethargic and lopsided functioning of the govt machinery. People are questioning: How long will the riots claim innocent lives ?What’s your take friends?

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Garhwal Hiteshini Sabha delegation meets Delhi CM, pleads him to resolve long pending grievances



Garhwal Hiteshini Sabha's office bearers with Delhi CM Arvind Kejrival at his office

A delegation of Garhwal Hiteshini Sabha, the biggest recognised social organisation of Garhwalies in Delhi today met the chief minister of national capital territory and AAP’s national convenor Arvind Kejrival in his Delhi Secretariat office at ITO, New Delhi and apprised him of various long pending problems being confronted by the social organisation having come into existence in 1923, founded by our ancestors in Delhi after collecting meagre financial contributions from its members with the sole aim to propagate the cultural and linguistic heritage of the hill people in Delhi n to resolve their grievances by being united and a force to reckon with.

Today Garhwal Hiteshini Sabha has a collective strength of about 5000 members and is considered to be the largest social organisation of Garhwalies in Delhi, in particular.

There have however been demands to convert it into a fulfledged Uttarakhandi organisation but its old constitution has already named it as Garhwal Hiteshini Sabha several decades ago n its name’s popularity dosen’t allow the new office bearers change its constitution set forth by their predecessors. The organisation however works for the welfare and well being of entire Uttarakhand comprising of Kumaonies, Garhwalies n Jaunsaries etc. Though the name of the organisation is Garhwal Hiteshini Sabha but its welfare measures are for entire Uttarakhand not distinguishing between Garhwalies n Kumaonies n considering the entire Himalayan state as its area of social functioning.

The organisation have been carrying on various scholarship programmes for outstanding poor n hapless students including various socio cultural n educational n health related activities for the good of the society.

It’s headquarter Garhwal Bhawan situated at Panchquin Road, New Delhi near Chandra Singh Garhwali Chowk is the main centre of various activities like provision for guest accomodation at reasonable cost, dining n lunch facility, allotment of the auditorium for marriage n social functions ,organisation of seminars, socio cultural activities n theatre events as well including the regional film shows. The Headquarter of Garhwal Hiteshini Sabha is today suffering from some problems like arbitrary enhancement of its house tax and an alleged illegal occupation of the upper floor by a saleswala. Several court cases are already under process to free the Garhwal Bhawan from the illegal Kabza of a salewala. There have been several protests in this regard but all in vain as the matter is subjudiced.

Today’s meeting of the present office bearers of GHS with the chief minister Arvind Kejrival pertaining to above issues have been fruitful as the latter have give them assurance to resolve their all the pending issues in all earnestness. The meeting lasted for twenty minutes. Those who met the chief minister in the delegation were Mohabbat Singh Rana, Narendra Singh Negi, Pawan Maithani and Ajay Bisht, all office bearers of Garhwal Hiteshini Sabha who’s term is likely to end this year or so.

Sunil Negi, President, Uttarakhand Journalists Forum





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ITBP to give free medical treatment to the inhabitants of all border villages



Border villages at Indo China Border devoid of medical facilities, Anil Baluni RS MP, Office Order of ITBP

With the recent new initiative of the Rajya Sabha member of Parliament from Garhwal, Uttarakhand namely Anil Baluni, the union government and the paramilitary forces’ headquarter at CGO Complex, New Delhi under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Home Affairs vide its order number 1-1202/01/2018/ MS-6300-05, Directorate General ITBP police has taken an immense pro people decision of offering free medical treatment and subsequent disbursement of free medicines through the OPDs to the general public and the inhabitants of all the border villages or habitats coming within their official purview, earlier only meant for the paramilitary jawans n officers.

According to the office memorandum issued by the, IG/ Director, Medical, Directorate General of ITBP Police with the copies sent to all the units commandent of ITBP at the all India level, the Commandent Base Hospital, Delhi, All frontior ISG/ Training Zones/ ITBP academy, ITBP Police, IG Referral hospital, Greater Noida and All Sector DIsG/ training centres etc , all the border battalions shall extend their medical facilities i.e. OPD consultations to the border populations and treatment in emergency cases by the battalion medical officers of the battalions.

The OPD should be opened to the general public during the working hours. The official order further directs that the Commandents of the battalions shall advertise and initiate the public relations, the co ordination and facilitation of the medicare to the public in consultation with the I/ C unit hospital.

It specifically directs that the free medicines should be distributed to the needy patients n in emergency and a separate record be maitained about the disbursement. The I/ C of the battalion hospital will liaise with the district administration / CDMO for the supply of medicines and other hospital necessities.

The order saus that such an exercise will help in confidence building with the local populace and optimum utilization of the professional menpower available with the battalion hospital. It also drects for the submission of monthly compliance report through proper channel for review at the level of Directorate General, ITBP Police.

It may be recalled that the border villages of the country especially those in the Chamoli, Garhwal n Kumaon regions alligned with the China border were slowly but gradually being emptied as the population was devoid of good health n educational facilities including lack of job avenues.

These border residents are a great source of moral upgradation to the paramilitary forces deployed at the Indo Pak or Indo China border and are helping the paramilitary of various intelligence inputs as well as other support system.

Introduction of the free medical treatment facilities n fee medicine distribution through the highly trained ITBP medical doctors will immensely help in regaining their confidence and also lessening the spate of migration from the border villages.

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Deceased Inspector’s son asks: Today my father got killed in Hindu Muslim riots, who’s father’s turn is tomorrow ?



What is happening in Uttar Pradesh? What about the repeated assurances of the Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath of maintaining peace and harmony in Uttar Pradesh n guaranteeing to make this largest state of the country crime free ? Bulandshahar is today in total disarray with people of all communities, especially the vulnerables, the minority are in absolutely insecure position.

While the saffron clad vociferous chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath was addressing the electorates of Rajasthan yesterday n Telangana earlier, assuring them of the saffron party’s victory n sunsequent ouster of the Owasies’ out of the Southern state, his own state’s law and order situation was in doldrums n total disarray with incidents of communal frenzy and mob violence taking the toll of three, including a police inspector in Bulandshahar where a rumour about the killing of a cow instigated the people and some hoodlums burning several government n private vehicles including complete ransacking of the police station with police officers n those at the lower rung seeking shelter elsewhere for safety n security.

While the naked dance of killings, loot and ransacking was on at Bulandshahar by the uncontrolled mob allegedly weilding lathies n lethal weapons openly defying law and order with provocative slogans renting the air, the same type n nature of incident of truck n vehicle burning, arson and loot was taking place at Jammu under the same pretext of cow lynching rumours where a truck full of animals was caught on the way.

Uttar Pradesh has also witnessed communal passens having been flared up earlier resulting in several casualties in Saharanpur n other parts of Western Uttar Pradesh where the victims were from a minority community. In several other such incidents in the name of alleged cow vigilantism and rumours of child liftings, number of people of a particular community were allegedly lynched in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, UP and Tripura.

The question is where are we really heading too? Is killing people in the name rumours of cow lynching etc solution to the problem? Does the constitution of India give people right to alegedly kill the innocents? How long will the people of these states and the country tolerate division of the society in the name of baseless, concocted and fabricated rumours allegedly fanning communal passions in the name of holy cow mother, alleged child lifting or religion? Can a country with the diverse cultures, religions, eating habits, rituals and communities believing in the principle of peaceful coexistence as well as secularism tolerate all this nuisance and for how long? When would our politicians really desist themselves to play with the communal sentiments of the countrymen who believe in the principle of unity in diversity? What was the fault of the UP police inspector of Bulandshahar and two other innocents who were killed mercilessly in these riots for no fault of theirs?

These are some of the vital questions which need an appropriate answer from those at the helm of affairs in the state as well as at the centre.

The traumatic son of the deceased inspector Subodh Singh poses a question to the society n those at the helm of the political dispensation. According to the ANI’s tweet deceased Unspector Subodh’s son Abhishekh asks ; My father wanted me to be a good citizen who dosen’t incite violence in the society in the name of religion. Today my father lost his life in the Hindu Muslim dispute, tomorrow who’s father will lose hid life# Bulandshahar.

What a shocking travesty. Meanwhile three culprits responsible for these tragic deaths have bern arrested by the police and the government of Uttar Pradesh has announced Rs. 40 lakhs as financial compensation for the deceased police inspector’s grief stricken family n for two other victims as well. Orders for SIT investigations to nail the real culprits have already been issued.

Eruption of these communal roits in UP n Jammu in the name of alleged Cow vigilantism n alleged killings right at the time of elections going in the five states of the country and the national election just five months ahead raises several questions, which require immediate answers say political analysts?







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Uttarakhand Gaurav Sammaan bestowed for writing, journalism and promotion of Garhwali, Kumaoni, Hindi and Sanskrit languages



In the picture T. S. Bhandari, Sunil Negi, Jeet Ram Bhatt and Puran Chand Kandpal

The Uttarakhand Maitri Sangh today felicitated the Secretary of the Hindi and Sanskrit Academy and an intellectual to the core Jeet Ram Bhatt, eminent literateur of Uttarakhand Pooran Chand Kandpal, social activist and entrepreneur T. S. Bhandari and the President of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum and Senior Journalist Sunil Negi with the Uttarakhand Gaurav Sammaan.

The honour was bestowed on these individuals for outstanding writing, journalism, social contribution and entrepreneurship. While Jeetram Bhatt was honoured with the Uttarakhand Gaurav Samman for his exceptional contribution in the promotion of Hindi and Sanskrit including his tremendous contribution in excelling in both the languages and popularising them, the president of Uttarakhand Journalists Forum Sunil Negi was felicitated for his exclusive reporting on Uttarakhand issues and also bringing out two editions of Uttaranchal’s Who’s Who and also translating the book on Uttrakhand’s massive ecological disaster of Kedarnath in the year 2013 June including his tremendous social contribution during the last three and a half decades.

Eminent literateur of Uttarakhand Pooran Chand Kandpal got the Uttarakhand Gaurav honour for his outstanding work in preserving n promoting Uttarakhandi dialect and for authoring 28 books to promote n preserve the cultural heritage of the himalayan state. The outstanding entrepreneur and social activist T. S. Bhandari has been bestowed with this prestigious award for his outstanding contribution in the social field n carving a niche for himself by being a progressive entrepreneur of repute in the field of construction and interior decoration. An impressive cultural programme was also organised on this ocassion with the mesmerising songs of eminent Uttarakhandi singer Kaushal Pandey n Janardhan Nautiyal under the direction of Sarveshwar Bisht.

The programme was organised by Uttarakhand Maitri Sangh and attended by hundreds of people from various parts of Delhi in Karampura. Wishing all the achievers all the very best. The organisers of the show Ranveer Singh, Om Prakash Bhatt and the entire team of Uttarakhand Maitrey Sangh, Delhi deserve to be complimented for the successful completion of this impressive event.

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Imran Khan’s friendly initiatives have no meaning till he does not rid Pakistan of terror santuaries n terrorism



The issue of Kartarpur corridor which seemed like opening the doors of a new chapter of friendship between India and Pakistan, particularly after the elevation of renowned cricketer Imran Khan as the new prime minister of Pakistan has taken a topsy tervy turn with India and Pakistan still engaged in mudslingling and accusations on each other giving an unambiguous impression that keeping the confrontation between the two nations’ alive suits both the ruling partys’ political dispensations to keep on their governments running smoothly and politics intact.

There is no doubt that the successive governments in Pakistan since they achieved separate nationhood always stood against India as its arch enemy , attacked India number of times, lost all wars but always kept the Kashmir issue alive by making Pakistan a fertile sanctuary of terrorists and infilterating them in Kashmir killing thousands of innocent civilians and Armymen including the paramilitary troopers.

While the Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan is making number of statements regarding extending two steps forward incase India initiates’ one step ahead, the Kartarpur corridor initiative between both the countries does not seem to serve any suitable purpose of renewed efforts of friendship dialogue despite the decision being historic as politics of Congress and BJP has cropped in to take credit of this historic intiative.

While the Punjab state minister of Congress party government Navjyot Singh Sidhu is claiming the credit for opening of the Kartarpur Pakistan and Nanak Dera India corridor being the old and trusted friend of Pak PM Imran Khan, the BJP led NDA government pats its own back and blames Sidhu as the die friend of India’s traditional enemy.

There have also been accusations and allegations of Pakistan aiding and abetting the Khalistani terrorists in its own soil particularly Gopal Singh Chawla who was shown most cordially and merrily talking to the Pakistani general Bajwa at the ground breaking ceremony in Pakistan by Indian TV channels and the print media.

The Indian external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj has already refused to initiate talks with Pakistan despite Imran’s initiative for dialogues, saying that inview of the increasing killings of Indians and Pakistan’s not giving up its stand on sponsoring and abetting terrorists including closing down of terror sanctuaries the friendship parleys can’t go hand in glove.

Similarly the prime minister’s visit to the SAARC conference to be held in Pakistan has also been cancelled for the second time, as India wants complete stoppage to terror funding and support to terrorists from the Pakistani soil.

The rigid stand of India despite the Kartarpur intiative seems to be a logically genuine decision as Pak PM Imran Khan has never committed to give up shielding and abetting terrorists n terrorism from the Pakistani soil and had not mentioned even for once while speaking on the ground breaking ceremony in Kartarpur, Pakistan his commitment to do so, though he did raised the Kashmir issue.

He did’nt even uttered a single word on 26/11 attack in Mumbai in which 160 innocents died. He did not say a single word on the dreaded terrorists like Hafiz Sayed etc who are roaming freely in Pakistan and spreading venom against India n killing hundreds of people in Kashmir.

Instead Imran Khan tries to skip these questions by putting the blame on previous governments and terming them as an inherited issue thus standing non committal on counteting terrorism in the Pakistan soil.

It’s not only India but the entire world which unambiguously knows – how Pakistan is sponsering and funding the hardened terrorists as a terrorist nation. Even in UN and the US list Hafeez Sayed n other terrorists are registered as International terrorits with heavy awards on their heads but the Pak government is not playing any vital role to penalise n hand them to the US and India.

The US president too has warned Pakistan number of times to clear its soil of terror sanctuaries n have even stopped the huge financial aid but instead of obliging US its traditional friend it preferred to wholly side with expansionist China given a clrar impression that the PAK military, political leadership n the ISI are not interested to counter or eliminate terrorism from its soil either willingly or for fear of polotical implications n repurcussions.

The crux is, unless Pakistan gives up the killing spree in Kashmir and clears its soil of terror sanctuaries and terror funding activities, any historic initiative between the two countries will have to be looked or assesed in isolation as rightly said by the Indian Army chief Genl. Vipin Rawat in the context of the Kartarpur, Corridor.

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Thousands of farmers march to parliament to demand loan waiver and better rumuneration for their produce



Thousands of farmers from various states of the country have entered Delhi and are likely to gherao the parliament today demanding a special session of parliament to discuss and resolve farmers issue in the forthcoming winter session of Parliament.

The farmers march covering several hundred kilometres from different states of the country under the banner of All India Farmers Cordination Committee have two demands in particular pertaining to passing of two legislations viz. freeing farmers of the country from the entire loans and benfitting the farmers by way of giving them one and a half times more of the value of their produce of the costs invloved in the inputs..The farmers should get the appropriate beneficial rates against their produce.

Raising anti government, Vande Matram and pro peasent slogans wearing different colourful attires representing their respective cultural heritage, thousands of protesting farmers are marching towards the parliament house from Bijwasan after covering over 27 kilometres raising slogans.

The farmers reached Ram Leela Grounds last evening. Prominent social activist and the leader of Narmada Bachao Andolan Megha Patkar also joined the march in between today.

The kisans who’d marched from Tamilnadu carried with them the skeletons and skull of the farmers who’d committed suicide in their state and had warned the police not to interfere in their protest march.

These peasents from Tamilnadu and other southern states had several months ago held dharnas and protest demonstrations at Jantar Mantar last year for two months as well and have threatened to protest as naked protestors if they are not allowed to demonstrate peacefully.

About two thousand police men had been deployed to maintain law and order and about 1796 police officers deputed to ensure that no untoward incident occurs during this protest demonstration.

The Swaraj India chief Yogendra Yadav and eminent RTI activist and lawyer Prashant Bhushan have also joined the farmers march and extended their fullest support to the Joint action committee of All India Farmers.

All the left parties are also supporting this movement . The farmers march is likely to converge at Jantar Mantar where they will be addressed by their leaders and memorandum handed to the prime minister. About more than two hundred peasents organisations from all over the country are participating in this massive protest demonstration under the banner of Akhil Bhartiya Kisan Sangharsh Samanvay Samittee.

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There are compulsions for like minded parties to unite against BJP says Naidu



The main political actor of the non BJP opposition unity, Andhra Pradesh Chief minister and the Telugu Desam Party chief Chandra Babu Naidu finds Rahul Gandhi good, attitude wise, while the prime minister Narendra Modi as arrogant despite the hard fact that till just a year ago he was continuously with the BJP led NDA since its forming the government in 2014 having all praise for him and had 35 year old political rivalry with the Congress party since Telugu Desam Party was formed by his father in law and the super star of the South towering legend N. T. Rama Rao three decades ago.

Extremely furious against the prime minister Narendra Modi and the BJP led NDA for not granting Andhra Pradesh, the special status and separate budget despite the pre election assurance, Telugu Desam Party chief Chandra Babu Naidu says that he has no option but to fight the Centre which has been unjust to Andhra Pradesh by backing out of the promise to grant special catagory status to AP thus neglecting the Telugu pride.

Not only this but the Modi government has done injustice with the people of the nation as well by ruining contry’s economy, being intolerant towards the minorities n Dalits, witch hunting of the political rivals by allegedly misusing CBI, ED, IT and RBI and crippling the democratic institutions of the country.

The TDP leader who alongwith the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi addressed several rallies in Telengana, kick starting their joint campaign spoke to Sriniwasa Rao Apparasu of HT in an exclusive interview published today.

On the question regarding his sudden ideological shift allying with the three decade’s old rival Congress, the TDP chief said it wasn’t the question of an ideological shift but a democratic compulsion as in India politics is guided by the ideological and political compulsions.

He added that politival parties that earlier fought with one another on political compulsions had come together due to ideological compulsions.

To substantiate his contention Naidu gave the example of West Bengal and Kerala where the Congress and CPM fought against each other but came together to fight the BJP unitedly.

He said today there is a democratic compulsion for all the likeminded opposition parties to join hands as the BJP led NDA government under Modi has ruined denocratic institutions and had been misusing all constitutional entities to allegedly take revenge from its its political rivals.

On the question of Rahul Gandhi being the consensus candidate of the future grand alliance Chandra Babu Naidu denied saying that the decision on the prime ministerial candidate would be taken after the polls and they don’t want to even talk on it for now.

On the question of the timing of the anti BJP opposition alliance by Sriniwasa Rao Apparasu Telugu Desam chief said : We have made the beginning in the new direction and are meeting in New Delhi on December 10th next month in order to discuss the futire course of action.

I m doing my bit, so is West Bengal CM Mamata Bennerjee and others are also coming forward to. The meeting would be discussing various issues including the minimum basic common programmes.

Regarding the sustainability of the grand alliance in the near future Chandra Babu Naidu said: if one looks at the country’s political history there were stable government’s in the pre liberalisation era but the economic growth was merely 2 to 3%.

After the reforms there had been minority and coalision governments but all of them performed well in sustaining the economy and taking up the welfare and development agenda.

But we now have a Modi government which has miserably failed. He said : it’s ultimately the peoples’ welfare which is of paramount interest.

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