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If you are a fresher and looking for a job. I can truly understand what is confusing you. There might be a big question mark in your head about “Where to start?”

During my initial years, undoubtedly, I was attracted towards big companies and popular brands but I am telling this from my personal experience, it is definitely not going to be a place for you to start.

When I got into an established organization, I was just treated as a “piece of paper” on which everyone wrote the tasks to perform. In a big organization, each and every person is assigned with a specific task leading to a monotonous life of the employee with no change. I wanted to learn new things for which I never got a chance in those brands. Then I thought to step out of this place and join a growing company or you can say a “startup”.

In a startup, you get to learn as much as you can. You get assigned with various tasks which you enjoy while performing. Well, a startup is an “Exciting Place”. So, a perfect answer to your big question mark “Where to start” is a STARTUP.

I think it would need some more points to prove that “YOU SHOULD START WITH A STARTUP”. Following are the top reasons for you to join a fast-growing company. And, also they tell you on how to know that your search for your job is over for the time being:

Learn and Grow:

“Learn. Believe. Change. Grow. Succeed.”

If you want to learn new things, want more responsibilities and want to do more hard work the start-ups are ready to provide that to you. A growing company offers new challenging assignments to its employees which may provide quick exposure to those workers. A startup cannot move into new business lines, they firstly look in within their own ranks. This also increases the chances of your promotion within that organization.

Facetime with the company leaders:

Want to have a word with the CEO? Yes, in a growing company, you get much chance of getting face time with your CEO and company leaders. You can discuss everything you want to with them and get proper solutions. These face to face interactions help you to learn the best you can as well as get direct advice and make an impression. On the other hand, in a large organization, the employees spend many years in the company without even speaking to their executive managers.

Definitely Impactful:

Now if you want to move on, a growing company is a good choice if you are expecting to make an impact in the next job. Startups give you a chance to interact with different people, work on new projects, and move from team to team and departments to departments. This leads to great results for your career. Your future bosses would love to hire you if you are capable of contributing all your skills to a brand new project.


Answerable and responsible:

A startup will lead you to such a position that would be highly impactful. Your work will affect the entire company and its workers. If you do amazing work, you will be praised for it by getting praiseworthy texts and notes by your boss and other members of the company. In a startup, your mistake won’t get you in trouble as long as it was unintentional. It is unavoidable to have responsibility and answerability in a startup.

Grab leadership in the right time:

In a big established company, you need to wait for years to get into a higher position or being a true leader. However, in a startup, if you are doing a great job in all the tasks assigned to you, there are many chances of you getting promoted and becoming a true leader in no time if you have the desired qualities.


Each and every decision made in a startup is transparent. Required information about any new plan, a new program, and new rule will be given to the employees. The startup will provide why, how, when, what and where about the decisions that it takes. However, some information which is meant to be confidential won’t be transparent.


You will be paid less than the bigger organizations in a growing company. But the thing is, here you will have an increased ownership and equity. If you are in a bigger company, you will have lesser shares and nominal salary. Whereas, in case of a startup you will have a lesser salary but higher shares.

Major Opportunities:

People with interests in one field or many fields don’t do well in big companies. Big companies need specialization in the kind of work you are performing in the job whole day. But this is not the case in a startup. Startups also need specialization but for the generalists, they can do multiple works if they want. For example, If you want to be an engineer, you can work on the company’s website, and also in the mobile app. But in a big company, if you are working on the company’s website then you have to stick with the same work in all your job years.






The Progressive Channels Association of Information Technology aka PCAIT with the support of Federation of All India Associations of Information Technology, (FAIITA) organised a prestigious event titled as CHANNEL VISTAS – 2018 at Hotel Crown Plaza, Okhla, New Delhi on 5th of May, attended by IT business champions, OEMs’ doing sizeable businesses, traders, system integrators and vendors from all over the country including Delhi.

In all about 150 important members of FAIITA and PCAIT participated in this national business conclave convened with the sole aim of IT business networking amongst the state champions, sizeable IT business partners, system integrators and vendors in order to give impetus to business growth and enhance the quality and quantity of IT business all over the country.

The first session of the conclave was devoted to FAIITA which was inaugurated by the welcome speech of its president Mr. Champak Lal Gurjar from Mumbai where as the second session dedicated to PCAIT was inaugurated by the lightening of the lamp and the welcome speech of the PCAIT president Alok Gupta followed by the speech of its general secretary Saket Kapoor.

The morning session was most ably and eloquently compered by Mr. Saket Kapoor who worked as an integrator between the FAIITA and PCAIT members participating actively in the business matchmaking giving and seeking support for the IT products in order to enhance the business volumes and earn handsome profits through mutual support and exchange of services n products in the near future.

The post lunch session with discussion on the subject titled as ” ENHANCEMENT OF BUSINESS PROSPECTS AMONGST THE MEMBERS, ” started at 2.30 PM.

This live session effectively moderated jointly by Saket Kapoor and Vivek Sharma with the active participation of the FAIITA as well as the PCAIT members from Delhi, Haryana, UP, Noida, Chandigarh, Punjab, Siliguri, North East, Tamilnadu, Hydrabad, Bihar, Jallundhar, Bengal and Pondicherry was extremely fruitful and succeful as the participating members were able to positively interact and establish business tie ups including exchanging cards for the generation of IT business amongst themselves.

All the members interestingly participated in discussions and aired their views emphatically to promote their business prospects through mutual trust and linkages in the near future.

The FAIITA president Champak Lal Gurjar, PCAIT president Alok Gupta and general secretary Saket Kapoor emphasised the need for organising such Conclaves and get togethers in various states of the country in every three months so as to ensure time bound revival of their activities and business initiatives thus achieving the aim of enhacing their IT business prospects to 25% more from the current level and also to reslove their problems if any.

The speakers at the event expressed the dire need to broadbase the organisation FAIITA, natiinally, in order to make it more effective, strong and answerable by way of generating funds through various means like : organising exhibitions in collaboration with TAITRA, involving FAIITA in arbitration and dispute settlements of the IT business partners whose large sums of money get stuck due to non payments in the government departments or with other private forums, certification of all the members of various state IT organisations in FAIITA against a consolidated one time fee and publishing of sovenier to generate funds at the national level and highlighting of the activities and achievements of FAIITA and various state IT bodies as well.

A press conference was also addressed jointly by PCAIT president ALOK GUPTA, FAIITA PRESIDENT CHAMPAKLAL GURJAR and GENERAL SECRETARY SAKET KAPOOR who ably responded to the various queries of the IT media pertaining to the problems in the IT sector, challenges being confronted by them and the achievements of FAIITA and PCAIT since their coming into existence.

About 7 tables of various IT traders and companies like Protegent, Atlanta, Armstrack, Chota Internet, Green tech, Parts Baba, Modi infosil, Its Solutions and four stalls prestigious IT products like Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer, Dlink etc were also put installed on this ocassion to showcase their products.

About 15 minutes each were allocated to Lenovo, HP, Dell, D link, and Acer as speaking slots and to give presentation of their company and its products to the audience.

Other than Champak Lal Gurjar, Alok Gupta and Saket Kapoor, those who spoke on the ocassion were PCAIT’s Vice President Sandeep Arya, treasurer PK Sharma, EC member Sewak Nautiyal and representatives and business champions from Bihar, Punjab, Tamilnadu, Pondicherry, Jallundhar , Chandigarh and Delhi. The vote of thanks were conveyed by Mr. PK Sharma, MD Comnet Vision, India. The event organised by PCAIT was a grand success, indeed.

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The information technology sector is extremely significant from the point of view of the economic and industrial development of the country, generating good number of jobs n inviting foreign investment as well and thus contributing remarkably to the nation’s over all progress and prosperity. In a nutshell, the IT industry definitely plays a very significant and vital role in strengthening the country’s economy and leading to immense technological progress of the nation within and outside.

As a sequel to fulfil these important objectives, further to demonetisation, GST and the finance budget 2018 of Government of India including (with) an objective to grow the businesses of its members through best channel practices, the PROGRESSIVE CHANNELS ASSOCIATION INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY aka PCAIT with the support of the Federation of All India All India Information Technology Associations( FAIITA) is organising a prestigious event, A NATIONAL BUSINESS CONCLAVE ,” CHANNEL VISTAS,” at Hotel Crown Plaza on 5th May to be attented by 250 credible IT business owners, honchos and leaders from across the country, ranging from retailers to system integraters to regional distributors. Primarily, its the FAIITA EVENT hosted by PCAIT.

It’s an event of IT business owners and leaders to match make and synerzise at national level for outstansing business growth.

It may be recalled that the Progressive Channels Association of Information Technology (PCAIT) is an association of credible IT channel partners conducting a little over 80% of IT business in the Indian capital of Delhi.

PCAIT is to IT channel business as NASSCOM is a software business and is a founder member of Federation of All India Information Technology Associations aka FAIITA, representing business interests of over 30,000 pan India channel partners.

Feeling a dire need to cystallize the immense human and material resources of the IT industry, particularly a channel of national and global benefit , a group of 15 enthusiastic persons heading various organisations came forth in May 2004 to give birth to PCAIT which got registered in March 2005 as a society.

The Association comprises of a vast pool capable persons possesing outstanding managerial, technical and entrepreneur skills who are also highly qualified, ambitious and successful in each of his or her domain.

The president of PCAIT is Mr. Alok Gupta, MD, Unistal Systems and general Secretary is Mr. Saket Kapoor. The excecutive council of this IT body consists of 16 persons, all from the Information Technology sector.

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Rs1 lakh crore of public exchequer at God’s will. Will be recovered or not, is anybody’s guess?



The revelation of about hundreds of private companies and corporates being the willful defaulters having put to loss a staggering amount of one lakh crore or even more during the last few decades not returning the same intentionally though many of them could have done so, unambiguously speaks of the fact that these heavy defaulters are in league with the powerful people in the system and had conveniently managed to siphon off such a huge amount of the public exchequer without any fear or terror of law.

Just imagine, on the one hand thousands of farmers had committed suicides in our country and are still doing so for not being able to repay just a few lakhs or thousands of rupees due to genuine drought or short rain cycle that results in the subsequent production losses and on the other hand the rich, affluent and the privileged corporate houses and industrialists willfully hang on the lakhs of crores of government money thus not only making mockery of our system but leading the country towards economic backwardness.

But the question is, who is to be actually blamed for this huge lapse, the government agencies, the banks or the corporates/ industrialists. The answer is simple, all the three of them. There have been hundreds of instances that the goons and bouncers of banks and financiers find it too easy to harrass, victimise and even thrash the farmers, youths, students and even woman and forcibly take back/ consficate their financed vehicles, tracters etc for the failure to pay even few inslalments due to some genuine constraints but in the case of these powerful and highly rich the system falls on their feet, obnoxiously, at the expense of the nation’s interest.

It really sounds shocking and higly deplorable that Vijay Mallaya, Nirav and Lalit Modi flee the country after duping banks of several thousand crores and so are many others and now a new shocking revelation comes that hundreds of such sharks have willfully defaulted the government of more than one lakh crores of rupees, the massive amount that could have resolved the financial crisis of 80% of our farmers and resurrected the health related conditions of our country’s 90% of the population having covered them under insurance umbrella of social and health security.

Why is it that we’ve been tolerating these economic offenders for so long knowing very well that its a hard earned tax payers money of public exchequer. Why is it that the economic offences wing, the CBDT, the ED, the IT department and departments like revenue intelligence didn’t take any action. And why is it that now the skeletons are being explored, diclosed and made to fall down from the cupboards, daily?

The point is clear. The national election are nearing and the people of the country need an answer made during the pre polls, four years ago. Hope the government of the day succeeds in retrieving this one lakh crore at the earliest and uses it justifiably for the welfare of the farmers and the underprivileged sections of the society. If not now it will really, never be in the future? What’s your take friends?

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