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The entire journalistic and intellectual fraternity of India is shocked and anguished over the most brutal and gruesome murder of a fifty-year-old progressive and outspoken journalist Gauri Lankesh in Bengaluru by hardened criminals supposedly the right wing paranoid faith fanatics, as being  talked about ,killing her from a close range of 3 to 5 feet, point blank range with four to five bullets fired on her chest and face. Gauri Lankesh represents the entire progressive media fraternity who counter and fight against right wing communalism, forces of reaction, division, acute fundamentalism of religion n faith and of bigotry n chauvinism.

A veteran journalist and a political activist too, apart from vociferously and eloquently countering intolerance of religious chauvinism and forces of bigotry, Gauri was also these days working to bring few misguided Naxal youths into mainstream politics in a democratic setup. The obnoxious and most shocking murder of Gauri reminds us of the recent unabated lynchings of several eminent progressive writers, thinkers and journalists of repute viz Narendra Dabolkar, M.M. Kulkarni and Govind Pansare whose entire life was devoted and dedicated to writings on communal harmony and protecting the secular traditions and values.

Gauri Kulkarni was an outspoken and firebrand journalist and a socio political activist too who had always been in the forefront to condemn and counter the arbitrary and communal actions and divisive utterances of fundamentalist forces and was therefore allegedly the most favored enemy of the right wing politics and their masters. Those who know Gauri from the close quarters, particularly her senior journalist friends say that Gauri was fearless, highly vociferous and die hard secularist who could go to any level to oppose and counter the forces of communalism, reaction, and division. It was finally her strong commitment to take head on collision course with the extreme right wing forces, that led her losing her precious life so brutally.

Highly dedicated to fearless journalism for the last three decades Gauri’ s father too was an eminent journalist and published a Kannada language journal called  Gauri Lankesh Patrike from Bengaluru which the former was now editing. Gauri was always a soft target of the communalists and religious fundamentalists but never gave up raising her voice most emphatically against the high and mighty. In today’s world of materialism, extreme corruption, nepotism and favoritism one will seldom find a woman fighter of great courage and bravery as Gauri Lankesh was, who dedicated her entire career as a journalist and later on as a scribe turned socio political activist to relentlessly fight against the forces of communalism, reaction, division and fundamentalism, irrespective of religious or caste affiliations.

In the tragic murder of Gauri Lankesh while the AADHI AABAADI, the women community of the country has lost a brave and courageous fighter for the women’s rights and their dignity, the nation and media fraternity  has devoid itself of an incessant n fearless journalist woman fighter and the true and transparent voice of the progressive thought and struggle. The gruesome lynching of Gauri Lankesh also reminds me of the most horrendous and diabolical murder of a journalist friend of Pauri Garhwal Uttarakhand who was mercilessly killed by the then ILLICIT LIQUOR MAFIA during the eighties, as he was  exposing the illegal trade of the liquor mafia in league with the then political hierarchy and law enforcing agency through his articulations in a popular Hindi Daily AMAR UJALA where he worked then as a local correspondent.

The liquor mafia mutilated the journalist’s body into several pieces and dumped it into the GANG NAHAR OF UTTAR PRADESH. It is shocking to note that in India about 60 whistle blowers ( RTI ACTIVISTS) have been killed with six suicides and more than three hundred attempts to kill the RTI activists made during 2015 and 16.  Sounds shocking and distressing. The last year’s murder of Rajiv Ranjan in Bihar by the mafia don Shahabuddin who is under trial in Tihar Jail is also an unambiguous testimony of increasing killings of journalists in our country.

The Karnataka government is also to be blamed as it is during their rule that a woman journalist gets killed so conveniently showing THENGA to the law and order machinery. The chief minister of the state too is fully answerable for this huge blunder of breaking law and order machinery of the state. Any violence, murder and too diabolically, whether of an RSS worker in Kerala or progressive Journalist and activist Gauri Lankesh is outrightly unacceptable and condemnable in strongest possible terms. Whether he is Rajiv Ranjan of Bihar or Umesh Dobhal of Pauri, Garhwal, both journalists or Dabolkar, Kulkarni or Pansare or others diabolical murders under the influence of any ideology, left or right are strictly unacceptable in a democracy. No constitution of any country of the world including ours give any right to any paranoid or fundamentalist of any caste, community, sect or religion any right to kill anybody and smother his or her precious life through lynching in order to smother their freedom of speech and expression verbal or in writing. We are living in a democratic free society where every left, right, centrist or free thinking person has the freedom to express according to his or her own free will. Law of land is there for punitive measures if anybody goes against the tenets of democracy and our Constitution but lynching in any form and physical assault and silence is no solution to.any problem. What do you say, friends? We unequivocally condemn any form of violence against anybody of any ideology in strongest possible terms and appeal to one and all to fight ideologically through pen and votes not blood bath or brutal killing


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Maneater attacks continue unabatedly in UTTARAKHAND VILLAGES



On the one hand the jungles of Uttarakhand are on incessant fire, causing collosal loss to wildlife and the flora and fauna including the environment of the Uttarakhand hills, on the other hand the spree of man eater attacks on human lives is shockingly and anguishingly on with no sign of any end to this dreaded menace.

The inefficient forest department of Uttarakhand already devoid of sufficient staff has proved to be a complete failure till now and so are those sitting at the helm at the political and administrative levels.

According to sources though not fully confirmed about 150 leopards, tigers and panthers have become maneater and have created hovoc in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal and Kumaon regions thus not only terrorising the inhabitants of the interior villages but also affecting the tourist influx .

In the past six months, several incidents of dreaded man eater attacks have come to light killing women, children n senior citizens. But there had been no efforts from the side of the Forest department to reduce such incidents of man eater attacks.

Just a few days ago two children had been brutally killed by these maneaters/ predators in Kumaon and several others in Pauri Garhwal district.

Similarly the incidents of wild bear attacks are also on the rise, particularly in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand.

The photograph below is of a hard lucked man of Chowbattakhal Tehsil in Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand where this innocent villager aged 65 years, namely Virendra Prasad Sundriyal, resident of village Sundrai, Kulkanddhidh was brutally killed by the man eater leopard near a bus shed on road side where the latter was sitting clandestinely in search of the prey.

The mutilated body of the deceased was found by the revenue police after several hours. The angry and furious villagers angrily protested in front of the forest staff raising slogans for their ineficiency and complacense.

The irate residents were demanding dousing of the jungle fire and subsequent killing of the maneater.

Meanwhile sources reveal that the maneater leapard has been captured by the forest division and is in the custody of the VAN VIBHAG.

Though the incidents of maneater attacks are already on the rise but after the jungle fires the maneaters are thronging towards villages and human settlements in search of refuge and food and the human beings are becoming their easy prey, particularly the women and children and at time the senior citizens.

If you ask for the accurate statistical data from the forest division of Uttarakhand they have none and even if they give it its too unauthentic. The reason being if they give the factual data their inefficiency and complacense would be revealed and subsequently would invite penal action.

Niharika Ghia writes: According to a newspaper report, UK forest department lacks the factual database on victims of animal attacks. The activists allege that complilation of factual data of wild animal attack victims will expose the inefficiency of the forest officials in tackling such conflicts. The officials do not wish to get caught in this so the actual figures are not been registered. Pauri has had the highest number of leopard attacks but unfortunately the database is not being registered correctly. I guess the fencing around the forest area as well as CCTV cameras is not done. Besides adequate supply of food will prevent the wild animals coming near villages. What a merciless attack.

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Facebook and volunteers of a social organisation helped in uniting an old woman to her family! Kudos



The social networking site Facebook and whatsapp are extremely significant if used for good and healthy purposes, but has its ugly consequences as well if the users have ill conceived notions and intentions. There are cases of ugly nature happening when people are compelled to watch immoral, obnoxious and uncivilised material and pictures posted intentionally by notorious and disgruntled elements or hackers intruding into accounts of others to derive pivotal informations clandestinely.

But there are intellectuals, social activists, journalists and people with ethics who rightfully use this important via media for exchange of healthy and intellectual views seeking and providing significant information good for one and all. There have been lots of positive incidents that have happened due to facebook like delivering a particular group of blood to the needy, financially helping poor and hapless patients, providing job opportunities to the needy and even helping people and women in distress. This pivotal via media has also helped bringing issues of burning nature to the knowledge of the authorities concerned and simultaneously getting them resolved. Important and sensitive issues such as that of Jessica Lal murder, diabolical murder of Amit Kataria, gang rape and brutal murder of Nirbhaya of Vasant Vihar and Nazafgarh and Kathua rape and horrendous murder of a girl child also acknowledged tremendous momentum nationally through this important social networking sites finally leading to capital punishment to the guilty human beasts and stringent amendments in the laws of the land to severely punish the perpetraters of gruesome crime.

Just two days ago a great job could be executed successfully through the publicity of a missing illeterate old woman of Uttarakhand in Delhi who could finally been restored back to her family. According to BM Upreti of a social organisation of Uttarakhand in Delhi, Uttarakhand Lok Manch an old women probably in her eighties, namely Bhagwati Devi of Kumaon, Uttarakhand who was living in Sagarpur, Delhi for the last two months disappeared after she left the house alongwith her grandson. Since she was illeterate and new in Delhi, was completely unaware about anything, the addressand locality. Not well versed in Hindi she could’nt explain anything about the family and the address.

However, she was left at the Sagarpur, police station by someone. But the police was unable to locate the family as the address and other details of the family was unknown. The volunteers of Uttarakhand Lok Manch Prithvi Rawat and Vijay Gosain put her picture in the Facebook with a message to help locate her family. The message and the picture became viral and finally the Lok Manch’s dedicated team was able to restore the old woman back to her son from the Old Age Home where she was given refuge with the help of police authorities and Uttarakhand Lok Manch. After the ordeal of ten hours and the best possible efforts of the police and volunteers of the Uttarakhand Lok Manch particularly Prithvi Rawat and Vijay Gosain, it was finally the facebook post with the picture of the old woman that she could be united with her son, daughter in law and her grandson who were not only badly worried having searched all the nook and corners of the city but were also apprenhesive of her being met with some accident or UNHONEE.

Thanks Facebook, police and the social organisation Lok Munch and Prithvi Rawat n Vijay Gosain for this marvellous job of reuniting the old woman with her son n family. Let’s imbibe the positive efforts of these young men and help people in distress in future.

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Kairana by poll significant to test BSP, SP’s political clout in UP after victories in Phulpur n Sitapur



The byelection in Kairana, Uttar Pradesh slated for May 28 is going to be the barometer of the popularity of prime minister Narendra Modi, the BJP as well as the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath. It will on the other hand also test the relevance and significance of the anti BJP opposition front or alliance that is slowly but steadily taking final shape against the BJP and Modi, particularly in view of the 2019 general elections. It’s primarily again a litmus lest for the SP, BSP combine who are outrightly backing the RLD candidate in Kairana after having earlier scored victries in two bye elections

Though the byelections are also being held in Palaghat and two other parliamentary constituencies and 28 assembly seats in other states including Noorpur in UP but Kairana by poll is important because its the parliamentary seat of the largest state which brings 80 MPs in Lok Sabha and several law makers in the upper house and also impacts the national political scenerio of the country.

All would remember that the recent two by poll defeats of the ruling BJP and the victory of BSP supported SP candidates in Phulpur and Sitapur, the home turfs of the UP CM and deputy CM have tremendously denigrated the ruling party’s image and in a way led to the assumption that prime minister Modi and Amit Shah are losing their political clout consistently in view of the anti BJP opposition unity.

The Kairana seat has been vacated by the sitting BJP MP Hukum Singh’s untimely demise which was won by him by a huge margin of over five lakh votes defeating the Lok Dal candidate in 2014 after the riots that polarised the Jat and Gurjar votes to a huge extent.

The Kairana seat however had been the stronghold of the Rashtriya Lok Dal. The BJP has given the ticket to Hukum Singh’s daughter Mriganka Singh to cash on the sympathy vote and a one sided vote bank of the Gurjars who are about one lakh twenty five thiudand in number.

The RLD has allotted ticket to the muslim women candidate banking on the majority minority votes which are more than 5 lakhs, a sizeable chunk to decide the winning chances. Dalits votes too are about two lakhs in numbers and the Jat votes over 1.5 lakhs.

In all, there are 19 lakh votes in this constituency. After the successful example of the one sided victory of SP candidates in Phulpur and Sitapur defeating the BJP in the saffron vote bank turf of Yogi Adityanath, the Congress, BSP and SP have not fielded their candidates but have promised to support the RLD candidate of Choudhary Ajit Singh, who happens to be a women from the minority community.

The BJP is trying to capitalise on the majority vote bank already apprehensive of the minority votes likely to go in favour of Ajit Singh’s RLD candidate, the Dalits too may probably back the RLD in view of the BSP’s support to Chaudhary Ajit Singh.

Congress support may also help to an extent to derive votes of youths and other communities apart from minorities and the Dalits.

Sources reveal that the polarisation trend which helped Hukum Singh of BJP win this seat with a heavy margin in 2014 may perhaps not be the factor this time and the opposition unity minus BJP may work well in favour the the RLD candidate who is already having the advantage of the large chunk of minority vote bank.

The Jats and Gurjars who had inclined towards the BJP in view of the influence of the Hindu Muslim riots and played a pivotal role in the victory of the BJP candidate Hukum Singh may still be there but 25 to 30% of them may tilt this time in the favour of RLD and earlier mentor Ajit Singh whose prestige is actually at stake.

After the formation of the Congress JD(S) combine government in Karnataka and the credible victory in Phulpur and Sitapur by elections, the morale of the anti BJP opposition in the saffron ruled state seemed to be quite high, particularly after the involvement of the ruling BJP MLA in a rape and murder case in Unnao, grave unemployment and existing agrarian crisis in the state compounded with several other factors as the detetiorating law and order situation, false encounters and inflation of essential commodities.

The alleged communal hatred environment in the state and the country has also led to the consolidation of the minority vote bank to a huge extent, who are more than five lakhs and a major factor towards victory are bound to be an asset n a credible winning factor for the RLD candidate Tabbassum.

Since prime minister Narendra Modi usually avoids campaigning in the byelections it may also amount to a big loss to the BJP which is now left with the only alternative to bank on jat leaders like former minister Baliyan and the saffron robed chief minister Yogi Aditya Nath.
What’s your take, friends?

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