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The number of cardio vascular patients in India is increasing tremendously and this includes the heart patients waiting for cardiac surgeries. However, there is no dearth of private hospitals in Delhi conducting cardiac surgeries of all types for patients ready to incur heavy charges. Usually a package for the heart surgery in private hospital comes to 3.5 lakhs and in some cases even more ranging from cases of open heart surgeries to by pass operations to planting of stunts n even more critical cases of rheumatic heart deseases.

But these hospitals are full of patients of the rich, affluent and upper middle class or those requiring urgent surgeries. The majority of the patients hailing from the poor, backward and economically deprived classes including the middle class have to depend on the services of the government hospitals situated in the capital city of India, NCT of Delhi or in government hospitals in other metropolises.

However, the state and central government hospital employees have the facility of surgeries of critical deseases in private hospitals as they are on panels and are paid by the government but majority of the populace, particularly those in rural areas are totally bereft of these advantages. In Delhi and elsewhere the All India Institute of medical Sciences are considered to be the best central government hospitals in terms of conduction of cardiac surgeries and the AIIMS of Delhi is the one of the best suited where patients in millions throng for cardiac treatment and heart surgeries from all over the country.

The reason being that not only the cardiac surgery here is cheap and subsidised but the surgeons here are of top standards too. The AIIMS is fully equipped with all the latest hi tech machines and cardiac surgeons but is also no less in comparison to the best private hospitals in the town in terms of successful conduction of trivial surgery cases.

The maximum package of the heart surgery here comes to nearly 1.5 lakhs at the most for open heart surgeries or even less in case of stunts fixation n bypass surgeries and its infact a major boost for the enonomically deprived patients. That’s the reason that the institute is heavily over burdened with patients from all over the country with majority of them lying outside on pavements near the hospitals to wait for their turns.

One would be surprised to learn that despite the best possible efforts and intiatives of the AIIMS authorities in rendering best possible treatment to large number of patients, it’s not able to cope with the situation as the number of cardiac patients is rapidly increasing day by day and as a result the waiting for the surgery of the cardiac patients have gone ahead to 2023 meaning that if any cardiac patient needs a surgery, he or she will have to wait for five years at any cost and that to at the minimum. There have been several cases when the poor and needy patients have died waiting for their turn for heart operations, particularlty those needing expeditious operations.

The number of cardiac patients is rapidly increasing at an unabated pace and the situation has arrived at such a pass that even emergency cardiac patients who need urgent surgeries have no option but to go to highly expensive private hospitals by way of selling their lands, properties and house etc. in order to escape deaths. The government of India has during the NDA rule has opened number of AIIMS in other states of the country like in Uttarakhand, Rishikesh, Bhatinda, Punjab, Bhopal, Bhuvneshwar, Patna, Jodhpur n Raipur but these hospitals are still not fully equipped with facilities as compared to Delhi AIIMS and even if they are as the AIIMS OF RISHIKESH, the charges of cardiac surgeries are in commensurate with the charges of high profile private hospitals which is beyond the reach of the general masses i.e. the patients of the economically deprived classes, the poor, hapless and people of the middle and lower middle class.

The government of India should therefore give more impetus to the health sector and open more high profile government hospitals at the earliest to ensure that the back log of severe heart patients requiring urgent heart surgeries and surgeries for other critical illnesses are cleared at the earliest in order to save the precious lives of millions of such poor and hapless patients who can’t afford expensive operations to survive. What’s your take, friends?


Open gang rivalry at Burari in broad daylight take three tolls in a shootout



Delhi has become a hub for hardened criminals and the incidents of gang wars, chain snatchings and assault of women are on the rise with people of the capital city having no option but to be at the mercy of these anti social elements.

Not a single days goes when the newspapers are not full of news of gang wars or incidents of chain snatching, killings, women assaults, rapes and physical violence.

If one goes by the statistics of the Crime records bureau it is beyond his or her expectation to find the statistics of gangwars, chain snatchings and physical assaults and incidents of rapes and women assaults increasing day by day and beyond the capacity of the law enforcing agencies to bring them under control.

Just today at Burari Chowk two gangs fought each other in broad day light killing two gangsters of the rival group and an innocent women.

In all about five rounds were fired in this violent gangwar with three on the spot casualties with severely injured two gangsters.

The entire incident was caught on CCTV camera displaying the gangsters flashing pistols openly and firing at each other now being shown on television news.

The public around went helter and skelter to seek refuge while the Delhi police petrol party or policemen from the nearest police stations were conspicuous by their absense.

The warring gangsters were so undeterred or least worried by the police that they conveniently fired, roaming around, as if they have no fear of the police.

The residents of Burari are badly shocked and shaken by this broad day light gang war that killed three lives including an innocent woman with no fault of hers.

The police arrived after everybody fled the scene. However, the CCTV footage has captured the scenes of the crime showing each n every gangster waving their pistols, and killing three with injuries to two gangsters.

The majority of the unauthorised colonies situated in Delhi’s outskirsts have become the major hub for the perpetuation of the criminal activities and gangsterism and the police is doing very little to control the situation. The Mitraon village, Najafgarh’s protracted gang war that started with a disputed piece of land has so far claimed several lives of the families in dispute and is still on.

Today’s Burari shootout in North Delhi which claimed three lives with grievous injuries to two has shaken peoples’ confidence on police uthorities as their saviour or custodian.

The Crime Branch of Delhi police have already taken the crime scene in its possession and its collecting the finger print, the bullet covers and
every possible clue with precision to solve the case and arrest the culprits. The police is extremely confident to bring the culprits to justice at the earliest.They have also taken the CCTV footage in their possesion.


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Whenever there is a confrontation between the Centre and state relations it’s the public that ultimately suffers. And this is what is happening in the matter of the Delhi government of AAP and the BJP led NDA dispensation at the centre.

Since the day one, when the AAP assumed power in the NCT of Delhi and thereafter the BJP led NDA in 2014, the relations between both the governments had been at loggerheads with accusations and counter charges on each other by the leaders of both the parties continuing till date.

In fact, the majority of Delhites have now come to the final conclusion that despite the adamant and anti BJP attitude of the AAP CM Arvind Kejrival and his ministers on each and every issue blaming the centre of creating obstacles and bottlenecks on its pro people functioning and counter charges of BJP condemning the deliberate anti Modi and BJP stance of AAP , its the centre which is not allowing the state government to function independently and carry out the various pro people decisions.

There have been several issues of water and electricity including allocation of budget to the state by the centre and issues of health as well as the arbitrary increase in the metro rail fares n a case pertaining to the regularisation of services of 15000 teachers etc in which the state government has complained of step motherly treatments by its nominee, the leuitenent governor of Delhi who has always been indifferent and complacent in signing files on various pro people issues.

When the metro fares were increased by the centre arbitrarily last year and the chief minister Arvind Kejrival opposed them vehemently offering Rs 600 crores annually as a part payment to cover the annual losses it was the centre who did’nt accepted the proposal but went ahead with the arbitrary anti people fare increase despite the fact that metro rail is allegedly earning handsomely and it wans’nt necessary to go for such a huge fare hike.

Similarly in the matter of the regularisation of the services of about 15000 adhoc teachers, despite ratifying the proposal in the assembly the matter is still lying delayed at the central level with no hope of any future approval.

There are several other such pro people proposals lying pending at the level of LG which the AAP leaders say are being deliberately held up and inordinately delayed.

In the matter of granting full fledged statehood to Delhi which if fulfilled, arms the Delhi government with independent powers with Delhi police, land and revenue also coming under its direct jurisdiction, but has not been fulfilled till yet.

It speaks of the hypocritical attitude and double standards of the BJP government at the centre as whenever they (BJP) were in the opposition and the Congress party was in power at the centre, the BJP used to protest on the roads demanding full statehood and had also promised it in their election menifesto.

Now since, the BJP led NDA is in power they have completely backed out to fulfil this long pending demand despite the very fact that the present assembly has passed it with a majority and recommended to the centre.

Today will be the third day of the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival and his three other cabinet colleagues sitting on Dharna at LG’s official residence demanding meeting and issuing of instructions for ending the strike of the IAS officers of Delhi who had been on non cooperation after the attack of Aap MLAs on the Delhi chief secretary Anshul Prakash but unfortunately the LG is unrelenting on these pivotal issues.

Just imagine if the confrontation between the LG of Delhi and the Delhi CM would continue with trading of charges against each other what would be the fate of Delhi electorates who’d voted the AAP with a historic majority.

There is however no doubt that in the confrontation of AAP and BJP its the CONGRESS which has totally been sidelined politically with AAP eating the latter’s space.

Today by giving good number of concessions to the people of Delhi in electricity, water, health sector, education and transport, AAP has made strong inroads in the vote bank of the people of the lower middle class and the lowest ebb of the society including the minorities thus sidelining the Congress that ruled Delhi for 15 long years and trying to make every possible efforts to stage a re come back on the Delhi’s political saddle in 2020. What’s your take friends?

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Despite good job in health sector Delhi govt. hospitals are still in mess



After the excellent pro people initiative launched by the Delhi government in terms of free distribution of medicines for almost all types of deseases in various government hospitals, dispensaries and polyclinics the rush of the patients hailing from resettlement colonies, JJ clusters, and various localities around the radius of three kilometres has increased manifold with the queues for old and new registrations and medicines in OPDs’ enhancing in thousands.

One such hospital situated in outer Delhi’s Rohini known as Dr. Ambedkar Hospital andMedical College, catering to the infinite numbers of patients hailing from the economically deprived classes, lower middle class sections and those at lowest ebb of the society is in real mess with patients forming long queues till the outside boundary of the hospitalfor hours together under the scorching sun, particularly the women and the senior citizens holding childs on their laps.

Though there are separate counters for staff, senior citizens and the common patients but keeping in view the excessive intake of patients these counters are too less as compared to the infinite number of patients thronging the hospital daily.

In view of the increasing rush the counters close at 12.oo noon resulting in half of the patients going back without treatment despite standing in queues for their turns to come. This is aweful as majority of the patients hail for the economically deprived classes who can’t afford to go to private clinics for treatments and medical examinations and come to the hospital leaving their daily wage earnings.

In addition to this problem, the hospital is not centrally airconditioned whereas all the other administrative offices including the rooms of the doctors and the pharmacists are fully airconditioned. The fans are non functional and the patients and their families suffer tremendously in this hot summer when the temperature is rising beyond limits.

The Medical Suprintendent or the senior officials hardly take rounds of the hospital and wards to ensure cleanliness and convenience of the poor and hapless patients standing in queues for hours together. After all, its their prime duty to ensure comfort and convenience to the poor and hapless patients rubbing shoulders in the hospital corridors for treatment of various ailments. Not only this but the beds inthe wards are in limited numbers with two to three patients accomodated in a single bed. The wards are in bad shape lacking adequate cleanlinesswith rubbish lying around giving foul smell.

There is not an inkling of doubt that the present government of AAP in Delhi has done tremendously outstanding in terms of providing better health facilities to the patients irrespective of class difference but still lot needs to be done to improve the lot of these hospitals to provide convenience to patients in the delievery of treatment and medicines.

The best course of remedy would be to open at least ten more counters each in the registration and medicine delievery sections of Delhi government hospitals like Dr. Ambedkar Hospital in Rohini, Delhi sections including increase in the time of consultation from three to five PM on daily basis compounded with appointment of more doctors. Special impetus should also be given towards keepingthe hospital neat and clean including its wards and subsequent enhancingthe number of beds

While appreciating the welcome initiative of the AAP government of Delhi in revolutionising the health sector through lots of improvements there is an urgent need for opening more and more counters in registration and medicine delivery section at the earliest with more appointments of pharmacists as well.

Hope the chief minister of Delhi will acede to these most genuine and burning demands and do the needful expeditiously in wider public interest.

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