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Men’s Rights Movement in India has become bigger and stronger; for all the RIGHT reasons.

December 16, 2012 witnessed a case that would go down in Indian History. Entire country was on streets. I would be crazy if I even try to calculate number of hours on TV and columns in print, dedicated to this episode. On December 12, 2012– exactly four days ago, a mother and a daughter (well educated) brutally murdered a Mumbai businessman and cut him into 17 pieces. The case was never discussed by the media.

On April 20, 2015 Delhi and India woke up to the news of AIIMS doctor committing suicide allegedly due to torture by her allegedly gay husband (I take care to mention alleged over here because the media jury has already declared him a gay.) Her suicide note on Facebook was shared by millions. Again, number of hours dedicated to the news on TV, debates on the topic and editorials written would be tad too difficult to count. As per media reports, accused was arrested immediately and a case of dowry death, 498A was registered.

On February 26, 2015 Awadhesh Yadav committed suicide in Jhansi leaving a three page note describing harassment by his wife and in laws. OnMarch 19, 2015 a young doctor Subhadeep Khan injected himself to death alleging that he was a victim of false dowry case on him and his family by wife and was threatened to settle the case with huge amounts. On April 28, 2015 a man Pradeep committed suicide in Haridwar as his wife demanded 50 lacs. Just three days ago, a man in Delhi shot himself with a pistol leaving a four page suicide note detailing harassment by wife and gender biased women centric laws. Barely few days after AIIMS doctor suicide, a wife chopped her husband into 100 pieces with the help of her lover in Delhi itself, but neither this nor any of the cases mentioned above got any mentions in the national media or got discussed over debates!

I am sure you also in all probabilities would have not heard about these cases. No wonder. How would you when media never showed it to you? How would you when media never discussed these cases. How would you when there are no debates on these deaths. How would you when a man’s life is considered so cheap by the system, society and media that no one blinks an eye when such cases happen and are usually passed as ‘exceptions.’

Amidst this stark reality where lives and deaths of men due to gender biased laws and violence by women are being ignored, on May 5, 2015 – I witnessed a new dawn. A new dawn of the men’s rights movement in India. More than 1000 men, women, senior citizens, kids gathered at Jantar Mantar to unanimously raise their voice against atrocities on men in this nation where apparently as per the constitution no one should be discriminated on basis of caste, creed, religion or GENDER! The All India Protest was organized under the aegis of Save Indian Family Movement with several NGOs working for distressed men participating in it.

The demand was scrapping of the most abused criminal provision under Indian Penal Code – IPC 498A in the wake of government making the law compoundable to apparently control the abuse which in reality would only lead to more misuse and formation of Men’s Commission and Ministry of Welfare for Men. Men’s Rights Movement in India that started more than a decade ago is growing stronger day by day as more and more men and their families fall prey to gender biased provisions, no hearing to their plight by any government body and failure of state to provide any protection to them when they are the ‘victims.’

As per NCRB, in 2013, 21000 married men committed suicide due to “family problems” specifically. Women rights activists disgustingly tag these deaths as farmer suicides. None of the deaths I mentioned above were of farmers but bright young men who dreamed of a great future before they got married. These suicides are not registered with a specific tag like “dowry death” for women. I wonder if a man’s suicide due to threats of false criminal cases and demand of huge money is anything but “Dowry Death”.

Despite so many deaths, there is not ONE law in India that recognizes men as victims of intimate partner violence. Even the Domestic Violence Act that is Gender Neutral across the world is only for “women” in India. While there is a ministry for women, children, chemicals, animals, textiles etc there is no Ministry for Men. There is not a SINGLE helpline by the government in India where issues of men are heard. Men who are victims of Acid Attacks do not get similar attention or compensation as women who are victim of this crime. As per an NGO iProBono, male victims of child sexual abuse receive much lower compensation as compared to girls. Even after glaring evidence of misuse of women centric laws, there is not a single scheme by government where men falsely accused and honourably acquitted get compensated for loss of money, dignity, respect and career. Why not when it is the STATE that tries them under a false case sans any evidence of their crime? Why not when it is the STATE that fights on behalf of a woman while a man has to run pillar to post to prove his innocence despite being falsely accused?

Even if we keep the aspect of false cases aside, half of the population of this country has no representation of their ‘gender’ issues. No researches are conducted in India looking at concerns that men face. Surprisingly, even the National Family Health Survey gathers data only on violence against women but not men. Men are not even ‘asked’ if they are abused in a relationship. And when Men’s Rights Activist ask them why they do not do so, NFHS replies their software doesn’t have those questions designed like that!

A female Journalist during the May 5 protest asked me, do you accept violence against women is more than violence against Men? I ask her to give me one law that records violence against men for me to be better suited for that answer and she doesn’t have anything to say.

BUT – now many are saying, expressing, protesting and demanding. Men’s Rights Movement in India is stronger than ever before and here to stay. Not only men but several women are joining this force as extreme gender bias prevails in the society with due support from feminist organizations.

It is high time government listens to these voices of dissent against the discrimination, lest we have such protests in every street of this country.

Article Courtesy : Niralee Nirlipta, Senior PRO & Content Writer

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Modi’s charisma and the anti BJP unity ! Which one will fructify ?



If the prime minister of India Narendra Modi is weighed or compared individually in terms of his charismatic leadership stature and eloquent speeches including his outstanding politcally manipulative abilities no leader, singularly, in the entire opposition leaders’ crowd matches as far as his highly enhanced popularity graph in the country is concerned despite some of the downsliding that has started gaining ground during the last one year.

It’s also a hard fact that prime minister Narendra Modi and the national BJP chief Amit Shah have after assuming power in 2014 over shadowed the entire gamut of party leadership giving an unambiguous impression that it’s only because of former’s political charisma that the BJP has secured power in 20 states of the country including having been credited for being the single largest party in Karnataka as well where Congress and JD(S) rode to power after forming a post poll alliance. As the 2019 general election are approaching near, the over ambitious non BJP opposition leaders are trying to establish the unity in diversity by alligning together undrr the common ideological formula of defeating the communal forces and working out the anti BJP opposition unity on secular credentials.

The recent victories in the Phoolpur, Gorakhpur, Alwar and other byelections in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar where BJP was defeated badly and the formatin of the government in thesouthern state Karnataka on unity pattern between Congress and JD(S) has transmitted a new lease of life in the entire non BJP opposition parties who are otherwise scattered and see no chance of defeating Modi and BJP in case they do not unite on honest terms giving up their vested squeezed political interests.

The way after 2014’s resounding victory at the centre the charismatic Narendra Modi and subsequent saffronisation factor has resuted in an incessant winning spree in 20 states on the country with being the single largest party in Karnataka the anti BJP opposition had no option but to think earnestly on unity for 2019 and the Congress JD(S) in Karnataka paved the way for them to come together. The historical presence of almost all the anti BJP national and regional opposition parties in Bengaluru , except the conspicuous absence of Navin Patnaik of Orissa and Chandra Shekhar Rao of Telangana has proved beyond doubt that a nationalpolitical alternative is in the making for 2019 that can to a great extent create a dent to the BJP led NDA and if situation warranted even miracles can happen.

The recent prediction of the CSDS and Lokniti Mode of the Nation pre poll analysis also suggests heavy anti incumbency in the BJP ruled states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh going in favour of the Congress and more than half of the country’s minorities and Dalit’s not interested to give Narendra Modi and the ruling party another chance with reduction in 25% Modi fan following as well.

But despite all this prime minister still posseses an edge over his political rivals as a national leader of maximum liking. It’s however a universal fact that every gvernment in ruling invite anti incumbency during the next election but its actually not always as Congress ruled at the centre for ten years before losing power to Modi due to excessive corruption and Shiela Dikshit ruled Delhi for fifteen long years before losing to Arvind Kejrival.

Similarly the CPM ruled Bengal for 34 protracted years and The BJP is ruling in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chatisgarh for two three terms incessantly. It has been usually witnessed that after two terms the anti incumbency factor starts working usually.

Political analysts are of the unambiguous opinion that if Narendra Modi is compared individually with any individual leader of the opposition as of now, his stature and popularity stands too above them but if the entire anti BJP opposition transparently and meticulously unites against him and the saffron party at the regional as well as the national level earnestly forgetting their vested and squeezed interests the new anti BJP alliance can be definitely a formidable force posing him a direct credible challenge.

If we go by the performanceof the present regime, broadly speaking on theinflation front, petro products front, employment front, bringing back black money from foreign bank’s front, GDP front, communal harmony front, women safety front, GST n demonetisation front and on the front of over all infrastructural development there have been more dissatisfaction than appreciation though people of the country seem more impressed by BJP on saffronisation and majoritarianism which pays it handsomely in every election.

However, a hard fact also can’t be denied that Mamata Bannerjee of TMC, Mayawati of BSP and Rahul Gandhi of Congress consider them selves as front runners for the prime minister’s post against Narendra Modi. But whether any one of them would click against the politically invincible Modi is anybody’s guess or will the anti BJP opposition parties really unite to fight Modi’s unstopping juggernaut still remains to be seen.

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Press helicopter water sprinkling service into action to douse Uttarakhand jungle fires



The way forest fire that had adopted gigantic proportions in whole of Uttarakhand in Garhwal and Kumaon hills of Pauri, Tehri, Rudraprayag, Karnaprayag, Uttarkashi, Pithoragarh and Almora districts and subsequent failure of the state government to douse the massive fire despite 5400 employees of the forest department and disaster management including the state police on the job, as claimed by theauthorities, it unambiguously speaks of the fact that the state and central leadership seems to be little or negligibly concerned to counter this dreaded situation on war front.

Today the government of the same party is in power at the centre as well as in the state and therefore there is no dearth of funds to tackle the fire on a credible scale.

About 1800 acres of the forests as of now have been raged by the fire and in Tehri Garhwal itself about 5 kilometre of the jungles are on rapid fire which is further enhancing with an uncontrollable pace.

In 2016 about 11000 or more acres of forests have been damaged in the fire causingcollosal loss to the flora and fauna, human and wild life.

While in the trikoot forests near Vaishno Devi Shrine when forest fire appeared two days ago, the police and the forest authorities are using choppers to douse the fire through sprinkling of water on a massive scale where as, in Uttarakhand despite so much of loss to the forests and wild life this highly effective technique has not been used till date whereas during the 2016 forest fire when Uttarakhand was under the governor’s rule helicopters were pressed into service to douse the increasing fires in the UK jungles by way of sprinking water on a wide scale and finally the fire was brought under control.

It is high time now that the chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat and the forest minister Dr. Harak Singh Rawat, tighten their belts and press as much as choppers they can, into service with the help of the forest department and NDRF to douse the expeditiously spreading fire before it’s too late. There are authentic and confirmed reports that hundreds of the wildlife have been roasted inside the jungles on fire and if not controlled in time, can further led to more fatalities not only to the wild life but human beings too.

It may be recalled that in 2016 about 8 persons succumbed to thejungle fire while dousing it during the summers. These wide ranging fires has also impacted the temperature of the state which is usually pleasent and below 30% celcius during the summers but has enhanced tremendously thus leading to the eruption of several deseases and physical complexities as well. Two days ago the Dehradun temperature was 41% celcius and in the interiors of the hills like Almora etc more than 35 degree celsious or more.

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China directs Pakistan to shunt Hafiz Sayeed out of the country



An extremely significant political development has come into effect that the traditional ally of Pakistan which has been till date promoting Pakistan in all its anti India endeavours like obstructing international terrorist and head of Jamaait Ul Dawa Mohammed Azar as being labelled as International terrorist in the UN list and India’s entry in the prestigious Nucleur Suppliers Group etc has now castigated Pakistan for aiding and abetting the dreaded terrorist and Mumbai’s 21/ 11 mastermind that killed 160 people and directed Pakistan to send him to any country of the West with immediate effect as the latter is considered to be the greatest threat to the entire Asian Subcontinent.

China’s recent directive to Pakistan in the context of the dreaded terrorist Hafiz Sayeed is being assesed in International forum as China’s vindication of India’s stand that Pakistan had been consistently sponsering terrorists in its periphery particularly the hard core terror sponsers like Lashkare Tayyeba chief Hafiz Sayeed and Jamait Ul Dava’s Mohammed Azhar but had been always turning a blind eye thus boosting Pakistan’s morale to carry on its anti India stance.

Even China’s bete niore USA has also held Pakistan responsible for sponsering terror activities in Afghanistan, India and the Western world and had stopped the annual military aid after Donald Trump assumed the significant office of the US presidentship. Trump literally scolded Pakistan’s political and military leadership of openly supporting terrorists and and terror sanctuaries in various parts of Pakistan including POK and misusing the American Aid by aiding and abetting terror than to eliminating them from their land. As a sequel to this threat Donald Trump stopped the financial aid till Pakistan really proves its mettle in dismentalling the terror camps and terrorists

The entire credit for the sudden change of dragon’s mind in asking Pakistan to shunt Hafiz Sayeed out of the country is being attributed to Prime minister Narendra Modi and the NSA Ajit Doval die hard efforts and meticulous diplomacy, who had done tremendous ground work on this pivotal issue and finally proved successful in convincing the Chinese head Xi Zingping to apply pressure on the Pak leadership who are fully in the grip of him and can in no way avoid his directives.

Today China is running the economy of Pakistan which is literally shattered, particularly after stopping of the financial aid to Pakistan by USA. The country is tremendous financial crunch not even able to pay the interests against the huge international borrowings.

Half of the POK is under Chinese occupation through its heavy investment in China Pakistan Economic corridor worth 40 billion USD.

The national elections in Pakistan are also due in the near future and China who had tremendous stake in Pakistan would never like that dreaded and hard core terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed and his political off shoots enter the Pak assembly creating problems for dragons in future.

Hence in the interest of India, China and rest of the western world crushing such hard core terrorists is the need of the hour.

However, it still remains to be seen as to how much strongly and credibly Pakistan acts on Chinese instructions on the issue of Hafiz Sayeed and if the dragon is really serious and honest on this issue.

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