Tips to work harder and not smarter

Tips to work harder and not smarter


There is a common conception that if you are productive than you will get more done and there is one more theory which says that by staying busy you are going to be more successful quality plays a major role in defining success and sometime quantity is also a major factor.

It is you who will have to find out whether only quantity or quality works better or both of them in some proportion as it is also quite difficult and takes some time to find the right formulae of perfect combination.

Let us check out some tips which will help you to work in a smart way on day to day basis.
When you start your day make a list of things which you want to do in that day and then mark the important items first. It is a simple exercise but we all have made mistakes of leaving the important tasks until the end. So basically it is a task of completing the important task first so that you do not get stressed at the end of the day and postpones them for the next day.

Take full night quality sleep

Your body needs to take full rest and for that you should sleep at-least for 7 – 8 hours and it will help you to focus and think more creatively as by doing so your cognitive abilities will be enhanced. Some people stay awake during night and get work done which reduces sleep time but next day when you will wake up you may not feel energetic hence it will affect the productivity and creativity.

If possible try to wake up early as it will really help you to become successful so start your day early. The reason behind this is that you will get more hours in the day at your disposal and also the more opportunity there is to dedicate to completing your business. Another reason is that you will feel more energetic and will form a healthy sleeping habit.

Give due attention to the tasks with full focus as distractions will make it harder to focus on the task in hand. So multitasking is not a good option if you want to do your job in a best way. Try to meditation to increase your concentration and shut out all distractions and be more productive on the whole.

Enjoy what you do and do not always run after perfection. Do not always run after those details which require minimal planning. So save your time for the important details and other important tasks instead of waiting energy. Try to do the task in the best way at the first time only and save you energy and time on reviewing the work done again and again. It will also create some doubts in your mind as to whether the tasks you have completed is done to a satisfactory level. Just finish up, and move to another task.

Assign time limits to the tasks which you want to accomplish in a day or week. Try to allocate a set amount of time to work out which items are taking longer than others so that at later stage you do not get stressed out and feel pressure to complete them at last moment or when there is little time left.

Try to take regular breaks

Yes if you will take breaks at regular intervals then you will refresh and your energy levels will again shoot up which will result in better concentration. Anyways it is not even expected that you go full steam ahead every minute. So for your own mental and physical health being you should take breaks.