Terror of tigers in Uttarakhand, forest officials ineffective?

Terror of tigers in Uttarakhand, forest officials ineffective?


In Uttarakhand the terror of leopards, tigers and horrifying cats in on the uncontrollable increase and there have been several incidents of these horrible animals targetting children and the villagers with the forest department doing extremely little or literally nothing to control the situation.

It is usually said that several tigers and leopards are freely roaming in the Uttarakhand forests and in dearth of the prey and the increasing construction activities as well as the noise pollution they usually come closer to the human settlements and make the human beings they easy prey, particularly the hapless children.

I have been watching an incident on TV today where in it was revealed that a tiger ( Bagh as we call in hindi) has entered a house in Dehradun posing grave danger to those living in and the residents of the nearby locality. The highly threatened and terrorised residents informed the police who further called the experts of the forest division well versed in catching these horrible cats.

To the utter dismay, shock and surprise of everybody, while the police reached the spot in time but the forest division officials of Dehradun took four hours to reach the house where the tiger was resting amid restiveness and tumultuous sounds all around. See the efficiency and the alertness of the forest division officials, who reached the spot in four hours after repeated calls and forgot to bring the tranquiliser with which the animal had to be tranquilised and caught.

The reason given was that, the person concerned having the tranquilizer is in Haridwar and not being traced for the time being . However, after an hour or so when the concerned person reached the spot, the cat has by then made its way to some other destination in a huff further posing danger to people of other localities where it might be now.

This is the complacent and negligent attitude of the forest officials of Uttarakhand who reached the house with this horryfying predator in four hours and that too without tranquiliser thus not able to catch him. What a petty and ironical situation.

This is how, unfortunately, things are moving in the 17 year old state of Uttarakhand. As per the latest report about 175 children and 500 people have fallen prey to tiger attacks in Uttarakhand during the last eight years. What do you say friends?