Release of the Talwar couple in Arushi muder case throws a huge...

Release of the Talwar couple in Arushi muder case throws a huge challenge to the investigative agencies


The permanent reprieve, as of now, accorded by the Allahabad High Court to the husband wife and parents of late Arushi Talwar by releasing them from jail for non existence of credible evidence speaks of the fact that any influential, highly linked, rich or affluent, over intelligent or genius killer or the supari giver can allegedly go scot free after any amount of killings.

It’s not that the murderers are not being brought to justice in India or not being punished. Be it late but the killer ultimately falls into the legal trap and gets due punishment for his or her crime however big or influential they are.

But the way after so much of national and international media hype and several lie detector tests, hundreds of enquiries and cross examinations by the Uttar Pradesh police first and then by the Central Bureau of Investigation, considered to be one of the best in the world the actual culprits behind this most trivial and complex murder has not been caught till yet unambiguously points a finger of alleged suspicion or incompetitiveness over the outstanding capabilities of the crime branch, the Uttar Pradesh police and finally the most talked about investigative agency the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Here the moot point is now who is going to be held responsible and answerable for the undue and unmitigated harrasment, victimisation, torture and humiliation suffered by the already traumatised parents of the lonely daughter whom they have not only lost so treacherously but also confronted public insult number of times by being handcuffed and taken to jail including their behind bars for so many years with media blitz, after literary becoming bankrupt leaving behind their chequered and bright business career as reputed Dentists.

What about their physical, mental and phychological battering and incessant torture. If they are no more the culprits where is the real one ? Would he/ she go scot free for ever? or would not be brought to justice, ever. People are questioning if the way deceased Arushi Talwar’s parents had been tortured and punished behind bars and then let off after so many years in the absence of any credible evidence, is it not true that in our country hundreds of such uninfluential Talwars’ might be allegedly undergoing illegal sentences for years’ .WHAT ABOUT THEM.

Would the machinery concerned also give a serious thought to such cases of innocent criminals who are actually not, but have been allegedly labelled or branded on false pretexts. It may be recalled that the infamous ARUSHI TALWAR murder case hit headlines inviting national and international media attention with the DGP level officers of UP police throwing their own imaginative theories in front of Media and arresting wrong persons to brand them as killers without any relevant evidence, ( finally released) the case thereafter going to CBI in the end, which too failed after undergoing every best and precision oriented outstanding investigation.

In the history of Indian investigation this would be rated as the most failed case bringing bad name to the premier investigative agency of India say the legal news analysts.