After having been successful in getting the formal approval of the Lt governor of Delhi Anil Baijal, a BJP led NDA government appointee in all the, Health for all recommendations for the Delhites that primarly includes free treatment to all in various high profile private hospitals including surgeries for expensive critical illnesses to be borne by the Delhi government, the pro people Delhi chief minister has also directed the health minister Delhi Satyendra Jain, Delhi’s Health Secretary and other senior most officers of the Health department to expeditiously open maximum number of free medicine delivery counters in all Delhi government hospitals as well as appoint pharmacists in order to ensure that patients in any Delhi government hospital do not stand in the queue for more than fifteen minutes.

The Delhi government of AAP has in the recent months exhibited its untiring interest, concentration, perseverence and commitment in improving the health services in majority of the Delhi government hospitals, dispensaries and polyclinics and have also made special provisions for free diagnostic tests of all nature irrespective of any class distinction based on income brackets. It’s recent decision of free treatment in high profile hospitals for accident victim and for surgeries of critical natures with expenses to be borne by the Delhi government is being acknowleged with tremendouse sense of appreciation and applause.

Not only this but the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejrival in personally monitoring the situation in each and every hospital of Delhi in order to mitigate the grievances of the poor, hapless and under privileged including the middle class patients who suffer badly at medicine delivery counters and unending queues at the doctor’s clinics inside the government hospitals. As a sequel to his ongoing monitoring of the health services in Delhi the Delhi CM visited the Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital yesterday and got infuriated on seeing the long unending queues of patients and non functioning of the ultrasound and xray machines.

This is primarily the story of every hospital and the Delhi government wants to get patients and their relatives rid of these long queues said Arvind Kejrival. He immediately asked the health minister, Delhi Satyendra Jain to appoint as much as pharmacists it can on contractual basis and ensure that the patients do not stand in queues for more tjan 15 minutes at the most. He also ordered for new ultra sound machines and asked to lessen the queues at clinics as well. The government of Delhi has also formalised its online appointments of patients with various specialists depending upon the nature of ailments snd deseases in orderto ensure time and best possible treatments to the patients in government hospitals.

As the Delhi elections and the 2019 elections ate nearing the AAP government of Delhi is trying woo the Delhi voters with various people friendly measures and its special impetus on Health services and making good number of other services available at peoples’ doorsteps like ration card, birth certificate, driving licence etc has made its chances of a come back largely possible say the news analysts. By organising financially aided Uttarayini programmes in 33 places in Delhi this 14th January the AAP government in Delhi has proved to be successful in enticing a majority support of the Uttarakhand community in Delhi asses the news analyst.